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Chapter 158 Seven Attacks to Dredge Meridians

For Zhao Feng, this restaurant was the only place that had touched the softest spot in his heart in recent years.

In fact, what attracted him at first was Zhang Hans mighty force.

Zhao Feng remembered that the first time they met each other was when he went to a restaurant to collect protection fees.

He felt deep pressure in the Bosss cold eyes.

Because of curiosity, Zhao Feng went to the restaurant again.

After eating once, he fell in love with the taste here.

The delicacies here conquered his stomach.

Mengmengs smile, the strong father-daughter relationship between Zhang Han and Mengmeng, and, of course, the heartening Ling Mengqi, all attracted Zhao Feng, too.

Gradually, the restaurant became more and more important in Zhao Fengs heart and became the place he wanted to guard.

Now, when Zhao Feng heard that Tang Zhan was going to ruin the restaurant, his first reaction was to pick up the Boss and Mengmeng before Tang Zhan started.

What about the task

The task was forgotten by him.

His real identity had exposed, and he couldnt even go undercover, let alone did the task.

Along the way, Zhao Feng didnt know how many red lights he had run through, and he even nearly hit other cars several times.

But Zhao Feng didnt care.

He drove to the restaurant crazily.

The restaurant became close.

Zhao Feng had reached the street where the restaurant located.

The restaurant became more close to him.

Zhao Feng could vaguely see the plaque of the restaurant.

Finally, he arrived.

Zhao Feng reached the restaurant door.

He was relieved to see that nothing had happened in the restaurant.

Then Zhao Feng slowed down his car and drove to the restaurant parking space.

He was turning the corner.

The side of the road.

With the engine roared, a van crashed into Zhao Fengs car as fast as the wind.


With a bombing noise, Zhao Fengs car rolled over several times and eventually collapsed in front of the restaurant door.

This unexpected situation caused a few passers-by to scream.


“Theres an accident!”

“Oh, my God, how did it happen”

“Hurry up; call the first aid!”

“… ”

At this time, Zhao Feng in the car felt dizzy, and his ears were buzzing.

He could even feel the blood slowly flow from his head.

He pushed the door by hand and climbed out.

For a while, he felt powerless.

He stood up slowly and looked at the van which the headstock was damaged, appearing a sad smile.

Under his gaze, the van suddenly came across, and the door in the middle was opened.

Three men with headgear and rifles appeared.

Da da da…

A burst of random gunfire.

Although Zhao Feng had already made the gesture of lying down, he still got several gunshots.


He fell to the ground, squinting his eyes, feeling his body gradually cold.

“Am I… finally… free… The gunfire… is continued.

Boss… Mengmeng…”

Zhao Feng fell, but the shooting didnt stop.

A shower of bullets broke all the glass of the restaurant.

The furniture and the piano in the restaurant also got hit.

The three men shot for 20 seconds before retreating into the car.

Subsequently, the unlicensed van left the scene as fast as a gale.

At this time, the people on the street had been stunned, feeling that their legs turned soft and almost collapsed to the ground.

“Someone was killed!”

The crowd was in a state of chaos.

What about Zhang Han and Mengmeng in the restaurant

Of course, they werent injuries.

When Zhao Fengs car was hit, on the second floor of the restaurant, Zhang Han just had taken care of Mengmengs hair.

The two beautiful ponytails on both sides of her head made Mengmeng very cute.

“PaPa, hurry up.

Were going to play with Dahei and Little Hei!” Mengmeng said in an impatient tone and ran to the stairs.

But at the next moment, a muffled noise came from the restaurant door.

Mengmengs clear eyes suddenly opened wide.

She was shocked and said with some fear, “PaPa, PaPa, whats that noise”

Zhang Han stood beside her and listened.

Then His eyes stared sharply.

He came to Mengmeng immediately, picked up her and walked to the corner of the stairs.

He smiled and said, “Its the sound of firecrackers.

Someone is going to set off firecrackers.

PaPa covers your ears.”

After that, Zhang Han covered Mengmengs ears with his palm, while using the spiritual force inside him on his hands to block the loud gunfire.

So Mengmeng could only hear some small sounds of “Bang Bang”, just as if there were someone was setting off firecrackers outside.

Zhang Han sat on the stairs, hugging Mengmengs little body, and the little princess could not see the fragmented scene.

Although the restaurant sprayed in a mess, she would not be afraid.

Soon the gunfire stopped, and calm restored.

“Oh, PaPa, theres no sound of firecrackers.

You should take your hand away.” Mengmeng didnt know anything and smiled, clapping Zhang Hans hand with her little palm.

“OK.” Zhang Han smiled and took off his palm.

Then he hesitated for a moment and asked, “Mengmeng, shall we play a game”

“Er” Mengmeng was stunned for one second.

Then her eyes lit up, and she said with a giggle, “Ok, Ok, what kind of game is it”

“Count numbers with your eyes blindfolded.

Dad will blindfold Mengmengs eyes, and Mengmeng counts numbers.

Lets see how many numbers to count before we see DaHei and Little Hei in Mount New Moon, OK”

“Deal.” Mengmeng was interested in what adults seemed to be boring.

Seeing Mengmeng nodding, Zhang Han pulled a piece of cloth directly from his clothes and tied it to her little head to block her eyes.

Then Zhang Han said,

“Well, you can start counting.”

“OK, then Ill start,” Mengmeng responded.

Then she said in a childish tone and started to count, “One, two, three… ”

Zhang Han smiled, holding Mengmeng in his arms, and walked to the first floor of the restaurant.

He didnt even look at the mess in the dining room and went straight to the door.

Zhang Han was walking along, and his eyes gradually cooled down.

It seemed that some people had courted death!

Even though Zhang Hans strength had not reached the point of ignoring the law, the end of those people dared to do such a thing was… to be killed by him!

Just out of the door, Zhang Han saw Zhao Feng, who was already unconscious.

Zhao Feng was still struggling.

After seeing that Zhang Han and Mengmeng were safe, his eyes trembled, and he was relieved.

His lips squirmed, trying to say something but unable to say it.

But looking at his mouth shape, Zhang Han knew the two words.

Zhao Feng said, “Run away!”

“Run away”

Why did they have to run away

Zhang Hans eyes fixed for a second.

He squatted down and emptied his left hand to pick up Zhao Feng.

Then he opened the back door of the car and threw Zhao Feng in.

Zhang Han sat in the drivers seat with Mengmeng in his arms and drove to Mount New Moon.

Mengmeng was still counting the numbers when she got on the car, “Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three…”

About ten minutes later, Zhang Han arrived at Mount New Moon with Zhao Feng in his left hand and Mengmeng in his right.

Little Hei smelled blood just as they arrived in the jungle.

It came roaring with DaHei and saw Zhao Feng, who had been bleeding.

They felt nervous that they thought Zhao Feng had beaten by Zhang Han.

So they were a little scared, and they followed Zhang Han quietly and carefully.

It was not until Zhang Han threw Zhao Fengs body under thunder Yang tree, pointed in the direction of the pet zone and walked past that DaHei and Little Hei understood and ran over.

“665, alas, havent we arrived yet 666, huh, Mengmeng doesnt want to continue.

667, PaPa, Mengmeng is tired.


“Well, here we are.

Come on, Dad will take off the blindfold for you,” Zhang Han said and took off the cloth strip that covered Mengmengs eyes.

Mengmeng shook her head and blinked her eyes a few times.

When she saw DaHei and Little Hei in front of her, Mengmeng jumped with joy.

“Great, I can see Big Heihei and Little Heihei as soon as I open my eyes.

Thats funny.

Well, Mengmeng wants to be thrown high!” Mengmeng said and extended her small arms to DaHei.


Dahei took a look at Zhang Han and did not know what was going on.

Dahei thought it was the host who beat the Zhao Feng.

It wondered if the master was unhappy.

It thought, “Should I throw the little host or not If I dont do well, am I going to get hit I dont want to be beaten up! What should I do”

“Mengmeng, youre here to play with Dahei and Little Hei.

Dad is going there to do something.”

Zhang Han gave Dahei a funny look and said to Mengmeng.

“OK,” Mengmeng responded by jumping up with her arms outstretched to Dahei.

She said, “Why dont you listen to me, Big Heihei Hurry up; throw me high.”

“Oh, oh!”

Daheis mouth turned up, and it knew it should play with its little master.

So it put out its big palm, took Mengmeng in its arms, and threw Mengmeng up again and again, which aroused a burst of laughter and laughter from Mengmeng.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and turned to thunder Yang tree.

He came to Zhao Feng and squatted down to investigate his injuries.

“You were lucky to meet me,” Zhang Han said and shook his head slightly.

Zhao Feng was badly injured.

If he were so severely injured elsewhere, he would surely die.

But he was injured in front of the restaurant and wanted to alert Zhang Han to run away, which was enough to show his heart.

In that case… Zhang Han was willing to spend some resources to save Zhao Feng.

No, Zhang Han intended to not only to save him but also to make him as powerful as Dahei.

However, Zhao Fengs situation was troublesome.


Zhang Hans right hand was on Zhao Fengs chest, and his left hand was under the thunder Yang tree.

The spiritual force operates and communicates with thunder Yang tree.

It took 99% of the remaining liters of pure Yang water to refine the remaining Jade-fire dews.

Thus the energy was then continually gathered into Zhang Hans body.

The irascible spiritual force filled Zhang Hans meridians, which inevitably caused some swelling and pain in his meridians.

But this pain was nothing to Zhang Han.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

The next moment, he opened his eyes, which shone like diamonds.

“First attack, the Ghost Gate!”

Zhang Hans right palm left Zhao Fengchest.

He raised his index finger and pointed to an acupoint on Zhao Fengs chest.


A muffled thunder-like noise loomed up from Zhao Fengs body, and a stream of energy began to diffuse in his body.

“Second attack, the Netherworld!”

Zhang Hans finger touched the lower side of Zhao Fengs neck.

There was another muffling noise, and the energy continued to spread.

“Third attack, the Other Shore!

“Third attack, the Deep Dark!

“Fifth attack, the Vast!

“Sixth attack, the Empty!

“Seventh attack, the Heaven!

“Dredge the meridians!”

He turned from using his fingers to his palms and slapped Zhao Fengs chest.

Suddenly, those refined energies became violent in Zhao Fengs body.

All the bullets gushed down the wound.

One second, two seconds…

Only ten seconds later, Zhao Fengs wounds healed.

At the same time, Zhang Hans spiritual force guided Zhao Fengs energy to rotate in his body.

This method was called “Seven Attacks to Dredge Meridians”!



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