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Chapter 149 Horrible Leng Feng


You are a man of bold vision.

I will give you the opportunity.

If this case goes well, Feng, you can not only get a large reward, but our feud between Scorpion and the restaurant will be written off!” Tang Zhan said with a smile.

“Sure!” Zhao Feng nodded his head firmly.

Although he knew he would face a lot of danger this time, he felt relieved somehow.

If this cargo case really went smoothly, then Tang Zhan, as he said, would definitely no longer find trouble for the restaurant in the future.

However, could it really go so smoothly Was it really that simple Or were there any other intentions

Zhao Feng felt relief, but he still felt a sense of crisis in his mind.

He believed that things would not be so simple.

Would a sophisticatedold fox like Tang Zhan disclose the whole secret to his subordinates like this

Did he really think all his men were loyal Impossible, even if Tang Zhan was negligent, there were still three intelligent strategists sitting next to him, especially the coquettish Leng Feng!

However, since Tang Zhan dared to speak out about this matter, he should be confident about cargo transportation.

It made sense to play to the score tactically as no one could predict what would happen next.

“Besides Zhao Feng, there are still two quotas.

Any volunteer” Tang Zhan gesticulated Zhao Feng to sit down, with his eyes scanning the crowd again.

Among the people, some looked uneasy, unwilling to take risks as leader of their own parties.

Some were eager to try, having the idea of making money but hesitated.

There were still a few people who were pondering to it, with twinkling eyes and undiscerned thoughts.

Tang Zhan did not push them, just looking at them with a smile.

“Ill go!”

Suddenly, a resonant female voice sounded.

Ning Xuan, the only woman present, stood up.

She was only 30 years old, with a ponytail an average appearance.

However, she was the boss in charge of a street nightclub and possessed some “princess” (a woman who plies clients with drinks in karaoke or other nightclubs) business.

“Sure.” Tang Zhan smiled slightly and then said, “One quota left.

Who else”

“Count me in!”

This time, a man who hesitated in the corner stood up immediately.

His name was Ze Long, who followed Tang Zhan three years ago.

He had always been working very hard and had an irascible personality, doing things as cruelly and mercilessly as Scorpion.

“Well, then the three of you.

Others can leave.” Tang Zhan waved his hands to others, and people stood up and nodded to leave.

In addition to Tang Zhan and Leng Feng, there were only Zhao Feng and two others in the room.

Seeing this, Leng Fengs eyes flickered slightly.

“Now that the hands are gathered, do you have anything else to order” Tang Zhan smiled at Leng Feng by his side.

“There are indeed some things to be explained.

Lets go talk in the study room.” Leng Feng stood up and said.

Zhao Feng nodded and followed Tang Zhan and Leng Feng to the study room, which made Ning Xuan and Ze Long look at each other and fall into deep thoughts.

Tang Zhans study room was the most important place in this mansion.

Zhao Feng knew that there was a secret room inside.

As for what was in the secret room, without thinking, he knew that there must be a lot of things, including gold and silver, and…criminal evidence of Tang Zhan!

Walking into the study room, he saw a very simple room which was not too luxury.

The furniture was all made of solid wood.

There were a few antiques on one side of the wall and an office table and chairs on the other side, in front of which were a small tea table and four sofas.

“Sit down.” Tang Zhan patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder and said.

“Zhao Feng, you have joined us for several years.

This trip to the Golden Triangle is fraught with danger.

We suspect that the news has leaked out and that there is a traitor.

Thats why we told you the news.

I believe you.

I will take the lead to the Golden Triangle this time.

Remember, no matter under what occasion, you should take the clue from my eyes.” Leng Feng said seriously.

“Yes.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“Of course.” Tang Zhan took over the words and said, “In addition to cooperating with Leng Feng, you are responsible for his safety.

What facilities do you need You can bring them up now.

You will leave tonight and when you reach the border, the facilities you need will be ready.”

“Just give me two guns.

Theres nothing else I need.” Zhao Feng replied.

“I like people who talk less and do more, just like you.

You and I have been together for several years.

As long as this goes successful, you can tell me whatever you want, but you must ensure Leng Fengs safety.” Tang Zhan said with a smile.

Just as he finished his words, his cell phone suddenly rang.

After picking up the phone, Tang Zhans brow wrinkled slightly.

After a while, he said, “I get it.”

Then he stood up, took one look at Zhao Feng, hesitated slightly, and finally walked to the bookcase under Zhao Fengs gaze.

He pressed a button in a corner, and the bookshelf split to both sides, revealing a steel door.

After verification by fingerprints and pupils, the door was opened and Tang Zhan stepped in.

Zhao Fengs eyes were focused.

He looked at inside through the gap in the door, but could not see anything.

Hed very much like to go there and take a look, but Leng Feng was looking at him with a smile on his face.

A moment later, Tang Zhan came out with a quick pace, with a box in his hand.

He frowned at Leng Feng and said, “Come out with me.”

“Okay.” Leng Feng nodded and went out with Tang Zhan.

Intentionally or unintentionally, the door of the secret chamber was not closed, which made Zhao Feng quite surprised!

A conspiracy or a trap Or had he really forgotten

To see or not

Zhao Feng began to struggle, and his eyes narrowed involuntarily.

He scanned the room for surveillance cameras but did not find any after a close look.

“What is going on Is this a test”

Zhao Feng was in hesitation.

At this moment, he didnt know how to choose.

He hesitated for a moment, and his eyes suddenly sank.

He stood up and quickly walked to the door of the secret chamber, narrowing his eyes to scan inside at a quick speed.

He found that the secret chamber was about 20 square meters, and in the center, there were…so many gold bars, making his eyes dizzy.

The wall was all covered with cabinets, with some seemingly valuable antiques on the top of them.

In the inner wall, there was a safe box, with a stack of documents on top.

Documents That should be very useful for Tang Zhan Maybe…was it his ledger

If it was really a ledger, and Zhao Feng took it away and handed it to the authorities.

It was estimated that an arrest order would be issued soon, but was it really so simple

With his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, Zhao Feng suddenly grabbed the door handle and closed the door.

After that, he turned around and sat back in his chair with his expression back to normal.

Then he drank tea quietly while waiting for them.

At this time, in the next room, Tang Zhan and Leng Feng were staring at a row of screens on the wall, from which they could see everything of the study room without dead corners.

“His eyes changed a little when Lord Tang opened the door, which showed that he was very curious about the secret chamber.”

Leng Feng looked at the screen while analyzing,

“When we came out of the room, his eyes narrowed.

Eyes are the windows of ones mind.

He didnt want to reveal his thoughts, which showed that he was very cautious.

He hesitated, and was very cautious as he wanted to take a look.”

“After a struggle in his mind, he decided to take a look.

He stood at the door, with his eyes glancing around.

His eyes did not fall on the gold bars or antiques, but only the safe box.

This showed that his curiosity was not for money, but…for something else!”

“He closed the door because he was cautious.

He had figured out that there might be surveillance in the room inside.

He wanted to take the documents on the safe box but did not dare to take risks.

So he closed the door.

When we return, he can also give us an explanation for his movement.”

“So…” Leng Fengs eyes sank and said, “I do not think that he is a traitor from other forces.

Its very likely that he is…an undercover! Then the traitor…should be either Ning Xuan or Ze Long!”

In just a few minutes, Leng Feng had analyzed so much information.

If Zhao Feng saw it, he would surely be frightened.

Only from his eyes could he get so much, indicating that Leng Feng was…a very horrible man.

“A police” Tang Zhans eyes became a little cold.

He smiled and said, “Thats just what we want.

The cargo will go more smoothly with the police knowing it.”

“Definitely.” Leng Feng leaked a cunning smile.

After waiting for two minutes, Tang Zhan and Leng Feng walked back with smiles.

Tang Zhan asked when they saw the door closed, and Zhao Feng gave his prepared reply.

Tang Zhanwen said nothing after hearing the answer.

He spoke to Zhao Feng and let him go to the hall to call Ning Xuan to come over.

After Ning Xuan entered the room, Tang Zhan and Leng Feng did the same thing as they did to Zhao Feng.

The last one was Ze Long.

After the three tests, Leng Feng gave some speculations which were very close to the truth.

After Ze Long came out of the room, he and Zhao Feng and Ning Xuan looked at each other, feeling some defense and hostility from others eyes.

This practice of talking one by one was most likely to spark differences.

It must be admitted that Leng Feng was very good at reading peoples minds.

Then Tang Zhan and Leng Feng came to the living room and told them to gather here at eight oclock in the evening before allowing them to go back to make preparations.

After the three left, Tang Zhan clapped his hands in a smile, calling his subordinates and said, “Bring the man up.”

“Yes, sir!”

The two subordinates withdrew and about half an hour later, a man with glasses came in.

“Stand beside him.” Tang Zhan pointed to Leng Feng as he spoke to the man.

The man walked to Leng Feng with a somewhat uneasy face.

When he was standing with Leng Feng, he suddenly realized that his appearance looked so like Leng Fengs, and only from the calm expression of Leng Feng could one tell who Leng Feng was.

They were just like a pair of twin brothers.

This was the trump card of Tang Zhan.

Of course, he would not let Leng Feng take risks.

The purpose was to let Leng Feng hide in the dark and complete the huge transaction.

Back to Zhang Hans restaurant.

For dinner, Zhang Han prepared spicy shredded potato salad and smashed cucumber salad.

Mengmeng preferred noodle soup, so these dishes were very good accompaniments.



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