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Chapter 202 Cola Chicken Wings

“Wow! Cola chicken wings! I like those very much!” Wang Yihans eyes flashed brightly as she looked at Zhang Han excitedly.

Zhang Hans mouth slightly quivered and he said, helplessly, “Then eat a little more later.”

At the same time, he whispered in his mind that he would have brought more chickens if he had known this little foodie was going to be here.

Eight chicken wings, ahem, didnt seem like it would be enough.

“Yihan, please try some ham.” Mengmeng saw Wang Yihan had not started eating yet, so she urged her.

The little guy liked to hear the praise of others after they tasted the food.

Under Mengmengs sparkling eyes, Wang Yihan quickly took a big bite.

After that, the taste made Wang Yihan widen her big eyes.

“Wow! Its so yummy…” Wang Yihan praised it in a blurry voice.

After hearing the praise, Mengmeng was very satisfied and her eyes turned into a smile.

At that time, Wang Jiawen and several others entered, with his hands carrying two big bags of fruit, which were filled with some very high-grade fruit.

Beside him, Su Yu was also carrying two big bags, which were filled with all kinds of toys.

“Hello, Mr.

Zhang,” Wang Jiawen revealed a warm smile and said.


Zhangs cooking is amazing.

Its really amazing.

After we returned home, the other restaurants and home-cooked dishes are a bit tasteless.

The little girl couldnt wait to come back here after her grandpas birthday.

Sorry to cause you so much trouble.”

“Youre welcome to come here,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

Zhao Feng, who was sitting on one side, got up and hurried over after seeing this.

He took the fruit and toys and asked Mengmeng, “Mengmeng, Do you want some fruit”

“Well…” Mengmeng about it for a moment, then said in her soft voice, “Alright, I will have a small orange, one of the small and sweet ones.”

“A sugar orange” Zhao Feng looked inside the fruit bag a few times and found some small oranges.

He opened the bag and took out some for the two little ones.

“Its almost time for dinner.

You two should eat less fruit,” Zhang Han warned.

Children normally ate less and they had already eaten a piece of red sausage.

After eating some fruit, they would be almost full.

“I know, Ill eat two, uh, just one,” Mengmeng pouted and said.

“I dont want to eat fruit.

I want more sausage.

Uncle, I want another one,” said Wang Yihan.

She was making herself at home so she directly looked at Zhang Han as she spoke.

This made Wang Jiawens face show a trace of embarrassment.

They only came by twice, how could his daughter already be asking for food from the host Did she forget what I told her at home

So Wang Jiawen gave his daughter a dignified look and said, “Yihan, Well have dinner in a minute.

You cant eat anymore for now.”

“Fine, hum, then I will eat some fruit!” Wang Yihan snorted discontentedly and rolled her eyes at her father.

After which, she ate oranges with Mengmeng.

It seemed to make sense that Wang Yihan was a fat little girl.

She was really a little foodie.

Seeing the two little guys twittering and playing, Zhang Han smiled and walked back to the kitchen.

While Wang Jiawen was somewhat stunned.

Wang Qiang and Wu Liying had already sat down at the table.

Wang Yihan was playing with Mengmeng on the sofa.

There was nothing for them to do, and they didnt know whether they should sit down or go out to stand in line.

Fortunately, Zhao Feng, who stood on the side, was more experienced.

After seeing the embarrassment on their faces, Zhao Feng glanced at Zhang Han.

He felt that for the parents of Mengmengs good friend, there was no need to go out and line up like ordinary people.

So, he smiled at them and said, “Sit down on the sofa for a while.”

“Okay, okay.” Wang Jiawen breathed a sigh of relief, then smiled and answered as he pulled Su Yus hand and sat on the side of the sofa next to Wang Yihan.

As the president of a company, Wang Jiawen was naturally very smart.

After only two visits to the restaurant, he could see that the restaurant owner didnt like to communicate with others.

To be precise, he probably didnt like to talk nonsense with strangers.

He was not enthusiastic and didnt look like the kind of person who was intimate with you at the first few meetings.

This kind of person was not easy to get familiar with, but after you become friends with him, his attitude would change greatly.

This was what Wang Jiawen saw in a short period of time.

He wanted to get up and go to the kitchen to talk with Zhang Han for a while but felt it was a bit abrupt, so he decided to talk with the little princess and see how things unfolded from the side.

“Ahem, Yihan, youve eaten three oranges.

You cant eat anymore.” Wang Jiawen interrupted her appropriately, holding Wang Yihans hand that was reaching for another orange.

He glanced at Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Look at Mengmeng.

Shes so beautiful, just like a princess from a fairy tale.

Yihan, you are a little fat now.

You cant eat too much.

You wont be beautiful if you get fat.”

“Ha” Wang Yihans eyes widened.

She didnt like it when people said she was fat.

“Um, Yihan is… She is not fat.

She is pretty and cute.

I like her,” said Mengmeng, beaming with her big bright eyes.

After being praised by her good friends parents, the little fellow was very happy.

“Hum! Im slim.” Wang Yihan slapped Wang Jiawen on the leg.

“Haha, all right, you are slim.” Wang Jiawen smiled and touched his daughters head.

He looked at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, your Mandarin is very standard, arent you a native”

Mengmeng had always spoken standard Mandarin, which had been taught to her by Zi Yan from an early age.

For Cantonese, the little one could basically understand it, but only knew some Cantonese words that she often heard.

However, Zhang Han, after that special western restaurant, spoke fluent Cantonese.

“Uh” Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

Then she tooted her mouth, held out her palm, pointed to her hair and eyes, and solemnly said, “I am Chinese.

My hair is black, and my eyes are black too.

So I am a native.”

“Then where were you born at Mengmeng” Su Yu laughingly asked.

Her voice was very gentle, making one feel like she came from a scholarly family.

In fact, she was not.

Her father was also a businessman.

When she got married, she brought a dowry of 50 million yuan with her, providing a good starting point for Wang Jiawen.

After hearing the question, Mengmengs small lips became warped as she said, “I, I was born in San Diego and just came back… a few days ago.

I came to see my PaPa.”

“San Diego” Wang Jiawen was a bit surprised.

It seemed that Mr.

Zhang and his family had a story.

He knew San Diego very well and had been there twice.

San Diego was a very beautiful city.

It was located on the Pacific coast and was a city of California in North America.

It was famous for its warm climate and rich beaches.

Although it was not as famous as New York and Washington in the world, it was popular with many rich people from North America and other countries.

“Ah, Mengmeng was born in North America.

Your English must be very good.” Su Yus eyes lit up and she was more impressed with Mengmeng.

As a parent, she wanted her daughter to make some educated friends instead of some particularly naughty children.

“Its okay.” Mengmeng chuckled and said.

“Yihan, why dont you and Mengmeng say a few words in English so that your good friend can evaluate your pronunciation” Su Yu said and laughed.

“Sure.” Wang Yihan also was not shy at all.

She looked at Mengmeng excitedly and said, “Hello.”


So the two little guys chatted in English.

However…at the beginning of the greeting, Wang Yihan was able to cope with it.

But, as they continued speaking, Yihan was stunned by Mengmengs immature but clear English.

“Enough, Oh, I cant.

Heh heh heh.” Wang Yihan glanced at Su Yu childishly and then said to Mengmeng, “Mengmeng, you are so good, you can speak English so well.”

“Hehehe, you are also good,” Mengmeng answered happily.

As they chatted, Wang Jiawen was busy thinking.

From Mengmengs words, he imagined a series of images.

Mengmeng was born in San Diego and was less than four years old.

That was nearly five years ago.

She and her mother went back to Hong Kong to find Mr.


Did they split up Did their relationship fall apart Was it caused by a feud between the rich and powerful It seemed that Mr.

Zhang had an impressive background.

He was not a simple person!

After a burst of paranoia, he also couldnt figure it out.

He just roughly felt and imagined some things.

Wang Jiawen smiled and shook his head, throwing these thoughts out of his mind.

He raised Zhang Hans status a lot in his heart.

On the other side, Zhao Feng sat alone at the dining table.

After he thought for a moment, he opened Liang Mengqis Wechat and cleared his voice, then said with gentle voice,

“Ahem, Mengqi, when will you be arriving The boss made four chickens for dinner tonight.

Well have a feast.”

After he sent the message, Zhao Feng stared at the mobile phone screen and waited.

One minute, two minutes…

Five minutes later, Liang Mengqi replied with a voice message,

“Hee hee, there is meat.

We are on our way.

We will be there in about ten minutes.”

“OK, then Ill wait for you.

Er…Mengqi, your voice is very sweet,” Zhao Feng smiled and said.

There was no trouble at the moment, so Zhao Fengs body and mind were completely relaxed.

He was not a cold person at all, and he had been considering when to pursue Liang Mengqi.

“What Do you mean my usual voice is not sweet”

After hearing this sentence, Zhao Fengs expression turned stiff.

He quickly replied, “No, no, your voice is sweet at ordinary times.

I like to…listen.”

“Who cares!”

This time Liang Mengqi replied with a text, and there was an emoji of disdain at the end.

Zhao Feng smiled and shook his head.

He felt that his spring was coming, but it was unclear whether he was Liang Mengqis type or not.

While Zhang Han was preparing dinner, at the headquarters of Tang Zhans company in the Southern District of Hong Kong.

Lao Biao, Meng Wu, and two other people with some status were standing in the conference room.

They had already taken over half of the fixed assets of Tang Zhan.

“Tonight!” Lao Biao looked at hundreds of people in the audience and said with a loud voice.

“The whole Southern District is ours! Everyone present here is also an elder who fought with us.

I will guarantee your prosperity in the future! Money! Status! Beautiful women! Not one of these shall be missing!”




The audience cheered in succession.

This feeling was like a being at a party.


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