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Chapter 161 Zhao Feng Is Beaten up


Zhao Fengs expression quivered and he said, “This… how can I kill him I cant do it.

Boss, even if its you, you cant go into his mansion.

There are dozens of heavily armed Black Water security guards in his yard!”

“Just a few security personnel.” Zhang Han chuckled and said lightly, “Besides, I dont have to go myself.”

“Then I cant do it alone.” Zhao Feng sighed and said, “Although I also want to bring him to justice, his defense there is invincible.”

“I didnt say you will go alone.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Then who am I going with” Zhao Fengs expression suddenly sank and he remembered something.

His face flushed with excitement and said, “Do you have any other disciples Do I have many senior brothers and sisters Will I go with them to get rid of the mansion of Tang Zhan”


Looking at the excited Zhao Feng, Zhang Han was a bit speechless.

Wasnt Zhao Feng quite cool and indifferent Why was he like a foolish young man now

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “I only have one disciple, you, at present, and it is the one who will go with you this time!”

Zhang Han pointed at Dahei in the pet area behind the mountain while speaking.

“It” Zhao Fengs expression sank and said, “It is only a gorilla.

How can it go with me”

What could a gorilla do Zhao Feng didnt understand.

“You underestimate it” Zhang Han inexplicably smiled, waved his hand at Dahei and gesticulated it to come over.


Dahei responded with a deep sound, carefully put sleeping Mengmeng on the lawn and quietly climbed to the top of the mountain as if it was afraid of disturbing the sleeping little princess.

It climbed out more than 20 meters until finally it stood up and ran to Zhang Han.

The strong Dahei who was more than two meters tall made Zhao Fengs expression a little stiff.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa” As it approached, Dahei scratched its head and then spread out his two big palms to the outside with a confused face.

“I was holding the sleeping little princess.

Master, what do you want me here”

“Zhao Feng, you have not mastered your strength yet.” Zhang Han patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder, revealing a ray of smile that made Zhao Feng a little creepy.

Later, Zhang Han looked at Dahei with a smile and said, “Dahei, he just looked down on you.

I think you can prove your strength to him.”


Daheis facial expressions gathered and made a voice of inquiry.

Then it stared at Zhao Feng.

Its two huge fists collided with each other and made two dull noises.

It was like to ask, “Can I beat him”

When Zhang Han saw this, he understood what Dahei meant.

He stepped back two steps under Zhao Fengs dull eyes, and said to Dahei, “You can beat him.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”


Dahei shouted several times at Zhao Feng as it ran towards him and smashed down its huge fists sideways as it came to the front of him.


As the fist fell, Zhao Fengs pupil shrank.

Just looking at this posture, he felt that he couldnt take the fist! So he hurried back.

However, his body was flying back two meters away as he stepped back with his leg.

“My strength…”

Zhao Feng became stiff as he didnt expect his strength would be so much stronger than before.

When he used force, the muscle of his whole body became tight and Zhao Feng felt an explosive power from this muscle.

At the moment when he was pondering, Dahei came after him with another blow.

Zhao Feng raised his head, picked his eyebrows, and very confidently gave Dahei a punch with his two fists.


With a loud rumbling, the confident Zhao Feng stepped backed a dozen paces, while Dahei remained still.

“Whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa”

Dahei pouted its mouth and made several noises.

It meant, “Er This boy seems quite resistant to beating Then I will use more strength!”

Zhao Feng did not understand its meaning but looked at the Dahei with very deep eyes.

His mouth leaked a pondering smile, said with very calm eyes,

“Although you are quite large, today I will show you the real fighting skills!”

Finishing the words, Zhao Feng moved his body and quickly rushed to Dahei.

Dahei could understand his words naturally.

It gave him a sharp stare after hearing the words.


It let out a cry and punched at the chest of Zhao Feng as it ran towards him with fast speed.

This time, it used 30% strength!

“Too clumsy.

Your action is too simple! There is not a trace of skill at all!”

Zhao Fengs mouth was wearing a confident smile.

His crossed his arms to meet Daheis fist.

He planned to use his legs to attack the fist while resisting it.

He wanted to show Dahei serial moves!



A muffled sound came out!

Zhao Fengs disdainful eyes immediately became round.

His confident smile froze!

Because his body was directly flown due to Daheis fist.

Zhao Fengs body was five meters from the ground and flew back more than ten meters.


Zhao Fengs body fell down on the lawn, and at that time he only felt a little stunned by Daheis blow.

“What power is that”

Zhao Feng was struck dumb with amazement.

He shook his head and stood up again.

At this time, even Zhao Feng himself did not realize that his anti-strike ability had become a bit incredible.

If he had been hit by such a blow from Dahei before, he would have been injured.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Dahei shouted at Zhao Feng twice, with its fist pounding its chest several times.

The dull sound seemed to tell Zhao Feng that it hadnt used all his strength.

Then, Dahei stepped towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng also became smart this time.

He knew that he was not Daheis opponent in strength, so he began to use skills.

However, as one strong man could defeat ten men with martial arts, he didnt know what to do with Dahei.

With fists hitting Daheis body, it didnt even feel itchy.

However, Zhao Feng was beaten to feel pins-and-needles in his head.

When Zhao Feng kicked his feet on Daheis body, it did not move at all.

However, Zhao Fengs body was hit flying by his own strength.

As they kept fighting, Zhao Fengs heart completely cooled down.

“What the hell is this monster”

He tried to weep but failed to shed a tear.

Just now he seemed to despise a gorilla, but he was educated in a few minutes.

Moreover, it was an overwhelming and irresistible education.

After fighting for nearly ten minutes, Zhao Feng suddenly mastered his power to improve a lot.

As the fight continued.

Dahei seemed not tired at all, still alive and well.

Finally, when Zhao Feng retreated in a slower way, Dahei grabbed Zhao Fengs ankle.

“Whoa, whoa…”

Dahei shouted a warning sound, turned over the whole body of Zhao Feng, and turned him upside down.

Seeing the closer ground, Zhao Fengs face was stiff.


Zhao Feng was shattered and stunned, totally dumbfounded, but this was just the beginning.

Believing that Zhao Feng was very resistant to beating, Dahei did not spare its force this time.

It swung Zhao Feng around like a chicken and hit him to the ground.

Dahei hit Zhao Feng for a dozen successive blows.

“Ahem…stop! I surrender! I surrender! Dont smash again! ”


Dahei carried Zhao Feng with its left hand, grinning a disdainful voice after hearing his words.

Then it stretched out its right hand toward Zhao Feng.

Just when Zhao Feng thought it would beat him again,

He saw Dahei middle finger of its right fist standing suddenly!

It was a very standard gesture of sarcasm and contempt.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Fengs expression was instantly stiff.

Even Zhang Hans eyes were full of consternation.

He didnt expect that Dahei would be…so fashionable, who knew the meaning of giving a middle finger.

At the same time, he doubted whether it was the right choice to let Dahei and Erhei watch movies at ordinary times.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

All of a sudden, Dahei changed his movements, looking back not far from Little Hei, and called twice.

“Woo, woo”

Little Hei seemed to know what Dahei meant and responded twice.

Then in front of Zhao Feng and Zhang Han, Dahei swung Zhao Feng up like a discus and threw his body at Little Hei.

Zhao Feng only felt his body flying in the sky.

Suddenly, he felt sharp fangs were biting his waistband.

It was Little Hei who jumped up.

It caught Zhao Feng with its mouth.

When it landed, it threw Zhao Feng back again.

“Being…played as a sandbag”

Zhao Fengs dignity was hurt by 10,000 times.

Just now he was still immersed in the joy of strength enhancement.

Now his joyful heart had been greatly injured.

“Ahem! Thats enough.” Zhang Han finally interrupted.

He just wanted Zhao Feng to master his suddenly promoted power.

Now he couldnt resist and was blocked and kicked.

Zhang Han felt that there was no need to carry out this unilateral abuse.


Dahei was still smiling, but after hearing Zhang Hans words, he stopped playing and let the flying Zhao Feng fall to the ground directly.


Zhao Feng was lying on the ground for a few minutes before he got up.

His expression was somewhat complicated.

He looked at Dahei and Little Hei, bowed his hand, and said, “I surrender.

You win!”

“Whoa!” Dahei let out a cry to Zhao Feng, with its expression finally becoming a little friendly.

It stretched out its fist to Zhao Feng.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng also reached out his fist to touch with Dahei.

“Bang! Bang!”

Dahei punched his chest twice, then gave himself a thumbs-up sign to Zhao Feng, which meant “I am the elder brother here!”

“Yes, yes, you are great.” Zhao Feng shook his head with a wry smile, looked at Zhang Han and said, “Boss, where do they come from They are amazing.”

“Thats just a piece of cake.

Come on, its almost time for you to leave.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and looked at Dahei.

“But before that, Dahei, Ill give you a small gift.”

“Whoa Humhum, whoa, whoa” Dahei became excited at the news and was about to pick up Zhang Han and throw him high, only to be interrupted by Zhang Han.

“Look at the gift first.” Zhang Han took out the phantom copper coin from his pocket and said, “This is something you can go out to play with! Squat down.”

Dahei didnt know what it was, so it squatted down honestly after hearing Zhang Hans words.

As it had just squatted down, Zhang Han stabbed its forehead with his finger and used his psychic force to puncture Daheis forehead immediately.

The next moment, Zhang Han had pressed the Illusory Body Copper Coin on its forehead to help it refine the coin into its own treasure.



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