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Chapter 229 Zi Yan Is Angry

“Oh.” Zhang Han gave a bland response.

“I just got your number from Zi Yan.

Since youre an old friend, I called to greet you,” Lin Jie said hypocritically.

After he finished speaking, Lin Jie stopped.

About ten seconds later, the jeer in his eyes increased because Zhang Han was still being silent, so he said,

“Whats up Dont you want to chat with your old friend”

“Old friend You arent qualified to be my friend.” Zhang Hans insipid words came out.

“Oh It seems like youve matured in the past few years.

Anyhow, I have slept with your beloved several times.

Maybe you know the meaning of the wordliaison,” Lin Jie said with a smile,

“I think you really know how to appreciate beauty, and Qiao Luoluo was really charming.

Oh, by the way, I have to tell you that one month before I sent you that photo, I had already slept with Qiao Luoluo at the Rongsheng Hotel.

That was why she felt embarrassed when she saw me later.

Unfortunately, I was a little drunk that night and forgot to take a picture for you, which drove me to have sex with her the second time.”

“What are you trying to say”

Ater realizing that Zhang Han said still replying very flatly, Lin Jie drew back his playful comments in doubt.

According to his character, he should already be irascible at this time.

Did the last few years of hard living crush his arrogance

“What I want to tell you is that Qiao Luoluo doesnt deserve your love.

She just sighs when she remembers you.

In fact, you should thank me for that.

I helped you verify whether she was loyal to you, and obviously, she approached you for the sake of her impractical ideas.

Now I find out that you are acquainted with Zi Yan, and you two seem to be friends since you have her personal number However…” Lin Jie snorted and said, “Anyway, since I met her, Im going to get her.”

“Ah, go ahead and try.”

Zhang Han replied blandly because he was very confident in Zi Yan.

When Lin Jie heard Zhang Hans bland words again, his eyes filled with suspicion.

He failed to figure out what kind of personality Zhang Han has now.

Although he had used words to provoke him repeatedly just now, Zhang Han still remained insipid.

It seemed like everything he had done was futile.

“I definitely will try.” After a pause, Lin Jie said with a insidious smile, “Zi Yan seems very cool.

Therefore, if I pursue her, Im likely to fail.

However, I think you know my temperament very well, and I wont feel comfortable until I achieve my goal.

Ha, ha, I just want to ask you if you have anything to do with Zi Yan.

If so, I dont mind sending you a series of photos in a few days.”

“Is that so”

Zhang Hans tone changed for the first time, which made Lin Jie feel a little cold.

“I could already break your bones five years ago, so you and the Lins who support you are nothing but ants to me.

Dont try to provoke me again, or I dont mind erasing you from this world.”

After he finished saying that, Zhang Han directly hung up the phone.

Listening to the beeping voice from his mobile phone, Lin Jie was a little startled.

The whole Lin family was nothing but an ant to him

“This might be the most ridiculous joke Ive ever heard!” Lin Jie smiled contemptuously and murmured, “So you and Zi Yan are in a special relationship.

Things are getting more and more interesting.”

Lin Jie murmured to himself, then got up and walked back to the compartment.

“Elder Brother Lin, why did you go out for so long The atmosphere isnt lively without you,” Jia Dong said with a smile.

“I made a phone call.” Lin Jie nodded with a smile and sat back in his seat.

He poured some red wine into his glass and raised it, then said, “Lets drink…”

After they had a few drinks, the atmosphere gradually became lively.

Although everyone chatted with each other, they still engaged in conversations that centered on flattering Lin Jie.

Lin Jie seemed to be in a good mood, so he chatted with the crowd for a while.

Realizing it was the right time, Lin Jie looked at Zi Yan again.

He took a sip of wine and said,

“Miss Zi, do you know Zhang Han”

When they noticed that Lin Jie was talking to Zi Yan, everyone gradually quieted down.

When they heard the topic was Zhang Han, Liu Fengs face was covered with disdain, while Dong Hu, who sat beside him, twisted his face, showing a somewhat resentful look.

Under everyones gaze, Zi Yan gently nodded her head and said, “Yes.”

“Are you familiar with him” Lin Jie asked again.

“Somewhat.” Zi Yan gave a bland response.

“What is his current relationship with you”

“Sorry, this is my business,” Zi Yan raised her eyebrows and was a little impatient on the inside.

“Ha, ha.” Lin Jie smiled and said, “Zhang Han, as one of my colleagues, was very familiar with us.

I remember he beat up someone with high status for Miss Zi a few years ago, so I thought Miss Zi probably knew him.

However, I didnt expect that it was true.”

At this point, Zhou Fei, who was sitting beside Zi Yan, curled her lips.

Zhang Han was her brother-in-law, Mengmengs father, and was more likely to be Elder Sister Yans husband in the future! Wasnt she familiar with him

However, she only kept these words in her head and did not speak out on this occasion.

“So, its a story about a hero who saved a beauty,” Jia Dong said with a smile.

“Ho, ho.

Does that cur deserve to be called a hero”

All of a sudden, as a sneer sounded out.

Everyone looked over and heard Liu Feng snort before saying, “He was once tricked by Elder Brother Lin like a dog and then stayed in Shang Jing for five years after he was expelled from his family.

He isnt a hero but a beggar.

Jia Dong, shouldnt you drink a glass of wine as punishment”

“All right, I was wrong.

Ill punish myself.” Jia Dong nodded hastily and gulped down the red wine in his glass.

As for Lin Jie, he was staring at Zi Yan the whole time, only to find that Zi Yans face fell and she breathed hard when Liu Feng talked about Zhang Han.

Furthermore, Zhou Fei, who was sitting beside her, put on a dirty look at that moment, which convinced Lin Jie that they had ties with Zhang Han.

“Its an honor for him to be called a beggar!”

At this moment, Dong Hu, the fat and bulky man who was sitting beside Liu Feng, said, “He lived a dogs life in those five years.

I once intended to hire him to help me repair cars, but he refused haughtily.

What happened afterwards He raced with Elder Brother Liu and narrowly won.

However, this silly guy promised to race again a month later.

But, in the end, he sold the car and fled by plane.

Hes absolutely a fool…”


The sound of something striking the table was heard all of a sudden.

People looked away from Dong Hu and turned to face Zi Yan, who suddenly stood up with a sour face at this moment and coldly said,

”Im not feeling well, excuse me.”

Then she turned around and strode away.

As for Zhou Fei, she picked up her purse with a dirty look and glanced around at the people present.

Then she gave Dong Hu and Liu Feng a look of disgust and turned to leave.

“Er Zi Yan, you…” Jia Dong stood up and started to speak, intending to question her.

At this time, however, Lin Jie smiled and said, “Forget it.

Since she isnt feeling well, she can go first.

Lets continue.”

“Fine.” Jia Dong smiled apologetically and quickly sat back in his chair.

Other people looked at each other in puzzlement because they did not understand what Zi Yan was doing.

Lin Jie took a gulp of red wine with a smile.

Seeing his expression, Liu Feng knew that Childe Lin was interested in something.

In fact, during the drinking party tonight, Zi Yan was the only one who aroused his interest.

“Xiaodong, come out with me.” Lin Jie suddenly patted Jia Dong on the shoulder.

“Okay.” Jia Dong followed Lin Jie out and sat down on a chair in the observation deck with him.

“Miss Zi is so attractive.

I think she should take part in another program while shes here.

What do you think”

Lin Jie spoke to Jia Dong with a smile.

When he decided on something, Lin Jie was a man of his words, and he would spare no efforts as long as he wanted to do it.

On the other side.

Zi Yan strode out of the restaurant with a poker face.

She did not understand why, but when she heard them insulting Zhang Han she felt angry on the inside.

That anger eventually got to her and caused her to make a scene before turning around to leave.

Up til now, she was still very angry.

Zhang Han occupied a more and more important position unconsciously.

She felt at ease when hearing his voice, and she would feel warm while listening to his caring words.

In truth, she had a vague feeling that she was probably falling in love with him, and the reason why she was angry was because she cared about him.

As for Zhou Fei, she was so infuriated that her lungs were about to explode.

If they had not left there when they did, Zhou Fei would not have continued to just stare at them and would have directly swore.

“A few bastards.

What the hell are they Why did they speak ill of someone behind his back A pile of smelly **.

Why dont they say that to brother-in-laws face Brother-in-law should strike them down!” Zhou Fei said through gritted teeth.

“Theyre of poor quality!” Zi Yan said coldly.


Those people absolutely arent good men, especially the fat idiot who was disfigured and the guy surnamed Liu.

Theyre like opposite sides of the same coin…”

Zhou Fei complained about those men all the way back and did not stop grumbling until she realized they had reached the parking lot and got into the car which had brought them here.

She faced the driver and said, “Please drive us back to the hotel.”

“Okay.” The driver nodded, started the engine, and drove back to the hotel.

Zi Yan sat in the back seat.

She took out her mobile phone to check the time and found out that it was already 11:30 pm.

She had planned to call Zhang Han, but she decided not to after thinking about it for a while because she was going back tomorrow.

However, when she saw Lin Jies number, which was at the top, Zi Yan directly added it to her list of blocked calls!

She also had a terrible temper after all.

It was early in the morning at this point, but the training on the beach near Mount New Moon was in full swing.

Xu Yong and the others had already done ten sets of 1,000 push-ups, and they were doing the first set of 1,000 squats.

Zhao Feng did not continue watching them anymore.

Instead, he was practicing the movements from the simplified version of the Big Dark Devil Shadow at the front.

Everyone behind him realized that the movements Zhao Feng was practicing were so difficult that he actually fell down every five seconds.

The whole process was: Fall, rise, fall, rise again, fall again…

Upon seeing the effort he was putting in, everyone hardened their resolve.

Even if they felt tired, they still gritted their teeth and continued.

They, therefore, would drink a bottle of Yang Qing Water per person during the break every time after finishing a round of training, and then continued training after a few minutes.

The training on the first day did not end until two oclock in the morning.


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