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Chapter 201 Here Comes Wang Yihan

Zhang Han accompanied Mengmeng to Mount New Moon for the whole afternoon.

The little princess had a good time.

She was frolicking around the whole time with sweat never stopping on her forehead.

“Mengmeng, its time to go back.”

Zhang Han checked the time.

It was almost five oclock, so he went to the livestock area to get four chickens, some potatoes, and some other ingredients as well.

After that, he returned to Mengmeng with a smile.

“Oh, okay, then, Big Heihei, Little Heihei, and also Dajin and Little Jin…Bye-bye.

Mengmeng will come back and play with you next time.” Mengmeng held out her small hand and waved.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei showed a reluctant look while waving its two big palms, but… why did his eyes float to the livestock area He must already be hungry!

Little Hei stretched out his big tongue and jumped around in a frenzy as he followed behind Mengmeng.

Dahei and Little Hei sent Zhang Han and Mengmeng down the mountain and stood on the edge of the jungle, watching them as they got in the car and all the way up til the vehicle disappeared from view.

For them, the happiest time was when the master and the little master came.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Daheis eyes gave a slight stare as he licked his lips, motioning Little Hei to go catch some food!

“Ow woo.”

Little Hei ran back with a whoosh.


Dahei shouted at his back two times, expressing, why did you run so fast

After calling twice, Dahei also rushed to catch up, ready to enjoy their sumptuous dinner.

For humans, eating meat every day would inevitably be a little greasy, but Dahei and Little Hei did not think so.

Since the number of livestock on the mountain increased, these two really let go when it came to eating.

They enjoyed roast pigs one day and roast sheep the next.

Dahei was even forgetting the taste of the fruits he had eaten for so many years!

After Zhang Han and Mengmeng returned to the restaurant, Zhao Feng stood up to meet them.

He had been browsing through Liang Mengqis Wechat Moments for the whole afternoon.

“Boss, the three men simply asked about the situation.

It seems like they wanted the treasure back.

However, they failed this time, so they might send someone stronger next time.

I called Instructor Liu before and he said the people who came should be the senior members of the Hong Kong Security Bureau.” Zhao Feng clearly and concisely explained the situation.


Zhang Han didnt care at all.

He handed his bag to Zhao Feng and said, “There are four chickens in it.

Go to the restaurant next door and have them cleaned up.”


There was a slight quiver at the corner of Zhao Fengs mouth as he took the bag and went out to the restaurant next door, then he whispered,

“It seems…it seems there is no need to tell the master such small matters in the future.

He doesnt care at all.

He really doesnt care.”

At the restaurant, Zhang Han held Mengmeng and walked to the edge of the sofa, then he put Mengmeng on it and said,

“Mengmeng, stay here and play for a bit while PaPa cooks dinner.”

“Sure, Mengmeng wants to watch cartoons.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han smiled and touched Mengmengs little head, then walked to the edge of the tea table, picked up the remote control, and turned on the TV.

The childrens channel was playing the popular Boonie Bears, so Mengmeng watched it with relish.

Zhang Han went to the kitchen, took out the steamer to steam the rice first, then picked up the potatoes, beans, eggplants, cucumbers, and other ingredients.

Ten minutes later, Zhao Feng returned with four chickens that had been cleaned up quickly.

Zhang Han took the four chickens, then grabbed a knife and cut them into pieces of moderate size, after carefully picking out all the chicken wings.

Using the eight wings from the four chickens, he could make another classic dish—cola chicken wings.

After cutting the chicken into pieces, Zhang Han took a large frying pan, put it on the stove, started the fire, poured a little oil in the pan, and put all the chicken pieces in it.

The weight of the four chickens and the pot was about 40kg, so the average person wouldnt be able to handle it.

However, for Zhang Han, the pot was light.

He was constantly stir-frying the food.

Then he added some spices and water to stew the chicken pieces.

When a lot of food was cooked at once, the meal was usually called a big pot dish.

Relatively speaking, almost 90% of the big pot dishes were not as tasty as a small stir-fried dish.

This was a question of the cooks ability.

In truth, some big pot dishes were also very delicious.

The four chickens put together were similar to a big pot dish, but each time they were cooked, they were the most delicious, not only because of the good ingredients but also because Zhang Han could easily handle the ingredients.

It was close to 5:30 pm when he began stewing the chicken.

Some individual guests began to arrive.

In just five minutes, three of the white tables were full.

The early bird catches the worm.

This sentence was very reasonable.

People all knew that if you came half an hour earlier, you could be one of the first to eat.

If you came a little later, you would have to queue up in the long line.

Another ten minutes later, there were seven or eight people sitting in front of the restaurant, one of whom was Lin Xue who had come at lunch.

The lunch was really a wonderful experience for her.

In Hong Kong, except for those famous high-end restaurants, Lin Xue had also experienced small restaurants and even some street snacks that were really tasty, but none of them could compare with what she experienced here.

It was an indescribable feeling for her.

When she threw herself into the dishes with all her heart, it felt like she traveled to a different place and the time just passed without her realizing it.

When she left at noon, she planned to come back at night.

She even arrived in advance, but she didnt expect to see a line forming so early.

A few minutes later, the rarely seen Porsche Cayenne parked in the space in front of the door.

Wang Jiawens family was back.

According to the normal schedule, they were supposed to visit Wang Yihans grandfather for three days, but after the old mans birthday, Wang Yihan complained that the food was not delicious and said she had no appetite.

She wanted to go back to Hong Kong to play with Mengmeng and eat delicious food.

At first, Su Yu did not agree, but after Wang Yihan threw herself on the ground and cried, Su Yu agreed while being a little angry and amused.

They came back today and just arrived at Wang Qiangs house.

Before their rears could even touch the warm surface of a chair, Wang Yihan had already started to persuade them to come over, so they arrived a lot earlier than usual.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Mengmeng.

Ive come over to play with you.” After getting out of the vehicle, Wang Yihan ran to the restaurant.

As she ran, her fat face trembled and looked very lovely.

After she entered the restaurant, Wang Yihan shouted, “Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Im here!”

“Oh” Mengmeng stood up from the sofa and she even forgot about the cartoon.

She looked at the voice and, after seeing Wang Yihan, Mengmengs eyes shone, “Hi, Yihan, youre back.

Im over here.

Come quickly.”

“Hey, hey, hey, here I come.” Wang Yihan grinned a few times.

She quickly ran to the edge of the sofa.

With her two short legs, she jumped up and sat beside Mengmeng.

She stared at Mengmeng and grinned, “Mengmeng, I…I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Mengmengs big shining eyes kept twinkling, showing her joy.

“I… also missed the delicious food here.

The food your daddy makes is very delicious.” Wang Yihan said shyly, giving Zhang Han an admiring look.

Seeing the adoration in her eyes, Mengmeng was filled with pride.

She giggled and said, “My PaPa is the best! Uh-huh, my PaPa is making…uh…chicken right now.

Its super yummy.”

“Great, I like meat, hey, hey.” Wang Yihan was showing happiness in her smile.

For kids, eating delicious food was happiness.

“Uh” Mengmeng suddenly remembered something.

She stood on the sofa, looked at Zhang Han, and said with a soft voice, “PaPa, PaPa, I want to let Yihan eat some of that ham.”

After saying that, Mengmeng looked at Wang Yihan and said, “The ham made by my PaPa is very very tasty.”

After hearing that, Zhang Han chuckled and took out a red sausage, then cut it into two halves and walked towards them one in each hand.

Originally, Zhang Han wanted to give Mengmeng and Wang Yihan one each, but Mengmeng held out her two small palms and complained, “Oh, give them to me, give them to me.”

So Zhang Han handed both pieces of red sausage to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng held them in her hands.

While looking at Wang Yihans expectant eyes, she handed one to her and said generously, “Yihan, Ill give you one so you can try it.”

“Thank you, Mengmeng.

Thats very kind of you.”

After Wang Yihan took it, her eyes lit up.

Mengmeng was like a little angel to her.

As she spoke, she leaned her head toward Mengmeng and wanted to kiss Mengmengs little face.

Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and it didnt seem like she was going to refuse.

However, Zhang Han was a little stunned.

He directly extended his palm, making Wang Yihan kiss the back of his hand.

“Aha” Wang Yihan froze and looked at Zhang Han with a bemused look.

Zhang Han glanced at Wang Yihan and whispered with a smile,

“Its okay if you like each other, but no kissing.”

Then Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, have you forgotten what PaPa said to you”

Wang Yihan was a little girl who wanted to kiss Mengmengs face.

Zhang Han hesitated for a moment, but after considering it, he felt that he still wanted to stop this kind of behavior.

Three or four-year-old children kiss each other to express their love.

It was only normal for them to kiss each other.

However, Zhang Han thought this kind of preventive education should start from an early age.

First, because he was afraid it would cause more trouble in the future.

However, the second reason was that Zhang Han didnt like for others to kiss Mengmeng.

So, in the end, Zhang Han blocked her with his hand.

When Mengmeng heard those words, her eyes lit up and she began thinking.

She tooted her mouth and said, “Well…didnt PaPa say that…I cant let boys kiss me, but Yihan is a girl.”

After he heard Mengmengs words, Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

When Wang Yihan saw Zhang Hans stern look, she pouted and felt a little aggrieved.

Fortunately, Mengmeng immediately said, “Well, Yihan is my good friend.

Can I hug her”

“Sure.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Uh-huh, Yihan, lets hug.” Mengmeng leaned towards Yihan very warmly and embraced her.

Wang Yihan was satisfied and smiled again.

“Alright Mengmeng, you have fun with Yihan.

PaPa will make you some cola chicken wings later,” Zhang Han said with a smile.


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