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Chapter 155 A Hostess Who Has Been Conquered

“The decoration is quite ingenious.

Family style restaurant is not common, but it can not serve many guests as a result.”

The hostess said as she walked to the kitchen, where Zhang Han was making egg fried rice and noodle soup.

“How are you, Mr.

Zhang” The hostess greeted Zhang Han laughingly.

“Mumm.” Zhang Han turned his head, glanced at her and gave a slight nod.

“Im Weiwei, the hostess of “Tasty Food of World”, I heard that your restaurant is very popular and has received many good reviews.

Could you give us a moment for an interview” The hostess said with a smile.

Hearing the words, Zhang Han directly turned back to continue cooking, and spat out a few words to her consternation,

“I dont have time.”

“Ah” The hostess and the staff were shocked.

A moment later, she said with a somewhat stiff face, “Sir, our program has a very high rating, and there are many benefits in doing an interview.

I think youd better…”

Indeed, the hostess was somewhat unhappy.

Their program was at least an official cultural program, with high ratings both on TV and the Internet.

Everywhere they went, they were flattered by restaurant staff.

However, the indifferent boss made her quite awkward.

But before she finished her words, she was interrupted by Zhang Han with an insipid tone,

“I am not interested.”


Zhang, if you dont have time, you could give us a meal to take some photos and enjoy first.

We will continue the interview when you are finished.

What do you think” The hostess pressed down her dissatisfaction and added.

But Zhang Han didnt even pay any attention this time.

His cold posture made the hostess give a defiant look.

When she was about to speak, Pearson on the other side waved his hand and said,

“Hey, please dont disturb Mr.

Zhangs cooking.

Come with me if you want to know about the food.”

“You What do you know” The hostess chuckled and said.

“HeyIts so funny.

What do I know Do you know who I am” Pearson stood up and said.


“I am Pearson! Michelins food agent who is responsible for evaluating star restaurants.

What do you think whether I know” Pearson said with a triumphant look on his face.

Pearson was in a great mood when he saw their surprised eyes.

A few days ago, he showed up in front of the boss and got depressed results.

The boss didnt even give a ** about it, but in front of outsiders, his status carried a lot of weight.

“Seriously You are a Michelin food agent Could you verify your identity” The curious hostess hurried over and gesticulated the cameraman to videotape Pearson.

“Take a good look.” Pearson smiled lightly, sat back in his chair, and casually took out his wallet from his pocket.

He took out a work card and handed it to the hostess.

“Its…true.” The hostesss eyes widened a little and she was surprised.

She didnt expect there was such a food critic in the crowd.

She honestly handed back the work card.

“Just ask me if you want to know about the food here.” Pearson waved his hand forthrightly.

“Well, please let me interview you.” The hostess smiled.


Pearsons face turned serious and said, “I need to make a statement before the video.

Ahem, first of all, this interview is only my personal opinions and suggestions.

Secondly, for Michelins justice, I will not rate this restaurant.

I am just a loyal fan of this restaurant and happen to know food evaluation.”

“All right.

We believe Mr.

Pearsons professional ethics and professionalism.

Could you give an overall evaluation of this restaurant” The hostess began to ask questions.

“My evaluation is that the environment, specifications, and atmosphere of the restaurant dont meet Michelin star standards, but the food is here better than three-star Michelin restaurants.

That is to say that its food is better than all three-star Michelin restaurants I have experienced.

Of course, it is a pity that this restaurant does not offer drinks.” Pearson said with a straight face.

“Oh your evaluation of the restaurant is very pertinent and gave a very high evaluation of its food.

I wonder if you can specifically evaluate the specialties here”

“Im sorry, but if you want to talk about specialties, then I cant give you the details.” Pearson shook his head slightly, then smiled again and said, “Because every kind of food here is the most distinctive, even an ordinary cucumber or tomato can make people indulge in it.”

“Umm…” The hostess smiled.

It was the first time that she met such an evaluation, and it was made by a Michelin food agent.

This seemed incredible to her.

However, after all, she was recording the program, so she adjusted her mood and smiled and said, “Could you comment on food like egg fried rice”

“Then Ill talk it over with you.” Pearson cleared his voice and said, “Do you know why the food here is expensive Not only because the food is delicious, but also because their ingredients are really high-end.

Even if you thought it expensive before, then after my words, you will know that the food is actually very cheap.”

“First of all, the rice here is Daohuaxiang No.2, a brand-new variety.

I have especially taken some rice for identification.

The result shows that a portion of white rice contains 70% of water, 30% of starch, 5% of protein and 0.3% of fat.

This ratio is like the golden ratio.

The rice here can be described as the king of rice.”

“Meanwhile, other micro-nutrients in the rice are as much as five times higher than ordinary rice.

You may not know what this means.

Let me simply explain that the rice in this restaurant is the best in the world.

There are no competitors.

These words can be clearly broadcast.

If anyone in the industry has a different opinion, please come and verify it.”

“This, I…you…” Pearsons words sounded so complicated that the hostess was puzzled for a moment and didnt know what to answer.

She cleared her mind and asked, “Sir, could you talk about the delicious food here This is food evaluation.

We dont need such a detailed analysis.”

“Isnt this an evaluation” Pearson revealed a helpless expression and said, “Then let me put it more simply.

The food ingredients here are the best Ive ever seen.

Only good ingredients can bring nutritious food.

Do you understand Putting aside nutrition, the food here tastes fragrant! To what extent is it fragrant Take a portion of egg fried rice for example.

The pure fragrance of rice, ooh, makes you intoxicated.

You cant imagine the rich fragrance of eggs in it.

A simple portion of egg fried rice…”

Pearsons long speech made the hostess and the staff drool and feel hungry.

But eventually, they had to go out to line up.

It was not until nearly eight oclock that they enjoyed a meal.

It was useless to only listen.

After eating it, they realized that the taste really made people feel like flying.

After finishing the meal, the hostess had decided one thing: she would edit the program as perfectly as possible, so as to live up to such yummy food!

After dinner, the restaurant restored to peace.

Zhang Li and Li Anna, who came here to bum meals, volunteered to clean up the restaurant inside and out.

When they were tidying up, Mengmeng was clamoring for playing the piano.

Of course, Zhang Han would not refuse, holding Mengmeng to the piano.

“PaPa, Mengmeng wants to play it by myself this time.

Mengmeng can play thatTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Mengmeng said with a serious face, then pressed her small hand to the piano, and sang along in an immature voice, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star…”

After singing it, Mengmeng squeezed into Zhang Hans arms and said, “PaPa, I want to singLet it go.”

“Then how about PaPa playing the piano accompaniment for you” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.


So Zhang Han started to play the piano accompaniment after the little princess was ready.

Zhang Han had only heard this song before and had not listened to its piano accompaniment, but he had the rhyme in his mind, and as he had so many years of piano practice, so he produced an excellent and exquisite piano accompaniment.

Of course, the most important thing was Mengmengs singing.

Although immature, it seemed to have a unique flavor and was extremely pleasant to hear.

“Let it go, let it go, cant hold it back anymore…”

Mengmeng seemed to have inherited Zi Yans stunning appearance and heavenly voice as well as her gentle character, which made Zhang Han repeatedly sigh, “Only one ear was like me.

Seems a little less.”

However, Zhang Han also knew that if Mengmeng looked like himself, then that would be a little bit horrible for a girl!

As Mengmengs singing progressed, Li Anna, who heard it for the first time, gradually put down her dishcloth and looked at Mengmeng with stupefied eyes.

After the song was finished, Anna took the lead to clap her hands in admiration.

“Mengmeng sings really well.

Elder brother Zhang Han can play the piano.

Wow, thats amazing.

Elder brother Zhang Han, why are you so great.

Its really…”

“Ahem, Li Anna, enough.

Dont always say such flattering things.” Zhang Li glared at her and said.

“This is not flattery.

Elder brother Zhang Han is great.” Li Anna shook her head with shining eyes.

Zhang Li was helpless.

Her confidant was such a boy crazy.

How annoying!

However, hearing the compliment, Mengmeng said in a lovely voice, “My PaPa is very awesome.”

“Yes, super, super awesome, oh, so handsome.” Li Anna laughingly said.

“Uh” Mengmeng was shocked by Li Annas expression.

Her big shining eyes looked back and forth to see if Li Anna had a crush on PaPa.

However, Li Anna did not make any intimacy to Zhang Han or said things like “I love you so much”.

This made the little princess feel safe.

So she withdrew her eyes and hummed softly, “Mm-hmm, my PaPa is the most amazing.”

“Haha…” Zhang Li sniggered after seeing this.

After cleaning up, Zhang Li quickly pulled Li Anna away and gave her another inevitable speech on the way home.

At night, as Zi Yan was absent, the little princess climbed onto the big bed, gathered into Zhang Hans arms, listened to Zhang Hans story, and fell asleep peacefully.

At three oclock in the morning, the sun had not yet showed up, and the horizon had just released a little light.

A medium-sized yacht gradually reached the waters of Hong Kong near New Moon Bay.

It was the ship of Zhao Feng and others who returned from the drug trafficking.



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