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Chapter 192 The Security Bureau

The drivers muscles seemed to be ready to explode from his body at any moment, but he was still far from being able to compare to the figure of the transformed Dahei.

However, compared to ordinary people, he was obviously much stronger.

The mans name was An Sen.

He spent several years practicing Obvious Strength, mainly training his physical strength.

He joined the Hong Kong Security Bureau three years ago.

He had a hot temper and an upright personality, so he liked to solve problems with his fists, which allowed the man to become familiar with his colleagues in just a few months.

The thinner co-driver, He Feng, was known for his rapid speed and was proficient in fighting.

As for the woman in the back seat, she was called Leng Yue and was proficient in tracking and assassination.

She was relatively weak in close combat but better than her two male partners in terms of weapon mastery.

When He Feng heard An Sens words, he smirked and said,

“They are definitely just bragging.

Someone being Invulnerable.

What kind of master can be invulnerable If it is true, then he must have reached the limit of Peak Strength and also be a master in skin related techniques at the same time.

Its impossible.

How could such a master appear out of nowhere and even manage to kill a small leader of some underground forces The officials tend to exaggerate.

They just want us to be fast and efficient.

Do you really believe them”

An Sens expression paused when he heard this and said with a stuffy snort, “What if it is true The man who called us said that the man is over two meters tall and has the same build as an Asian black bear.

He is extremely abnormal.

If it is true, I will ask him for advice on how to practice.”

“You are really a fool.

If it is true, the three of us are no match for him.

They said that the strong man only appeared for a short time and then disappeared.

He may have already left Hong Kong.

We were just sent to investigate this matter.

Dont get ahead of yourself,” He Feng curled his lip and said.

“Shut up,” An Sen said very spitefully.

He couldnt understand why He Feng was so chatty, just like a little girl.

No, it was even worse than a little girl.

Didnt he notice that Leng Yue in the back seat had been silent the whole time


Lets talk about it some more when we get there.

There was a surveillance video.

Once we look at it, we will know whats going on.

After handling this matter, Laosen, Ill take you to have some fun in a night club.

Maybe you can even have a romantic encounter or something…” In the end, He Feng smirked and showed an expression that all men understand.

“Heh, heh…”An Sen grinned.

As they laughed, the two suddenly felt a chill and quickly looked at Leng Yue in the rearview mirror.

Her expression was still very cold and her eyes were blocked by a pair of black sunglasses, but the two could still feel her cold glare from under the sunglasses.

“Shame on you!” Leng Yue suddenly spat out a few words.

In fact, she said this to He Feng.

An Sen was originally a very honest person, but since he started hanging around He Feng, he had started acting more perverted.

“Xiaoyue, how about I also introducing a handsome boy to you I heard that a new venue has been opened near our headquarters, and there are many…”

“Fuck off!” Leng Yue shouted.

He Feng didnt take it seriously.

The three had worked on several tasks together and built a good relationship.

They also knew that Leng Yue would be upset for a while after every task because the two men took the spotlight during every mission.

After driving for nearly an hour, this eye-catching Hummer directly parked at the entrance of the police station.

“Hey, no parking here.

Who are you” When a guard saw all three people exiting the car, he came over and spoke to them with a cold voice.

“Cut the crap! I like parking here!”

An Sen gave He Feng a stare and took out a certificate from his pocket.

The dark words “Security Bureau” shocked the security guard.

Although they didnt know the specific meaning of Security Bureau, they knew that the people of the Security Bureau had high statuses, even higher than that of the special forces.

They were the same as senior administrators, so even their director had no right to reprimand them.

“Park here.

Park here.

Its all right,” the guard nodded repeatedly and said.

The three people ignored him and went straight to the office building.


The people of the Security Bureau actually came here.

They are really cool! Amazing! That girl was so hot.” The guard mumbled and took out his intercom to tell everyone else what happened.

Finally, the three smoothly arrived at the directors office.

“Please sit down and have some tea first.

The director will be back in a moment,” The secretary said after serving tea for the three.

“Beauty, where is the director” He Feng took a sip of tea and asked laughingly.

“Well…the director, he is in a meeting and it will be over in half an hour,” the secretary replied.

“Oh, half an hour, we can wait.

Why dont you sit down and have a chat with us” He Feng looked at the secretary and said with a smile.

His expression and behavior were normal, not the flirting type.

He simply wanted to have a chat with her to pass the time.

He Feng was a typical man, he liked flirting with girls but he didnt have the guts.

He was simply too whiny when he talked, most of the time.

When it came to beautiful women, he only looked for those he really fell in love with.

If he was really focused on seducing girls, regardless of the consequences, then he would not have been accepted into the Security Bureau.

But even if he really did have some ulterior motives, the grim-faced girl next to him would not give him a chance.

Leng Yue took off her sunglasses, showing her attractive phoenix eye.

She plucked her eyebrows slightly, then look at the secretary and said coldly,

“Our time is limited.

Dont waste it by making us wait around here.

Please go call your director immediately.”

“This…” The secretary showed an awkward look.

“She asked you to call him, so you should do it.

You just need to tell him were here.” An Sen waved his hand at her.

“Okay then.” The secretary hesitated, nodded, and then left.

The secretary jogged all the way to the meeting room.

The meeting was still going, but when the director saw the secretary, he halted his speech and looked at her.

The secretary walked quickly to the director, leaned over, and whispered, “Director, there are three people here from the Security Bureau.

They want you to come meet them as soon as possible.”


On hearing this, the director nodded his head, then closed the folder on the table and said, “Please hurry up with the work I mentioned.

Thats all for todays meeting.”

“Director, you havent mentioned how to deal with the incident at Anlan Bridge…”

“Deal with it how you see fit.”

After the response, the director quickly walked out, leaving the more than 10 people inside staring at each other.

The director left in the middle of the meeting.

This was the first time in nearly two years.

“Hello, Im Dong Xiangchuan.”

After the director returned to the office, he looked at the three people a few times and greeted them.

“Hello, director Dong,” He Feng nodded and said with a serious look.

“Director Dong, please give us more details about what happened at the luxury mansion in New Moon Bay.”

“The events at the mansion are really complicated…” Dong Xiangchuans expression paused.

Just as he was about to continue explaining the situation, An Sen put down his teacup and said, “Dont waste time.

Isnt there a surveillance video We need to take a quick look at it.

Let me warn you though, If there is not an invulnerable man in it, Im going to be angry.”

“Hmm” Dong Xiangchuan was stunned slightly.

It seemed this strong man had a hot temper!

“Director, my friend is impetuous.

Please forgive him,” Leng Yue nodded slightly and said.

All masters were proud.

However, as they were in other peoples territory, there was a need to show some respect.

“Well, lets watch the video first.” Dong Xiangchuan didnt mind either.

He directly picked up a laptop and put it on the tea table in front of the three, then turned the screen to face the three and started playing the surveillance video.

“Holy ** How could that lad be so bulky” When An Sen saw “Dahei” getting out of the little panda car, his eyes glared slightly.

While looking at those explosive muscles, An Sen actually felt a little shocked.

“Dont talk.

Be quiet and watch,” He Feng warned.

He and Leng Yue also looked stern.

Laymen were overwhelmed by new situations while professionals tried to find out the trick.

When they saw Dahei, they instantly understood that this was not a simple matter!

However, once they saw Dahei begin to move, they were all frightened.

When they saw that he was really invulnerable, their eyes widened.

“Shit, **, **! What the **! hes really invulnerable.

Oh my god, this man must be a master.

Damn it.

the three of us are not even enough to plug his teeth! We will be doomed if he hits us even once! And that dog What the hell is that Is it even faster than I am Its ridiculous to even suggest having us fight them! ”

At this point, It was He Feng who was staring at the screen and shouting, even though he had just reminded An Sen to keep quiet.

Even their captain only possessed Inward Strength! Obviously, the big man in the video seemed to be stronger than someone with only Inward Strength.

Even if he wasnt, with his amazing invulnerable defense, he could not be taken down by an Inward Strength martial artist.

“It seems his defense has reached the limit of Peak Strength.

Only our boss is capable of fighting with him.” Leng Yue took a deep breath and said with amazement.

“I was previously intended to have a fight with him.

How could I do that now His muscular body is twice as big as mine, ah.” An sen said sadly.

The gap was too wide for there to be any form of competition.

“Director, what is going on Please tell us more details.

The three of us cant intervene in this matter.”

Five minutes later, He Feng recovered his composure.

He gulped down half a pot of tea, then looked at Dong Xiangchuan and laughed bitterly.


When the director saw the dumbfounded expressions of the three, he was a little happy.

Where did their pride go

However, the matter still needed to be resolved.

Dong Xiangchuan coughed softly and said, “He is the reason why we contacted the Security Bureau.

A friend of mine watched the video and predicted that the big man was an Inward Strength martial artist.

He wouldnt appear so strong unless he has mastered the secret of body improvement.

In terms of inner strength, he is not as appalling as he looks.”

However, they didnt know that this comment by Instructor Liu was only a thing of the past.

Liu had actually been punched until he was dumbfounded by Dahei on Mount New Moon.



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