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Chapter 210 Gu Chens Decision


Dahei let out a disdainful cry.

He stretched its arm and gave them the thumbs down, showing its contempt.

“The group of people is more cowardly than the previous ones, who at least had the guts to take out their weapon and fight with me.”

If Xia Shanhao were able to read Daheis mind, they would not know whether to laugh or cry.

Guts What was it Could they eat it Seeing so many people lying on the ground, they would be **ing stupid if they did not run!


Seeing them running fast, Dahei thought it was funny and burst into laughter.


“We won!”


Gu Chen and his fellows laughed, cheered, or hugged each other in twos or threes.

In a word, they all gave vent to the joy of victory at this moment.

“Brothers, lets go back and celebrate!” Xu Yong raised his arm and cried.

“Okay!” Many people roared with laughter.

Gu Chen patted Zhao Fengs arm and said with a smile, “Zhao Feng, lets have a good drink later.”

“Sorry, I cant.” Zhao Feng shook his head.

He looked at Dahei and pouted his lip, saying, “I have to send him back first.”

“Invite the gallant man to have a drink with us!” Gu Chen suggested with some doubts.

Zhao Feng still shook his head and said, “My boss asked me to send him back, so he cant go, either.”

At the same time, he thought, “Let Dahei drink Come on, if its drunk, it will be uncontrollable!”

He had seen the drunken gorilla go crazy, which was terrifying.

“Brother Feng, you can send him back and then come to our party.

Is that Okay” Ah Hu spoke.

“I have no time during the day.”

“What about tonight” Xu Yong said, “If youre not available, then I can change the time to tonight.

We stayed up all night and can have a rest during the day.

The celebration party is meaningless without you, our big hero.”

“Hrm…” Zhao Feng felt that it was hard to turn down their warm-hearted invitation.

Pondering for a while, he said, “If everything is fine, I will be free after nine oclock.”

“Then the party will start at 10 oclock.” Gu Chen said without hesitation.

He raised his hand, waved, and shouted.

“Well go back to sleep now.

10 oclock tonight.

Come to celebrate todays victory.”


No matter what the big brother said, his minions only needed to say yes.

“Then Im going back.” Zhao Feng nodded and walked toward Dahei.

Ah Hu waved his hand and cried, “Brother Feng, I will wait for you all night! Brother Feng, come back to be our big brother and we all want to follow you!”

“Right, Brother Feng, if you cant join the gang, then start a company and we can work for you! Come back!” Elder Meng raised his hand and cried.

Although he has good relations with Gu Chen and Xu Yong, Zhao Feng was the only big brother in his heart.

Aside from Elder Meng, the other fellows shared the same thought with Ah Hu.

From this point, it could tell that Zhao Feng had great character.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng stopped.

A trace of complication flashed through his eyes, but he continued to move forward without looking back.

However, when Zhao Feng stood in front of Dahei, Dahei did not give face to him and pushed him away, which caused the latter to stagger back a step.

Zhao Feng stared at Dahei with a confused look and asked in a guiltless tone, “Whats the matter”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh! Ow! Ooh, ooh!”

Dahei made a few gestures.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng finally understood what it meant.

It turned out that Dahei had not enjoyed itself in this fight and blamed him for it.

“Those people you found are too unreliable! I only hit them twice and they ran.

Whats this Theyre much weaker than these people I fought last time.

At least, they knew their limits and still fought against me for two minutes.

“Well, lets go first.

Lets go first.” Zhao Feng gave a wry smile and thought, “They made a good choice.

If I met such a powerful figure, I would run like them.

Otherwise, I would be considered stupid.” However, now, he got to know how to deal with Dahei.

Hence he said with a smile, “Dahei, youve made a great contribution.

Master will reward you.

As for the fowl on the mountain, you can eat whatever you like today.”

Zhao Feng said while observing Daheis expressions.

He did not expect that the hunk actually snorted scornfully.

“We eat it every day.

Do we need you to remind us”

Dahei gave Zhao Feng another push and made him stumble.

Upon seeing this, Gu Chen and the other fellows were shocked.

“How… can he treat our Brother Feng like bullying children”

Zhao Feng also looked a little embarrassed and quickened his pace.

He walked to his car, opened the rear door and then hurried to the drivers seat.


Dahei got into the car and let out two cries.

It sounded that it was satisfied with the car.

“Its comfortable to sit in this car.

Our hosts broken car is terrible.

I have to lower my head in his car! I dont like it.”

Seeing Zhao Feng driving away, Gu Chen and his fellows also got in cars and left.

Gu Chen was sitting in a car with Xu Yong.

Xu Yong looked somewhat excited, while Gu Chen frowned slightly.

“Brother Chen, Lao Biao and Meng Wu are badly injured.

They might stay in hospital for a period of time.

This fight has scared the hell out of them, but our people are uninjured, so how about fighting back to occupy the entire Southern District now We cant miss this opportunity!” Xu Yong said excitedly.

“Although Lao Biao and Meng Wu fell, they had some trusted followers.

Many hands provided great strength.

With you and me, we have to make a good plan before taking action,” Gu Chen said slowly.

“Why did you say only two of us Dont we have Ah Hu and the other brothers” Xu Yong was stunned.

“It will be easier for us to achieve our goal with their help, but youve already heard what Ah Hu and his fellows said, theyre loyal to Zhao Feng.

Now Zhao Fengs attitude is not clear and its hard to persuade him to agree to our plan.” Gu Chen shook his head.

He was clear that if Zhao Feng came back, Ah Hu and his fellows would follow him.

After all, they were originally Zhao Fengs people.

However, he felt that Zhao Feng would not return to their underground forces since he had said he wanted to retire, which was also the reason why Gu Chen hesitated, debating whether to talk to Ah Hu and the others about their plan.

“If Ah Hu and the rest really persuaded Brother Feng to change his mind, what shall we do” Xu Yong asked hesitantly.

“What do you mean” Gu Chen replied with a confused look.

“Who will be the big brother”

“Haha.” Gu Chen laughed, shook his head and said, “Is there any need to think about it If he really comes back, he will be the big brother.

If so, we can occupy the Southern District and hold it firmly! And Ill be much more powerful than being Tang Zhans minions, even if I am not the big brother.”

“Phew…” Xu Yong breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Youre right.

I was worried that you would compete for it with Brother Feng.”

“Compete” Gu Chen did not know whether to laugh and cry and responded.

“Even if I want to compete for it, what qualifications do I have to do that With the help of the hunk, who dare challenge him Besides, even if he doesnt have this helper, I wont compete with him because he had great character and wont treat anyone unfairly.”

“I think so.” Xu Yong nodded his agreement.

Then he paused and said with a wry smile, “Were getting off the track.

Brother Feng will hardly come back.”

“Well, Ill ask Ah Hu what they think later.” Gu Chen said with a chuckle.

Back to the Feng Ming Nightclub, everyone went to rest in their room.

Gu Chen walked into his room and asked someone to call Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and the other five members over here.

When they came into his room, Ah Hu asked, “Whats the matter, Brother Chen”

“Ah Hu, I want to ask you something.” Gu Chen said frankly, “Would you like to fight for control of the Southern District with me The army is defeated, like a mountain collapsing.

Now that Lao Biao was defeated, his gang lost its pillar.

We can gain control of Southern District and then you will be a well-known figure!”

The eyes of Ah Hu and the rest lit up as they heard it.

Being a well-known figure and enjoying great wealth was their dream!

Noticing the subtle emotion on their faces, Gu Chen decided to incite them to help him, so he said in a deep voice,

“Youre the same with Xu Yong, not my minions but my brothers.

I wont interfere in your management or anything like.

Well stay the same as Zhao Feng and I did before.

You can rest assured for this point.

My character…”

“Brother Chen, I know.” Ah Hu nodded directly and said, “I trust you.

You saved me and Ive been grateful to you.

But… I want to know Brother Fengs decision tonight.”

“Me too.

Ask Brother Feng for advice tonight.”

“So do we.”

The seven people shared the same thoughts.

Upon seeing this, Ah Hu did not want to embarrass Gu Chen.

Hence he scratched his head and said, “Sorry, Brother Chen, Brother Feng is not here and we have no backbone and we cant make up our minds.”

“Well, thats fine.

I understand.

Then we can talk together after he comes tonight.” Gu Chen waved his hand with a smile.

Then the smile on his face dissipated and turned into a serious look as he said, “I want to tell you that if Zhao Feng can join us again, the leader…”

Gu Chen lengthened his voice.

When he saw Ah Hus surprised look, Gu Chen said word for word, “…is definitely him.”


“Brother Chen, are you serious” Ah Hus eyes lit up.

Zhao Feng became the leader and they were his trusted followers.

They had dreamed of it.

“There is absolutely no empty talk!” Gu Chen nodded with a solemn look.

“Brother Chen, youre good.

We know how to do it! Tonight, well have a good talk with Brother Feng!” Elder Meng laughed out.

“Hahaha.” Gu Chen waved his hands with a smile and said, “Well, you can go to have a rest.

Well have a good celebration tonight.”

“OK, Brother Chen.” Ah Hu nodded and led the other brother out of his room.

On the other side.

Zhao Feng sent Dahei back to New Moon Bay.

When he arrived at the restaurant, Zhao Feng caught the last chance for breakfast.

Zhao Feng sighed with emotion while having a delicious breakfast.

“I not only have a powerful helper but also an amazing cook master.

Now Im the disciple of the owner of the restaurant.

From now on, Ill taste more and more food, just…”

With this in mind, Zhao Feng felt a bit aggrieved.

After the meal, Zhao Feng cleaned up the restaurant and stealthily appeared in front of Zhang Han, whispering, “Master, Im so weak.

I havent fixed it and had to trouble you.”


Zhang Han directly nodded.

“That… Master, when shall I start practicing Dahei gave me a push today and made me stumble,” Zhao Feng said awkwardly.


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