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Chapter 193 Two Little “Obvious Strength” Martial Artists

In fact, Dahei and Instructor Liu were about the same in terms of real strength.

They were both at the upper limit of Inward Strength.

However, Dahei was better in physical defense, so much so that he even exceeded most top Peak Strength martial artists in this regard.

Little Hei was slightly inferior to Dahei, probably at the medium level of Inward Strength, but its speed could match most Peak Strength masters.

As for Zhao Feng, it was obvious that he was the weakest one.

Zhao Feng was only at the level of Obvious Strength.

He was ignored by the other three people present because they knew that any one of them could defeat him in less than five minutes.

If the three of them went together, one minute would be enough.

Dong Xiangchuan actually quite understood their shock.

When it came down to business, his expression became more serious,

“As you can see, Zhao Feng took away all the treasures from Tang Zhans estate, with an estimated value of more than one billion yuan.

During the mansion incident, they also killed and injured more than 30 people.

Although the impact was suppressed, the matter still has to be resolved.

We checked for a few days and found some clues.

I will sum them up in the following points.”

Dong Xiangchuan stretched out one finger and said,

“First, Zhao Feng was originally one of our undercover agents.

He took down Tang Zhan, found evidence, and reclaimed 200 kilograms of drugs.

His merits and demerits could be offset.

However, he only left behind the evidence and drugs, without leaving behind any of the treasure.

And, he has not contacted us since then.”

“Also, his strength has improved to the Obvious Strength level, so we suspect that he is following a martial artist and that his master is likely to be the owner of MengMengs Leisure Restaurant! He has been spending a lot of time there recently, and the boss… personally made a move not long ago, with very decisive and ruthless methods.

The boss is undoubtedly a martial artist, but we dont know what level he has reached.”

“Second, the big guy disappeared somehow after leaving.

This is very strange.

We have searched for several days and found nothing.

After analysis, there is a 90% probability that he has left Hong Kong and a 10% probability that he hid somewhere in Hong Kong.”

“Third, we have to recover the treasures taken by Zhao Feng, which is also the reason we called you guys.

After all, it is not a small sum of money.”

Suddenly, Dong Xiangchuans cell phone rang and he said, “Excuse me.

Let me answer this call first.”

After Dong said this, he turned around and exited the room.

Less than two minutes later, he pushed the door open and came back, looking a little… stunned.

“I think there is one more point,” Dong Xiangchuan gave a wry smile and said, “Fourth, I just received a message that the owner of the restaurant has cured the illness of one of his customers.

The disease he cured is…cancer, in the advanced stage.

Basically, it can be confirmed that the owner is very unusual and should be a master in the martial arts world.”

After saying that, Dong Xiangchuan stopped talking and firmly looked at the three people.

Two minutes later, they finished absorbed the news.

He Feng shook his head repeatedly and said bitterly, “Is there a fifth or sixth point Please say it all at once so we can understand it all now.”

“Theres nothing else at present.” Dong Xiangchuan shook his head helplessly.

“Is this a joke We cant handle it.” He Feng frowned deeply, shook his head and said, “Why is he a restaurant owner I am very confused.

Where did these masters come from Hes invulnerable! There is no way to defeat him.

We cant fix this.”

“You arent here to fight with that man.

Your goal is to get back the treasures.

If you run into that strong man, you can inform your boss and capture him.

But, you shouldnt be too worried.

That strong man hasnt appeared since that incident,” Dong Xiangchuan said slowly.

“Thats the best solution at present, I guess.

Where is the lad named Zhao Feng” He Feng asked.

“He has been at the restaurant recently,” Dong Xiangchuan replied.

“Director, didnt you say the restaurant owner made some moves previously Is there a video of him that we can take a look at first” Leng Yue asked.

“Yes, wait a minute.

Let me look for it.” Dong Xiangchuan took the computer, found a folder, and clicked on the video.

After seeing Zhang Han enter Changsheng Nightclub by force, their expressions changed.

They were not stunned or embarrassed, but… relieved.

“Isnt he just at the level of Obvious Strength I am much stronger than him!” He Feng chuckled and said, “Director, you really have a problem with your eyesight.

You actually called him a master”

“Isnt he” Dong Xiangchuan was surprised.

“Bull**! I can take him down with one slap!” An Sen said in a muffled voice.

“Let me ask you.

Has that big guy really left Hong Kong”


He only appeared once and then disappeared,” Dong Xiangchuan replied.

“Then its easy!” An Sen picked up the teacup and drank all the tea in one gulp, then said, “With regards to that Obvious Strength boy and the Obvious Strength little boss, the three of us are enough to casually topple them! Dont worry, we will recover the treasures for you.”

“Then I will have to thank you in advance.” Dong Xiangchuan gently smiled and nodded his head.

“No problem,” Anson stood up and stepped toward the door, then said,

“Why are you two still sitting there Lets go.

You two dont have to do anything this time.

I can beat them both!”

“Well…” He Feng glanced at Leng Yue and said, “Lets go then.”

After standing up, He Feng gave a wry smile.

He still felt there was something wrong.

The Obvious Strength martial artist, Zhao Feng, took away more than one billion yuan in treasures and walked around in such an open manner.

It seemed that he had someone to depend on, but it was not clear if his protector was that Obvious Strength boss.

If so, it would be a bit funny.

“You two.

Wait.” Leng Yue rolled her eyes at them, then looked at Dong Xiangchuan and said, “Director, have you had lunch yet How about we have a meal together and talk about the specifics of the situation”

Leng Yue was the most sedate of the three.

She liked to do things with full confidence, so she wanted to find out more about the situation.

Only by knowing the enemy and yourself could you win the battle.

When Dong Xiangchuan heard this, he nodded directly and said, “Yes, Ill take you to the restaurant next door.”

Finally, several people went to the restaurant next door for lunch.

At the same time, the Sun family also arrived at Zhang Hans restaurant.

There were many people at the restaurant, especially at the gate.

There were about 50 people gathered together, waiting in line.

That was the effect brought about by Tasty Food of the World.

Many of the crowd came for the first time in groups.

After seeing the Sun family, the old customers pointed to them and snorted,

“See them, they are all members here.

They bought three membership cards.

They are so rich!”

“Whats up with the membership card” Some people were puzzled.

Wasnt it a common thing to own the membership card of a small restaurant

However, the reply of the older customers left them stunned.

“Whats up Ha ha, you must not have read the board at the gate.

Let me tell you, the membership card for this restaurant sells for one million yuan, and thats the discounted price.

Now it has been restored to the original price.”

“Hiss! One million! Oh, my god! How much is the original price”

“Ten million!” Another woman dressed in an international brand smiled and said.

“Didnt you watch Tasty Food of the World As mentioned on that show, the food here is super delicious and its over ten times more expensive than ordinary stores.

It also mentioned the price of the membership card.”

The woman who spoke was Lin Xue, the daughter of the Wanqing Group.

She met with Zhang Han once.

When she was bored at home, she saw the new release of Tasty Food of the World.

As she lived in a culdesac in the western district, the distance was not too far.

So she came over to have a taste of it out of curiosity, but she didnt expect there to be so many people in line.

“Damn it, its so expensive.

So **ing cool.” The newcomer was dumbfounded.

“Ha ha,” An old customer looked at him and patted him on the shoulder and said, “Dont be too surprised just yet.

Once you taste the food, you will be even more shocked.

And you will also realize that the members of this restaurant are absolutely as rich as a jew.

It is blessing to be able to enjoy dishes made by the boss himself.

Although I havent eaten the food, the aroma alone is so mesmerizing.”

“Oh.” The newcomer nodded dully.

The Sun family stepped into the restaurant under the peoples gazes.

Sun Ming was carrying a small bag of cartoon dolls and small toys in his hand.


Zhang.” After entering the room, Sun Ming led the way to Zhang Han.

Seeing Zhang Han, Sun Mings eyes turned slightly red.

He sincerely said,

“Thank you, Mr.


Great grace doesnt need words, but I still want to say that Mr.


Before he finished his words, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “There is no need to say anything.

Its your own behavior that saved you.”

The fundamental reason was that Sun Ming won Mengmengs favor.

That was why Zhang Han saved him.

If it had not been for that, if he had just been an ordinary customer in the restaurant, he wouldnt have necessarily done anything.

“Ha, ha, ha, well, Mr.

Zhang, I will surely remember it.” Sun Ming smiled twice cheerfully.

At this time, Mengmeng stood on the sofa and stared at the bag in Sun Mings hand for several seconds.

After confirming that there were some toys inside, the little princess said,

“Oh, uncle, did you bring toys to Mengmeng again”

“Yes, here, see if you like them.” Sun Ming went to the sofa and handed Mengmeng the small bag.

“I like them.” MengMeng joyfully took the pouch and pulled out one toy after another, then played with the toys happily.

When Mengmeng first came to the restaurant, she only had a few toys.

However, in only one month, there were more toys in the restaurant than in Yunyin Garden.

Sun Ming shook his head and smiled.

He turned around and took his family back to their usual table.

“Heh, heh, heh…”Sun Dongheng seemed to be smiling cheerfully.

He looked at his father and said,”Dad, the company is gone.

Am I free now”


You will start a business together with me.” Sun Ming smiled and rolled his eyes at his son.

“I am really not business material!” Sun Dongheng responded with a somewhat awkward look.



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