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Chapter 172 The Hungarian Sheep-pig


Liang Mengqi didnt mind in the least that Zhao Feng was on such familiar terms with her.

She shook her head and said, “OK, well wait.”

She quickly sat back, placed her hands on the table and looked like an obedient student.



Haha, thank you, boss! Long live the boss!” Yu Qingqing returned to her seat and shouted her greetings.

“Why wasnt I aware that you were so fond of meat” Zhao Dahu smiled.

“Well, it depends on the cook.

Our bosss meat is the most delicious.

Oh, sorry, I mean the meat of the animals raised by the boss.

And the meals cooked by the boss are always delicious!” Yu Qingqing answered excitedly.

Seeing her animated appearance, Sun Ming and his mother shook their heads and laughed.

“Youre right.” Pearson recovered his composure somewhat as he stared at the meat on the kitchen bar.

He had a tinge of emotion in his voice when he commented on the food.

“Judging from the color of the meat, we can see that it is of excellent quality.

It is no less than a grade 5A beef.”

“This meat must be over 5A.” Zhao Feng glanced at Pearson as he replied in a dismissive tone.

“You are underestimating the quality grade 5A.

The highest quality grade of meat is 5A.

Ive never heard of any quality grade of meat that is higher than 5A,” Pearson shook his head..

“Actually, 5A meat generally refers to Kobe beef.

If Im not mistaken, the meat that was sent in is pork.

I read a report that 5A grade pork means the following.

A varieties mean the breed of pig is good.

A ration means the pigs are fed with grain which have zero drugs and zero additives.

A environment means the pigs were raised in an ecological green environment.

A breeding means the ventilation is excellent and the temperature control is set between twenty-one degrees and twenty-nine degrees during their different growth stages.

And the last one is A process: discharging acid in the pork in 0-4 degree cooling, quarantining the pork for 18 procedures, and transporting the pork in a whole cold chain procedure to keep meat safe.”

“This 5A grade pork, although not top of the range, still shows the delicacy of meat.

But 5A beef is different.

According to the output rate, the beef is divided into three grades, A, B, and C.

The highest grade is A.

In grade A, the quality of beef is divided into five grades according to fat distribution, color, texture, and other aspects, and the fifth is the highest grade.

So 5A beef is the best beef.

Its very rare.”

“I dont understand what you are saying,” Zhao Feng frowned slightly and said, “but I can tell you that the boss has dozens of Kobe cows

“Dozens of Kobe cows How is that possible” Pearson stared.

Just as he was about to start arguing, Yu Qingqing started humming and said, “Golden Hair boy, are you doubting him Did you forget the chicken and goose you ate the other day If you want any AA meat, go out and buy it yourself.

Dont be so long-winded in here.

Youre annoying!.”

“Ahem…” For a moment, Pearson felt embarrassed.

At the same time, he remembered the taste of the meat he had eaten the other day.

Ordinary three-yellow chicken tasted like top chicken and the lion-head goose was very delicious.

In fact, in his mind, the meat of both the chicken and goose surpassed the 5A grade.

Thinking of that, Pearsons face turned red.

He stood up and said, “Im sorry, boss.

Im sorry, everyone.

When it comes to sharing my professional knowledge, I cant stop talking.

Im sorry.”

“Ha.” Zhao Feng laughed slightly and ignored it.

Zhang Han, who had been sorting out the ingredients, found Pearson to be an interesting person, who knew a lot about food.

“What kind of pig is it” Pearson was silent for less than a minute before his curiosity overcame him and he could not help asking

“Tai Lake Black Swine.” Zhang Han told him the category of pork.

“Tai Lake Black Swine Its not bad.

In China, its a good variety and has good meat quality.

But if you have a chance, you must try the Hungarian sheep-pig.

It is known as one of the worlds top pork, known as the Kobe beef of pork.” Pearson laughed.

“Sheep-pig” Zhang Han glanced at him again.

Zhang Han had never heard of this sheep-pig.

Seeing the bosss interest, Pearson nodded and laughingly said, “Ashley, who was once one of New Yorks top ten female chefs, cooked an all-hog dinner.

Not only did she use pork ribs, trotters and other commonly eaten parts, but she also made amazing dishes such as fried pork ears, frozen pork head, braised pork tail, roasted pig nose and grilled pork tongue, all of which are not commonly eaten in North America.

The meal was a great success with all the diners at that time.

What she used was the Hungarian sheep-pig.

Now, this kind of sheep-pig is known as Hungarys national pork treasure; its scientific name is called “Mangalitza pig”.

This type of pig is an endangered species; currently there are only ten thousand left in Hungary.

This pig has long curly hair and it looks like sheep.

“Pork with curly hair is delicious and is also the best raw ingredient for salami sausages and plain sausages.

I remember that several chefs in China had a cooking competition using only the sheep-pig.

As a result, the dishes they made were all equally delicious and made it hard to decide on the winner.

This is because of the excellent quality of sheep-pig.”

Hearing this, Zhang Han pricked up his ears.

He glanced at Pearson, gave a faint laugh and said, “Ill try it later.”

The pork was delicious and excellent for making sausages, which made Zhang Han a bit interested.

Since it was delicious, he would cook it for Mengmeng.

After that, Zhang Han started preparing the pork feast for the evening.

Firstly, he coated four pig trotters with various spices and put them in the oven for baking.

Two stoves were used at the same time.

Fortunately, the kitchen utensils Zhang Li bought were large ones based on the previous models.

Otherwise, the members might not be able to taste all the dishes made by Zhang Han in a day.

In a pot at one of the stoves, Zhang Han was preparing a specialty dish, Stewed Newly-butchered Pig.

“Is this dish the Stewed Newly-butchered Pig dish” Pearsons eyes lit up and he said, “Ive never eaten this kind of pork dish before.

It is said that this dish was originally a stew dish made by Chinese farmers in Northeast China every year when they approached the annual pig killing period.

It was rich in flavor and almost all parts of pigs were served.

Especially the pig blood sausage which was smooth and tender.

The pig that the boss breeds does not have the same smell.

Sometimes it was interesting to have such a food critic giving his opinion on the side.

Zhang Han cooked and Pearson observed.

Every time Zhang Han cooked a dish, he would add his comments.

“The color of the braised pork ribs is so well done that it looks simply enticing.”

“The Double Cooked Pork Slices made with this tenderloin must be extremely delicious.”

“Eh If Im not mistaken, this dish is Dongpo Elbow, right” Pearson quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, “This Dongpo Elbow is a Sichuan cuisine.

You have good control of the fire, boss.

The soup is milky white and the meat is soft.

It must be tender, delicate, chewy, fat but not greasy in taste.

And this is an excellent dish and known to have good beauty enhancing effects.”

“… ”

When about the half of the meal was already cooked, Li Anna and Luo Qing arrived.

“Good evening, Brother Zhang Han.” Walking into the room, Li Anna hopped over to Zhang Han and greeted him.

“Greetings, Brother Zhang Han.” Luo Qing, with two fruit bags in her hands, laughed and said, “I didnt know what to bring for my first visit, so I bought some fruits.”

“Um.” Zhang Han looked at them and nodded.

Zhao Feng, standing beside Zhang Han, took the fruits.

Liang Mengqi envied Li Anna, who had been so warmly greeted by Zhang Han.

Liang Mengqis eyes were instantly filled with hostility.

She gave a soft hum and whispered.

“What a coquette.

Cant she talk in a normal voice Its uncomfortable to listen to someone who talks in such a squeaky voice!”

“Gee, I can smell a whiff of vinegar” Yu Qingqing joked.

“Yes, its so sour!” Zhao Dahu echoed in a strange voice.

Usually, he liked to tease Liang Mengqi with Yu Qingqing.

“Husband and wife are alike, hum” Liang Mengqi gave them a hard stare.

After Li Anna and Luo Qing greeted Zhang Han, they went straight to the sofa.

Zhang Li was sitting next to Mengmeng, watching cartoons together.

“Lily, here we are.” Luo Qing sat down and laughed.

When she saw Mengmeng, her eyes lit up and she said, “Oh, the baby is lovely.

Youre not lying.”

“Er” Hearing that, Mengmeng stopped watching her cartoons for a moment; she turned her head to look at Luo Qing enquiringly.

“Mengmeng, this beautiful woman is my colleague.

You can call her Aunt Luo.” Zhang Li introduced them.

“Well, hello Aunt Luoluo.” Mengmeng reached out her little hand and waved.

“Hello, little one.” Luo Qing smiled and tried to pinch Mengmengs small face.

But her arm was blocked by Zhang Li.

Then she heard Zhang Li telling her not to touch the baby.

“Hum!” Luo Qing nudged the smiling Zhang Li and sniffed once to express her discontent.

After saying hello, Mengmeng went back to watching her cartoons.

Five seconds later.

In front of the restaurant , a brown Porsche Cayenne arrived.

After parking the car in the restaurant lot, the people in the car got out, one after another.

The driver and his co- driver were a couple in their thirties, who appeared to be husband and wife.

However, people, who were queuing at the restaurant only realized who they were when the man who was in the back seat came out.

It turned out to be the old mans family.

It was Wang Qiang and Wu Liying, who alighted from the back.

Wu Liying was holding a fat girl of four or five years old in her arms.

The little girl had her hair tied in two bunches.

She was slightly plump and had a chubby face.

But the chubby face was not overly fat and in fact made her looked quite cute.

The girl was Wang Yihan, Wang Qiangs granddaughter.

The driver was Wang Jiawen, Wang Qiangs son and the co-driver was Su Yu, Wang Qiangs daughter-in-law

After seeing Wang Qiang, many people in the crowd started to talk about him.

“Its a Porsche Cayenne.

It still looks like a new car.

See, I told you that he must be rich.”

“Youre right.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to buy three membership cards so easily.”

“Well, the membership here is not for ordinary people.

I reckon all those members have high social status.”.”


The membership fees, which he paid for so casually is something I have to earn for five or six years.

Now the membership fees cost 10 million apiece.

Thats a scary amount.”

The voices of the people were not very loud.

Wang Qiang and his family didnt hear anything, but they noticed the people stopping to catch a glimpse of their family.

Wang Qiang was used to this.

Ever since he bought the membership, whenever he came to the restaurant, Wang Qiang had to endure the gaze from the crowd when he went in.

But Wang Jiawen and Su Yu didnt understand what the people were looking at.

They wondered how a Cayenne could attract so much attention.

If they had driven the Bentley, which was used as an office car, wouldnt it surprise the crowd more

However, they didnt know that the crowds curiosity had nothing to do with the car.

If it was not for Wang Qiang, a member of the restaurant, sitting in the car, the crowd probably wouldnt even bother to look at them.



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