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Chapter 224 Blown Out With One Punch


Xu Yong and the others suddenly cast their eyes to the other side, only to see Zhao Feng as their leader slowly appeared from off in the distance.

“Come on, come on, stop playing, come over here and line up!”

Xu Yong stood up and shouted at the people around him.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, then quickly walked over and stood together.

“Shhh… the fierce dog is coming too! Does it bite”

Several people saw Little Hei leisurely walking forward with its chest raised.

They all remembered that day, along with its devil-like speed and sharp teeth.

They were scared and shuddered while nervously saying.

“I dont think so,” Ah Hu replied with a swallow.

“Is that a gorilla It looks like it is more than two meters tall.

How did it get so big” Xu Yong only felt a little dizzy as he looked at the massive arms and legs of Dahei that seemed to explode with power.

“Its too big, it feels like King Kong.

But it looks so cool, like Kaiser in that movie, so cool.”

“Really cool.”

“Actually, I want to say that the bosss daughter is still the most beautiful.

Look, that little fellow has a delicate face, like the princess of a fairy tale world.”

“Gee, dont forget who our boss is, can this beautiful little girl be born casually She must possess strong genes!”

“But it seems… the little girl and our boss dont look much alike!”


While everyone was whispering, Zhao Feng took the lead and moved closer.

After casually setting aside the buckets, along with Dahei, Zhao Feng took a few steps forward, looked at them with his eyebrows raised, and said,

“Is this how you line up So noisy! Get moving and line up in two rows, now!”

With Zhao Fengs words, everyone quickly lined up in two lines.

Although they were not as neat as the regular army, there were not as disorganized as before.

“Line up properly, come on, all of you, follow my commands.

At ease, attention, dress right…” At this time, Zhao Feng felt a little like a drillmaster, quite a style of pointing out the country.

But just as his performance began, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and interrupted.

“You dont have to do that.

Just be casual.”

“Ah” Zhao Fengs expression was slightly stiff.

“Pooh, haha…” Xu Yong took the lead in laughing.

The crowd gathered together again, forming a circle around Zhang Han.

“Brother Feng, you dont have to show off.

Look at how nice and easy-going our boss is!” Ah Hu quipped while laughing.

“Are you looking for a fight” Zhao Feng glared at him.

“PaPa, why are there so many brothers and sisters” Mengmeng whispered with her two small arms wrapped around Zhang Hans neck.

“Theyre all going to train here,” Zhang Han answered with a chuckle.

“What is training Is it like playing games” Mengmeng asked curiously while blinking her big eyes.

“Training is very hard and tiring.

Only after they train well, can they protect Mengmeng, because we are…” Zhao Feng looked at Mengmeng.

At first, he had a smile while speaking, but his face suddenly changed to a somewhat serious expression.

As if making a declaration, he spoke in a slightly solemn tone and said, “Mengmengs guardians!”

“Eh” Mengmeng was stunned.

Her big eyes swept the area, then she said in a childish tone, “They, theyre my guardians But, but what are guardians”

“They are people… who protect Mengmeng.” Zhao Feng thought about it and answered.

“Then I dont want them,” Mengmeng said.

Then, her arm tightened around Zhang Hans neck and her head leaned against Zhang Hans neck.

“I only want PaPa to protect me.

I dont want anyone else.”

“Haha…” Zhang Han laughed and lowered his head, then kissed Mengmengs tender and delicate face.

He said softly, “Of course, daddy will protect you forever.”

“Uh-huh, PaPa is the best, mua.” Mengmeng lifted her little head and gave him a kiss.

This scene made dozens of people in the surrounding area chuckle.

At first, they were a little restrained in front of Zhang Han, but now they had relaxed a lot because they could tell that their boss was a very good father.

His easy-going manner made people feel closer.

“PaPa, Mengmeng wants to get down and play in the sand with Big Heihei and Little Heihei.” Mengmeng saw the two Heihei powers sitting on one side, and began to wriggle in Zhang Hans arms.

“Go ahead.

You can only play in this area.

You cant go to the beach.

If your clothes get wet, you will be uncomfortable.” Zhang Han reminded.

“Okay.” Mengmeng replied cleverly.

She went down to the ground and played with Dahei and Little Hei on the side.

After seeing how human like the two Heihei powers were, everyone shook their heads and sighed again.

“Boss, what are you going to teach them” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

He was going to learn the simplified version of Big Dark Devil Shadow, which was scary to him because its actions were so difficult.

But he preferred to challenge his limits.

At the same time, he wanted to see what level of skills Ah Hu and the others were going to learn.

If it was also difficult, then he intended to learn both at the same time.

As masters disciple, he thought that he needed to be strong enough.

It would be disgraceful if he was surpassed by his men.

So, since he wanted to be a leader, Zhao Feng had planned to put in more effort than them!

At this time, Ah Hu and others gradually stared after hearing this, hoping to learn some real skills.

Zhang Han, on the contrary, shook his head after hearing this and said, “Dont worry about it.

Each of you, punch the sandbags first.

Ill see if your bodies are capable of practicing.”

“Okay,” Zhao Feng nodded, then looked at the crowd and said, “Come on, line up and hit sandbags one by one.

This is your first performance in front of the boss.

Go all out and try your best!”

After that, everyone formed a long line, led by Ah Hu, who was the fastest.

“Lets get started.” Zhao Feng took two steps backward to show the position of the sandbag beside him.

Once his words fell, Ah Hu took two steps forward and looked aggressive, but when he reached the sandbag he stopped again, and then looked at Zhang Han doubtfully.

He scratched his head and said, “Boss, should I punch it or kick it”

“Just use your fist.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“Okay.” Ah Hu closed his mouth, clenched his teeth, exerted all his strength with his right arm, and hit the sandbag with a fierce punch.

It made the whole sandbag shake slightly, flying back until it was at about a 40 degree angle.

“Good! Not bad!” Zhao Feng applauded and said with a little praise, “Its good.

This sandbag is 80 kilograms.

Its pretty good for him to be able to knock it back that far.”

“Haha, after all, Ive been practicing for a while.” Ah Hu scratched his head and laughed while moving out of the way.

“Ha!” Without another word, Xu Yong punched it directly.

Xu Yongs skill was a little better than Ah Hus, so he hit it back far enough to form a 45-degree arc.

Zhao Fengs eyes lighted up as he applauded and praised him while saying, “Great, when I joined the army, that would have been enough to be in the top three!”

“Youre too kind,” Xu Yong smiled slightly and glanced at Zhang Hans expression.

He realized that there was no expression on his face, so he could not tell whether it was a compliment or something else.

With that, he stepped aside.

The rest of the group all took turns punching it.

As Zhao Feng had expected, Xu Yong, Ah Hu, and Elder Meng were the strongest.

The others were relatively worse, especially the six women who had very little strength.

But, this also surprised Zhao Feng because most of them were more powerful than ordinary people.

After a round, Ah Hu smiled and said, “Will Brother Feng give it a shot”


Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes slightly, then raised his chin and spat out a word faintly, “OK!”

After that, Zhao Feng stood in front of the sandbag, clenched his right hand into a fist, and instantly hit the sandbag.


A loud sound rang out as the whole sandbag swung at a 180-degree parallel angle.


“Thats awesome!”

“You are worthy of being the same Brother Feng who kicked Kuang Xingtian out.

So strong!”


With just one punch he was greeted with praise from everyone, especially the six women whose eyes were somewhat brilliant.

“Well… Boss, would you like to try”

Suddenly Xu Yong laughed and said.

“Give it a try!”

“Give it a try!”

At this time, many people also booed because they wanted to see how great their boss was.

However, Zhang Han did not have any expression on his face.

He just shook his head slightly.

“Its all right.

Dont make a fuss.

Our boss is awesome,” Zhao Feng waved his hand and said.

At that moment, Mengmengs immature voice came from the side.

The little princess said in a childs tone,

“PaPa, you, you also try it.”

Everyone looked over, only to see Mengmeng standing on the side, muttering her delicate mouth and proudly saying, “My PaPa is the best.”

“Then Ill try it.”

Zhang Han chuckled and went towards the sandbag.

He looked at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, cover your ears.”

“Em.” Mengmeng obediently covered her ears with her small hands.

At this time, the eyes of Xu Yong and others all focused on Zhang Han, then they gradually held their breath.

They wondered what angle the boss could hit.

Maybe… it would probably be 360 degrees.

But they were wrong.

They only felt a flash in front of them.

They were not even able to clearly see Zhang Hans action before they heard a crackling noise.


Right after they heard the sound, the scene in front of everyone made it so they could not help gasping.

They watched as the whole sandbag was beaten to pieces, like a punctured balloon with something like blooming fireworks.

“A blow, blow out” Xu Yong and others were flabbergasted.

Damn it, were they blind

It was blown out in just one punch!

How powerful was he It was beyond their imaginations!

People didnt believe their eyes.

They expected their boss to hit a round of the sandbag, but they never expected this result.

“Ouch! PaPa, you, you broke it.” Mengmengs expression was somewhat adorable as she spoke with her big eyes wide-open.

“Ooh! Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

At this time, Dahei stepped forward and came up with two calls from his mouth, expressing that: I Dahei could also blow up this small sandbag!

He shouted and leaned in to show himself.

But Zhang Han shook his head with a faint smile and said.

“Go and play with Mengmeng for a while.”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei scratched his head and went back to play with Mengmeng.

“Finish the round and then lets get down to business.” Zhang Hans gaze swept Xu Yong and others while saying.

At this time, Zhao Feng leaned in and said with a smile, “Boss, how is it Are their powers all right”

Hearing these words, the expressions of Ah Hu and others became serious, and they looked at him eagerly.

Zhang Hans strength already convinced them.

Not only that, they all could tell that what Zhao Feng said were true.

Their boss was more powerful than the invulnerable monster.

Following such a fierce boss, they were really happy.

At this time, they were more eager to be praised by the boss.

But who knew, Zhang Han just shook his head softly and said.

“Very bad.

They cant practice the skills I taught for the time being.”

“Ah” Zhao Fengs expression was slightly stiff.

But then he felt relieved.

What was the level of the masters vision Thats awesome.

Although the physical quality of Ah Hu and the others was similar to when he first went to the army, in the eyes of the master, they were still inadequate.

After all, he was also an amateur right now.

He couldnt even practice the formal version of the Big Dark Devil Shadow.

“Then, what will they practice” Zhao Feng asked doubtfully.

“Just start with what you prepared first, then we can practice what I taught them when their punches reach 300 kilograms.” Zhang Han and Zhao Feng said, then glanced at Ah Hu and the rest of the crowd, adding.

“What Im going to teach you is Cangyun gymnastics and Cangyun martial art.

Ill only show you once.”

Hearing the words, Ah Hu and the other 49 people lifted their spirits and carefully watched.

Even Zhao Feng was the same.

He was not complacent after getting Big Dark Devil Shadow.

Instead, he still looked seriously at the moment.

There were 18 movements in Cangyun gymnastics.

Zhao Feng could see that it was simpler than the simplified version of the Big Dark Devil Shadow.

However, despite this, it also aroused peoples continuous exclamation.

“Can this be done”

“I feel the angle is too difficult.

I cant stand it as soon as I exert myself.”

“This action is so exaggerated.

How does the boss do it”


Gradually, everyones exclamations attracted Mengmeng, who playing on one side.

The little fellow looked over and saw Zhang Han doing strange movements.

Mengmeng sprang up and ran to spot a few meters away from Zhang Hans side, then stretched out her small arms and legs while trying to copy him.


As soon as she lifted her leg, Mengmeng fell on her little buttocks.

“Eh” Mengmeng hesitated for a moment.

She pressed her little palm on the sand, stood up, and muttered, “I, I cant stand up.”

During the conversation, she tried several more times, but each time ended with her staggering and landing on the ground.

Fortunately, Zhang Hans movements were completed and he began to teach some simple martial arts.

The movements were not many, such as the straight punch, hook, sweep, knee strike, elbow strike, and other basic movements.

After that, there was a series of several movements to coordinate the body, and then he told everyone that they should master these movements.

Although everybody could see it clearly, Zhao Feng could sense that the angle and distance for these movements were mysterious.

Just like how one produces two, two produces three, three produces all things in the world.

If they could master them, then they would be able to do complete even more movements.

As for Mengmeng, after Zhang Han started displaying the movements, she leaned on his side.


Mengmeng reached out with her little arm and released a delicate punch.


Mengmeng raised her right foot and kicked with a small arc to the side.


She flopped down on the sand.

“Hum.” Mengmengs little mouth tooted.

This time, she did not stand up and just sat on the ground, then said with a dissatisfied voice, “PaPa, I fell down, you… Why are you ignoring Mengmeng”


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