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Chapter 217 Zhao Feng Is Upset

“Oh, Im really upset!” Zhou Fei picked up a pillow and bit it.

After chewing on it for a while to vent her anger, she helplessly said, “We dont even have a public relations team at the moment.

This is so annoying!”

In general, Zhou Feis job was to arrange the schedule for Zi Yan and act as an assistant.

Public opinion and publicity on the Internet, however, would require a public relations team.

A good public relations team could turn a pig into someone with influence by hyping them up.

Public relations was of great significance, but Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were currently being isolated.

They had no choice but to be at the companys disposal and appear on the show.

From midnight until two oclock in the evening, the number of comments at the bottom of the video gradually decreased, but Li Cheng, the obese man, and other two all knew that this was just a prelude.

After the dawn of the next day, the popularity of that video would peak.

After being suppressed by public opinion, Zi Yan was likely to face a lot of trouble in the future.

At six oclock the next morning.


Mengmeng opened her big eyes all of a sudden, and then looked around in a daze.

She curled her small mouth and began to cry, “Waaa…”


Zhang Han opened his eyes, sat up, and held Mengmeng in his arms…

It took less than a second for him to complete this series of actions.

“Whats wrong with you, Mengmeng Did you have a bad dream Dont be afraid, PaPa is here…” Zhang Han said in a soft tone while stroking Mengmengs head.

“Waaa…” Mengmengs crying became weaker as she said in a choked voice, “PaPa, Im so afraid.”

“Dont be scared, PaPa can get rid of the bad guys in your dream with a slap,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle while waving his palms.

“Look at me.

Hoo! Ha! Ho! I can easily beat the bad guys up and send them away.”

“Waa… Wo” Mengmeng stopped crying, but her eyes were still brimming with tears.

She looked up at Zhang Han innocently and spoke with certain hesitancy in her voice.

“But… but the bad guy is… grandpa.”

“What” Zhang Han was slightly stunned.

Then he said with a laugh, “Did Mengmeng dream of grandpa You havent seen him, so how did you dream about him And why did you cry after dreaming about grandpa”

“PaPa, grandpa is so scary!” Mengmeng broke free from Zhang Hans embrace, then sat down beside him and reached out with her small arms to make gestures.

“He has two big horns growing out of his head and hes humongous, even bigger than Big Heihei.

And, unlike us, his face is blue.

He also has long hair and a tail.

He said he likes eating children, and his teeth are really long, and he wanted to bite Mengmeng.”

“Ahem…” Zhang Han became somewhat stiff with only his mouth trembling slightly as he spoke in a helpless tone.

“Mengmeng, are you talking about the story PaPa told you last night It was an orc rather than a human being.

Your grandfather is definitely human.

I take after your grandfather.”

“Why havent I seen him and grandma, doesnt Mengmeng have grandparents Yi Han has grandparents.” Mengmeng pouted, with an unhappy look on her face.

“Yes, of course.” Zhang Han fondled Mengmengs head and said in a low voice, “Your grandparents are very nice, but they live far away.

However, PaPa will pick them up in a year and Mengmeng will be able to see them then.”

“Really Really” Mengmengs big eyes were shining.

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded solemnly.

“Will my grandparents like Mengmeng when they see me” Mengmeng showed signs of worry.

She pouted and continued speaking with her small hands clasped together.

“What if they dont like Mengmeng”

“That wont happen.” Zhang Han said with a smile, “Mengmeng is the cutest girl in the world, so they will definitely like Mengmeng.”

“Aunty Feifei said that my maternal grandparents dont like children.

MaMa always went out of the room so they would not hear me when she called them,” Mengmeng said unhappily.

“Well… they will like you once they meet you.”

Zhang Han was lost in thought for a moment.

According to Mengmengs words, Zi Yans family did not know about Mengmeng.

She must have had her own difficulties since she had given birth on her own without the fathers presence.

Moreover, although Zhang Han did not know where Zi Yan came from, judging from Zi Yans style and elegant posture, he knew that she was certainly not the daughter of an ordinary family.

However, he did not intend to delve too deeply into these things.

Zhang Han had yet to find his own parents yet, so he was not ready to start worrying about other trivial matters.

“We should get up and PaPa will help you get changed.

Wang Yihan will be here soon.

It will be embarrassing if she arrives and finds out that you are still in bed,” Zhang Han said while laughing.

“Lets get up and change into some beautiful clothes.” When she heard about Wang Yihan, Mengmeng cheered up, then stood up hastily and asked him to help her get changed.

Zhang Han opened the wardrobe, in which 98% of the clothes belonged to Mengmeng, 1.9% belonged to Zi Yan, and the remaining two sets, occupying 0.1%, belonged to Zhang Han.

He took out a set of blue casual clothes and some sportswear for Mengmeng.

Having approached the bed, he took Mengmengs bear pajamas off first and changed her into the blue sportswear.

Zhang Han quickly put on some clothes, washed up, and then came downstairs.

Mengmeng watched TV on the sofa, as usual, while Zhang Han was prepared breakfast in the kitchen.

At nearly seven oclock, Zhao Feng arrived at the restaurant.

He went straight to the kitchen counter and said,

“Master, the security group has been settled.

Altogether, there are 50 people, all of whom are my former brothers and can be trusted.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded calmly.

“I intend to arrange formal training for them so they can enhance their personal fighting capacity.

Then I will design lessons on etiquette and professional knowledge related to working in a security company.

On that note, I dont think they should study in Feng Ming Nightclub.

Should we rent an office building What do you think, master” Zhao Feng asked.

“How many women are in this group” Zhang Han asked, then turned his head and looked at Zhao Feng.

He was not very interested in this security company.

It was only created for the purpose of arranging some female bodyguards for Zi Yan so that Zhang Han could feel a little more relaxed.

Since Zi Yan insisted on working, it would be reassuring to have her go out with a few of his people.

“Only six women,” Zhao Feng said with a guilty tone.

These six women had been dragged in by Zhao Feng.

“Thats enough.” Zhang Han nodded his head, then said, “You dont need to worry about improving their personal fighting capacity.

I remember that there is an area of sand at the foot of the mountain behind New Moon Bay.

Gather them together there and I will teach you all some techniques.

You should see about renting a decent office building and opening a bar.”

“Okay, okay.” Zhao Feng said in surprise, “Master, were you able to find some skills that can be taught”

“There have always been plenty, but these are all too low level.

They can practice these first though,” Zhang Han replied casually.

“Too low…” After a pause, Zhao Feng said, “Master, are you going to teach them What about me Should I learn the skills along with them or…” .

“Ha, ha, ha.” Zhao Fengs words amused Zhang Han, so he shook his head and said, “You need to learn a presentable skill, and I have already chosen it.

Considering your physical abilities, I think you will just barely be able to practice the simplified version.”

“Thats great!” After hearing what he said, Zhao Feng was overjoyed and asked, “Whats the name of the martial arts skill that you intend to teach me, Master”

“Big Dark Devil Shadow!”

“It sounds really ambitious! Master, youre so awesome.

What level of skill is it” Zhao Feng said with excitement.

“Its only a slightly advanced skill from a devil in the Shadow Refining World.

It pursues speed and strength.

Because you have drunk the Jade-fire dew, your physical quality has improved a lot and will allow you to practice the simplified version with a little difficulty.

Once you reach the Qi Refining Stage and begin cultivating the Devil Shadow Tactic, you can cultivate Big Dark Devil Shadow.” Zhang Han gave a simple explanation.

Zhao Feng was in a daze, but several characters kept popping into his mind: Big Dark Devil Shadow, the skill of a devil from the Shadow Refining World, speed, strength, Jade-fire dew, Devil Shadow Tactic…

Oh, my god! Im finally was going to be able to improve!

“Ha, ha, ha… Dahei, Ill get revenge on you once I successfully finish cultivating this skill, ha, ha…”

Having thought for a while, Zhao Feng giggled and was overjoyed.

Zhang Han, however, poured cold water on his happiness,

“If you want to defeat Dahei, you will need to reach the Qi Refining Stage at the very least.”

“Ha ha… Hic” Zhao Feng froze and was mentally injured.

“Master, why is Dahei so formidable Only Qi Strength Masters can beat him, right” Zhao Feng said while twisting his mouth.

“Mmm.” Zhang Han directly nodded.

He meant that only a superior martial artist like a Qi Strength Master could beat Dahei.

But, there might be many Peak Strength Warriors who could match up against Dahei.

If the Peak Strength Warrior had a magic weapon, Dahei would be in trouble.

Although Dahei was invulnerable, he could only resist normal knives and pistols.

If they had higher level weapons, Dahei would not be able to defend against them.

After hearing Zhang Hans answer, Zhao Feng froze for two seconds, then he chuckled and said, “Fine, I will learn step by step.

It will be great to no longer be knocked back seven or eight meters when Im pushed by Dahei.”

After he finished speaking, Zhao Feng walked back to the table with a smile while radiating a happy demeanor.

Breakfast was the same as usual, so the restaurant was filled with people.

There were more and more people waiting in line.

Some new diners even came from other regions to have a taste.

This phenomenon also showed that the impact was still spreading.

There were more than 30 people waiting in line in front of the gate, most of whom were so bored that they were playing with their mobile phones.

Some people had nothing to do, so they started checking their Weibo, only to notice that the incident with Zi Yan had occupied the first position of the most searched hashtags.

“Zi Yan is as beautiful as ever, but her popularity is too low now.”

“Why do they seem to be so unpleasant on this show”


Two young men were muttering softly in front of the window.

Since Mengmeng and Wang Yihan were chatting happily, they did not notice anything, but Zhang Han heard them.

In the meantime, having had her simple breakfast, Xiao Li, an employee of a company in Jiangyuan City, took a taxi to the company because she had no time.

Xiao Li felt bored, so she was playing with her mobile phone in the back seat of the taxi.

“Huh Isnt this the incident that happened the day when I was at the studio”


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