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Chapter 22 – A family of three out on a tour

“Mommy, give daddy a call.”

Zi Yans right hand carried Meng Meng with difficulty, while her left hand searched her bag for her phone.

“Ah! Daddy is here! Daddy is here!”

Little princesss eyes were very sharp.

When Zhang Han walked towards them from another side, the little princess immediately saw her daddy who she yearned for day and night.

Thus, she starting wriggling in Zi Yans embrace as she stretched out her little arms to request her daddy to hug her.

“My little darling, have you miss daddy”

“Miss, miss, miss.” Meng Meng lightly kissed onto Zhang Hans cheek.

“How much did you miss daddy” Zhang Han smiled.

“Very, very, very much.” Meng Meng surrounded her arms around Zhang Hans neck, her little cheek sticking to Zhang Hans cheek.

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han laughed out brightly, then swayed the three entrance tickets in his right hand and said, “I have bought the tickets, lets go in.”

“Alright, alright.

Go play! Play the very, very tall Ferris wheel.” Meng Meng raised both of her hands happily.

Zhang Han took a look at Zi Yan who was keeping silent at the side.

She was wearing a large size sunglasses, and her expression couldnt be seen.

However, when Zhang Han talked to her, his tone was not as gentle as when he was talking to Meng Meng.

His voice became somewhat indifferent as he said, “Lets go in.”

After finish speaking, he carried Meng Meng and walked towards the entrance.

Zi Yan went into a daze for a while, then felt angry in her heart.

What was the meaning of that Using that kind of indifferent tone when speaking to me

Although she wasnt dressed as pretty as she was back then, she was still a through and through big beautiful woman! Could it be that you are blind There was not even a sentence of praise at all

“Humph! Blinded and crude rigid brain!” Zi Yan snorted and followed up after them.

Xiangjiangs Ocean Park was a world-class theme park which gathered both sea and land animals, motorized games and large-scale performances all into one places.

It was the most popular in the world and was one of the theme parks that had the highest visits.

Ocean Park and Disneyland were the two big characteristic amusement location in Xiangjiang.

“Ferris wheel, lets go play Ferris wheel.” Little princess made a racket to go sit the Ferris wheel.

Every time, Meng Meng would often see the tall and big Ferris wheel on the television, and had always wanted to play the Ferris wheel, but her mommy had never brought her to Ferris wheel to play before.

“Alright, alright, alright.

We will go play the Ferris wheel.” Zhang Han smiled and said.

Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and straightforwardly went towards the direction of the Ferris wheel, not even caring if Zi Yan who was behind him would be able to follow after him, and furthermore also did not turn his head over once to check.

This kind of attitude had truly made Zi Yan felt incomparably angry in her heart!

“Ungrateful little thing!”

Zi Yan petulantly rolled her eyes at Meng Meng.

It was fine if her daddys heart was big, but how could she also forget about her after entering into Zhang Hans embrace

Zi Yan was very angry, and thus the aftermath was very grave.

She immediately slowed down her pace, intending to see when they would finally notice her.

If they did not notice her, humph, I will go play on my own!

Fortunately, when queuing up, Meng Mengs big clear eyes looked around left and right.

“Eh Where is mommy Daddy, we have lost mommy.” Meng Meng said with a nervous face, within her tone, there was urgent and afraid.

Zhang Han looked around, and spotted Zi Yans figure at 10meters away behind them, then said,

“We did not lose your mommy.

She is at there.

You take a look.”

While speaking, Zhang Han raised Meng Meng above his head.

The taller one stood, the further one was able to see.

After Meng Meng was raised up, she immediately saw Zi Yan who was at the back and shouted,

“Mommy, mommy, Im here, quickly come.”


Zi Yan lightly snorted, then squeezed through the crowd and came over.

“I thought that you had already forgotten about your mommy.” Zi Yan said petulantly.

“I did not forget about mommy.

Mommy hug hug.” Meng Meng stretched out her little arms.

Zi Yan carried the little princess over into her embrace, then did the gloominess in her heart disappeared.

After finish queuing up, they took the staircase and came to the bottom part of the Ferris wheel.

Under the staff members indication, the three of them quickly entered into a small cabin.


The staff member closed the door and the Ferris wheel slowly departed from the entrance stop.

The speed of the Ferris wheel was not fast, and would also not stop.

People were able to adapt to its speed to enter and exit the cabin.

Within the small cabin, there was a crescent-shaped sit, and in the middle, there was a supporting disk.

The surrounding glass was very clean.

When looking out through the glass, the clarity was very high.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan sat face to face, while Meng Meng sat within her mommys embrace, as her big eyes looked around with a very happy look on her face.

However, as the height slowly increased and reached the middle of the Ferris wheels height, Meng Meng felt somewhat afraid and stopped exclaiming, as she said pitifully,

“Daddy, Im scared scared.”

“Meng Meng dont be scared.

Come, let daddy hug.” Zhang Han carried meng Meng over and said with a comforting tone, “Dont be scared, everything is all right.

It is very safe here.

Look at the scenery there, look at the big sea, look at those birds……”

Zhang Han continuously scattered Meng Mengs attention.

At the start, the effect was still quite good.

But as the Ferris wheel got higher and was about to reach the peak.

The wind outside of the cabin began to get bigger, blowing the cabin and causing the cabin to sway slightly, the axis of rotation that connected the cabin to the Ferris wheel also started to make a crackling sound.

Sitting within the cabin, the sound could be heard clearly, giving people a kind of psychology feeling that the cabin was not sturdy, and subconsciously thinking that an accident would happen, causing them to feel even more scared.

Dont say Meng Meng, even a lot of adults would have this kind of psychological fear.

For example say, a certain adult that was sitting face to face with Zhang Han.

Zi Yans eyes which were hidden under the sunglasses were already shut closed.

She pursed her lips and grabbed onto the sit with her hand.

In her heart, she was scared to death, but at this time, no one came to comfort her.

Zhang Han was only paying attention to Meng Meng who was extremely nervous.

Without choice, he lifted up his own white short-sleeved shirt and covered Meng Mengs head, and starting playing peek-a-boo with her.

After playing for a while, Meng Meng then got over being nervous and once again began to giggle.

All the way until the Ferris wheel went past the peak region and was near to reaching the ground, Zhang Han then let the little princess out from his shirt and said lightly,

“See, we are reaching back down already.”

“Wah, daddy, there are so many people down there.”

“Daddy, you look at there, there are so many balloons.”

“Daddy, you look, you look……”

Meng Meng forgot about being afraid and was very excitedly pointing in different directions for Zhang Han to see.


Zi Yan also opened her eyes, then exhale out a long and deep breath.

Her tense heart also became relaxed.

Unknowingly, her back had already been wet by her sweat.

At the same time, towards Zhang Han, she felt a trace of dissatisfaction in her heart.

Why did he only focused on comforting Meng Meng and did not came to comfort her even once

After coming down her the Ferris wheel, Zhang Han carried the little princess and went towards the next stop, Ocean Spectacle Aquarium.

At Ocean Spectacle Aquarium, there was a kind of feeling that one was walking towards the depth of the ocean from the blue dream palace, which the little princess liked a lot.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan each helped each other took a few joint photos with Meng Meng.

While they were taking photos, suddenly, a woman who was in her twenties that was beside them came up and said with a smile,

“How about I help you family of three take a joint photo If you all cant take a joint photo after coming out on a trip together, how regretful would that be”

“Oh.” Zi yan who was holding the camera slightly went into a daze, then passed the camera over to the women.

“Come, have a smile.

You all can come a bit closer.

The little princess is so adorable.

Thats right, just like this, alright.” The woman helped took three photos very passionately.

This seemed to be the first joint photo of this family.

Zi Yans heart was feeling a bit complicated.

After giving thanks, the passionate woman also left.

Continue moving forward, the place that shocked Meng Meng the most in the aquarium was the revolving pond, where a bunch of silver milkfish continuously swim around to feed, seemingly just like a silver fog rotating around, giving one a feeling that they entered into a fantasy world.

After strolling finish the aquarium, the time had also come to afternoon 1pm.

Zi Yan suggested going to Ocean King Dragon Restaurant to eat and rest.

Ocean King Dragon Restaurant was within the aquarium, letting the customers be able to enjoy the scenery in the aquarium while eating culinary delicacies.

Looking at the surrounding environment, Zhang Han was considering if he should make a real Ocean Park for Meng Meng to play at.

When it was time to eat, Zhang Han took out the mineral water bottle that was filled with Pure-Yang Water from his back.

“Meng Meng, drink this bottle of water.” Zhang Han opened the cap and was prepared to let Meng Meng drink.

Meng Meng also did not care what it was and opened her mouth to drink.

Upon seeing that, Zi Yan was shocked, and said, “Hey! What is in this bottle You are just giving it to Meng Meng like this”

“This is good stuff.” Zhang Han lightly smiled.

Glug, glug, glug……

Meng Meng drank 1/3 and her small mouth left the bottle.

Patting on her stomach, she said in a cute voice,

“I…I drank full already.”

“You drink the remaining.” Zhang Han passed the battle over to Zi Yan and said.

“Who wants to drink your rotten water!” Zi Yans words were rejecting, but her body was very honest, as she immediately extended out her hand and took the bottle.

When she drank the first mouth, Zi Yan felt a sweet fragrant taste.

This is not milk

Zi Yan slightly went into a daze.

This sweet fragrant made her couldnt help but drank finish the remaining water in the bottle.

After finishing, she still felt somewhat wishing to continue, as she said,

“What water is this”

“A kind of water that is beneficial to the body.” Zhang Han answered indifferently, then stood up and carried the little princess as he walked towards the back.

“Where are you going” Zi Yan asked.


Zi Yan wanted to ask Zhang Han why he was bringing Meng Meng if he was going to the bathroom, but at the next moment, the overwhelming feeling in her abdomen made her knew the reason.

“This bastard! Could it be laxative”

Zi Yan clenched her teeth as she stood up and ran towards the bathroom.

Pure-Yang Water was able to improve a persons physique.

As everyone knows, within a persons body, there would more or less be some places which were not healthy, like say for example dense blood, weak kidney, impotence, premature ejaculation and so on.

After drinking down Pure-Yang Water, those unhealthy places could be changed by, just like being given new life.

Since there was poison within the body, then the way to expel poison was to have diarrhea.

In the bathroom, Zi Yan continuously cursed Zhang Han.

She felt that her entire body was numb and tingling, and even her skin was too.

After staying in the bathroom for close to 20minutes, then did she came out.

When she was washing hands and saw herself in the mirror, her complexion slightly changed.

Her cheeks were extremely smooth, the foundation that she used on her face in the morning and the two moles were gone, seemingly as if she had not used any makeup.

Her skin was soft and tender, as if water could be pinched out.

Furthermore, she felt entirely refreshed and clear-headed, the exhaustion that she got from strolling around for three hours had all been swept away.

“That water…is really good stuff”

Zi Yan was curious.

Walking out of the bathroom, she saw that Zhang Han and Meng Meng was currently tasting the delicacies that just got sent up.

“Zhang Han, what is the thing that you gave us to drink” After sitting down, Zi Yan asked.

“It can be counted as a tonic.” Zhang Han replied, “You take a look, didnt your skin become much better”

“Then why did Meng Meng not have any changes” Zi Yan asked, feeling confused.

“I have changed! Meng Meng has become pretty.” Meng Meng mumbled indistinctly while eating.

“Meng Meng is still small, and her skin was already good originally.

How big are you already, yet you still keep using cosmetics.

The foundation that you apply on is all harmful towards your skin.” When talking about cosmetic, Zhang Han had a somewhat dislike sounding tone.


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