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Chapter 165 Horrible Crushing

The people around changed their face a little when they saw the shooting.

It was conceivable that, under the gun of the security regiment, the mighty big man would surely die on the spot.

Zhao Feng and the big man wounded people in front of the mansion and broke into it.

If they were killed by the security guards, the security guards had no responsibility.

In this case, it was estimated that those security guards would be merciless.

“What a pity!”

Ye Han, Xia Shanhao, Dong Tianpeng, and others in front of the screen, including dozens of people on the spot watching the scene, sighed at the same time.

They sighed and felt a little strange.

And words crossed their mind,

“He can only be handsome in less than three seconds!”

It was a pity that this big man just showed such strong power, but within a few minutes, he ended up being shot by a random gun.

In their hearts, they already felt that the next moment the big man would fall into the pool of blood.


“What do I see”

“He… what happened”

People were startled because the strong man did not fall under the intense gunfire.

Not only did he not fall, but he even stepped towards the security guards.

Those people were shocked again and wondered if the vest on the big man was the body armor.

Not to mention how shocked they were, the fifteen security guards were the most frightened!

Their eyes changed from cold at first to horror.

Their faces turned from murderous to frightened!

“No, thats impossible!” One of them exclaimed.

He saw clearly that the bullet hit the head of the strong man in front of him! But the shot did not hurt the mans skin and fell to the ground directly.

Other security guards also saw this scene.

They had always been fearless, but at this moment they were afraid!

“Withdraw! Run!”

The fifteen men had no intention of fighting and wanted to turn around to run away.

But then Dahei was angry.

The bullet didnt injure Dahei, but it hurt a lot!

The pain of each bullet was gradually increasing Daheis anger.

Daheis eyes were almost red after the men had fired bullets.

It recalled that after it escaping from the cage, those men who captured it also shot it with guns.

Its relatives, its family, were also killed by such guns!

“Ow! Ow!”

Dahei roared! It rushed to the crowd.

By this time the crowd had fled backward.

But the fastest one fell the most rapidly.

As soon as the man ran fastest had run two steps forward, a shadow came out of the side of the holly tree very quickly.

He felt only a flash in front of his eyes, and a sharp chill came upon him.

The next moment, when he felt cold on his neck, he lost consciousness.

Only then did people realize that there was a dog ran behind them.

How could a dog have such fierce fighting power

In the panic, three men close to Little Hei pulled out their knives and tried to attack Little Hei.

Little Hei, however, was moving and slipping away like lightning.

The speed was amazing.


The security group of Black Water had been in a mess.

At that moment, Dahei rushed over again.

With Daheis fists and feet added, half of the remaining fourteen people fell in an instant!

“Devil! Its a devil!”

“Run! Run! Run!”

Usually, they were men who lived life with danger in every second, but this moment, they hadnt any ideas of fighting.

It was not that they didnt have professional ethics.

They were security consultants, not scapegoats.

When they realized they couldnt beat, they chose to flee the battlefield with their employers.

The scene stunned those who saw it.

Those people thought there would be a one-sided situation, but the crushed party became Tang Zhan, whom they thought was the winner.

Meanwhile, in the dining room of the mansion.

Initially, people were still drinking and celebrating.

Suddenly they heard gunshots ringing, and everyones movements stopped.

“Shots Did… Zhao Feng come” The bald man wondered.

“How dare he come Does he come for court death”

“He cant be so stupid, can he”

“… ”

People were suspicious of a few words.

But the sound made the beautiful girls present nervous.

The girls, they could drink with people and chatted about their “life ideals” in bed, while the gunshot… could make them very scared.

“You, go out and have a look.” Tang Zhan frowned and said to the bald man.

Tang Zhan felt unhappy.

He hated being interrupted in the middle of a drinking party.

Today, Zhao Feng seemed to have bothered him twice.


The bald man nodded, put down his glass and went out.

He came to the living room, and just as he came to the door, the door suddenly opened.


The bald man was startled.

He was relieved when he saw that those men ran in were the security guards of Black Water.

“Whats going on outside” he asked.

“Go go go!”

“Run!” Those five men ran to the dining room in a hurry, and only one of them shouted at him.

“Why are you running”

The bald men drunk too much and felt confused in his mind.

He didnt know why those men were running.

Curiously, he opened the door and looked out.

What caught his eye was an approaching figure.


The figure hit him, threw him three meters away, and fell in a mess.

He stood up dizzily, and as he looked out of the door, his eyes grew wide.

He saw several security guards on the side of the outside door.

They all took guns and fired at a muscular man on the front, but it seemed that… such a fierce fire couldnt injure the man.


The bald man shivered and was sober instantly, shaking head and running away.

As soon as he got to the dining room door, he saw the messy scene inside.

The five security guards looked at Tang Zhan anxiously and told him severely to withdraw quickly.

But Tang Zhan didnt listen.

Instead, he got up with a sullen face and said in a furious voice, “Bullsh*t! Come with me to have a look!”

After that, he took the lead out of the dining room.

The anger in his heart could not be suppressed at this moment.

All the men present rose and followed.

Just out of the dining room, Leng Feng quietly retreated.

He grabbed Tang Zhans other two military divisions and took a deep look at Tang Zhans back.

There three slowly withdrew backward.

The angry Tang Zhan did not see that.

When he took his people to the door, he saw a scene that made his face changed.

The six security guards in front of the door were knocked down by a strong man in his fists and feet, not knowing whether they were alive or dead.

“Zhao Feng!”

Tang Zhan saw Zhao Feng sneering behind Dahei and he shouted angrily.

“Ow! Ow!”

But the next moment, Dahei roared and ran to the door.

“Kill him for me!” Tang Zhan said coldly.

His men didnt know what happened.

After hearing Tang Zhans instructions, they rushed over immediately, and as a result…

They were badly hurt.

Several of the fastest people who rushed to gain merit were beaten down by Dahei.

This led to a sudden halt in the movement of the group behind them, who quickly retreated and rapidly back into the hall.

Bang, bang, bang!


Dahei punched itself in the chest with its fist, yelled at Tang Zhan again, and then he rushed towards the door.


Someone shouted, the crowd suddenly became chaotic.

Tang Zhan, meanwhile, was a little nervous.

He looked at him and found that Leng Feng, who was usually close to him, was nowhere to be seen.

“Hateful man!”

Tang Zhan bit his teeth, turned his eyes quickly, and finally stepped to his study.

In the chaos, several of his men followed Tang Zhan closely.

But when they got to the study, Tang Zhan opened the door and ran in himself.

One of his men tried to follow him, but Tang Zhan kicked him out and said, “Get out of here!”

After kicking, he closed the door and locked it inside.

Then he opened the secret room in a hurry, entered it, closed the door and hid.

This chamber was made of alloy and had the highest safety factor in the whole mansion.

Without Tang Zhans fingerprints and pupils, no one else could open the door!

Tang Zhan was relieved to be here.

Only then did he realize that he was sweat.

“Huh… fu*k, where did Zhao Feng find the helper What the fu*k! When this time is over, I must kill you with my bare hands!” Tang Zhan gritted his teeth and scolded.

In front of the door, Little Hei saw Dahei and Zhao Feng rush in, and instead of following, he moved around the mansion and guarded it.

When it was on the side of the dining room and saw women in fewer clothes jumping out of the window, it moved close to there.


Six women jumped out of the window and screamed when they saw Little Hei.

One of them even cried out, “Dont come over, whoop… dont come over…”


Little Hei seemed uninterested in them and shook its head to show them to come out quickly.

A few seconds later, seeing Little Hei not moving, they relieved, and jumped out faster.

At this time, they thought Little Hei wouldnt hurt anyone.

But they were wrong.

The next moment, the window of the other side of the room opened, and the bald man jumped down.

At that moment Little Hei moved up like lightning.

It opened its mouth wide and used its sharp fangs to bite the bald man to death!


Many women screamed and fled.

By this time, after Dahei and Zhao Feng had handled eight people in the hall, they couldnt see any standing men.

The whole mansion fell into silence.

“Come with me!”

Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes and took Dahei to Tang Zhans study!

They came to the study door.

Zhao Feng screwed down the door, but the door didnt open.

Just as Zhao Feng wanted to kick the door, Daheis foot had fallen on it.


A dull noise came out, and the solid wooden door was crushed by the kick.

Even Tang Zhan heard the sound faintly.

“Are they coming”

Tang Zhans expression was somewhat grim.

He went to the door of the secret room, pressed the button on the electronic screen on the wall, and saw Zhao Feng and the strong man in the study from the screen.

He said coldly,

“Zhao Feng! I didnt know that you were so excellent.

Did you find a new boss Ha-ha, youre good enough to break into my house.

But I think you know me.

I promise you that you will die without a burial! Im going to take off your skin and pull your tendons! I will make you feel worse than death.”

“Oh” Zhao Feng sniffed and said with a faint laugh, “Do you think you can be safe hiding in it”

“Otherwise Do you think you can open the door of my secret room “Dont be paranoid.

I spent ten million dollars building the door of this secret room.

How could you possibly open the door of my secret room What the hell are you” Tang Zhan had lost his usual calmness by this time and said in a tone of rage.

“Really Dahei…”

Zhao Feng just opened his mouth, and Dahei hit the door with a punch!



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