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Chapter 166 The Death of Tang Zhan


The sound of a muted explosion could be heard.

Daheis punch hit the alloy door with such an immense force that both the door and the concrete wall shook violently!


Tang Zhan was secretly afraid.

The force was so great that it took a few seconds for the electronic screen to reload.

“Zhao Feng, where did you find this helper” Tang Zhan frowned, asking him in a calm and unhurried tone…

He had confidence in the strength of his alloy door.

That, plus the loud noises they were making in the mansion and with so many of his people swarming about, even if the police were not able to come soon, there was little chance that the two people outside would be able to capture him.

“Tang Zhan, when did you discover that I was a police officer” Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes, reached out and caught hold of Dahei, who was trying to break down the door.

“Ha-ha, I suspected you ever since you slept with the woman I kept,” Tang Zhan sneered.

“If you wanted to remain unknown, you should never have done that.

Based on the benefits you bring me, I will leave you alone.

Your personality is usually the calm sort and you were never interested in any women, yet suddenly you were interested in the woman I kept.

What does that mean”

“Oh, I was a little anxious,” Zhao Feng nodded slightly and said, “You are an old fox, and you have Leng Feng and two other military counsellors.

It was hard to do any undercover work under your rule.

It was even harder to get evidence.

But all this is coming to an end today.

I will be a free person once I am done with you.”

“The end Deal with me Haha…” Tang Zhan laughed.

His laughter was hearty as if he had heard a good joke.

Suddenly, his smile faded away and his face became gloomy.

He said coldly,

“You cant even open my alloy door! You two are the ones who should be dealt with! Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng, you turned my mansion into a mess, do you think I will let you go so easily”

“Ha-ha-ha…” Zhao Feng shook his head and gave a disdainful smile.

He said, “Look at your side, wheres Leng Feng Werent they here just now He never puts himself in danger.

And now You are the only one who thinks your secret room is strongly secured.”

“But in fact, you…” Zhao Feng said.

Stretching out his right hand, he raised his index finger and shook it slightly in front of the electronic screen.

“You know nothing about power!”

Without giving Tang Zhan a chance to speak, Zhao Feng raised his right fist, smashed it into the electronic screen and destroyed it.

“Dahei! Go!”

Zhao Feng uttered this in a cold voice and with a sombre expression.

In the chamber.

Tang Zhan was furious when he saw Zhao Feng smashing the screen; then his expression changed; it seemed like he was recalling something in his mind.


Zhao Fengs words jolted his memory.

“Where were Leng Feng and other two”

“Where did they disappear to”

Tang Zhan shuddered at the thought.

Leng Feng was his No.1 military counsellor and had a high IQ, but he rarely put himself in danger.

Now that he was not around, what did that mean

“Was… this chamber unsafe”

Thinking of this, Tang Zhan couldnt help looking at the gate..


Suddenly, the alloy door shook again.

Tang Zhans chest tightened.


Boom! Boom!

Boom boom boom!…

A dense bang reverberated from the metal door.

Every thudding of the metal door seemed to echo through Tang Zhans heart as well, making him feel more and more depressed.

His heart was beating rapidly.

He was… afraid!

A rivulet of cold sweat slowly dripped from Tang Zhans forehead.

It was the first time in recent years that he had felt such fear.

Outside the room, Dahei pounded continuously on the door, giving blow after blow.

The alloy door was vibrating, but it did not give way yet.

It was strong.

Even Zhao Feng couldnt kick down it with his feet.


After dozens of smashes, the door bent slightly inwards.

At this rate, it was hard to break it! Dahei dealt blow after blow and he became a little angry.

His eyes were bloodshot and it was clear that his temper was on the rise.


Dahei looked at the alloy door and shouted angrily.

He slowly retreated to the corner and glared at the alloy door, bracing himself for a brutal collision.

Tang Zhan, on the inside, heard the noise abating outside the door, let out a long breath.

“Huh… you want to break down my alloy door You must be dreaming, I…”


He had not finished speaking when suddenly an explosive fluctuation spread from the alloy door!

The noise made the whole wall quake and a crack appeared in the space above the alloy door.

Bits of cement fell into the room.

“How could this be” Tang Zhan retreated step by step.

Five seconds later.


Another explosive force came and the whole alloy door begun to sag even more inwardly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three more hits and the alloy door seemed to have been damaged.

The door and the wall had small cracks appearing on them.

“No… ”

Tang Zhans hair was drenched in cold sweat and his body trembled in fear.

He looked at the alloy door in horror.

One second, two seconds…

Gradually, ten seconds passed, although to Tang Zhan, it felt like years.

He felt overwhelmed and suffocated with fear.

At the eleventh second.


The last sound came and the invincible alloy gate eventually collapsed.

A puff of dust drifted by and when it dispersed, he could see something.

He saw the strong man who had just withdrawn his feet… a strong man who was restrained by his leader.

“Tang Zhan!” Zhao Feng stood beside Dahei.

When he saw Tang Zhans appearance, he sneered and said, “You are afraid now I told you that today is the day when you will be brought to justice, you…””

Zhao Fengs eyes were dark with emotion and what he said at that time was quite momentous.

But the one next to him was Dahei, who regarded himself as the elder brother.

Before Zhao Feng had finished talking, Dahei stared at Tang Zhan and rushed toward him.

“Huh” Zhao Feng was shocked and then he quickly said,

“Dahei, dont hit him now.

Dahei, wait a minute.

Hey… dont, dont… God… what are you doing”

Zhao Fengs voice changed several times as he uttered his words.

At first, he spoke hurriedly, then his tone became anxious and finally it turned into a stunned silence.

Right before his eyes, Dahei headed straight for Tang Zhan.

Dahei didnt give Tang Zhan any chance to speak at all.

He grabbed hold of his neck and lifted him.

Then… Dahei kneed Tang Zhan in the abdomen with all his might.

Zhao Feng heard the muffled sound of something fracturing and then… there was total silence.

One blow was enough.

He could tell from the choking sounds that Tang Zhan was slowly dying.

Then, just like casting away a dog, Dahei flung Tang Zhans body onto the fallen alloy door.

“Whoa! Whoa, whoa…”

Dahei pursed his big mouth, snorted disdainfully and clapped his hand on his chest.

He remembered that the master had told him to kill the guy named Tang Zhan!

“Hum! When we get back, the host will certainly reward me.

In killing this guy, I have incurred pain in my hands,” Dahei thought.

Zhao Feng stared blankly at Tang Zhan.

His was going to bring Tang Zhan to justice.

His plan was to break into the secret room, get some evidence and then wait for Tang Zhan to be arrested.

All he wanted was for Tang Zhan to be hit hard enough to bring him to his knees, maybe even injure him a little..

Now that he was dead, Zhao Feng didnt know what to do.

Zhao Feng looked at Tang Zhan, who was gasping in agony.

His mouth quivered and he sighed softly.

“Tang Zhan, youve done evil for so many years.

This is truly your karma.”

“Ah… ”

However, Tang Zhan ignored Zhao Feng but looked at the erratic Dahei.

He said an “Ah” in a hoarse tone and died.

Looking at his death expression, it was clear that that his last thoughts were that he had lost to the strong man and not Zhao Feng!

“Alas…” Zhao Feng shook his head helplessly.

He looked away from Tang Zhan and noticed that there was a safe at the side of the room.

Seeing a stack of papers in it, he hurried over.

He took the documents, glanced at them and nodded his head.

These documents were all Tang Zhans transaction records and were the evidence needed to convict Tang Zhan!

Zhao Feng returned the documents to the safe, went over to Tang Zhan and retrieved his cell phone from his pocket.

Then Zhao Feng dialled the telephone number that was both familiar yet strange to him.

“Hello, this is Zhao Feng.

Tang Zhan is dead.

His account books are in the safe in his private room.

You can send someone to pick them up.

From now on, I am a free man.

I have repaid all my debts.”

Zhao Feng finished his sentence in one breath and hung up without waiting for a reply.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

What flashed through his mind were memories from the past.

When he was subject to injustice in the army; when he was imprisoned; when he was sent out of jail to do undercover work.

All the scenes from the years of undercover work were played out in his mind.


Suddenly, Zhao Feng let out a huge roar.

All the depressing and complex emotions accumulated during the past years seemed to disappear with this long roar.

After shouting, he shook his head and laughed.

His future life… would be free and unrestrained.

Of course, he would study martial arts under his master.

It was more of a cultivation.

He wanted to repay the life saving grace from his master with his loyalty during his whole life!

“Dahei, lets go! From now on, you and I will accompany the master and have fun in this world!”

Zhao Feng muttered to himself as he walked out.

In fact, the scene resembled the ending of a movie, when everything turned out well.

Zhao Feng had gone through all kinds of hardship and struggles with evil forces.

Eventually, the enemy died and Zhao Feng had the evidence he needed.

In the end, he departed quietly.

It was truly a perfect ending.


Zhao Feng walked out in good spirits.

When he reached the door of his study, he found that Dahei had not paid heeded his instructions at all!


Feeling a little annoyed, Zhao turned back to the door of the secret room.

Seeing what was happening inside, he patted his forehead in dismay.

“Dahei, we have to go.

The police will be here in a minute,” Zhao Feng said helplessly.

However, Dahei was drooling at the sight of a large number of gold and antiques in the chamber.

Even though he heard what Zhao Feng said, he shook his head.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, Whoa!”

As he spoke, Dahei pointed to the treasures in the chamber.

“These are all stolen goods.

You cannot take them with you.” Zhao Feng said.


Dahei stared at Zhao Feng and pointing a fist at him, said

“Dont you ever listen to your Big Brother Do you want to get beaten up”



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