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Chapter 191 The Dumbfounded Doctor


Zhang…” Sun Ming looked at Zhang Han and was about to saythank you.

However, Zhang Han stood up and waved his hand gently, then said, “All right, you can go home now.

Were going to rest.”

Then he stepped towards the second floor, leaving behind Sun Ming and his wife, with appreciation and confusion in their eyes.

“Hey Dad, where is the boss” Sun Dongheng, who just finished disposing of the garbage, asked curiously as he walked back towards the restaurant.

“He is going to rest.

Lets go first.” Sun Ming felt that his body was healthy.

He took a deep breath and smiled gently.

“Lets go.

Well have a thorough physical examination tomorrow morning,” Suns mother said softly.

Her brain was a little dizzy right now.

Seeing that her husbands condition was getting better, she was happy and uncertain at the same time.

She couldnt be completely reassured unless they had another examination.

After all, this was a matter of life and death.

“All right.” Sun Dongheng smiled and left the restaurant with his parents.

After they left, Zhao Feng also said “Goodbye” and left.

After which, Zhang Han took Mengmeng to the bedroom to sleep.

Just as he was about to tell Mengmeng a story, Zi Yan called.

“Zhang Han”


“Im a little tired, and I really miss your cooking.

The food out here is insipid.” Zi Yan sounded a little depressed.

Zi Yan was currently in Jiangyuan City, preparing for a show.

Jiangyuan TV was a popular TV station at present.

It focused on variety shows.

The company did use some resources to arrange a program for Zi Yan.

However, the program had not been recorded yet, so Zi Yan was forced to engage in various social activities, which made her a little bored.

The first hassle was with some senior dignitaries who always hinted at hidden rules, intentionally or unintentionally.

For situations like this, Zi Yan just ignored it and relied on the sophisticated Zhou Fei to deal with.

As for the second issue, it was directly related to Zhang Han.

After getting used to the dishes made by Zhang Han, it was like torture to eat the food here.

At this time, Zi Yan had just returned from a banquet.

She was sitting by the window in a presidential suite, looking at the scenery outside.

She was somewhat missing her daughter, but gradually, the image of Zhang Hans figure slipped into her mind.

Finally, she couldnt help dialing Zhang Hans number, even though it was the middle of the night.

“Then come back.

There is no need to be a little star,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Hum! You are not considerate at all.

Its my dream.

Youve always been good at disappointing me.

You are like a piece of wood,” Zi Yan said complainingly.

“No, I just said you didnt have to rush about like this,” Zhang Han said a little speechlessly.

“I cant afford to be idle because I have to go on shows to promote myself and there are some company arrangements.

Im not like you.

I cant accompany Mengmeng every day.”

“Then dont do it.

Come back and get some rest.

You can sing if you want to sing and do a movie if you want to do a movie.

Its very simple,” Zhang Han pouted his mouth and answered.

He didnt agree with how busy Zi Yan was.

The fact was that he could write fine songs and top-level scripts whenever he wanted to.

He had an advantage over ordinary people.

However, Zi Yan never talked about work with Zhang Han.

Of course, Zhang Han did not understand that the success of a star also involved a lot of sweat, but he was not interested in understanding this either.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan smiled and said affectionately,

“You always try to persuade me to quit.

Could you show some serious concern for me Its a compliment to call you a block of wood.

Its not as simple as you think.

I still have more than two years left on the contract with the Royal Entertainment Company, so Im not free to do whatever I want.

I have to follow their arrangements.”

“Then when will you come back” Zhang Han asked.

“Its still going to be a while.” Zi yan thought for a moment and replied, “I have to appear on a program tomorrow and go to Shang Jing the day after tomorrow.

Then I will stay in Shang Jing for about four or five days.”


“Oh…” Hearing Zhang Hans light reply, Zi Yan was a little stunned and said discontentedly, “What You dont want me to come back so quickly Do you need more time to spend with thatlittle sister”

“Of course not.

You really have an active imagination.” Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Hum, Zhang Han.

You promised me if you…if…”

Zi Yan intended to say “cheat”, but she paused and felt a little coy as her face flushed slightly.

As Zhang Han and she had not been married, she was uncertain whether it was appropriate to call it “cheating”.

“I wont.” Zhang Han answered with only two words.

At this time, Mengmeng was holding a white bear, which was about her height, and had been blinking her big shining eyes for a while.

As she saw that the two had not talked about her, she pouted her mouth and climbed into Zhang Hans arms and said, “Hey.

What are you two talking about for so long Mengmeng hasnt talked to MaMa yet.”

“Mengmeng isnt asleep yet Then I want to talk to Mengmeng,” Zi Yan said quickly after hearing her daughters words.

So Zhang Han handed over his cell phone to Mengmeng, and the mother-daughter pair chatted for a while.

It was almost 11:30 pm when they hung up.

Nothing happened during the night.

The next morning, Sun Ming did not go to the restaurant because he planned to have a physical examination.

The Sun family directly went to the Southern District General Hospital for the physical examination.

Just as they were waiting in line,

Sun Mings attending doctor passed by at the end of the corridor, followed by two nurses.

“Inform Lao Bai that he needs to take the surgery at 9 oclock,” the attending doctor said to the short nurse.

“Okay.” The short nurse nodded and left.

Then the doctor looked at the other nurse, thought for a moment, and said, “By the way, call Mr.

Sun, the patient with advanced cancer, and ask him if he still needs chemotherapy.

If he does, you can arrange it in advance.”


“Hey Wait!” The attending doctor suddenly saw the Sun family in line.

He was shocked and walked towards them in surprise.


Sun, why are you in line here”

“Good morning, Dr.


Im going to have a physical examination today,” Sun Ming smiled and answered.

“Physical examination Why do you need a physical examination” The attending doctor was a little confused.

For an advanced stage cancer patient who needs chemotherapy, what was the point of a physical examination

“Im well now, so I need a physical examination.” Sun Ming moved his hand and said, glancing at the doctors expression.

Then he pondered over it and smiled gently, then said, “Oh, right, I think there might have been some mistake in the hospitals diagnosis before, so Ill do it again.”

“Mistake Well, if you want to have a physical examination.

Considering your…situation, please take a special physical examination immediately.

Come with me.”

The attending doctor took the Sun Ming family to the place where the special examination was to be carried out.

He couldnt help thinking the Sun familys brains were crystallized.

Recovered from cancer.

Wasnt this a joke

However, when he got the test result, the doctors eyes gradually widened.


The attending doctor was stunned.

He shook his head, raised one hand up to his face, and rubbed his eyes a few times.

When he looked at it again, the test result still hadnt changed at all.

“How is this possible” The attending doctor was amazed.

“Whats up, Doctor There isnt a problem, right” Sun Dongheng asked.

“Check it again.”

The attending doctor took Sun Ming for another examination, but the result was exactly the same as the first one.

“Seriously The, the data says that you are even healthier than an average person”

The attending doctor was dumbfounded.

The doctor blankly took Sun Ming to do all kinds of examinations.

However, the results showed that he was very healthy and without any problems.

“Please…come with me.”

After the examination, the attending doctors hand trembled slightly.

He spoke to Sun Ming in a low voice and took them to his office.

“Did you really get treated How was it cured What medicine did you take Who treated you How could you be cured in only one day This is a miracle! Who did this Please, you must tell me, please!”

The attending doctor grabbed Sun Ming, trembling as he said this series of words.

His excitement looked as if he had won some kind of grand prize.

“Calm down.

Calm down, doctor.” It seemed the doctors reaction startled Sun Ming, but he was very happy and replied with a smile on his face.

“Then you must tell me!” The attending doctor said repeatedly.

“Ahem, first, please loosen my arm.

Well… last night, we were at the seaside…”

Then Sun Ming began to tell the story.

Without Zhang Hans consent, he certainly would not tell the true story.

A ton of “nonsense” made the attending doctor dizzy, but as time went by, the doctor gradually calmed down.

He asked many questions but still didnt get a clear answer.

Finally, he sent the family out of the hospital with a wry smile.

Looking at their backs, the attending doctor murmured softly,

“This is definitely a miracle…”

Within the car, Sun Dongheng grinned as he drove,

“Haha, dad, its really great.

Your illness is cured, the boss is really amazing!”


Without him, we wouldnt know what to do.

We must make sure to return this favor to him.”

“That is natural.

He is the savior of our family.

A hand given in emergencies deserves an even greater favor in return , but…I dont know how to repay this kindness.” Sun Ming said and began to think.

He couldnt think of anything Zhang Han needed.

The man seemed to have everything!

“Yes, how can we repay the boss This is really a tough one.” Sun Dongheng was also puzzled.

“Just stay true to your original self!”

Suddenly, Sun Mings mother said with a slight smile, “Its obvious that Mr.

Zhang does not lack anything.

We remember this kindness in our hearts.

If he needs help someday, we will be the first in line to help him.

Thats enough.

If we deliberately thank him, maybe Mr.

Zhang wont like it.”

“Ha, ha, ha, youre right.

Lets stay true to our original selves.” Sun Ming laughed, waved his hand, and said, “Dongheng, lets go to the mall and pick out some small gifts for the little princess.”

To tell the truth, Zhang Hans indifference made it so Sun Ming didnt know where to start.

He also didnt know how to thank him.

In this case, it made sense that he should just keep his appreciation in his heart and bring some gifts to the lovely Mengmeng as usual.

If Mr.

Zhang needed any help in the future, he would definitely be the first person in line to give him a hand.

At the same time, a black Hummer was leaving Hong Kong International Airport for the Southern District.

There were three people in the car, two men and one woman.

The driver was a burly man with a crew cut.

The first passenger was relatively thin and had inch-long hair.

As for the person in the back seat, it was a woman in a tight suit with a ponytail and sunglasses.

“I heard the target of this mission is an invulnerable guy.” Suddenly, the strong man who was driving opened his mouth, with a hint of interest hanging from his brow.



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