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Chapter 178 Kuang Xingtian

At this moment, everyone was in a rather low spirit.

After all, the news was too unexpected for them.

The eyes of Ah Hu, Xiao Meng, San Lang, and Xiao Ma were all red, but they did not say anything.

Core members like them had already known Zhao Feng was an undercover.

In the beginning, they couldnt accept the news, but when they thought of Zhao Fengs kindness to them over the years, the uneasiness in their hearts slowly dissipated.

Regardless of whether he was an undercover or a member of other forces, they were following Elder Brother Feng, not his identity.

But when they heard Zhao Fengs words at this time, they were also silent.

The elder brother had originally come to bring down Tang Zhan.

Now that Tang Zhan was dead, Elder Brother Feng had nothing to worry about and wanted to lead a normal life.

It was just… they still hoped Zhao Feng would stay and lead them to fight for control of the Southern District.

“Elder Brother Feng, youre right.

Even if you leave, you will still be my elder brother, and we will still be brothers.

To Elder Brother Feng.” Ah Hu directly picked up a whole bottle of beer and started drinking with red eyes.


He drank a bottle of beer with a few mouthfuls.

Although he could drink well, his fast drinking on an empty stomach also made his brain dizzy.


Thanks, bro!”

Zhao Feng laughed, happily picked up a bottle and drank it up.

“Elder Brother Feng, it was a shame to take turns toasting, but today, we just want to do it.

Ha, to Elder Brother Feng!” The thinner San Lang picked up a bottle and drank it all.

“Ill drink with you all today, so dont fall out before me!” Zhao Feng smiled and picked up a bottle of beer to drink.

“Elder Brother Feng!” Xiao Meng was a silent person with a cruel heart.

He directly called his elder brother and drank a bottle.

“Lets drink!” Zhao Feng followed by a bottle.

“Elder Brother Feng, no matter what, you will also be the elder brother in the future.

Dont hesitate to call us if you need anything!” Xiao Ma picked up a bottle of beer and drank it off.

“Toast!” Zhao Feng drank another bottle.

“Elder Brother Feng…”

Then, the others on the table toasted one by one.

After a round of toasting, Zhao Feng had drunk twelve bottles of beer.

If it was the ordinary times, Zhao Feng must have been dizzy after drinking so much on an empty stomach.

However, he was only a little bit dizzy thanks to his stronger body.

It seemed that he could still drink three or four rounds.

Ah Hu and others did not really want to drink Zhao Feng under the table.

After a circle, they all set out to eat food first and planned to have a new round of drinking for a while.

However, when they just moved their chopsticks.

There was a clap from the restaurant gate.


All the people turned to the voice, and they saw a line of more than 20 people stepping towards inside.

One of the leaders was Gu Chen, who used to have a good relationship with Zhao Feng.

And it was Gu Chen who just applauded.

“Quite lively! Crazy, why didnt you call me at your farewell dinner Dont you take me Gu Chen as your friend” Gu Chen said as he walked inside.

“Elder Brother Chen!”

“Elder Brother Chen!”

As he went near, Ah Hu and others all got up and nodded in greeting.

Zhao Feng, on the other hand, picked up two bottles of beer and handed one to Gu Chen, saying, “Lets drink it first.”

“Ha, ha, ha…” Gu Chen smiled and received the bottle.

The two touched their bottles, and both drank off.

“Come and sit here, Elder Brother Chen.” Ah Hu quickly gave up his position and asked Gu Chen to sit down.

At the same time, he waved to several waiters who were standing at a distance with diffident looks, saying, “Serve more good beer and dishes.

Brothers, please sit down and we will all drink together today.”

The more than 20 people who followed Gu Chen found two tables to sit down.

Ah Hu set out back and forth and served them well.

“Crazy.” Gu Chen hesitated, looked at Zhao Feng seriously and said, “Are you an undercover”

“Im a free man in the future.” Zhao Feng answered slowly.

“Thats good.” Gu Chen nodded and said, “Crazy, in fact, I think you can think about it.

As you know, a person wont easily enter the martial arts world, and it wont be so easy to quit, too.

Why dont you join hands with me and take down the Southern District together”

“Dont count me in.” Zhao Feng shook his head slightly.

“Dont rush to refuse, go back and think about it before you answer me.” Gu Chen smiled and clapped Zhao Fengs arm.

At the same time, he took a glass of beer with his right hand and touched Zhao Fengs glass.

He said, “As your undercover identity has been revealed, some people dont care, while others care.

Im afraid tonights banquet will not be so smooth.”

“It is not up to them to tell me what I should do.” Zhao Feng smiled lightly, eyes filled with disdain.

Lao Biao and Meng Wu didnt match Zhao Feng all the time, let alone he was so much stronger than before.

“No matter what, I came here today to support you.

If Lao Biao and others arrive later, there is no need to be afraid with the two of us getting together.” Gu Chen took another sip of beer.

His expression was as carefree as Zhang Fengs.

Although Lao Biao and Meng Wu also had some influence, both of the two had more courage than intelligence, unlikely to make a huge difference.

However, Zhao Feng was not.

He wasnt discovered under Tang Zhan for several years as an undercover.

This kind of forbearance and mind were not possessed by ordinary people.

Since Zhao Feng said that he would be a free man in the future, it meant he was no longer a policeman.

Based on this alone, Gu Chen wanted to persuade Zhao Feng to join him.

It was true he had strong strength, but… if Lao Biao and Meng Wu worked together, he would also be a little unconfident.

Under the efficient work of the Kitchen, soon, the other two tables were full of dishes.

Their work efficiency was as twice as usual.

The nerve-racking manager had been rushing them all the time, and they also knew that the group of people outside were not easy to handle.

When the food was just served, another group of uninvited people came to the door.

There were not many people, about 16 or 17.

But they clearly found that in front of the parking space, there were some Jinbei cars that just stopped.

There was no doubt that there must be more people than the total present in the restaurant.

The group of people going inside were led by Lao Biao and Meng Wu as well as another man of about 40 in a Chinese tunic suit.

Lao Biao, Meng Wu and the big brothers of another two forces, a total of four people, headed by Lao Biao and Meng Wu.

However, the two slightly stepped back, and let the man in a Chinese tunic suit go ahead, which showed that the man must be the one they relied on.

“So many people, even Gu Chen was here Haha, it seems all of you are here to see Crazy off”

As they approached closer, Meng Wu took a step forward and said with a frivolous voice.

“Crazy Dog, you mother**er, a undercover son of a bitch still wants to retire Have you asked my opinion” Lao Biao swore.

“Who do you think you are” Ah Hu said unhappily.

He suddenly stood up and glared at Lao Biao.

His right hand drew a ruler-long knife from his waist and plunged it into the dining table, saying coldly, “Where do you bitch come from What are you bitch screaming at Believe it or not.

I will kill you!”

“Hmm” Lao Biaos expression sank.

He gave Ah Hu a cruel look, and then looked at Zhao Feng and said coldly, “Crazy Dog, do you have any idea what your men are doing I dont mind having another body in front of your door tomorrow morning!”

“Excuse me”

“Go to the hell!”

Zhao Fengs subordinates all smote the table, stood up and swore at Lao Biao.

“All right.” Zhao Feng wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and raised his palm.

As his subordinates stopped abuse, he stood up and took two steps forward.

Because of the height difference, he looked down a little at Lao Biao, and said coldly,

“If you guys have anything tonight, you can draw down the rules.

I wont escape.”

“Good, you are a man of guts!” Lao Biao stared at Zhao Feng and laughed a few times.

Then he pointed to the man in the Chinese tunic suit on the back and said, “As long as you have a fight with this gentleman, no matter whether you win or lose, we will let you retire peacefully.

If you dont agree, I think those brothers outside…”


Before Lao Biao finished his words, Zhao Feng nodded to agree.

At this moment, all eyes were on the man in the Chinese tunic suit.

The man was with a crew cut, heavy eyebrows, and small eyes.

He had an ordinary face, looking very unimpressive, but people all knew that since the man was invited by Lao Biao and Meng Wu, he would be anything but ordinary.

Thinking this, they were all somewhat worried about Zhao Feng.

Gu Chen, however, was frowning slightly and looking at the man in the Chinese tunic suit carefully.

Gu Chen found the man a little familiar as if he had seen him somewhere, but he couldnt remember when thinking about it carefully.

Hearing Zhao Fengs promise, Lao Biao burst out laughing and clapped his hands.

“Then come on.

Come on.

Lets make room for them.”

While speaking, Lao Biao led the men back to the side and formed a semicircle, making the two fighters stand in the center.

Zhao Feng also looked at the man a few times, but the man seemed to have no interest in him and did not lift his eyes.

He ignored Zhao Feng directly.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, everyone has heard of this gentleman, he is…” After saying this, Lao Biao sneered and drawled, and his mouth calmly spat out a name, “Kuang Xingtian!”

After these words, the whole hall was silent, followed by the sound of deep breaths and sighs.


“How is that possible”

“Its him.

Oh my god, its him.

How could he be here its unbelievable!”

“What should we do Hes Kuang Xingtian.

What about our Elder Brother Feng”

The crowd fell into a noisy discussion, and all people had changed their looks, with their eyes all full of amazement and fear.

Gu Chen, too, felt the stiffness of his expression and his heart gradually cooled down.

“Who would have thought he would be Kuang Xingtian…”

Kuang Xingtian was an icon in the south island.

He was the No.1 fighter for Tian Hao, the once hegemon in the south island.

He alone won half of the south island for Tian Hao.

Although the man disappeared from Hong Kong six years ago, his story was still spreading.

Gu Chen knew a lot about him.

He knew that he was a martial arts master, proficient in one inch punch, Sanshou, Thai boxing, judo, taekwondo, etc.

He was once both the king of Sanshou and the king of gladiator in the south island.

Although taekwondo was a black belt, he could topple down other black belt owners in one stroke.



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