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Chapter 205 Ask Elder Brother Feng to Come!

A ten people fight was a battle between two groups of people who wanted to fight against their respective opponents.

Each group sent ten men to join in a free-for-all battle.

In general, the two rival parties were both overwhelmed with great strength.

They knew that once so many people started fighting and caused a major event, it would be hard for them to put a stop to it.

Therefore, three people fights, five people fights, and ten people fights gradually appeared.

Among them, ten people fights had the greatest degree of difficulty.

Firstly, it was difficult to find ten very powerful experts.

Secondly, although they did not use any weapons during the battle, accidents would always occur, and their lives could not be guaranteed at all.

Since Lao Biao and his associates dared to have a ten people fight, they must have prepared ten masters and have buckets of confidence.

However, it was impossible for Gu Chen to find enough skilled masters.

“We cant give up.

Count me in.” Gu Chen said in a low voice.

It had already been decided, so all they could do was fight.

At this point, Gu Chen knew that he had to step forward.

“Count me in, too.” Ah Hu said while frowning.

“Count me in.” Xu Yong took a deep breath.

Several awesome people all stepped forward in just a few minutes, a total of six people, but they were still four people short.

“Were four people short.

What should we do” Xu Yong said, secretly gritting his teeth.

After hearing his words, Gu Chen slightly frowned.

After thinking for a while, he stepped towards one of his men.

“Ah Lang, can you join us” Gu Chen asked.

Ah Lang was 1.85 meters tall and weighed nearly two hundred kilograms.

He had good physical quality and was good at fighting.

Gu Chen had not wanted to ask him directly and make things difficult for him, but he did not have a choice.

Ah Lang looked uncertain and his body trembled slightly with a mixture of feelings as he bitterly said, “Im sorry, Elder Brother Chen.

I really cant join in the ten people fight.

My girlfriend just accepted my proposal.

If Im involved in this battle, even if I dont die I will probably end up injured.

I definitely cant do that.

Im sorry, Elder Brother Chen…”

Ah Lang bowed his head while speaking, He was so ashamed that his eyes reddened.

But at this time, everyone understood him.

These kinds of fights were not easy at all!

“Its okay, its okay.” Gu Chen smiled gently, then patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Youre going to have a wife soon.

Thats great.

Perhaps I can attend your wedding.

Dont feel guilty.”

After that, Gu Chens eyes traveled over the nearly 100 people there, but they all bowed their heads and did not dare to look at him.


Gu Chen sighed inwardly, with a vague feeling that they had already lost.

“Count me in!”

A loud voice sounded out all of a sudden.

From the back of the crowd, a man came forward… he was 1.7 meters tall and weighed 120 kilograms.

He was so anxious that traces of cold sweat could still be seen on his forehead.

Obviously, a desperate struggle had gone on within him.

“Elder Brother Chen, you saved my life.

Count me in for this fight!” The man was patting his chest while talking.

“You” Gu Chen shook his head helplessly and said, “Forget it.

Youre not suited for these kinds of battles.

Just go back.”

He could knock down the man in front of him with one blow, so it was meaningless for him to join.

“I! Elder Brother Chen, believe me.

I can do it!” The man said loudly.

“All right, you should go back! Dont be impulsive!” Xu Yong came over and reprimanded him with a slightly relaxed look on his face.

He looked at Gu Chen and said, “Elder Brother Chen, I just remembered that Im acquainted with three brilliant fishermen who are not inferior to me.

I will ask if they can help!”

“Oh Great.

We just need one more!” Gu Chens eyes brightened.

Since those men were not inferior to Xu Yong in ability, they must be masters!

Ah Hu came over at this moment and said slowly, “Elder Brother Chen, I have a suggestion for the last person.

Why dont we… ask Elder Brother Feng to come help us”

Zhao Feng!

Once these two words were spoken, the whole hall became quiet!

They still remembered that Zhao Feng had knocked Kuang Xingtian down with one move.

He was the most awesome fighter among everyone here! If Zhao Feng joined, the odds would be in their favor!

“Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng!” Gu Chen bowed his head and paused, then hesitantly said, “But he has retired! If we ask him to come out and help us, he will get into trouble again.

Its a little…”

“We brothers can see him through if he gets into trouble!” Ah Hu said with excitement.

He had been hoping for Zhao Feng to lead them, so he really wanted to ask Zhao Feng to come out at this point.

Even if this would cause Elder Brother Feng to be in trouble in the future, he would firmly follow him.

“Erm…” Gu Chen still hesitated.

He completely understood Zhao Fengs retirement.

Now that he had retired, others would take their unlimited moves for granted if he reappeared.

Besides, his peaceful life would be broken.

However, if Zhao Feng joined in this battle, Gu Chen was almost sure to win, which tempted him!

“Elder Brother Chen, dont hesitate.

So what if we drag Elder Brother Feng into the mire We will definitely rise abruptly after developing steadily for a period of time if we get through this difficulty.

We can give Elder Brother Feng whatever life he wants at that point.

Wont it be better if we can import goods”

Xu Yong was a little impatient.

He glanced at the clock and realized that it was already six oclock, so they did not have time to hesitate.

He looked at Ah Hu and said, “Call Elder Brother Feng! Ask him what he wants to do.”

“Okay!” Ah Hus lips curved in a barely perceptible smile.

He took out his mobile phone in a hurry, then dialed Zhao Fengs number and put him on speakerphone.

After which, the phone began to ring.

There was dead silence in the room at this time.

Everyone held their breath as a tense atmosphere covered the area!

They did not know whether Elder Brother Feng would agree…

Even Ah Hu was a little nervous, but it wasnt long before the phone call connected,

“Hey, Ah Hu, you got up early today.” Zhao Fengs voice came from the mobile phone.

“Elder Brother Feng!” Ah Hu said in somewhat trembling voice, “Lao Biao took action last night.

Everywhere except here was destroyed.

Now, Elder Brother Chen and Elder Brother Yong are in the nightclub with us.

Lao Biao and his associates were just here to give us a choice: a ten people fight.

Me, Elder Brother Chen, Elder Brother Yong, Elder Meng…”

“A ten people fight” Zhao Fengs heavy voice was heard.

“How did you and Elder Meng get involved Dont you two understand your own level”

Zhao Feng was obviously reprimanding them when he said the second sentence, as if to say that the two of them were boasting and had no idea of their limitations.

“Were unable to find a way out.

Were short on hands and only managed to gather nine people.

Elder Brother Feng, I…” Ah Hu could not continue.

But Zhao Feng clearly knew what he meant.

Zhao Feng became silent.

At this moment, the hearts of nearly 100 people on the scene gradually began to beat faster.

They all knew he would make a decision in the next moment!

Finally, Zhao Fengs voices crackled over the telephone line after five seconds,

“I need to ask my boss, so please wait for me.”

The instance he finished speaking, Zhao Feng hung up the phone.

He frowned and thought for a while, then put on his coat and hurried out from the main residence.

It took him a few minutes to reach the restaurant.

After entering, Zhao Feng whispered, “Master, are you awake Master, are you here”

“Hey Who is it” Mengmeng ran down the stairs at this point.

After catching sight of Zhao Feng, Mengmeng stretched out her small hands and waved, then said, “Why are you here so early”

“I got up early today, so I came here earlier.

Mengmeng got up early too,” Zhao Feng answered with a smile.

“Uh-huh, Mengmeng got up just now.

The sun was shining on my little bottom,” Mengmeng said while pouting, then she ran to the sofa to watch cartoons.

At this moment, Zhang Han came down from the second floor.

On seeing him, Zhao Feng quickly stepped forward to greet him and whispered,

“Er… erm… master, theres something I want to ask you about.”

“Whats the matter” Zhang Han said casually.

“Forever Harmony Association is in chaos, and my former men have encountered difficulties.

They need to win a battle but they are short one person…”

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Han interrupted, “Do you want to join them”

Hearing his words, Zhao Feng froze.

He failed to figure out Zhang Hans intentions from his expression.

So he eventually replied after thinking for a while, “Ill do what you say.”

Zhang Han stared him up and down, then chuckled and casually said, “Go if you want to.

Dont tell me about such trivial matters in the future.

As long as you arent doing something evil, you can do whatever you want.”

“Okay! Thank you, boss!” Zhao Fengs eyes brightened and he nodded repeatedly.


Zhao Feng turned to leave.

When he was about to exit, Zhang Han spoke indifferently and said,

“Youre my disciple, so you shouldnt have inhibitions when you handle matters.

Strike down your opponents and dont allow them to enter my sight.”

“I understand, master!” Zhao Feng picked himself up and nodded heavily, then got in his car to leave.

On the other side, on the first floor of the Feng Ming Nightclub, everyones worry gradually caused the air in the room to feel heavy.

“Its been 20 minutes and he hasnt called back yet.

Perhaps Elder Brother Feng wont come.” Xu Yong gave a wry smile.

He had not expected their last hope to be shattered.

“Ah…” Ah Hu sighed and said, “Elder Brother Feng has retired after all, so its normal that he wouldnt come.

Its already 6:30.

Brother Chen, its time for us to set out.”

“Yes, its time to go,” Gu Chen said in a low voice.

He would have a chance to win if Zhao Feng joined.

Thinking about fighting without Zhao Feng caused his heart to sink.

He realized it was very likely that he would be killed this time.

Just as they were about to set off, there was a great commotion outside!

“Elder Brother Feng!”

“He came, its Elder Brother Feng!”

“Thats so great, Elder Brother Feng!”

The crowd took a few steps back to both sides, making a 3-meter-wide path for him, as Zhao Feng walked into the room with a smile.

Gradually, the crowd all shouted three words,

“Elder Brother Feng!”

He… had come!

Gu Chen breathed a sigh of relief, then looked at Zhao Feng and grinned.

Ah Hu, Xu Yong, Elder Meng, and some others laughed heartily.


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