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Chapter 173 The New Friend of Mengmeng

“Such a small restaurant”

Glancing around the restaurant, Wang Jiawen didnt know if he should cry or laugh.

He asked, “Such a small restaurant and you are willing to spend three million just to buy a membership card This is… Dad, youre not being cheated, are you”

Although Wang Jiawen didnt care about the three million fees, he was concerned about his father being cheated.

If his dad was being deceived, the cost was another matter, but he would definitely report it.

“Nonsense.” Wang Qiang, sounding very unhappy, said “Well, driving us here is good enough.

Go ahead and run your errands! You can pick us up in two hours.”

“Ah” Wang Jiawen was speechless.

He managed to find time to visit his parents with his family and had planned to have dinner together.

However, the restaurant was so tiny.

And now his father wanted him to leave.

How could this happening!

Even Su Yus face shrank in dismay.

Shortly after her marriage, her father-in-law was the director of the ministry and he had a powerful officer aura about him.

At that time, deep in her heart, Su Yu was a bit afraid of him.

Maybe in awe of him would be a more accurate description of her feelings.

But when Wang Qiang retired, he gradually became friendlier.

Perhaps it was due to his age.

His temper had mellowed and this made Su Yu a bit more relaxed.

But now, it seemed that his anger was back.

He had barely spoken a few words and now he was asking his son to leave.

Was he experiencing male menopause

Wu Liying, chuckled when she saw the expressions on their son and daughter-in-laws faces.

She gently patted Wang Qiangs arm and talked to him in a light scolding tone.

“Cant you control your temper and speak nicely”

After saying that, Wu Liying looked at them with a smile.

“Your dad didnt make it clear.

Today, were here mainly to let Yihan taste the food.

We only have three membership cards, which means you two cant come in and have a meal with us.

You have to join the queue if you want to eat.

Looking at the number of people here, we estimate that it will take an hour or more for your turn.

So your dad wants you two to go out for a meal and enjoy time with each other.

Come back later and pick us up.”

“Oh, hey hey.” Su Yu laughed and said, “Its okay.

Its okay.

Jiawen and I will go somewhere else to eat.”

“This is the first time Ive heard about this rule that each membership card can only be used by one person.

Are you kidding What kind of restaurant is this” Wang Jiawens eyebrows creased slightly and he felt a little dissatisfied with the restaurant.

“This is the best restaurant in the world!” Wang Qiang glared his son and then said to his wife, “Dear, lets go in.”

After that, Wang Qiang took the lead and walked into the restaurant.

Wu Liying smiled apologetically at her son and daughter-in-law and followed him in with her granddaughter.

“Daddy, Mommy, bye-bye.” Wang Yihan stretched out her chubby palm and waved goodbye to her parents.

Wang Jiawens expression stiffened.

Wang Qiang and the other two stepped into the restaurant, with the queue of diners staring at them, as well as Mr.

And Mrs.


“Well, Jiawen, is Dad not satisfied with us” Su Yus mouth drooped.

“Ah…” Wang Jiawen sighed softly and said, “Of course not.

We go home only once a month, how can he be happy I want to go back often.

But the business is keeping me too busy.”

“I believe that Dad understands.” Su Yu shook her head, gave a light laugh and said, “Shall we go out for a meal then Would you like to try that new western restaurant on Sanhu Road”

“No.” Wang Jiawen waved his hand, locked the car door and walked to the queue with Su Yus hand around his shoulders.

“Xiaoyu, we will join the queue here today.

When Dad sees us queuing up later, hell be in a better mood.”

There was a saying that no one knew a son better than his father.

It meant that the father knew his son best.

But it can also be said in reverse that no one knew a father better than his son because a son knew his father best.

“Well, its up to you.”Su Yu nodded slightly and walked with Wang Jiawen towards the row of small chairs and sat down to queue.

In the restaurant.

Zhang Han still had two dishes left to be cooked, so he was busy in the kitchen.

At this time, whether it was the members who had not eaten or the ordinary diners who were eating, all eyes were focused on the meat dishes on the kitchen counter, so nobody noticed the arrival of Wang Qiang and the others.

“Eh It smells good.” Once inside, Wang Qiang could smell the fragrance floating in the air.

The pleasant fragrance of pork whetted Wang Qiang, Wu Liying and Wang Yihans appetites.

“We are having meat again for dinner” Wang Qiang said as he put his granddaughter beside Wu Liying on the opposite side and sat next to Pearson himself.

“Yes, it could be called half a pork feast.

Gee, its a lucky day.

Hey hey hey.” Pearson answered with a smile.

After answering Wang Qiangs question, Pearson turned around politely.

He noticed Wang Yihan on the other side.

He smiled and said, “Youre an adorable fat girl.

Whats your name”

Pearsons mind was still filled with images of the dishes at this time.

It never occurred to him that the membership card that he usually borrowed would be used by this little fat girl, that would mean that he could only look but not eat the delicious meal tonight!

“No, Im not fat.

Youre bad.

I dont want to tell you my name.” Wang Yihan answered with a pout.

People calling her fat made her unhappy.

“Well, girl, youre not fat.

Its my fault.

So, what s your name Can you tell me this time” Pearson laughed.

“Hum!” Wang Yihan snorted softly.

She turned her head and decided to ignore him.

“Yihan” Wang Qiang coughed softly.

Wang Qiang was a relatively strict grandfather.

Although he was kind to her, she was afraid of her grandpa.

Of course, it had something to do with her mothers usual opinion of her grandfather.

After hearing her grandpas words, Wang Yihan reluctantly said, “My name is Wang Yihan.”

Then she turned her head away as if she did not want to talk to Pearson.

“Ha-ha-ha, lovely little girl.” Pearson shook his head and smiled.

Wang Yihan turned her head and saw a little girl sitting on the sofa not far away, which made her curious.

She wanted to say hello to the girl, but she dared not move at all under Grandpas eyes.

She looked around and saw that the Boonie Bears was playing on TV.

She purposely spoke in a loud voice.

“Grandpa, I like to watch cartoons.

I like Bramble very much!”

“Er” Mengmeng, who was sitting on the sofa suddenly heard a childs voice and turned her head out of curiosity.

When she saw Wang Yihan sitting in a chair, she didnt care about the TV anymore, nor did her big bright eyes blink.

Her heart longed for new friends because she had no friends in China except for those in North America.

She was hoping to make a new friend.

Wang Yihan also looked at Mengmeng.

Seeing Mengmeng, who was so beautiful, she felt numbed.

She thought the little girl on the sofa was pretty but too thin.

The eyes of both girls were filled with curiosity.

Wang Yihan was bold enough to jump out of her chair and walked to the sofa slowly, regardless whether her Grandpa agreed.

At first, her pace was swift, but before approaching, she slowed down.

Finally, when she reached the back of the sofa, she looked at Mengmeng lying on the lazyback of the sofa and asked curiously, “Whats your name”

“Hmm…” Mengmeng smiled shyly and answered, “My name is Zhang Yumeng.

You can call me Mengmeng just like my PaPa.

Whats your name”

“My name is Wang Yihan.

Nice to meet you, Mengmeng.

Can we be friends” Wang Yihans eyes were bigger than usual and she felt very tense.

She seemed afraid that Mengmeng would not agree to be her friend.

“All right.” Mengmeng then laughed happily.

“Then you call me Yihan, I call you Mengmeng, hey hey hey…” Wang Yihan also laughed happily.

Sometimes, the beginning of childrens friendship started with a mere greeting.

“Yihan, you can sit next to me,” Mengmeng issued her an invitation.

“Well, here I am.” Wang Yihan ran around the sofa, came to Mengmengs side, jumped up and sat down.

“Mengmeng, you are beautiful.” Close up, Wang Yihan saw how delicate Mengmengs face was.

“Really” Mengmeng said in surprise.


“Youre beautiful, too.” was Mengmengs giggling reply.

“Hey hey, Mengmeng, youre my best friend.

But… but…” Wang Yihan hesitated to say what was on her mind.

“Er What is it” Mengmeng asked nervously.

“Youre a bit thin.” Wang Yihan hesitated for a long time and finally said what was on her mind.

In her eyes, she had the right figure.

“Thin Then, each time I eat, I will grow a bit fatter.” Mengmeng said convincingly.

“Thats all right.

Youll put on weight slowly.”

“… ”

The two little girls chatted away, which drew the attention of many people in the restaurant.

Sometimes childrens interaction could be very eye-catching.

Mengmeng and Wang Yihan talked for a few minutes.

Mengmeng decided to share her toys, one of which was the remote control car.

“Mengmeng, I want to play with the remote control car, too” Wang Yihan said, blinking her eyes.

She drove this kind of car very well and wanted to show off in front of her new friend.

But there was only one remote control car, so she could only wait to use it.

“But… Mengmeng is still playing with it,” Mengmeng answered.

“If you lend it to me for a moment, Ill give it back to you, OK” Hearing Mengmengs refusal, Wang Yihan pouted.

“But, no.

I am not done playing with it yet,” Mengmeng muttered.

“If you are not going to lend it to me, I, I will not like you!” Wang Yihan pouted angrily and she felt as if she was about to cry.

She felt angry and so did Mengmeng.

If the toy belonged to her, why did she have to lend it to her



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