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Chapter 203 Hate Themselves for Not Having a Baby

“Someone will assign you tasks later.” Lao Biao said loudly, “Kuang Qi of Liunan Road, Xu Yong of Shadong Road and Yue Di of Anhang District are our current targets.

Next is Gu Chen of Liuhu District.

After defeating him, well have reached our final stop, New Moon Bay.”

At this point, Meng Wu, who was standing on the side, laughed and said, “Everyone will be busy tonight.

Perhaps the hands of the people who havent fought for a long time are about to get rusty, right Everybody can enjoy a feast later, but no one is allowed to drink wine! Dont blame me for being rude if I find a person who dares to drink!”

“Of course!” The bald man next to Meng Wu clapped his hands and said, “We shouldnt drink tonight, because we will drink at the celebration dinner tomorrow morning!”

While he was speaking, a man ran into from the side entrance in a hurry and came to these people, saying with short breathes,

“Eldest brother, Ive got news that Kuang Qi obtained a batch of weapons and his men are waiting in his mansion.

Im afraid that he wants to compete with us.

Yue Di, according to his concubine, seems to be ready to run away, while Xu Yong has taken a large number of people to find Gu Chen.

If the two of them enter into an alliance with each other, theyll be much stronger.”

“Oh” Lao Biao gave out a meaningful smile and said, “Even if the King of Hell comes today, he wont be able to change reality.

They will all be rooted out!”

Although they were going to root these people out, they did not intend to create as much trouble as the events related to Tang Zhans mansion, for they would not back off completely.

Their main purpose was to unite the territory while subduing the other rebel leaders and wounding their key members.

As long as the incident was not very serious, it would be easy to cover up.

Moreover, Lao Biao also left room to manoeuvre, which bore comparison with all the forces in the Southern District!

Not to mention the current preparations for war here.

On the other side, in Zhang Hans restaurant.

Zhang Han had already started making cola chicken wings.

Cola chicken wings was a delicacy made with chicken wings and coke as its main ingredients, along with cooking wine, shallots, ginger, soy sauce, salt, and chicken broth as seasonings.

Cola chicken wings featured a fresh flavor, bright color, tender and smooth texture, and a moderately salty yet sweet taste.

Some of the diners said that cola chicken wings made from Pepsi would be sweeter, while the ones made from Coca-Cola would be moderately sweet.

Zhang Han blanched the chicken wings with water for two minutes to remove the impurities.

He poured off the water, added some oil, then put the chicken wings in the pot.

After frying them for one minute, he poured a tin of cola, added some ginger slices, some shallots with some dark soy sauce, and soy sauce, into the boiling water.

Then he reduced the heat to simmer.

Although the chicken wings were made from local chickens, they were relatively easy to cook.

After boiling for ten minutes or so, the soup became thicker.

At this moment, he opened the lid and added a little heaven fragrance powder.

After stir-frying a few times, the delicious dish cola chicken wings had finished cooking.

Cola chicken wings was the last dish cooked by Zhang Han.

He had already finished cooking the braised eggplant and cucumber with garlic sauce.

After the meal was ready, Zhao Feng prepared a large portion of each cuisine and brought them to the round table.

The moment Liang Mengqi saw it, she was under the illusion that Zhao Feng was a real waiter here.

Anyway, it was good for him to leave the chaotic underground force.

When they were about to eat, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu were a little embarrassed again.

Since the host said nothing, they were too embarrassed to take the initiative to eat! Besides, there was a rule in the restaurant that only one person could use one membership card.

So, if they wanted to enjoy the dishes, they would have to line up outside.

These two adults, one of whom was the son of the former minister, a veritable offspring of Chinas elite, while the other was a rich mans daughter, who was basically a rich second generation.

However, they were very restless and uneasy at this time in this restaurant that was only a little more than 100 square meters.

If they told their friends, most of their friends would probably be shocked.

But, thanks to Wang Yihan, the chubby little girl, who already got acquainted with Mengmeng, they actually gained some advantages.

Upon realizing that the dinner was ready, Mengmeng climbed down from the sofa.

When she saw that Wang Jiawen and Su Yu had not moved, she was surprised and then looked at Zhang Han and asked in a childish tone,

“PaPa, um… Well, can Yihans PaPa and MaMa have dinner with us”

“Of course.” Seeing Mengmengs big shining eyes, Zhang Han directly nodded, giving his consent.

After he finished speaking, she looked at Wang Jiawen and said with a smile, “Come over and eat together with us.”

“Oh, oh, oh, okay, thank you.”

Wang Jiawen felt vaguely flattered at this point and quickly stood up to thank him.

Although he only came here twice, Wang Jiawen was also influenced subliminally and realized during this short period of time that it was high-profile to eat at that round table.

In fact, he felt more excited at this moment than when he had been received by the big boss in a Michelin star restaurant last time.

Moreover, the envious gazes of those non-members reminded him that eating at the round table was a great honor.

More importantly… they could enjoy the delicious food cooked by the boss! Even though they did not have membership cards, they had access to the delicacies on account of their daughter, who had good relations with the little princess of the restaurant.

They… only hated themselves for not having children!

What was more interesting was that the couple, who were eating at the outermost table, looked at each other.

They had not wanted to have children, but now they had a desire to have children.

They could not afford the membership cards, but they could afford the expense of giving birth to a child!

It, however, was only a thought.

Although it was easy to give birth to kids, they would be raised in rich or poor environment.

Since they were preparing to raise their baby in a rich environment, they planned to struggle for two more years to save some money!

As Wang Jiawen sat at the dining table, preparing to eat, he hesitated, then looked at Zhang Han and said,

“Do you like drinking, Mr.


“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded.

Zhang Han used to like to drink red wine, and he had often sampled Remy Martin or Lafite wherever he went.

But during the five-years when he was at the lowest moment of his life, Zhang Han liked Chinese spirits rather than red wine, because it was more intoxicating.

Later, after he entered the Cultivation World and tasted nectar, he realized that it was real wine.

“I also like drinking, but Im a moderate drinker.” Wang Jiawen picked up a piece of chicken and said with a smile, “I have two bottles of collectors edition Lafite, which was produced in 1982.

Ill bring them here and have a drink with Mr.

Zhang next time.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han agreed with a grunt and said casually, “I have some beer here.

Would you like some”

“Okay! Lets have a drink.” Wang Jiawens eyes lit up.

Generally speaking, people would not engage in an energetic conversation if they ate in a formal manner.

However, after drinking wine, people were likely to talk more freely, which was the principle for opening up at the table.

It was as if businessmen needed to “talk about their feelings” at the table first if they wanted to handle affairs or seek cooperation.

Once they had a very interesting chat, the rest of the business would go smoothly.

A news station once said that a person without academic qualifications would still be valued by the senior management of the company if he had a great capacity for liquor, which would directly raise his status.

He just played the role of toasting and fending off wine at the wine table.

Again, although wine was good, everyone should drink moderately, because drinking too much was bad for their health.

Zhang Han went to the refrigerator in the kitchen and took out four cans of beer.

After seeing his movement, Zhao Feng could not help looking at Liang Mengqi, then he asked, “Mengqi, would you like some beer”

“No, thanks.” Liang Mengqi shook her head.

“She doesnt want to drink, but I would like to.

Zhao Feng, please ask the boss if we can also drink some wine.” Yu Qingqing said while eating the meat.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded, got up and quickly walked over to Zhang Han, then asked, “Boss, can we have some wine”


Zhao Feng smiled and took out two cans of beer from the refrigerator.

After Zhang Han returned to the dining table, Wang Jiawen picked his tableware up directly, glanced at Su Yu with a smile, and said, “Ill go have a drink with Mr.


“Go ahead, you greedy pig.” Su Yan gave him an angry stare.

Wang Jiawen walked over to the chair on Zhang Hans right, took the beer after sitting down, then quickly opened one and handed it to Zhang Han to show respect.

After which, he opened another one for himself, clinked glasses with Zhang Han, and said,


Zhang, thank you for your hospitality.”

His words amused Zhang Han.

The dinner was originally prepared for Mengmeng, so why would he entertain them

But he just let him self-satisfied.

Zhang Han chuckled and took a swallow with him.

“The dishes made by Mr.

Zhang are really beyond description.

They definitely taste great” Wang Jiawen gave a thumbs-up sign while speaking, then said with a smile, “Ive tasted the dishes cooked by Wang Long several times.

At that time, I thought it was already the peak of cooking, but now I find that theres always someone who is better!”

“Uh-huh, my PaPa is the best.” Mengmeng eventually finished eating a chicken wing and took time to speak.

She was proud every time someone praised her PaPa.

“Mengmeng, eat quickly, the chicken wings are so delicious.” Wang Yihan intimately picked up a chicken wing and handed it to Mengmeng.

The moment he saw it, Wang Jiawen could not help laughing.

The dinner ended with a happy atmosphere.

After dinner, Zhao Feng cleaned up the restaurant and prepared to leave.

Today he had rented an apartment, which was in a high-rise building in the neighborhood not far from the restaurant, so it was very convenient for him to make the round trip.

As for Wang Yihan, she stayed in the restaurant with Mengmeng until nearly ten oclock.

After realizing that her in-laws were a little sleepy, Su Yu looked at Wang Yihan helplessly and said, “Yihan, were going home.

How about visiting Mengmeng next time”

“No.” Wang Yihan replied, without turning around.

Wang Jiawens expression slightly stiffened.

“Yihan, your grandparents are sleepy.

Lets stop playing today, ok Otherwise, your grandparents wont bring you next time.” Wang Jiawen smiled and said, without a trace of doubt in his eyes.

“Hum! I havent enjoyed myself, distasteful daddy!” Wang Yihans arms were clasped together, looking very angry.

Mengmeng pouted nearby and was afraid that they would not bring Wang Yihan here, so she thought for a while, then said with much reluctance,

“Well, Yihan, you should go ahead, or you wont be able to come next time.”

“No, if they dont bring me here, Ill come by myself!” Wang Yihan said unequivocally.

Seeing her lovely movement, Wang Jiawen wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

He, however, still lowered his voice and said with majesty as a father, “Wang Yihan, are you being disobedient”

As soon as he became serious, Wang Yihan had a clever idea! She compressed her mouth, wrinkled her face and was going to cry.


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