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Chapter 163 The Busy Mansion

“The housecleaning has been a great success.

More than a dozen traitors were killed.

Other forces and the police may be busy.” A bald man laughed loudly.

“That is exactly what we want.” Leng Feng said with a faint smile, “At this chaotic period, you should quickly handle this batch of goods.”

“Umm…” Tang Zhan nodded and was about to say something when suddenly a man came running hurriedly from the outside.

His facial expression was somewhat flurried.

“Why are you being restless” A man in his early forties frowned and scolded.

The man who was running in was just his subordinate.

He was unhappy with his own man being so impatient.

However, the man ignored his elder brother, looking directly to Tang Zhan, and said hurriedly,

“Lord Tang, something happened!”

“What is it” Tang Zhans eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

“Zhao Feng is not dead at all!” The man shouted.


“How is that possible”

When the man said this, the whole audience was shocked, and a few even stood up directly and stared around with a look of disbelief.

“Its impossible.

Lord Tang, I saw him being shot by random guns and lying in a pool of blood.

With so many shots, he must have been dead.” The bald man said in a deep voice.

“What the hell is going on Make it clear!” Leng Feng stood up.

His normally cool face changed for the first time.

He wrinkled his brow, and his eyes looked somewhat inconceivable.

At the same time, he was thinking about whether this was a trap or not.

“I learned it from Ye Hans men.

Its definitely true.

Besides Ye Han, people from Xia Shanhao and Dong Tianpeng also know the news.

They thought that the restaurants boss would attack Lord Tang, wanting to add fuel to the fire.

However, they saw a living Zhao Feng, who is driving here now.

He listened to the restaurant bosss orders and intended to come and crush this place!” The man spoke the matter out quickly.

After these words, there was dead silence in the house.

“Ha ha ha…”

Suddenly, Tang Zhan stood up and said with a sneer, “No matter whether the news is true or not, and no matter whats wrong with Zhao Feng.

If he is not dead, then lets kill him again!”

“Lord Tang is right.” Leng Feng sat back and said, “Kill him again if he is not dead.”

“Its just Zhao Feng.

There is no need to make such a fuss.” The bald man sneered, “Maybe he was wearing a bulletproof vest before.

The blood might be from some minor injuries.

However, if he is not dead and dares to come to us, he may really want to die!”

At that time, peoples looks had relaxed.

They were shocked just now because they didnt expect Zhao Feng would be alive, which was a shock of psychological contrast.

However, when they recovered their composure, they looked relaxed again.

“Since he wants to die, then we can save trouble.” A man in his late 20s with yellow hair said dismissively, “Lord Tang, how about I going to kill Zhao Feng”

“Let me.

Damn it.

Ive been unsatisfied with that little brat for a long time.”

“Youre right.

He always looks indifferent, as if he is super cool or something.

Son of a bitch.

How about me going to kill him, Lord Tang”


At this time several people began to volunteer as if they didnt take Zhao Feng seriously.

They all knew that they were not necessarily matching Zhao Fengs for solo.

However, this was Tang Zhans mansion, and the dozens of Black Water security guards outside were something to be reckoned with.

They all knew as long as they took a few Black Water security guards, it would be easy to win Zhao Feng.

Moreover, taking the lead at this time was also a great achievement.

“Ahem… that… did you forget the restaurant owner who has horrible power”

Someone reminded suddenly.

This sentence made those who volunteered shut their mouths instantly.

They might still remember the scene in the surveillance screen.

A person alone took down a nightclub.

Those at present couldnt match his strength and cruelty.

“Is he also coming in person” One of them looked a little embarrassed and said.

He had just volunteered to kill Zhao Feng before saying those words.

“Why Are you afraid”

Tang Zhan smiled in disdain and said, “Do you think the security guards outside are decorations Do you doubt their abilities in toppling a small restaurant owner ”

“No, no, the little boss is just a slightly more powerful person.

We were only a little surprised to hear the news suddenly.”

“Not some bull** boss can compare with the Black Water security guards!”

“If the boss dares to come, I promise he will die in an ugly way!”


The audience started to discuss.

However, they did not notice Leng Feng beside Tang Zhan.

Leng Fengs eyes flashed slightly.

“You all know the style of me.” Tang Zhan replaced his smile with some heaviness.

“For those who do a good job, I will give them status, money and beautiful woman! But for those who stand against me, whoever he is, I will kill him! Do you think its enough for me to just destroy that restaurant Its just the beginning, and then I will let him feel the taste of a ruined family! ”


After hearing this, many people gasped.

Since Tang Zhan had uttered those words, it was sure that the restaurant owner was going to be ruined.

Besides, Tang Zhans words sounded like he would make an issue of the bosss daughter.

In general, underground forces had a bottom line, which was not going for families, but Tang Zhan…he was really too cruel.

At the same time, at the place not far away from Tang Zhans mansion.

Four super sports cars were driving up very quickly.

After stopping, eight men stepped down from the cars.

“Put up the screen.” A crew cut man ordered.

Several men behind him nodded when they took out four remote-controlled planes from the trunk of the cars.

The plane had synchronization lens.

Turned on the switch, and the other end could get the planes view simultaneously.

The four men lifted the remote control plane into the air and made it fly to the vicinity of Tang Zhans mansion, floating quietly.

The crew cut man and several others were holding binoculars and watching the direction of the mansion from a distance.

“Elder brother, the screen is ready.”

After finding a good direction, one of the men said.

“Mmm.” The crew cut man nodded, took out his mobile phone, found his elder brothers number on WeChat and sent a voice message, “Elder brother Ye, we are ready here.”

Then he took a look at the scene around Tang Zhans mansion by binocular.

“Oh! People from Dong Tianpeng and Xia Shanhao are coming fast.” The crew cut man sneered.

Not far away, he saw the men of the other two forces.

They both had more people of almost 20 people, and also had several remote control planes and set up screens to show their elder brothers live broadcast.

“Nobody wants to miss this.

Since Tang Zhan settled here, no one dared to plan an idea on this luxurious residence.

Zhao Feng was the first one.” One of the men said.

“Yes, No.1, because he is stupid, even Mr.

Zhang would not dare to enter this mansion, let alone Zhao Feng.”

Hearing this, the crew cut man laughed unceasingly.

Why there was no one ever came here Because it was impossible!

“Ah, Zhao Feng is so silly.


Zhang asked him to come to Tang Zhan and he just comes Does he really want to die Its totally ridiculous.

That boss is also stupid.

He knows he is weak and doesnt cooperate with us.

He is stubborn to do it on his own.

Haha, then do it.

He will be modest when he sees Zhao Fengs corpse.” One of the men commented.

“Here they come!” The crew-cut man looked at the road to New Moon Bay with a telescope and suddenly saw the compact Geely Panda.

At this moment, the eyes of dozens of people present gathered in the panda car, and even the six Black Water security guards in front of Tang Zhans residence also found the car, but they didnt care.

This small team hadnt been afraid of anyone yet.

In the eyes of all, the Geely Panda slowly drove around, and stopped over one hundred meters away from the mansion.

Was he…scared

Seeing this scene, people from the three forces thought.

However, the real situation was not the case.

Inside the panda car, Zhao Feng stopped and said as he looked at Dahei,

“Umm…why dont we get out of the car here” “In case we break the bosss car when we fight.”

“Whoa!” Dahei shook its head, stretched out its hand and pushed the door.

Finding the car door didnt open, it was unhappy, lifting a foot at the door.

“Dont! Stop it! No!”

Zhao Feng was very nervous.

If it stepped down, the car door would be kicked off.

“Whoa” Dahei looked at Zhao Feng.

The strong bald appearance of Dahei made Zhao Feng quite stressful.

“I just said that we cant break the car, and you are about to kick the door.

If you kick the bosss car, he will kick your ass.” Zhao Feng reminded cautiously.

“Whoa…whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei replied and stopped.

“See the little hook Yes, thats it.

Just pull it gently and the car door will open.

Okay, you get off first.” Seeing Dahei get off the car honestly, Zhao Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

After Dahei got off the car, Little Hei followed.

Zhao Feng was the last one to get off, and after locking the car, he took the lead in going forward.

After a few steps, Zhao Feng saw the heavily guarded mansion and sighed softly.

He felt very stressful.

He didnt know how to fight in, so he looked at Dahei, and quietly asked,

“Ah, Dahei, it might be impossible to fight in from the front.

Lets slowly pass through the door, go forward to see their defense division, and then find a relatively weak one to attack.

What do you think And Little Hei, you should pay attention to your own safety.

The boss is concerned about you.”

“Whoa!” Dahei let out a muffled voice and hit its chest with the fist.

Zhao Feng didnt understand what it meant, but Little Hei let out a whoosh and slipped into the nearby jungle.

“What happened”

Zhao Feng was slightly stunned.

He felt that Little Hei didnt listen to his command.

But it didnt matter, as long as Dahei listened to the command.

Little Hei was relatively unobtrusive after all.

However, by the time when they got to the front of the mansion, Zhao Feng realized he made a mistake, a huge mistake.

Dahei didnt take him seriously, either.



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