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Chapter 183 Contempt

The small steamed buns people ate in the morning at the restaurant won their hearts, especially those non-members.

They were overcome with bliss while they were eating this delicacy.

This was the first time they had sampled meat in the restaurant.

They had never expected that the meat cooked by the boss tasted so great.

Pearson, who often commented on dishes, obviously underestimated this meat.

In their view, this meat was the best they had ever eaten in their entire lives.

At the same time, everyone could not help wondering whether the owner of this restaurant was a really awesome figure.

The food he served good enough to be served to royalty.

Right, it could not be otherwise.

It was very kind of him to let ordinary people have access to such excellent food!

At this time, Zhang Han did not know that the small steamed buns he made so casually had more than doubled his weight in peoples hearts!

After breakfast, Mengmeng sat on the sofa and drank a glass of juice while watching TV.

“Ah, PaPa, the small buns tasted so delicious.

Mengmengs tummy is bulging,” Mengmengs small hands patted her stomach as she spoke in a childish voice.

“Mengmeng is growing up.

Its okay for you to eat more.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Look, Mengmeng has grown taller in less than a month.”

“Hmm Really Has Mengmeng grown taller I dont believe it.

PaPa, youre cheating me.

Im still short.” In the beginning, Mengmengs eyes brightened, but when she stood on the sofa she realized that she was still very short.

“Thats not true.

Why dont you let PaPa check your height” Zhang Han fondled Mengmengs small head while smiling.

“Uh-huh, measure my height,” Mengmeng said, holding up her small arms.

“Wait here for a minute.” Zhang Han turned and went to the second floor.

He took a tape measure out of the drawer and carried it downstairs, then sat on the sofa and said,

“Mengmeng, stand straight so that I can see how tall you are.”

“Okay, Mengmeng will stand straight.” Mengmeng straightened her posture.

Zhang Han pulled the tape measure and pinched it at the top of Mengmengs head, then said, “Let me see how tall you are.

Whew, Mengmeng is 1.18 meters tall.

I remember when Mengmeng first came here, you were only 1.13 meters.”

“Er 1.18 meters, 1.13 meters.

Have I grown taller Has Mengmeng grown taller” Mengmeng asked, blinking her bright and limpid eyes.

“Of course you have grown taller.

Whats 118 minus 113 The calculation is the height Mengmeng has increased recently,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“118 minus 113, um…” Mengmeng put her two small hands out in front of her face and tried to count with them for a long time.

Then, while pouting she said, “Hum! PaPa, youre bad.

118 minus 113 leaves nothing.

Theres nothing left.

Mengmeng hasnt grown taller.”

“Theres something left.” Zhang Han was puzzled.

He did not even know how the little princess subtracted the numbers, so he said, “Well, 100 and 100 cancel each other out.

So, whats 18 minus 13”

“18 and 13, uh…” Mengmengs counted with her two hands again for a while before saying, “Nothing, nothing is left.”

“Well, actually, 10 and 10 also can cancel each other out.

Then whats eight minus three” Zhang Han was interested in teaching Mengmeng some simple arithmetic.

“Uh… eight minus three, uh… one, two, three… nine, ten…”

“Dont add the figure, subtract it.

Eight minus three.”

“Erm, seven, six, five, huh Five Is it five” Mengmeng finally said.

“Youre right this time.

Its five.

Mengmeng grew 5 cm.

Mengmeng is so smart and catches on quickly.”

“Ho, ho, ho.

Mengmeng has grown 5 cm.

Mengmeng is going to become a little adult.

Ho, ho… PaPa, Im going to call MaMa and tell MaMa Mengmeng has grown taller.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded and took out his mobile phone to dial Zi Yans number, but the phone did not connect.

Zhang Han, therefore, put down his mobile phone and said, “Your MaMa is busy now.

Why dont we call her at noon”

“Hum, all right, PaPa, can we go to Big Heihei I want to tell them that Ive grown 5cm.” Mengmeng said solemnly.

“Fine, PaPa will take you to Mount New Moon.”

Zhang Han smiled while tying Mengmengs hair and giving her a pink hat.

Then they set out for Mount New Moon.

As soon as Mengmeng arrived at Mount New Moon, she told Dahei and Little Hei the good news, that she had grown taller.

Dahei was good at catering to Mengmeng.

After hearing what Mengmeng said, it stared for a moment and put on an expression of joy.

It reached out its big fists to hit itself in the chest, then rolled on the ground, giving Mengmeng a thumbs-up sign repeatedly and expressing his gladness with regard to the news that Mengmeng had grown taller by waving his arms around.


Xiao Hei curled its lips dismissively, disdaining Dahei very much.

He had become more and more astute since he watched those movies and he even became more accustomed to flattering!

However, after giving a cry, Little Hei swung its big tongue and ran to Mengmeng, jumping around her excitedly.

It did not want to yield to Dahei when it came to flattering Mengmeng!

As for Zhang Han, on seeing the Erhei brothers, which were close to Mengmeng, displaying such extreme enthusiasm, he looked towards the livestock area and quickly understood what was going on!

Since he had said they could eat whatever they wanted, now…

Three Tai Lake Black Swines, one Kobe beef and two Ujimqin Sheep were missing, let alone chickens, ducks, and geese.

A few of them had also disappeared.

They were definitely a pair of gluttons!

Zhang Han felt amused and shook his head helplessly, but he did not say anything.

After all, he had Yang Qing Water now, so they could eat what they want.

However, these two ate the sheep and cattle which even he had not sampled yet.

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and to call Zhao Feng and send him to buy some more livestock.

The instance he took out his phone, Zhao Feng dialed him and said that his instructor wanted to meet him.

Zhang Han did not care about who would come and directly agreed to meet him.

About 20 minutes later, Zhao Feng pulled up to Mount New Moon in the Land Cruiser.

“This is the place.” Zhao Feng said after getting out of the car.

“Does your master live in the mountain Is he a reclusive master” Hearing Zhao Fengs words, Instructor Lius heart beat faster.

Generally speaking, reclusive martial artists would have exceptional strength!

“No, my master has a restaurant, but he grows his own ingredients on this mountain.” Zhao Feng looked at Instructor Liu out of the corner of his eyes as he answered.

After hearing this, Instructor Liu breathed a sigh of relief.

He calmed down and said with a chuckle, “Lets go have a look.”

If a martial artist only had a restaurant, it indirectly showed that his strength was not that great.

Martial artists with Inward Strength, who were bodyguards of the affluent, could earn millions of yuan within a year! Peak Strength masters could earn tens of millions a year! Although there was no ready market for them, they could earn far more if they engaged in other occupations instead of opening a restaurant!

Hearing this news, Instructor Liu completely felt at ease and even looked down on Zhao Fengs master.



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