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Chapter 176 A Loophole in the Rules

“Lets go see how upscale a restaurant is with its membership card selling one million yuan! Ah.” Wang Jiawen curled his lips and laughed lightly, with a slight disdain in his words.

Originally, he didnt feel much about a small restaurant like this.

It was true that some small restaurants had delicious food, but selling a membership card for one million yuan Absolutely ridiculous! But his father bought three! Did they cajole him like a fool

Therefore, Wang Jiawen was very dissatisfied with Zhang Hans restaurant.

“Well, at least Dad is happy.

Its the first time for him to spend money on such things.

Maybe this restaurant is really special.” Su Yu, of course, knew her husband and knew what he was thinking by his expression.

So she advised.

“Thats not the same.

If Dad was fooled, then this restaurant is suspected of fraud.” Wang Jiawen shook his head slightly as he opened the restaurant door to enter.

Suddenly a smell of meat came to their nostrils.

“Hiss…it tastes delicious!” Su Yu sniffed the air, with a slight of amazement in her eyes.

“It is.” Wang Jiawens expression changed, too, and his disdainful look was blown away by the floating smell.

He glanced at the restaurants environment and nodded to himself.

He also saw his parents sitting at a dining table on the inner side and his daughter was enjoying a pigs trotter with appetite.

“This must be our seat.

Sit down first.” Su Yu pointed to a white table on one side.

“Mmm.” Wang Jiawen nodded and sat down.

Just as he was about to call the waiter, Wang Qiang on the other side snorted softly and said, “Dont sit so fast.

The rice is at the kitchen counter.

Go and have your own meal.”

“Oh.” Wang Jiawens expression paused, and he got up towards the rice with some embarrassment.

When he was passing the round table, his daughter Wang Yihan raised her head because of grandpas words.

After seeing her parents, she waved her fat palm and said,

“Daddy, mommy, youre here too.”

“Well, we are here to have dinner with you,” Wang Jiawen said with a slight smile.

At the same time, he had a strange feeling in his heart.

He and his wife were standing in front of the table that served his parents and daughter, but his parents didnt even invite them to eat together.

So did his daughter.

Although the rule was that a membership card could only be used by one person, there was still a need to show some care for them.

“Uh” Mengmeng was slightly surprised.

She quickly looked up at the two people by the table.

Since they were parents of her good friend, she held out her small hand and greeted them with a smile, “Hello, Mr.

and Mrs.


Im Mengmeng, Yihans new friend.”

“Hmm, hello, Mengmeng.

You are so beautiful and lovely.” After seeing Mengmengs delicate little face, Su Yus eyes brightened.

It was the first time she had seen such a beautiful kid.

Her delicate cheek was like a princess in the fairy tale.

However… she still thought her baby was the most good-looking.

Of course, Yihan was not as beautiful as Mengmeng, but her daughter was cuter.

How cute her chubby Yihan looked!

“Hello, Mengmeng.”

Wang Jiawen answered somewhat perfunctorily because his eyes were about to drop to the dish on the dining table.

The closer he was, the stronger the aroma of meat.

This made him, a successful businessman, swallow saliva secretly.

“Mengmeng, you should eat another more pig trotter.

It is so yummy.” Wang Yihan ignored her parents after greeting them.

Noticing Mengmeng almost finish her pig totter, she grabbed another one and handed it to Mengmeng.


Yihan should also eat.

Here you are.” Mengmeng giggled and grabbed the last pig totter left on the dish and sent it to Wang Yihans plate.

“Hey, hey, hey.

Mengmeng, its so kind of you,” Wang Yihan said very happily.

The two little girls began to eat again.

“Er…” When he saw his own daughter ignore himself, Wang Jiawens mouth quivered.

He dragged Su Yu and said, “Then lets go have some rice.”

Walking to the kitchen counter, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu were a little stunned when they saw there was only a little egg fried rice.

The two scanned the restaurant again and finally found a cruel fact—non-members could only have egg fried rice.

So the two reluctantly got a portion of egg fried rice each and sat back to their chairs, both feeling a little unhappy.

At least they were people with high status.

How could they come out for dinner and only be served with egg fried rice

However, when they tasted the first bite of egg fried rice, they were shocked, confused and enjoyed, just like the other diners.

In the middle of their meal, the twos eyes drifted toward the round table again.

The dishes on the table were quite an unimaginable temptation.

At the same time, the two were more and more depressed.

They had intended to have dinner with their family, however… Only the young couple didnt have the chance to enjoy delicious food.

They had nothing to eat except egg fried rice.

Finally, when Wang Yihan finished eating her second pig trotter, she discovered that her parents only had egg fried rice to eat.

“Oh, oh…”

Wang Yihan pouted her mouth and pondered.

She still felt sorry for her parents.

Hence, she looked at Mengmeng and discussed with her, “Mengmeng, am I your good friend”


“Then, then…I want, I want to give some dishes for my daddy and mommy.

It that okay” Wang Yihan hesitated to speak out her thoughts.

After that, her eyes looked a little nervous.

“Well…” Mengmeng just wanted to say “yes”, but remembered that non-members couldnt eat dishes, so she pouted her mouth and looked at Zhang Han.

Before the little kid spoke, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

He said to Wang Yihan with an easy-going way, “Serve the dishes.

Its all right.

Every dish is okay.”

“Thank you, uncle.

Then, can I use my plate” Wang Yihan pointed to her relatively large plate uneasily.


“Hey, hey, hey…” Wang Yihan laughed happily.

She grabbed the chopsticks and tried to pick up the dishes, but she could only get the nearest Double Cooked Pork Slices.

It was a pity that the little girls arm was so short.

Seeing this, Zhang Li made a tight-lipped smile.

She took a set of disposable chopsticks and picked up all dishes except the egg tomato soup.

“Thank you, maam.” Wang Yihan thanked her, climbed down from her chair and ran to Wang Jiawen with her plate.

“Daddy, mommy, the food here is very yummy.

Ive filled some for you too.

Please enjoy.” Wang Yihan put the plate on the table and said.

Seeing this scene, Wang Jiawens tears almost fell down.

They had been longing for the dishes.

It was still his daughter who cared for him.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Su Yu said very gratifiedly.

As the dishes were delivered, Wang Yihan finished her task, so she said, “I will go back to eating my pig trotter.” And then she ran back to the round table.

“Ha, ha, ha…” Wang Jiawen grinned.

He picked up a spare rib and sent it to Su Yus plate, saying, “You like braised spare rib best.

Try it.”

“You should eat, too.” Su Yu also picked up one for her husband.

After they put the ribs into their mouths, their looks changed completely.

A ten thousand bullet screens flew through their minds quickly.

However, the diners who were at the back of the two were stunned by this scene.

What Non-members could enjoy dishes too.

Oh my god!

What happened

“It…my god!” One bald man widened his eyes and said, “I seem to have found a loophole in the restaurant rules!”

“Yes, yes! Shit.

I finally find out that there could be this kind of operation.

Flatter the bosss daughter and non-members could enjoy the dishes without membership cards!” The man on the opposite side exclaimed.

“Great, I seem to see a ray of hope.

This is really great news.

No, I have to tell my friends.” The bald man excitedly took out his mobile phone.

However, the opposite partner hit him mercilessly and said, “Whats the use of saying that Could you old bachelors conquer a little girl”

“Ah…” The bald man paused his hand, put down his cell phone and sighed with a stiff expression, “You are right.”

While speaking, he suddenly saw his companions complacent appearance, so he said angrily, “What are you proud of Its like you have kids!”

“Ha, ha, ha, I really dont…” The companion smirked and paused for several seconds after saying that.

What he said then almost made the bald man spit blood.

“But my sister has! Ha, didnt expect My sisters child is also three years old.

Hum, Ill go borrow the kid before I come here next time.

Then you will watch me enjoy dishes.

I wont give you any food at all, not even any soup, regardless of how you are greedy.”

“Fuck, you are shameless!” The bald man curled his lips and said, “But if one can enjoy the dishes here, anything is no big deal.”

“Thats natural.

If I can eat the dishes which are offered to the member with the membership card valued at one million, oh no, ten million yuan, when I go back, I will show off with my friends for a month!” His companion said laughingly.

“Ha, ha, borrowing a kid makes you so proud.

You dont have to brag about it.

You can borrow a kid, so can we.” The bald mans eyes narrowed.

“How do you borrow You have no relatives with kids in Hong Kong.”

“Who said we must have relatives” The bald man smirked and said, “I have a good relationship with the parents of several children in my neighborhood.

Is there a problem if I take their children out to enjoy delicious food”

“Shit, you are more shameless…”

When they saw this scene, they began to think about borrowing a child to please Mengmeng to taste members dishes.

However…it was just not sure if they could borrow a kid.

Todays dinner seemed like a magical experience for people who had enjoyed the whole pig feast.

When the Wang family left, Wang Yihan said goodbye to Mengmeng reluctantly.

Even Wang Jiawen changed his attitude, holding Zhang Hans hands very affectionately and repeatedly saying,

“Dude, your meal is the best Ive ever eaten.

No one can compete with it.

One million yuan membership is really worth it.

Well, its just that the price has gone up now.

I still cant afford to buy the ten million yuan membership card.

How about selling me for one million yuan, and Ill order five directly”

For this, Zhang Han just shook his head slightly.

This also made Wang Jiawen leave with a sigh.

He did have that idea just now.

He really wanted to buy several if it was one million yuan.

However, ten million yuan for a membership card.

His price tag was not as high as that.

After they left, Zhang Li and her two confidants also left one after another, while Zhao Feng stayed in the restaurant after cleaning.

When Zhang Han saw this, he moved his hand and said, “You dont have to stay in the restaurant all the time.

Its okay just like before.

Ill call you if I need something.”

“All right, boss.

Then Ill go back first and rent a house nearby tomorrow.

By the way, boss, my cell phone number is the same as before.

If there is anything, call me directly,” Zhao Feng said and went out.

After going out, he hesitated, picked up the phone and dialed the telephone of Ah Hu.

“Call all the brothers and lets get together tonight.”

Then he hung up the phone directly and sighed lightly.

Tonights party might also be a farewell banquet.



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