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Chapter 214 The Authentic Roast Duck

After Mengmeng took the duck roll, she took a bite of it.

Then she stretched out her small arm and handed the roll to Zhang Han.

Then, with a soft voice, she said, “PaPa, you should eat some too.

Eat it.

Dont give all the tasty food to Mengmeng.”

“Haha…okay,” Zhang Han gave a light laugh and took a small bite of the duck roll.

Up til now, this was Zhang Hans first bite Mengmeng had given him since she was born.

He had always given the delicious food to his precious daughter in the first place, subconsciously.

Perhaps, this reflected the growth of a man, as well as a fathers subconscious love for his daughter.

While they were eating, Wang Qiang and Wu Liying came in with Wang Yihan and Su Yu.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Mengmeng, MengMeng, here I come!” Wang Yi Han cried excitedly.

“Hey, why did you come so late I missed you so much.

Yihan, come and enjoy the roast duck.

Its very delicious.” Mengmeng curled her little mouth and said.

“Ah! Roast duck! I like it.

Hey, hey, hey.” A grinning Wang Yihan ran to sit beside Mengmeng.

“Aunt, sit down, please.

Please sit here.” Mengmeng pointed to Wang Yihans left.

“Thank you, Mengmeng.” Su Yu smiled and sat down.

“It looks fantastic.” Wang Yihan looked at the roast duck on the plate.

Her saliva almost dripped from her mouth.

Su Yu, who was beside her, was not any better.

As a rich young lady, Su Yu had eaten a lot of delicious food, but the food here gave her the best dining experience shed ever had.

While looking at the pieces of roast duck, Su Yu also became quite excited.

“Yihan, Yihan, dont eat it directly.

You should eat it properly.

There are several ways.” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han while speaking.

Zhang Han demonstrated the three ways again.

Su Yu prepared it in a decently.

She gave the properly wrapped duck rolls to Wang Yihan, who quickly gulped one down.

Reality had proven why it made sense that she was overweight.

Meanwhile, although Lin Xue didnt turn her head, she was all ears.

She tried the roast duck with the three methods given by Zhang Han, and the taste fascinated her.

However, her favorite method was dipping the duck skin in a little white sugar.

While in a light trance, Lin Xue finished her lunch.

Although the members ate very joyfully, it was a rough experience for the normal customers.

But it was a little easier for them this time, since Pearson, whose mouth was like a machine gun, was not here.

If he had been there, it would have been a nightmare for them.

After Mengmeng finished dinner, she spoke to Wang Yihan cheerfully.

“Hurry up, Yihan.”

“No, I can still eat a lot more.” Wang Yihan answered vaguely while still eating the food.

“Oh, I, uh…Im going to take you to the paradise.

Its very beautiful.

My PaPa built it for me.

Theres Big Heihei and Little Heihei, and a lot of dogs.

Oh, I often go to visit them.

They are my good friends,” Mengmeng said with her small mouth.

“A lot of dogs” Wang Yihans eyes shone brightly as she glanced at Mengmeng with some hesitation.

“Yes, there are many, many dogs.

Please eat quickly and we will go after you finish.”

“Then I…then I…” Wang Yi Han glanced at the duck roll in her hand.

Although she was full, she still wanted to eat several more, so she quickly stuffed some duck meat into her mouth, then jumped out of the chair and blurted out, “I have finished eating.”

“Giggle.” Mengmeng smiled, looked at Zhang Han, and said, “PaPa, lets go to the paradise and play.

Yi Han and I are both ready.”

“All right.” Zhang Han agreed with a nod first, then smiled gently, “But you have to rest for a few minutes after the meal, and Yihans MaMa hasnt finished eating yet.

How about waiting for ten minutes”

“It will take so long…” Mengmeng pouted.

“Hey, lets just wait a little while; Id like to have a few more bites.” Wang Yihan climbed back into the chair with great speed.

“Wang Yihan, you cant eat anymore.

You almost ate half a duck.

You cant get any fatter,” Su Yu frowned and said.

“Then Ill only eat one more piece, okay” The carefree Wang Yihan spoke with a negotiating tone.

But from the little girls expression, Su Yu knew that if she didnt agree, she would probably cry!

So Su Yu sighed slightly and said in a somewhat helpless tone, “Well, then, one last piece.

But, no more after that.”

“Since its the last one, please make it extra large,” Wang Yihan said happily.

In the end, Su Yu rolled her a medium-sized one, and she didnt ask for more after finishing it.

A few minutes later, once Su Yu had finished eating as well, Mengmeng, who was staring at her the whole time, suddenly asked,

“PaPa, shall we go now”

“Here we are, lets go.” Zhang Han looked at Mengmengs expectant little eyes and said with a smile.


Lets go to the paradise! Yihan, lets go.” Mengmeng couldnt wait to get down from the chair and ran out of the restaurant with Wang Yihan.

Zhang Han and Su Yu got up and followed them out.

Su Yu was intending to take Wang Yihan in her Porsche Panamera, but the little girl wanted to sit with Mengmeng, so Su Yu got in the panda car too.

When they arrived at Mount New Moon, Su Yu was really surprised by the scenery.

“What a beautiful place.


Zhang, did you build it exclusively for Mengmeng” Su Yu asked curiously.

“Mmm.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Its amazing.”

Su Yu knew that it would cost a lot of money to build a place like this.

It seemed that Mr.

Zhang was very unusual and had good taste.

This made her evaluation of Zhang Han rise significantly.

As they walked forward, Su Yu was intoxicated by a sea of flowers.

She murmured softly,

“What fascinating flowers.

The shape of them is perfect.

If you give it to a girl, you will definitely win her heart.”

She thought, if Wang Jiawen carried such beautiful flowers for her when he was pursuing her, they might have gotten together half a year earlier.


Zhang Han, however, seemed to suddenly recall something.

He glanced at the fragrant roses and hesitated.

It seemed that Zi Yan also liked those flowers very much.

When she came back…

Zhang Han felt that he could do something.

It was not only because of the issues with Mengmengs living arrangements.

He himself also had this thought.

He could feel that Zi Yan seemed to be more and more attractive to him.

Her casual shy words, her occasional charming eyes, her frequent jabs, her chuckles and smiles, all of them flashed through Zhang Hans mind.

He knew it might not be love, but it was at least at the level of a crush.

“Did Mr.

Zhang grow these flowers or did someone else do it” Su Yu turned back and asked curiously.

“I did it.”

“Its really impressive.

It seems that Mr.

Zhang must be a master gardener since you can raise such beautiful flowers,” Su Yu said with a slight smile.

“Mastery is out of my league.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Raising flowers He didnt have any idea how to do that since he had never studied it.

He just planted these flowers and they naturally grew into their most perfect state.

“Wow, its really a gorilla.

Its really a big gorilla!” When Su Yu saw Dahei, she let out a shout.

Along the way, Mengmeng had already told them about Dahei and Little Hei, so she had been psychologically prepared and was not shocked to see Dahei.

“Dahei, hug and throw me high,” cried Mengmeng as she stretched out her small arms.

“Ooh ooh!”

Dahei gently picked Mengmeng up and threw her into the air.

This scene stunned Su Yu as she didnt expect the gorilla to be so human.

When Zhang Han and Su Yu got closer, Mengmeng was already shouting, “Oh, Dahei, let me down.

Its Yihans turn.”

So, Dahei released Mengmeng and held out his palms, preparing to pick up Wang Yihan under the command of Mengmeng.

“Hey, hey, hey, can I do it” Wang Yihan said with some nervousness.


Its fun.

Its very interesting.” Mengmeng shared her experience with Yihan.

In the end, Wang Yihan experienced the feeling of flying.

Dahei didnt pay attention to Su Yu.

Since she was not the hostess, he would not throw her high.

After playing for a while, Mengmeng led Wang Yihan to the pet area in the back mountain.

When Yihan saw so many dogs, her eyes were full of luster.

Su Yu was a little worried, however.

After all, dogs had bacteria on them.

Although she also liked dogs, they didnt have any pets at home because Yihan was still a child.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly after seeing Su Yus expression.

He explained that the dogs on Mount New Moon were clean and healthy, and that there were no bacteria to be afraid of, but Su Yu was still skeptical.

After all, it seemed a little strange to her, but she did not say anything.

Since they had come, she should just let her daughter have fun.

However, Su Yu was indeed surprised at the livestock and planting area in the back mountain.

She acclaimed the mans greatness as a father secretly.

Wang Yihan, however, was a little envious and said, I will ask my father to build a paradise too!

The words made it so that Su Yu didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

If Wang Jiawen had this sort of skill, she would have been his girlfriend much earlier.

At four o clock in the afternoon, Zi Yan called.

“Zhang Han, I will be boarding the plane in a moment, Im heading to Shang Jing to take part in a program.”

“Mmm,” Zhang Han replied.


Zi Yan pouted.

What did he mean Why didnt he show any concern for me

So Zi Yan snorted slightly and said somewhat angrily, “Why do you always act like this when I call you I wont call you again if you continue acting this way!”


Zhang Han was stunned for a moment.

What did she mean

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Han still asked, “What about your program in Jiangcheng”

“The program was ruined and unlikely to be played.

Its unclear how the program in Shang Jing will go.

If it goes well, the effect should be good,” Zi Yan answered slowly.

“Well, if you have any trouble in Shang Jing, just call me,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Hum, thats because Shangjing is Mr.

Zhangs territory.

That must be why you are confident.

Why didnt you say anything when I went to Jiangyuan before” Zi yan snorted and laughed.

“No, I mean if you are in trouble, I will go there myself.

Theres nothing I care about in Shang Jing,” Zhang Han replied casually.


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