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Chapter 220 The Chief Operator Is Furious

Of course, not only Xue Qian, but also almost all of those who had received Zhang Hans songs came forward.

The messages they issued, without exception, all supported Zi Yan.

Although they did not seem to criticize those music mentors, there was a certain level of sarcasm written between the lines.

Zhang Han gave out a total of 50 songs.

With the exception of a few who knew the three tutors, nearly 40 people posted messages.

Because of these messages, netizens made a scene on Weibo.

After merely a few hours, the tag “Hanyang angrily criticizes the three tutors” directly reached the top of the most searched hashtags and was even mentioned in the headlines of all major search websites.

Their titles were various.

“Hangyang, who is on the rise, takes action again.

He doesnt release songs this time but criticizes the three mentors of a music program released by Jiang Yuan TV Station.”

“Hanyangs roar shakes Jiang Yuan TV Station.

He backs Zi Yan.

The hero saves the beauty.”

“After a few days, Hanyang sends a message again.

Is this the beginning of an epic love story”

Since the message attracted a lot of attention, those astute media outlets decided to take advantage of it.

Although the content was the same, their titles would vary from outlet to outlet, drawing in a wide variety of attention.

At ten oclock in the evening, the tempest became increasingly fierce.

More interestingly, some famous stars also posted messages on Weibo.

The phrasing of some of the messages was ambiguous, conveying vague thoughts.

However, some of these stars were straight-forward, satirizing the three mentors directly.

In their view, the person who could produce 50 fine songs in a few days must be talented and was bound to have an ear for music.

They were fond of and look forward to Hanyang, and hoped to cooperate with him on a song in the future.

Furthermore, they thought that the evaluations of the three mentors were somewhat strange.

Although their levels of musical ability were not high, they also knew something about music.

The extremely poor evaluation had already revealed a serious problem.

Taking all these factors into consideration, they decided to support Hanyang when they updated their Weibo, which also helped them to obtain many followers.

Meanwhile, the programme division of Happy Show at Shang Jing TV Station held an emergency video conference.

Staring at his notebook, the chief director of the program sent out an order.

“I have paid close attention to the development of the incident relating to Jiang Yuan TV Station and found that almost every netizen is denouncing the three music tutors.

Under the leadership of Hanyang, a storm is washing over Weibo.”

“Thats right.

Therere more and more people supporting Zi Yan now.

I just learned that the number of Zi Yans followers has exceeded 10 million,” said one of the men in a white shirt.

“I really didnt expect that this incident would be full of twists and turns.

I never expected Hanyangs words to be so effective.”

“What a wonderful person.

It goes without saying that if Hanyang advertises himself and takes part in several shows, he will win the award for best songwriter this year.”

People expressed some wonder to each other.

They were shocked when they found out that Hanyang could make such a big splash with so few words.

“The staff of Jiang Yuan TV Station will probably have a headache.” The chief director smiled and shook his head, then said, “Ill announce a few things that need to be handled as soon as possible.

This episode of Happy Show should be brought forward from the day after tomorrow to tomorrow afternoon.

Inform Zi Yan and the others to start getting ready and that Ill give you two days for post-production after they finish recording.

This episode will be broadcast this weekend and the episode fixed for this week should be postponed until next week.

We should take advantage of this hot topic as well.”



Everyone nodded in succession and began to work.

On the other side, in the hotel room Zi Yan was staying in.

The two of them felt completely relieved.

Since she was in a good mood, Zhou Fei was busy paying attention to the trends while watching a movie.

As for Zi Yan, she was quietly listening to music.


Zhou Feis cell phone rang all of a sudden.

She answered the phone and talked for a while before hanging up with happiness shining from her face.

“Elder Sister Yan, theres some good news.

You can take part in this program as planned and itll be recorded tomorrow afternoon.”

“Oh.” Zi Yan responded calmly.

Although her face had an expression of serenity, there was still joy in her eyes.

She took out her mobile phone and dialed Zhang Hans number,

“Hey, Zhang Han, Ive got some good news to tell you.

The program will be shot tomorrow afternoon as scheduled, so I should be able to return the day after tomorrow.

By the way, do you know Hanyang, the songwriter who wrote 50 new songs Hes so awesome.

He was willing to come forward and support me.

Now the problem is much easier to deal with.

Hey Why arent you talking”

“Erm…” Zhang Han smiled and thought about it for a moment, but he decided not to tell her that he was Hanyang.

He thought that telling her now would seem too calculating, so he decided to let everything fall into place on its own.

With that in mind, Zhang Han smiled, then replied, “Thats great.”

“Hum! Youre so apathetic.

I dont want to talk to you anymore.

I want to talk to Mengmeng.” Zi Yan grunted lightly to express her dissatisfaction.

Although she said so, she secretly wanted to talk with Zhang Han some more.

Zhang Han, however, directly handed the mobile phone to Mengmeng, who was playing on the bed.

“Ah, MaMa, I miss you…”

It left no time for Zi Yan to feel pity.

Upon hearing Mengmengs voice, she smiled and started to chat with her.

They did not hang up the phone until eleven oclock.

While lying in Zhang Hans arms and listening to a story, Mengmeng gradually fell asleep.

During the dead of night, most people had fallen asleep, but the three men were still awake.

As of now, they had gathered together in the house of the man with glasses.

Each of them was sitting on a chair in the living room, wearing a sad face.

“What the **.

How did things develop to this point There were a lot of people who supported us originally, but now all the netizens are scolding us, as well as the people we previously asked to help us.

They deleted all their messages on Weibo and keep sneering at us.

Thats enough.

Is it only because of a single message from Hanyang Why is he so influential” The man with cropped hair said worriedly.

“Ha, ha.” The man with glasses sneered and said, “Im sorry, hes indeed formidable.

A single Weibo message from him was enough to appeal to so many people and cause them to denounce us.

Hes so popular! This is the reality! Its no use saying this now.

What can we do to solve this problem”

“Heres what I think.” The man with cropped hair glared and shouted, “Have you still not come up with an idea, even though weve been sitting here from noon to midnight Isnt it because of the person you introduced us to”

“What Are you blaming me You accepted the money faster than any of us, so how can you blame me Are you kidding” The man with glasses said in an angry tone.

“Whos trying to be funny You pretend to be an intellectual all the time while giving out advice…”

Realizing that these two were about to quarrel, the obese man patted the table with his hand and growled, “Stop bickering.

Do you think you have time for that Are you not worried”

After yelling, he lit a cigarette for himself and started smoking it, then said, “We dont have a solution, so we have to wait and see.

The disturbance will probably quiet down in a day or two.

Dont worry and just focus on doing what we should do.


I will beat Hanyang if I get a chance in the future.”

“Well, thats the only way.”

The two men sighed softly and were no longer in the mood to quarrel.

They both became silent.

They thought that this matter would calm down in a day or two.

After all, there were too many things happening in the entertainment circle every day, which distracted peoples attention.

Once that happened, this issue would come to an end.

However, they did not expect that when they updated the most searched hashtags after midnight, the message titled “Hanyang angrily criticizes the three mentors” still occupied the first position.

Nothing happened during the night.

The next morning.

When the three men arrived at the company, almost everyone passing by looked at them strangely, which made them feel very uncomfortable.

They came to the video studio to record the program as usual.

In the TV station, their immediate supervisor, deputy operator Zheng, was asked to come to the conference room.

The chief operator and about twelve or thirteen other senior officials from the TV station were sitting in the conference room.

The chief operators expression was downcast, which showed that he was not in a good mood.

“The meeting will start discussing the current topic once everyone has finished gathering.”

The chief operator was a bald man that was almost 50 years old.

At this point, he spoke with a solemn voice.

“Todays meeting is about the incident related to Zi Yan and the program named Floating Music which has caused a lot of uproar in the past two days.

Deputy operator Ma, please give me a reasonable explanation for the poor evaluations given by the three mentors.

I remember that you recommended them.”

“Erm…” His question humiliated deputy operator Ma, who secretly gritted his teeth and replied, “Chief operator, these three mentors were senior musicians who have been involved in the music industry…”

“Thats not what I asked you.

Didnt you understand my question” The chief operator frowned and said in a deep voice, “I am asking why they gave such puzzling evaluations!”

“How do I know Chief operator, why dont you ask the three of them in person” Deputy operator Ma felt a loss of face.

Although the superiors crush the inferiors, deputy operator Ma had his own patron.

He, therefore, was not afraid of the chief operator.

Everyone else, who was here, however, had to move cautiously.

The chief operator and deputy operator Ma were at the highest positions in the TV station.

With the two of them in diametric opposition to each other, no one dared to say a word for fear that the anger would be transferred to them.

“Ask them in person Ha, ha, ha.” The chief operator put on an artificial smile and shook his head.

He picked up the paper on the table and said, “The matter has been completely hyped up since Hanyang posted his message on Weibo yesterday.

With the help of nearly 50 people such as Xue Qian, 80 million people have started paying attention to this incident! What does that mean”

“Many netizens left comments to denounce the three mentors under their Weibo messages last night, and they ignored them.

But what happened Our TV stations official ID received over 10 million messages, all of which were denouncements! Yet none of you here informed me about it.

Do you think this matter will disappear if you wait long enough Let me tell you something, I heard that the administration has received more than a million reports!”

The chief operator was so furious that he slapped the paper on the table and angrily said, “What have you done Why didnt you inform me about something like this, that could have been brushed under the rug as long as the mentors admitted their faults, until it got out of hand”


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