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Chapter 212 1.32 Billion Yuan

“Hic! Oww…Hiccup!” Little Hei turned and ran away.

It still remembered its hosts words.

If a dog was not obedient, he would stew it.

Dahei also stopped.

It stared and scratched its head, “Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh”

“I wouldnt dare to move without my masters permission.

Its my masters order.” Zhao Feng explained with a wry smile.

“Ooh!” Hearing his words, Dahei curled his lips and washed his hands of the matter.

However, when he was about to leave, Dahei reached out and pushed Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng took seven steps back to the side, almost falling to the ground.

“Ha, ha…” After laughing contemptuously, Dahei turned around and walked back.

Zhao Feng turned back to the thunder yang tree with a fixed expression.

“What were they… just doing” Lin Xue asked fearfully.

“They were playing a joke on me.

Were on good terms and usually play around together,” said Zhao Feng, with as much composure as he could muster.

“Theyre really intelligent.” Lin Xue shook her head, then she stared meaningfully at the gold and said, “All the gold is pure, but its rare for an individual to have such a large amount of gold.”


“Let me inspect the antiques and diamonds.” Lin Xue took out some professional tools and began to test them.

About an hour later, Lin Xue stood up, paused for a moment, and then announced the results of her inspection.

“There are 32 antiques in total, of which 26 are genuine and 3 are imitations.

The remaining three, which I cannot authenticate, should be taken back and verified by a professional.

These all are real diamonds.”

“Oh, what is the estimated value” Zhao Feng asked, nodding his head.

“The turnover is about 1.3 billion yuan.

On account of the huge amount, I will have to consult my father.” As she spoke, Lin Xue took out her mobile phone.


Lin Xue took her phone and walked towards the sea of flowers at the front mountain.

She dialed her fathers number while admiring the beautiful flowers.

“Whats the matter, Xueer Im still in a meeting.

If theres nothing wrong, Ill call you back later,” Lins father said.

“Dad, theres a big deal,” Lin Xue answered directly.

“How much” Asked Lins father.

“It will probably exceed 1.3 billion yuan!”

“How much” Her fathers voice became louder.

1.3 billion yuan was quite a lot of money.

Her father was obviously startled when he heard the news all of a sudden.

In reality, his current assets were less than two billion yuan, so it was not easy to make such an expensive purchase because it would affect his current business plans.

However… Everything depended on interest.

If the profit margin was high, he would buy them, but he still needed to ask about the details on this batch of goods.

“The overall value exceeds 1.3 billion yuan.

It includes several tons of gold, a small box of diamonds, and 26 genuine antiques.

I cant identify the other three antiques, which are all bronze wares.

If they are real, then their value wont be low.” Lin Xue told him every last detail.

“So much…” Lins fathers eyes narrowed and he said, “Whose goods This is such a large amount! Were the goods acquired legally”

“I dont know.

Im at the place with the batch of goods and Ive only just finished inspecting them.

Why dont you bring some people to have a look If you buy this batch of goods, there will be a lot of benefits,” Lin Xue said in a low voice.

“Fine, Ill bring some people over there right now.

Where are you”

“Im in… paradise.”

“What” Lins father was a little confused.

“I dont know.

Give me a moment and Ill ask,” Lin Xue said with a smile.

After returning to the thunder yang tree and asking Zhao Feng, she told her father she was on Mount New Moon.

Having fixed the appointment time, Lin Xue hung up the phone.

About an hour later, her father bought seven or eight people and rechecked the goods.

Lin Xues assessment was completely correct.

The three bronze wares she could not identify were also authentic, and they were antiques of great influence, which made the appraisers excited.

“Ahem!” Lins father coughed softly, then looked at Zhao Feng and asked, “May I ask more about the origin of the goods”

“You dont need to know the origin.” Zhao Feng waved his hand and said bluntly, “I want to know if you can buy this batch of goods.”

“How much do you want for this batch of goods” After thinking for a moment, Lins father asked.

“Ive already spoken to someone about this batch of goods and know the value.

Just quote me a price.

I think we can make a deal directly,” Zhao Feng said heartily.

“Erm…” Lins father was lost in thought.

After pondering for two minutes with his eyebrows furrowed, he finally spat out a few words.

“For this batch of goods, 1.32 billion yuan.”

“Deal,” Zhao Feng said, then chuckled and nodded his head.

According to the people Zhao Feng spoke with, the treasure was expected to garner between 1.2 billion yuan and 1.35 billion yuan.

Zhao Feng was quite satisfied with selling it for 1.32 billion yuan.

After all, it was stolen.

Even he had not expected that Tang Zhan had so many assets.

“We can make a deal, but the contract needs to be dealt with differently than normal.” After thinking for a while, Lins father said, “I dont want to risk having this batch of goods being confiscated by the officials after we buy them.

Therefore, after the transaction is finished, we will sign a contract.

If this batch of goods doesnt have any problems within a month, the funds will be transferred to your account.

If there are any problems, then…”

“A month” Zhao Feng frowned slightly.

“One month isnt that long.

It will take us about three or four months to sell the goods.” Lin Xue added with a smile.

“One month is too long.

Half a month,” Zhao Feng said, after pondering for a moment.

His worry was understandable.

After all.

The origin of these treasures was unknown.

“Half a month…” Lins father thought about it, then nodded in agreement.

“Wait, I have one more condition.” Once they had finished the deal, Lin Xue quickly interrupted.

“Whats the condition” Asked Zhao Feng.

“I want a membership card for the restaurant.

Considering the 1.3-billion-yuan deal, can your boss give me a membership card” Lin Xue pursed her lips in a smile.

“A membership card…” Zhao Feng was a little speechless.

He said, “My lady, you definitely have enough money to buy one for yourself!”


Buying a membership is not the same as being given one by the boss.

Besides, it costs ten million yuan.

My father is usually very stingy and isnt willing to spend ten million yuan on me.” Lin Xue gave her father an angry stare while speaking.

“I cant make that decision, so I will have to ask my boss.” Zhao Feng directly took out his mobile phone and called Zhang Han.

After hearing his words, Zhang Han gave a simple reply.

“I refuse.”

Zhao Feng told Lin Xue the result with a wry smile.

“Hum! Hes too stingy! He wont give me a membership card, even though he has so much money!” Lin Xue pouted and murmured.

At this moment, Lins father looked at his daughter in confusion.

He began to be curious about Zhao Fengs boss.

Moreover, which membership card costs ten million yuan

He, however, did not delve too deeply into this matter.

He took the goods away and signed a contract with Zhao Feng at his company.

After signing the contract, Zhao Feng left.

As for Lins father, he did not intend to celebrate.

He would be busy for a long time with the workload from this batch of goods.

If he planned things out well, he could sell the goods for more than 1.5 billion yuan and make a profit of over 200 million yuan.

However, everything that happened here was immediately passed on to Dong Xiangchuan, the Chief Constable, who did not give any orders.

The Security Bureau had already announced the news that the senior personnel would come to New Moon Bay to handle this matter soon.

All he could do was monitor Zhao Feng and the restaurant.

He did not have any ideas regarding the news that Zhao Feng had sold the goods.

Taking the money back was the same as taking the treasure.

As long as Zhao Feng did not run away, he did not have to take action.

All he could do was wait for the superiors of the Security Bureau to make a decision.

Zhao Feng and Lin Xue left the company and returned to the restaurant together.

It was exactly half-past eleven, which was lunch time.

Zhang Han was preparing lunch in the kitchen of the restaurant, while Mengmeng was lying on the sofa, fiddling with toys.

“Boss.” Zhao Feng went to the kitchen and whispered to Zhang Han, “The goods have been sold for 1.32 billion yuan, but it will take half a month for the money to be transferred into the account.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han did not lift his head and just continued preparing the ingredients.

“Er, shall I use your credit card for the transaction I havent left them the card number,” Zhao Feng replied.

“No, you can handle it yourself,” Zhang Han said flatly.

1.3 billion yuan was like 13 yuan in his eyes.

However, Zhao Feng knew that was the truth.

Even he, was not very excited when he got the 1.3 billion yuan, because… his vision had totally been broadened.

Money meant nothing to him.

Zhao Feng nodded and returned to the table to sit down.

Realizing that they had finished talking, Lin Xue, who was standing nearby, got up and walked over to Zhang Han.

She sized Zhang Han up with curiosity.

“Whats the matter” Zhang Han looked at her strangely.

What was this girl going to do

“Hum, Im the person who made a deal with you.

But you wouldnt give me a membership card, even though the transaction has been finished.” Lin Xue snorted softly.

“I wont give out membership cards,” Zhang Han answered directly.

“Youre so stingy.” Lin Xue rolled her eyes at him.

She looked at the counter in the kitchen and asked, “Will there be any delicacies for the members at noon”

“There will be six roast ducks,” Zhang Han answered flatly.

It went without saying that the meat quality of the ducks from Mount New Moon was definitely higher than that of 5A.

After considering it for a while, Zhang Han made up his mind to cook roast duck.

Zhang Han was a veritable native of Beijing, so he was naturally familiar with Beijing roast duck.

The dishes Zhang Han often ate were made by the three classic roast duck restaurants in Shang Jing.

The first restaurant, named Quan Ju De, was famous for its traditional, time-honored brand and techniques.

The second was Cheap Square, which was characterized by its cold stoking technology and the fact that they attached great importance to nutrition.

The third one was Dadong Roast Duck, whose main purpose was to segment the market and serve high-end customers.

It was one of the main places for foreign guests to taste roast duck.


Lin Xue secretly swallowed her saliva as delicious roast ducks floated in her mind, causing her stomach to growl.

After looking Zhang Han, who remained calm, she snorted heavily and said,

“Very well.

You win, ok Ill buy a membership card! Hum, such a stingy boss! How do I pay”

“Come with me.” Zhao Feng smiled, then got up and took Lin Xue to the bar with a laptop on it.

After which, he took Zhang Hans bank card out from the drawer.

After several days of business, the whole drawer was filled with money.

Noticing how the money was scattered around, Lin Xue curled her lips.

“Transfer the money.” Zhao Feng handed over the credit card.


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