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Chapter 204 The Action Starts Blustery

Su Yu coaxed her in a hurry, trying every possible way.

After over ten minutes, she persuaded Wang Yihan into waving goodbye to Mengmeng with reluctance.

“Mengmeng, I have to leave now.

Ill come to see you next time.”

“Uh-huh, next time Ill take you to play with Big Heihei and Little Heihei.

My PaPa built a paradise for me,” Mengmeng said with a chuckle.

“Really Then I will come early tomorrow.” Wang Yihans eyes brightened.

After she finished speaking, Wang Jiawen, who was shaking his head with a smile, picked her up and left.

He had a full schedule tomorrow, so how would he have time to bring her here to play

After they left, Mengmeng also felt tired.

She stood on the sofa and stretched out her small arms towards Zhang Han,

“PaPa, I want to sleep.”

“Here I come.” Zhang Han smiled and reached out his arms to hold Mengmeng, then went upstairs to the bedroom.

After he changed Mengmeng into a comfortable nightgown, the little princess crawled into bed and muttered, “Come on, PaPa, tell Mengmeng a story.”

Zhang Han took off his clothes, only wearing a pair of boxer shorts, and went to bed, while Mengmeng moved and thrust herself into Zhang Hans arms.

She had not realized how comfortable it was to nestle her head in fathers strong arm until she met her PaPa.

It was much better than sleeping in a small bed by herself.

“Where did I stop last time I see.

I spoke of the dwarf king.

The story says that the dwarf king was very fond of gold, silver, and jewelry.

He once…”

Zhang Han began to tell stories that Mengmeng had not heard before.

After listening for a few minutes, the little princess fell asleep, pouting.

Seeing her sleeping posture, Zhang Han lowered his head, kissed Mengmengs little face gently, then he laid down and closed his eyes.

If an adult tossed and turned or kicked with their legs while sleeping, then it was not a good idea for a child to sleep in the same bed.

Zhang Han, however, did not have this habit because he could maintain the same posture until dawn.

When he was cultivating previously, there were times where he didnt move for several years!

Hong Kong at night was ablaze with lights that gave it a distinctive charm.

Hong Kong covered an area of 1,000 square kilometers and had a population of more than 7 million.

Its population density was among the top three in the world.

Due to the fast pace of life in this city, ordinary people lived under great pressure.

After a days work, they were exhausted both physically and mentally.

Only at night did they get some time for recreation.

The city was still very bustling at eleven oclock in the evening.

But at this time, in the Southern District of the south island, a series of events were occurring.

At this moment, there were dozens of people standing in Kuang Qis residence, which was located in the villa area of the Liunan Road.

They were all ready for a big battle tonight.

Kuang Qi was a malicious person who completely turned up his nose at Lao Biao and his associates.

He expected them to gang up on him, so he wanted to force them to fight with him directly.

So, he was ready for battle.

As long as they dared to come, he dared to fight.

It depended on whether they dared to try and cause trouble!

Did they dare

Kuang Qi was highly disdainful towards them.

The troublesome situation with Tang Zhan had not ended and there were still repercussions.

He believed that even if he gave Lao Biao and his men more courage, they still wouldnt dare to cause a scene as grand as the situation that occurred at Tang Zhans mansion!

So, after waiting for a few hours without them taking action, Kuang Qi believed Lao Biao had already given up.

But, something changed at eleven oclock.


In front of the door, a few sirens suddenly rang out.

This scared everyone because they all knew that there was a lot of contraband in this villa!

Under the gazes of everyone in the courtyard, a dozen or so people got out of several police cars and stormed in with vigorous strides.

They were lead by a thin, grim-faced man.

However, it was their powerful aura that slightly frightened the people inside.

After all, mice were naturally afraid of cats.

But a few people were not scared and just frowned at these people.

“What are you doing Are you rioting” The grim-faced man who took the lead asked loudly.

“What do you mean by rioting” A man in his 30s moved out of the crowd and stepped forward, then sneered and said, “Were having a party here.

Whats wrong with that Its none of your business anyway!”

“Well, youd better just have a party! Get out of my way!”

“Why should we get out” The man stared at him and said, “What do you want to do My eldest brother is currently in a meeting and doesnt have time!”

As soon as this remark was made, a cold glint flashed in the grim-faced mans eyes.

He immediately took out a dark gun from the lower back of his waist with his right hand and pointed it at the mans forehead without saying anything.

“Do you dare to shoot” The man appeared to be tough outwardly, but he was somewhat timid inwardly.

But the next moment! Bang!

The grim-faced man shot him directly in the head, then coldly said, “Dont waste my time with your nonsense!”

After he finished speaking, he continued moving forward to go inside.

Everyone took two steps back and made a path for the officer since he dared to pull the trigger.

After opening the door and entering the hall, he found a group of seven or eight people, with Kuang Qi smoking a cigarette on the sofa.

When he saw the police officers enter, he arched his eyebrows.

“Ha ha.” Kuang Qi sneered, then stood up, took a few steps forward, and said, “What are you doing here Who gave you permission to come here Youre trespassing on private property.

Do you have a search warrant”

“Oh.” The grim-faced man grinned and raised his right hand!

Bang, bang!

Two shots were fired on Kuang Qis leg.

He sneered and said, “Sorry, this is the search warrant!”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at the group of people with coldness and shouted, “Take these suspects away!”

As the words fell, others came forward in succession to march them out of the house under the watchful eyes of the public.

After getting in the police car, Kuang Qi, who was suffering from agonizing pain, was astonished when he saw these people taking off their uniforms.

His heart completely sank and turned cold after he saw them changed the cars carrying them into Gold Cup cars after they drove for a period of time.

“You… are not policemen, arent you afraid of being discovered” Kuang Qi quavered.

He had not expected that Lao Biao dared to perpetrate such a horrible crime.

Judging from the level of the current monitoring facilities, they would be discovered within a few minutes!

The grim-faced man, however, sneered and replied with a hint of disdain,

“Of course were afraid, but… the monitoring facilities on this section of the road seem to be broken!”

Hearing his words, Kuang Qi went deathly pale!

On the other side, in the Anxing District, Yue Di disguised himself and left secretly from the back door of the neighborhood.

He got into an inconspicuous black Volkswagen which had been prepared and hastily drove it to Hong Kong International Airport.

However, on arriving in the suburb, a drone suddenly overtook him from behind.

More than a dozen sportscars intercepted Yue Dis car.

“Yue Di, come with us!” A long-faced man got out of the car and sneered.

Yue Dis face changed greatly as he asked, “Arent you… one of Ye Hans men”

The two subordinates of Tang Zhan who once held power were both captured with ease.

Their last target was Gu Chens area.

At one oclock in the morning.

Fights took place in many bars under Gu Chens supervision.

Although there were no deaths, the bars had been destroyed indiscriminately and many of Gu Chens subordinates had been sent to the hospital.

Compared with the other two targets, he was a hard nut to crack, which made him their prime target.

The battle lasted for two hours, which reduced Gu Chens safe area.

Even though he joined together with Xu Yong, he was being completely squashed.

“Brother Chen, what should we do now I just received news that Lao Biao and his associates have brought a large number of people here,” Xu Yong said apprehensively while standing in Gu Chens residence.

Joining Gu Chen was his only hope, so he was willing to become his subordinate.

However, he never expected that even Gu Chen would fail to stop Lao Biao and his men.

“Ah…” Gu Chen sighed deeply and said helplessly, “Its no use crying over spilled milk.

We only have one option left.”

“What” Xu Yong said doubtfully.

“Lets go to New Moon Bay!” Gu Chen said in a low voice, “If we join Ah Hu and his group then we may still have a chance.”

“Theres no other choice,” Xu Yong said, then sighed.

They left immediately and took their men to New Moon Bay to meet Ah Hu and the others at the Feng Ming Nightclub.

Ah Hu and his men were still up because they knew tonight was going to be of great significance.

Once Gu Chen failed to stop them, their next target would be Ah Hu and his companions in New Moon Bay.

However, after gathering together, there were hundreds of people in the lobby on the first floor of the Feng Ming Nightclub, which reassured many people.

Time passed slowly and it was already five oclock in the morning.

More than 20 Gold Cup cars drove up to the door just before dawn.

They were here!

All the people in the hall were shocked! Under their gazes, Lao Biao, Meng Wu, and five other people got out of the cars and entered as if no one else was there!

What were they going to do

People were a little astonished.

Perhaps they thought that these few men could win against the nearly one hundred people in the hall

However, Lao Biao and his associates showed no signs of being afraid.

After they entered the hall, everyone made way for them, allowing these seven people to have unimpeded access to Gu Chen and his companions.

“Gu Chen, is this your last line of defense I thought you still had one last move, but… youve let me down,” Lao Biao said with a sneer.

“Let you down” Gu Chen laughed scornfully and said, “Why dont you fight with us directly”

“No, no, no.” Meng Wu shook his head repeatedly and said, “Were not stupid.

Everyone will suffer if we start fighting with hundreds of people.

So, Ill give you two choices: The first choice is to surrender! If you surrender…”

“Skip it and tell me the next choice!” Gu Chen interrupted him while wrinkling his brows.

The first choice was definitely not an option.

Since they were rival groups, surrendering just meant giving up their only chance to fight back.

At this time, Lao Biao clapped his hands and laughed, then said, “Then Ill tell you the second choice—A ten people fight! Its five oclock now, so Ill give you two hours.

Well have a ten people fight on Mount Wannan at seven oclock.

If you win, I wont set a foot into New Moon Bay.

If you lose, you have to get out of here!”

“Okay!” Gu Chens pupil shrank, then he said, “Well arrive on time, at seven oclock!”

“Ha ha, great.

Ill wait for you.

I hope you can show me something impressive.

Dont bring out some weak people.” Lao Biao laughed with disdain and turned to take the lead as he left.

After they left, Ah Hu, Xu Yong, and the other five people had dirty looks on their faces.

One of them said, “Brother Chen, we… dont have enough fighters!”


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