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Chapter 213 A Ten-million-yuan-level Member

“Ill transfer it!” Lin Xue grunted while sulking, then grabbed the bank card and transferred ten million yuan to the account according to the figures above.

The money was given by her father as a reward since the profit margin on the goods was so high.

After transferring the money, Lin Xue sat in the members section with Zhao Feng.

A moment later, a message notification came from Zhang Hans cell phone, announcing that the sum of money had been transferred into his account.

The first ten-million-yuan-level membership card had been sold!

After preparing all the ingredients, Zhang Han went to the counter, took out the black diamond-encrusted membership card numbered eleven, walked over to Lin Xue and handed it to her, then said, “Heres your membership card.”

“I finally got a membership card.

Thats more like it.

I should obtain something since I spent ten million yuan.” After taking the membership card and peering at it for a moment, Lin Xue put it away happily.

“Boss, the Wang family, the Sun Donghengs family, together with us, occupy these three tables.

Unless Lin Xue wants to sit alone, there are not enough seats,” Zhao Feng said.

“Thats right, I dont want to sit with strangers at the same table,” Lin Xue replied while nodding.

“Oh.” Hearing her words, Zhang Han glanced around and noticed that he could only make room in front of the window on the side of the piano.

Zhang Han, therefore, pointed to the decorative shelves in front of the window and said, “Throw those shelves away and buy some tables and chairs.”

The instant he finished speaking, Zhang Han turned back towards the kitchen.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng responded, then got up and went over to take all those shelves to the garbage can outside.

When he returned to the restaurant, he glanced at Lin Xue and said, “Im going to buy the tables.

Do you want to come with me That way you can choose the style you like.”

“Fine.” Lin Xue replied with a smile and got up to go shopping with Zhao Feng.

The two of them came back half an hour later.

They bought three small European-style square tables and six chairs, all of which were very luxurious.

Many people were already waiting in line outside the restaurant at this point.

When they saw Zhao Feng and a beauty carrying tables and chairs, they were shocked.

“What happened Is the boss going to add more tables”

“Doesnt that mean that the queuing time will be reduced Thats great.

The boss finally added some more tables and chairs.”

“Stop dreaming, I think theres another new member!”

“Hiss! Is that even possible It costs ten million yuan to be a member now!”

“I dont know.

Just take a look.”


People were kicking up dust, and almost everyone looked over.

Under their gazes, Zhao Feng and Lin Xue placed all the tables and chairs in the direction of the window on the right side of the restaurant.

Zhao Feng seemed to hear what everyone was talking about.

He chuckled, took out a pen from the computer counter, then walked to the sign in front of the door and changed the number on it.

Memberships sold: 11/20.

After he finished writing, Zhao Feng returned to the restaurant with a calm expression.

At this time, a curious person got up and walked over.

After looking at what was just written, his eyes gradually widened.

“My gosh! Its true.

Oh my god.

Another membership card was sold!”

The news immediately rippled through the crowd of people who were lined up.

“My god.

A ten-million-yuan membership card.

I cant even think about it!”

“That young beauty unexpectedly spent ten million yuan to buy a membership card.

How much is she worth My god, she must be a super rich second generation!”

“Theres no need to think about it.

Shes absolutely rich! This restaurant is really frightening.

Even a ten-million-yuan membership card was sold.

How terrifying!”


Not only the people outside, but even Liang Mengqi, Sun Dongheng, Sun Ming, and the other members looked at Lin Xue, who was sitting alone at the window, with curiosity.

They had guessed that she was the new member and knew that a new member needed to pay ten million yuan.

They also thought the people who spent ten million yuan on a membership card had to be extraordinary!

At the very least, considering his current assets, Sun Ming did not think he could buy it.

Meanwhile, Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu also could not afford a ten-million-yuan membership card.

Liang Mengqi, however, was calm.

Even if this membership card had cost ten million yuan, she could buy one if she wanted, because… her value was much higher than Lin Xues.

“Hey, hey, hey, is she the new member”

After Zhao Feng sat down, Yu Qingqing asked with some curiosity.

“Thats right.

She bought the membership card today,” Zhao Feng nodded and answered.

“Wow, ten million yuan.

So terrifying.” Zhao Dahu grinned while making an offensive sound.

Under normal circumstances, Yu Qingqing would definitely turn back and scold him: Get lost.

So disgusting.

But she ignored him and sized up Lin Xue with some surprise, then she shook her head and exclaimed,

“Thats great.

She bought a ten-million-yuan membership card.

Ah, the boss can easily make a fortune.”

“Ha ha, this money is negligible in the bosss eyes,” Zhao Feng said with a chuckle.

The boss was about to get 1.32 billion yuan! So a ten-million-yuan membership card was just a small appetizer.

“Negligible” Liang Mengqi looked at Zhao Feng strangely and pursed her mouth.

Then she looked at Zhang Han with splendor in her eyes and said, “I know the boss isnt an ordinary person.

He must be very powerful.

Hum, otherwise I wouldnt be interested in him.”

“Eh” Zhao Feng froze all of a sudden.

He felt like he had just shot himself in the foot.


Yu Qingqing suddenly choked on her own saliva, which attracted Liang Mengqis and Zhao Fengs attention.

They looked over, only to find that Yu Qingqings eyes were staring in the direction of the door.

After turning around, the two people figured out what was happening.

A man in clean clothes had come in with two plastic bags which contained a total of six roast ducks!

“Roast ducks Liang Mengqis eyes brightened.

Under the publics gaze, the man carrying the roast ducks went to the kitchen, then smiled at Zhang Han and said, “Boss, your roast ducks are ready.

The quality of these ducks is completely beyond description.

Theyre so fragrant and wonderful.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han took the bag and nodded his head gently.

“Cheers then.” The man smiled and turned to leave.

At this point, Yu Qingqing rushed over.

While staring at the roast ducks in the bag, she swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said,

“Boss, are we having roast duck for lunch”

“Cant you see them” Zhang Han was a little speechless.

The six roast ducks were right there.

Why was she even asking such a question

“Ha, ha, ha, its a big surprise.” Yu Qingqing did not feel embarrassed but smiled and went back.

“Zhao Feng, are these roast ducks bought or not” Liang Mengqi looked at Zhao Feng and asked.

“Theyre local ducks of best quality that were raised by the boss.

You can have some later.

The taste is definitely the best,” Zhao Feng answered with a smile.

“Ill eat more.” Liang Mengqi stuck her tongue out and licked her lips.

Looking at Liang Mengqi, Zhao Feng became somewhat dazed.

He thought Liang Mengqis casual movement was very sexy.

Now that the roast ducks had arrived, Zhang Han quickly removed the egg fried rice from the pan and placed the six roast ducks on six different plates.

Without turning around, Zhang Han reached back with his arm and pulled out the peeling knife from the knife holder.

Everyone looked over at this time.

They knew that the boss was about to do something interesting!

Sure enough!

Under the peoples gazes, the knife gleamed.

Zhang Hans hand started to move, and the knife cut into the ducks in quick succession.

However, after he had finished cutting the six ducks, their outward appearance had not changed at all.

What happened Was everything the boss just did only for show

People were shocked and suspicious.

Even Zhao Dahu said strangely, “Eh The roast ducks have not changed at all.

The bosss knife didnt cut into the ducks, did it”

However, Zhang Hans next move surprised them all.

He stretched out two fingers and grabbed a duck head from the outermost plate, then gently lifted it.


The whole skeleton of the duck was directly removed.

The meat had been cut into pieces of uniform size, like a beautiful picture.

Then, the second one, the third one… Every time Zhang Han grabbed the head of a duck, he would pull out the entire skeleton.

The pieces of roast duck meat were cut so precisely that everyone could even see its outline.


“My gosh.”

“Its absolutely amazing!”

“So much for the skilled and magical craftsmanship in ancient times.”

People were so shocked that they even forgot to get food and were all sitting still for a long time.

People did not react until Zhang Han finished preparing the ingredients and put two plates of roast duck on the round table.

Liang Mengqi and the others all went over and filled their bowls with noodle soup or egg fried rice.

After which, they returned to their seats to enjoy it, along with a portion of roast duck and some other side dishes.

However, since there were so many side dishes, they did not know why he had prepared them, so they looked at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han chuckled.

While feeding Mengmeng, he explained,

“There are three ways to eat authentic Peking duck.”

“The first method is suitable for people who dont eat scallions or garlic.

You dip the crisp duck skin in a little white sugar.

It tastes sweet and smells great.

Here you go, Mengmeng, have a taste.”

While speaking, Zhang Han picked up a piece of meat with skin on it and dipped it in the white sugar, then put it in Mengmengs mouth.

“Its so delicious, sweet, and fragrant,” Mengmeng said while waving her small arms.

Liang Mengqi and others also gave it a try, only to realize that when the roast duck was eaten in this way that they had not tried before, it gave it a different flavor.

Especially Lin Xue, who was nodding on one side.

She liked the taste very much.

“The second way to eat it is to add onion strips and sweet flour paste.

You can also add cucumber strips and radish strips.

Use chopsticks to pick up some sweet flour paste, spread it on the lotus leaf cake, add a few slices of roast duck, a few onion strips, and some cucumber strips or radish strips.

Then, you roll up the lotus leaf cake.

Mengmeng, have a try.” Zhang Han rolled one for Mengmeng.

Mengmeng grabbed it and nibbled at it.

Judging by her expression, everyone could tell it was delicious.

Liang Mengqi and some others had tried this way before, but the roast duck they had eaten was not as delicious as the roast duck here.

The pure flavor of duck meat and crispy skin was definitely one of lifes simple pleasures.

“The third way to eat it is to add mashed garlic and sweet flour paste, or add radish strips, etc.

Eating duck meat with lotus leaf cakes is also a popular dish in ancient times.

Mashed garlic can counteract greasiness.

Dipping the slices of duck meat in mashed garlic and sweet flour paste can add a spicy flavor.

Because of those things, it will have a unique flavor.

Mengmeng, try this.” Zhang Han made a duck roll again.


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