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Chapter 186 Qi Strength Masters

“What is a Qi Strength Master” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

“Whoops… whoops…”

Instructor Liu took a deep breath and glanced in the direction of Mount New Moon with fear.

He patted his chest with his right hand and said slowly,

“It really freaks me out! Qi Strength Masters are terrifying! Only when a person reaches the height of Peak Strength can he possess Qi Strength.

People who take advantage of Qi Strength to control their power possess inexhaustible strength.

That is to say, the power of the martial artists with Qi Strength is extremely strong.”

“Qi Strength.” Instructor Lius eyes narrowed and he said with yearning, “It is also known as Qi Gong.

Martial artists who are called Qi Strength Masters are few and far between.

Each of them assumes personal command and is a powerful force in a region.

They are so frightening that bigwigs like to flatter them.

They are definitely legendary figures! I didnt expect that you followed a Qi Strength Master.

Youve met someone worth looking up to.”

“Thats right, I met someone I can look up to.” Zhao Feng said in a low voice.

If it wasnt for his master, he might have died.

Zhao Feng respected his master from the bottom of his heart, not only because of his strength, but also on account of his demeanor.

Everyone had his own personal charisma.

Some people had the right disposition, with which they could involuntarily attract people to be close to them.

In Zhao Fengs eyes, Zhang Han was cold at first.

But later, he found that he was actually casual rather than cold.

Zhang Han was not pretentious but free, leading a life of innocent freedom and only caring about the people he cherished.

Mengmeng was always his top priority, and his love for Mengmeng was really extraordinary.

From the beginning, Zhao Feng realized that Mengmeng was the masters bottom line.

The things that happened to Scorpion and Tang Zhan almost exclusively proved this point.

Moreover, Zhao Feng deemed that Zhang Han was like his master and his friend all in one.

He was so easygoing, which caused Zhao Feng to gradually become attached to his personal charisma.

Of course, this feeling was also attributed to his admiration for Zhang Han.

Zhao Feng knew that he was supposed to protect Mengmeng, not Zhang Han.

After being in contact with them for so long, he understood that everything on Mount New Moon and in the restaurant was only there to serve the little princess.

Without Mengmeng, he would never have met Zhang Han and the restaurant would probably not exist.

Getting back to the point.

After hearing what he said, Instructor Liu reached out his arm again to pat Zhao Feng on the shoulder and said, “Im really relieved that you have such a master.

With a Qi Strength Master, you will have boundless prospects! Perhaps I will rely on you in the future.”

“Instructor, for better or worse, we are brothers.

If you have any trouble in the future, you can tell me.

As long as I can help you, I will never refuse.” Zhao Feng grinned.

His future prospects were indeed beyond measure, for his master was Zhang Han!

“All right, stop talking about this and drive me to the airport.

I still have a task to finish before I go back.

By the way, the staff of the Security Bureau are going to be arriving to handle Tang Zhans affairs.

Considering your master, they can do nothing.

However, if you get in trouble, just tell them your masters name.

Once you tell them about thisQi Strength Master, everyone will think before acting,” Instructor Liu said, shaking his head.

Although he was still in the middle of a task, he made time to come over after hearing about Zhao Fengs affairs.

In fact, Zhao Feng did know about all the things he had done, so he nodded and said with appreciation,

“I see, thank you, instructor.

You can rest assured.

Im sure I will be all right.”

“Alright, lets go.” Instructor Liu smiled.

Zhao Feng started the car and headed to Hong Kong International Airport.

After driving Instructor Liu to the airport, Zhao Feng went to buy another batch of livestock.

This was the second time he had bought these animals, so he was very familiar with the process.

He bought 50 Japanese Black Cattle, 50 Tai Lake Black Swine, 50 Ujimqin Sheep, 50 chickens, 50 ducks, and 50 geese.

The livestock was not escorted on the way up Mount New Moon.

Only Little Hei was close by, showing its fangs.

After it grunted a few times, they all went up the mountain obediently because they could smell danger.

After arriving at the top of the mountain, Zhao Feng gave them some Yang Qing Water in person, then drove them to their respective areas.

It was eleven oclock, one hour til noon.

“PaPa, when are we going to take Big Heihei and Little Heihei to the amusement park” Mengmeng suddenly remembered about taking the Erhei brothers to the amusement park, so she scuttled over to Zhang Han and asked in a childish tone.

While speaking, her eyes were full of expectation.

She wanted to take them to the amusement park in the afternoon.

“Lets go together after your MaMa comes back.” After thinking for a while, Zhang Han answered.

“Well… okay.

Big Heihei, you have to wait until my MaMa comes back.

The amusement park is so great.” Mengmeng pouted and said seriously.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hum…”

Dahei was also curious about the amusement park and wanted to experience it.

After hearing Mengmengs words, he danced with joy.

Although Dahei was really big, he was still young and filled with playfulness.

As for this good news, even Little Hei, who was normally quite steady, was also very glad.

He wagged his tail like swinging a stick, which made the wind swish.

Even an adult would probably stagger if they were hit by this tail.

“Why do they act like children” Zhao Feng walked to Zhang Han and said with a smile.

“They arent that old.” Zhang Han chuckled.

Dahei was young when he arrived here, and his disposition would not become mellower as his strength increased.

The same was true for Little Hei.

That was why they were both so intimate with Mengmeng.

He would not have had such a good time if he had been an older dog.

At this time, Mengmeng was very glad to see the Erhei brothers were happy.

She giggled with pride.

Hum, hum.

She could take Dahei and Little Hei to the amusement park.

“Mengmeng, its time to go.

Lets go back to the restaurant since I need to start cooking in a bit,” Zhang Han said and laughed.

“Eh Go back now” Mengmeng pouted and said, while glancing at the sun, “Oh, PaPa, the sun is only right there.

Can I play a little longer Mengmeng hasnt had enough fun yet.”

“Ok, you can play a little longer.” Zhang Han nodded.

Mengmeng, therefore, took the Erhei brothers to play in the pet area.

Mengmeng took the lead, followed by the Erhei Brothers and over 30 dogs.

They were really delighted.

“Master.” Zhao Feng said at this point, “Do you know about the martial arts world”


“My instructor, who is a well-known figure in the martial arts world, told me some things about the martial arts world.”


After saying that, Zhao Feng paused.

Why was it that his master seemed to be uninterested in the martial arts world

In the ordinary course of events, only when his master said “Really” or “What is it Be more specific,” would he go on talking.

“Hmm” and “Oh” meant he should not continue with this topic.


Zhao Feng said with a wry smile, “My instructor said that the martial artists in the martial arts world are divided into several levels, which are called Obvious Strength, Inward Strength, and Peak Strength.

In brief, this classification is related to the mastery and promotion of strength.

When I told him that you could fly over the lawn and walk on water, my instructor guessed you were a Peak Strength Master.

Hearing that you had Qi Strength in your body, he became livid.

He said that you were a Qi Strength Master.”

“A Qi Strength Master You could say that.” Hearing his words, Zhang Han gently nodded his head.

The Qi Refining and Foundation Stage belonged to the initial level of cultivation, while the Innateness Stage was the beginning of cultivation.

As the saying goes:

A person remains mortal until he reaches the Innateness Stage.

That was to say, only after reaching the Innateness Stage was a martial artist qualified to become a cultivator.

After pondering for a little while, Zhao Han understood the levels of the martial arts world which Zhao Feng had just mentioned.

Obvious Strength, Inward Strength, and Peak Strength were connected with strength control.

If a martial artist had a good grasp of his strength, he could easily fly over the lawn and succeed in short-distance water walking.

As for Qi Strength Masters, they should be comparable to people in the Qi Refining Stage.

Martial artists at such a level all opened up meridians to refine Qi.

Cultivator aimed at spiritual force.

As the level rose, the spiritual force became stronger and stronger.

Once the spiritual force could be released, they reached the Foundation Stage.

But he did not know if spiritual force was the same as the Qi in a Qi Strength Masters body.

“The instructor also said that Qi Strength Masters were very powerful in the martial arts world.

Even though Little Hei and I destroyed Tang Zhans mansion, he said that as long as a Qi Strength Master, like you, asked, the whole matter could be cleared easily,” Zhao Feng said.

“Mmm.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “What level comes after a Qi Strength Master”

“Erm… my instructor didnt say that.

He probably doesnt know, otherwise he would have told me.” Zhao Feng was rather surprised and replied, “But my instructor said that the staff of the Security Bureau would be here soon.

I will ask them about it when they come.”

“What is the Security Bureau” Zhang Han asked.

“Its a department with strange people and extraordinary talents.

According to my instructor, they are all martial artists, many of whom are Qi Strength Masters.

But the number is relatively small.

He estimated that the staff were all at the Obvious Strength Stage.” Zhao Feng replied in full detail.

“Mmm.” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly.

The news was similar to what he had imagined.

The martial arts world, an extraordinary hidden society, must be on earth.

He had heard of it in Shang Jing previously, and had even heard of “Qi Gong Masters”.

It seemed that a member of Zhangs family belonged to the martial arts world.

However, he never cared about these things.”

He thought they were a group of martial artists who used both knives and spears, so he was not interested.

In fact, back then, he could have asked for more information.

As the eldest son of the Zhang family in Shang Jing, Zhang Han could definitely contact the martial arts world.

However, he preferred to have fun at that time.

Now, the martial arts world had appeared in front of him, but he did not know if the Cultivation World existed here.

If it did, it would be really interesting.

The martial arts world started from a relatively low base.

Even the martial artists at the Qi Refining Stage, the basic level of cultivation, could be called masters.

It was conceivable that the earth was a place with very little spiritual force.

Otherwise, the number of martial artists would double, and the martial arts world would be well known to everyone in the world.

After Mengmeng played for more than half an hour, Zhang Han took her away from Mount New Moon.

When they arrived back at the restaurant, Liang Mengqi and the other two people, who arrived early, were already waiting at the door.

“Oh Zhao Feng Why did you come back with the boss” Liang Mengqi said curiously.

She always saw Zhao Feng following behind the boss like a tag.

Was he trying to fawn over the boss to get some delicious food



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