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Chapter 222 Big Dark Devil Shadow

Upon hearing what the two men just said, the host responsible for field control, as well as the others, all froze.

They had spoken maliciously just a few moments ago, so why was there no power behind their words now There was even a hint of… flattery

However, such an atmosphere was not bad.

Happy Show wanted to encourage happiness, so it was a program that made people feel relaxed and light-hearted.

Even Zi Yan gave the two men a strange look before she started speaking again.

She looked at the camera with her beautiful eyes and nodded slightly, then said,

“What I was thinking was similar to what you two hosts said.

I questioned their intent.

Even though my songs arent of top quality and my albums didnt sell well, I dont believe that my singing is bad.”

“Youre absolutely right!” An Qiang clapped his hand and said, “As is known to all, Zi Yans voice has a heavenly quality that sounds like a something from a fairyland…”

An Qiang carried out a new kind of “offensive”, which astonished the other hosts.

Why did the attitude of these two people differ so much from before and after the break Was the bottle of water really that refreshing

After flattering her a bit, they recorded the program as usual, but An Qiang and the brush cut man continued focusing on Zi Yan.

To give Zi Yan more screen time, they asked her some easy and interesting questions.

There was no denying that the shooting proceeded without a hitch.

It only took an afternoon for everyone in the Entertainment Circle to find out about this matter.

Tens of millions of netizens had scolded the three mentors at Jiang Yuan TV Station.

As a result, the programs involved with those three people, including programs that were ready to be broadcast in the near future, programs that had been recorded and programs that had not yet been recorded, were all banned.

Although SAPFT had not made an announcement, it was obvious that the three people had been fired from the network!

It seemed absurd to them, but it happened right before their eyes.

At this time, in Hong Kong Royal Entertainment Company.

Meiqi was busy holding a meeting.

In the conference room, there were about 13 or 14 people, all of whom were department heads.

“You all know the incident at Jiang Yuan TV Station, so express your opinions first,” Meiqi said with a sigh.

She could feel a headache coming on.

“Needless to say, after this incident, our relationship with Jiang Yuan TV Station wont be the same as before.

After all, it was an entertainer from our company who caused the dismissal of the three mentors at their TV station.

Besides, I heard that… the chief operator was criticized by his superiors.”

One of them, a middle-aged man in his forties, slowly said, “Anyway, as an entertainer from our company, Zi Yan should shoulder the responsibility of the break in relationship with the TV station, but she has really made a successful turnaround this time and is expected to come back.

After several rounds of packaging and hype, Im sure that shell become popular again, and the profit she brings for the company will be more than enough to make up for the broken relationship.”

The middle-aged mans evaluation was very pertinent.

In fact, he regarded Zi Yans future prospects favorably, but he was in charge of publicity rather than resources.

He felt it was strange that the company was not giving Zi Yan resources, and thought Meiqi was being petty-minded and persecuting Zi Yan for leaving a few years ago.

But now, after the incident with the Jiang Yuan TV Station, he felt that Zi Yan was only one step away from making a comeback and that it would be a shame if the company missed the opportunity to promote her.

“What youve said is reasonable.” Mengqi sighed inwardly.

Li Cheng was very angry because of this matter.

Even she had not expected Zi Yan to be so lucky and gain the support of Hanyang.

This completely messed up their plan.

Several of Li Chengs friends had made phone calls to ridicule him, and some of them almost swore.

“Everyone else, feel free to express your feelings,” Meiqi said while glancing around at them.

“I also think we should seize this opportunity to promote her.

Zi Yans success can bring a lot of benefits.

It goes without saying that her ability to make money in the past was second to none.”

“Thats right.

I think so.”

“I dont think this matter can be ignored.” Finally, an opposing opinion was heard.

Meiqis eyes brightened.

As she looked over, she saw a woman who supported Li Cheng.

So, she used an encouraging tone and said, “Tell me your thoughts.”

“Okay.” After hearing what she said, the ponytail girl nodded and said, “Although this incident ended with Zi Yans victory, you shouldnt forget what Zhou Fei said on the program! It isnt good to insult and abuse mentors.

They represent our company, so its inexcusable for them to not even display common courtesy.”

As soon as this remark was made, several people were already prepared to refute it.

However, before they could say anything, Meiqi said, “Yes, thats what I think as well.

I think we should put her return on hold for a while and see if public opinion changes.”

“I didnt expect Hanyang to have so much influence.” The ponytail girl shook her head with emotion.

She also imagined what it would be like if she could make a splash one day.

What a magnificent sight it would be!

“Thats right.” A middle-aged man said repeatedly, “Only because of a single post from Hanyang, those three unfortunate people were fired.

With only this slight appearance till now, Hanyang was able to guide public opinion.

His influence is terrifying.”

“He is probably the first person in the Entertainment Circle to become popular so quickly.

Its incredible to already have the support of 50 or so stars.”

“Its mainly because Hanyang is so talented, and that whoever gets along well with him will have a chance to receive some excellent songs.”


Several people repeatedly sighed with emotion.

Of course, this wasnt just happening in the Royal Entertainment Company.

Many other entertainment companies paid attention to this matter and had discussed it.

Their conclusions were roughly the same:

Hanyangs position had surpassed that of many A-list stars, and his ability to guide public opinion was so terrifying that it would be better for them to get along with him.

At the very least, they could not afford to casually offend him.

In any case, “Hanyang” had come into peoples view.

As for Zhang Han, he did not pay any more attention to the follow-up on this matter.

It was about 2 p.m.

and lunch was over.

Because Su Yu had something to do, she left with Wang Yihan after lunch.

After he finished cleaning up, Zhao Feng walked over beside Zhang Han and whispered,

“Master, Ive already asked people to find office buildings for rent, so Ill be selecting from them in a few days.

The 50 employees are all ready.

Moreover, Ive set up a training ground at the beach.”


Zhang Han nodded his head, looked at Mengmeng on the sofa, then chuckled and said, “Mengmeng, would you like to go to Mount New Moon”

“Go to the paradise Well…” Mengmeng hesitated while pouting.

She glanced around at the television with her big shining eyes.

She wanted to watch cartoons, but she also wanted to play with Dahei.

Zhao Feng began trying to persuade her in a hurry because he knew if Mengmeng refused to go there, master certainly would not go.

Therefore, he advised her in a low voice,

“Mengmeng, Dahei and Little Hei miss you…”

“Well, okay, lets go and play with them.” Mengmeng stood up on the sofa and stretched out her small arms for a hug.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head with a smile, held the little princess in his arms, then turned off the TV and went out with Zhao Feng.

Over ten minutes later, the three arrived at Mount New Moon.

Upon stepping on the lawn, Mengmengs short legs began to move.

She shouted while running forward,

“Little Hei, Dahei, Im here!”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

“Ow Woo!”

Soon after the two cheerful voices sounded from the back mountain, two Heihei powers came running.

Little Hei was always much faster, so he had already arrived in front of Mengmeng while Dahei was still under the thunder yang tree.

He stuck out his big tongue and wagged his tail while circling around Mengmeng.

“Ow Woo, Ow Woo!”

Little Hei called out softly twice.

“Lets go for a ride!” Mengmeng held out her hands towards Little Hei.

Seeing her movement, Little Hei lowered himself and remained still until Mengmeng had finished sitting on his back.

After they approached Dahei, Mengmeng got down.

Then, Mengmeng sat on Daheis shoulder and they walked to the pet area at the back of the mountain.

Zhang Han and Zhao Feng stopped under the thunder yang tree.

“Master, when should we go there” asked Zhao Feng.

“Ill teach you the simplified cultivation method of the Big Dark Devil Shadow first.” Zang Han said slowly while glancing in the direction of the back mountain.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng said excitedly.

He was finally going to learn some powerful skills.

“The simplified version isnt very complicated.

It only contains 32 movements.

You should practice from the first movement.

When you dont have any issues with the first movement, you can proceed to the next.” Zhang Han explained simply.

“Just 32 movements So it wont take me long to finish learning!” Zhao Feng said confidently.

“Its good enough if you manage to make it up to 20 movements in half a year.

Take a look first.

This is the first movement.” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

After he finished speaking, Zhang Han began to demonstrate the exercise.

His left arm moved straight behind him while his right arm was pointed towards the front.

Simultaneously, he lowered his head, extended his right leg out horizontally to the right, then bent his left leg and assumed a crouching posture.

To Zhao Fengs surprise, he formed a 90-degree angle with his left foot and stood on his tiptoe.


Zhao Fengs eyes widened.

Wasnt this pose too difficult for a human being He had a painful expression on his face.

This was only the first movement, so he could imagine that the next one would be even more unbelievable.

“Do you have it memorized” Zhang Han stopped and asked.


“Do it.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng took a deep breath and stretched out his hand and legs as Zhang Han had shown.

Although his movement was very standard, he could not tiptoe.

At the same time, he noticed that his muscles had already begun to tremble.

After trying for half a minute, Zhao Feng gritted his teeth and finally finished the first movement.

When he tiptoed, he felt soreness along with a feeling of numbness spreading.

The next moment, his leg cramped and he collapsed to the ground.

“Ouch, it hurts!” Zhao Feng stood up to relax his muscles.

“Its okay.

You held on for five seconds.” After glancing at the phone, Zhang Han said flatly.

“Five seconds…” Zhao Feng said with some dejection, “How long do I need to hold it to be qualified, master”

“Youll barely be qualified if you can hold on for more than an hour for each movement.”


Zhao Feng almost gushed out a mouthful of blood.

His mouth trembled for a while before he finally said, “Master, I will make it!”


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