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Chapter 145 Unable To Sit Still

Zhang Han absolutely did not know how his excellent songs, which came out in advance, influenced the Entertainment Circle.

However, this was just a beginning.

At this time in the dining room, Mengmeng was watching cartoons, while Zhang Han was sitting in front of the computer since he was free and watching at Weibo to check messages one by one.

Music anchor Ao Qiang, “Dear Mr.

Hanyang, Im Ao Qiang, a free musician.

After listening to the songs you wrote, I think highly of you, and the songs are well written.

When I heard of your great deeds and learned that you would choose the winners to write them songs, I also want to try to obtain a song from you.”

Ao Qiang

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and replied to him under his message after a pause, “Tell me your email and Ill give you a song named We Are So Different.”

He continued to check the following messages.

Nuan Wen, “Hello, elder brother Hanyang.

Im Nuan Wen, a musician.

I love your songs, and your style and lyrics are amazing.

I hope I can sing a song written by Mr.

Hanyang, please.”

Zhang Han replied after seeing this message, “Give me your email address via a private message, and Ill give you a song called Go Away.”

ZY Group, “Hi, Mr.


We are ZY Group belonging to Yuedong Entertainment Company.

We also hope to get Mr.

Hanyangs songs.”

Zhang Han, “Give me your email address via a private message and a song named Chilly will be sent.”

Zhang Han looked through the messages for more than half an hour and nine people were chosen this time.

Zhang Han, therefore, came to the recording studio again in the afternoon.

This time he did not play with Mengmeng but produced those nine songs directly.

He did not leave the recording studio until 7:30 pm.

Returning to the restaurant at eight oclock, he found more than 30 people standing stunned in front of the restaurant as if they suffered indignities.

Under their gazes, Zhang Han calmly opened the door and walked into the restaurant.

As soon as he finished cooking, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were back.

Zhou Fei still felt a little angry while having dinner.

She snorted and said,

“The more I think, the angrier I am.

Xu Ruoyu is highly conceited.

I really want to step on her face!”

“Uh-huh, Aunty Feifei, you shouldnt bully others.

Its wrong to beat others.” Mengmeng reminded, pouting.

“Aunty Feifei isnt a bully.

In fact, someone bullied us.” Facing Mengmeng, Zhou Feis tone became gentler.

“Is there anyone who can bully you” Zhang Han said suspiciously.

Having gotten along with her, Zhang Han knew Zhou Feis temperament.

She obviously refused to be bullied.

Moreover, if someone bullied her, she would increasingly kick back to him.

Zi Yan, however, was phlegmatic and unwilling to contend with others.

Zhang Han probably would believe that Zi Yan was bullied in the company.

But with Zhou Fei, she was not expected to be bullied.

“Brother-in-law, you have no idea that how the people in the company taunted Elder Sister Yan.

As our last album failed to sell, they became intoxicated.

How stupid they are.” Zhou Fei said with a snort.

“Is the album difficult to sell” Zhang Han asked casually.

“Er… Yes.

But the low sales ascribed to the low-quality songs from the company.

Im angry that they became arrogant since they obtained high-quality songs and their albums sold a lot.

They got carried away!” Zhou Fei raged.

“Because of the songs Zhang Han put down his chopsticks, looked at Zi Yan and said,” This is a minor problem.

Ill write for you…”

Before he finished speaking, Zi Yan frowned slightly and said, “Dont talk about this.

Feifei, did I tell you not to talk about work at home”

Although her relationship with Zhang Han had eased somewhat, Zi Yan was not willing to talk about her work with him.

After all, he did not understand and might give an insane answer.

Furthermore, Zi Yan also did not want Zhang Han to find her weakness.

She was still a bull of a woman.

But her words made Zhang Han stop talking.

He glanced at Zi Yan and said no more.

He had expected that the difficulties in Zi Yans work were hard to solve, but she only was short of fine songs.

There were a lot of singers who did not show up.

Their songs were enough for Zi Yan to make several excellent albums.

But it seemed that Zi Yan did not want to ask him for help.

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and did not intend to talk about this matter anymore.

He would help Zi Yan when she needed help.

In fact, being a singer was just an interest.

After dinner, they returned to the Yunyin Garden.

Zhang Han emailed the nine songs with his laptop at break time.

Having witnessed the four songs success yesterday, Ao Qiang, ZY Group and others were waiting at the computer at midnight, refreshing the Weibo and email boxes from time to time.

It was almost midnight and they received emails all of a sudden.

They checked them quickly and were thrilled to see the songs.

After hearing the accompaniments, they trembled with excitement.

And after singing and listening to their recordings, they all deemed that these songs would definitely become popular.

So they all left acknowledgments on Hanyangs Weibo.

However, they could not release the songs which were recorded casually at home.

They had to go to the recording studio with high-quality sound to record.

At that time, the amount of Zhang Hans Weibo followers had already exceeded 1.3 million.

The blog attracted more attention after those nine people were selected, contributing to the quick dissemination of these nine songs the next morning.

While 9420 and other previous three songs had all already ranked at the top of the list, surpassing many outstanding singers songs, and ranked from the fourth to seventh places at last, only a little behind Xue Qians three songs.

The result made the singer who had won the first place in a row almost cry.

He did not know who Hanyang was.

His song should have occupied the first place in the third month, but… now it ranked the eighth.

He even encouraged his Weibo fans to give him high scores but was totally unhelpful.

The scores of songs written by Hanyang grew faster than his.

Today, these nine songs spread at incredible speeds.

It took only three hours for them to break the top 30 of all the major rankings.

The singers, whose song ranked the eighth, would cry before long.

All staff of Royal Entertainment Company attended the meeting at noon.

Meiqi did not sit at the head of the table but on the side.

Beside her was a grim-faced man in his 40s.

He was Wu Chengdong, the CEO of Royal Entertainment Company.

“First of all.” Wu Chengdong, a cold man, glanced around the scene and said in a deep voice,

“In the past six months, our companys performance has dropped by two percent.

I think we all knew the reason.

In terms of film and television, we had no good script.

The TV dramas produced by our company earned little.

In respect of songs, our company produced less than 10 fine songs in the last six months.

I dont want to talk about other aspects anymore.

I hope you to try to do your parts.

I dont want to shed labor due to your poor performance.

Do you understand”

“We see.”


Even those with more seniority shook their heads repeatedly and responded to him.

They could sometimes ignore Meiqi, but could not disregard Wu Chengdong.

He was the most powerful man under the board of directors in Royal Entertainment Company, wielding the power of life and death over the employees of this company and getting along well with several board members.

If someone offended him, they would be driven off from Royal Entertainment Company.

But Wu Chengdong generally would not punish people.

He was a nice man.

Seeing his men were all obedient to him, he nodded slightly and moved to next subject,

“I will be waiting for your achievements in the next six months.

And Hanyang, whose four new songs have occupied the top positions of various major lists in one day, released nine songs today.

Judging from their uptrends, they will come out in front soon.

Now big entertainment companies, including our company, are all unable to sit still.”

Wu Chengdong stopped speaking and chuckled.

He thought that a person who could motivate many large entertainment companies to respond to him collectively was really terrible!

Wu Chengdong continued, “I learned from my friends that several authorities analyzed the previous seven songs and came to two conclusions.

One is that Hanyang 70% presents a studio.

It releases a large number of songs that have been preserved for several years to hype up.

The other one is that Hanyang is a very talented songwriter.

Of course, this probability is relatively low.”

“But now.” Wu Chengdong pricked up his finger and said in a certain tone, “He issued nine songs again and this shows that Hanyang presents a team of songwriters.

It doesnt matter whether it is a team or an individual.

What matters is that he has excellent songs! Some people speculate that Hanyang will issue more than 10 more songs.”

“In the first round of hype, he found Xue Qian.

The hype of the three songs succeeded.

The four songs in the second round, advertised by Xue Qian, became popular at once, redounding greatly to Hanyangs credit.

In the third round, these nine songs will help Hanyang achieve a substantive change in popularity.

If the hype ends at this time, the effect wont be the best.

Therefore, if they are a team, they will have over 10 more fine songs.

The fourth round of hype is to establish their position.”

“So the situation at present is of great urgency.

If someone can get the excellent songs, he would hype himself depending on the current tendency, so…”

Wu Chengdongs eyes traveled over with his hand pressed on the table.

He smiled and said, “All the performers of our company can take action now! All of you come to leave messages and keep refreshing.

You should use all of your connections to make Hanyang notice you as much as possible.

If anyone gets a top-quality song, Ill pay him bounties!”

All the people present burst into an uproar after he finished speaking.

They had not expected that the whole company would start to operate because of Hanyang.

This was unprecedented.

While people were shocked, they also thought that it was reasonable for all the staff of the company to take action.

After all, there were few opportunities for such hype in a year.

The leader did take a long view.

Not only Royal Entertainment Company, but also other big companies wanted to take advantage of Hanyang to hype themselves.

At that time, the whole media industry caused a stir and those leading figures were also unable to sit still!



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