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Chapter 23 – Night Travelling Mount New Moon

A beautiful woman who has beauty capable of causing the downfall of a city did not need to put on makeup.

Those who needed to wear makeup to become beautiful were also not called a true beautiful woman.

Speaking about makeup, Zi Yan immediately felt angry and said petulantly, “You still have the cheek to say I normally only put on light makeup, and all those makeup that I used were all high-end international brand makeups.

Just because I wore makeup, you told Meng Meng to not kiss me What is the meaning of that!”

Seeing that Zi Yan had the intention of criticizing him, Zhang Han shook his head.

Being too lazy to argue with a woman, he thus said indifferently, “Lets eat.

After finish eating, we will go to the mountaintop park.”

“Humph!” Zi Yan lightly snorted, then began to start eating the delicacies in front of her.

In Ocean Park, there was two big park area, at the bottom of the mountain was the seaside park, and at the mountaintop was the peak park.

After finish eating, the family of three sat on the sightseeing cable car to go towards the mountaintop and played at the peak park for an entire afternoon.

When the sky gradually became dark, the family of three left Ocean Park.

To speak as a whole, todays outing was enjoyed to the fullest, and Zi Yans exhaustion due to her work and tensed nerve also became relaxed.

“You only just came to Xiangjiang and you already have a car.

Seems like your life is not as terrible as I thought out to be.” At the back of the car, while Zi Yan carried the little princess who had gotten tired, she couldnt help but mumbled.

“The car is rented.” Zhang Han replied a sentence, then after thinking, he opened his mouth and said, “I will send you home.”

“Nonsense! If not did you expect to let me and Meng Meng grab a cab” Zi Yan said petulantly.

“I am saying that I send you home, and Meng Meng comes with me.” Zhang Han added.

Upon hearing that, Zi Yans brows wrinkled and her tone became cold, “What do you mean by that”

“You are busy with work and do not have time to take care of Meng Meng.” Zhang Han thought for a bit, then said, “My meaning is that, let me take care of Meng Meng.

When you have the time, you can just come and visit her.”

“Alright, alright! Meng Meng wants to be together with daddy.” When talking about this, even though Meng Meng was tired, she still raised up her hands and cheered.

Compared to letting Wang Juan look after her, she of course preferred much more to be together with her daddy.

“No!” Without even thinking at all, Zi Yan rejected with a stiff tone.

“Why not” Zhang Hans brows twitched.

“Meng Meng is mine!” Zi Yan glared at Zhang Han and said without the slightest bit of intention of giving in.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan who was being fiercely protective of her own children and couldnt help but laughed.

His tone became gentle as he said, “I am not wanting to snatch Meng Meng away from you.

Meng Meng will always be your daughter.

I only want to prepare some nutritious food for her, so that she grow up healthily and happily.

Also, I have already more or less prepared everything.”

“Mommy, can we be together with daddy please” When Meng Meng who was small but clever saw that a chance came, she began continuously pleading within Zi Yans embrace.

“You are only making food for her to eat” Zi Yan asked.

Currently, there was already hesitation within her tone.

Seeing Meng Mengs look, she somewhat couldnt bear to reject her.

Her time was also indeed not a lot too, and would not have a lot of time to accompany Meng Meng.

Especially in the coming period where she most possibly had to go to other places that were outside of Xiangjiang to shoot for her MV.

“En.” Zhang Han replied.

“Not right!” Zi Yan glared at Zhang Han and said, “You are lying to people again, anyone is able to make food that is nutritious.”

“When did I ever lie to people before” Zhang Han slightly went into a daze.

From small to big, he had never lie to anyone before.

He had always done whatever that he said he would do.

There was no such thing of him lying.

However, Zi Yans answer made Zhang Han somewhat not to know whether to laugh or cry.

“Wasnt the Paradise Land that you talked about last time counted as lying to Meng Meng” Right now, you say you want to make nutritious food for Meng Meng.

Couldnt Aunt Wang make food that is nutritious for Meng Meng” Zi Yan lightly snorted and said.

(Changed Utopia to Paradise Land as Paradise Land sounds better and fits better for世外桃源.)

“Daddy lie people There is no Paradise Land” Meng Meng blinked her eyes, and felt somewhat broken-hearted, having a look that she was about to cry at any moment.

“There is Paradise Land! How could daddy ever possibly lie to you If you dont believe, I will bring you to there to take a look alright” Zhang Han said hurriedly, then took a look at Zi Yan somewhat with blame.

“Eh” Meng Mengs expression very quickly turned from gloomy to clear and said, “Really”

“Really, daddy bring you to go take a look now alright” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Alright!” In a moment, Meng Meng was happy again.

Upon seeing that, Zi Yan slightly went into a daze and felt puzzled in her heart,

Looking at this fellows confident look, could it be that there is really a Paradise Land

Looking at Zhang Han driving towards the direction of Crescent Gulf, Zi Yan felt that he seemed to have really made out something.

“Where are you bringing us to” In the end, Zi Yan couldnt resist the curiosity in her heart and opened her mouth to ask.

“Go, go Paradise Land!” Meng Meng snatched first to reply.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed while shaking his head, and said, “You will know when we reach the place.”

“Humph, act what mysterious!” Zi Yan pouted her mouth and moved her gaze towards outside of the window.

Bamboo Districts distance was not far from Crescent Gulf, driving car only took about 20 minutes.

When the car passed by Crescent Gulf and continued towards the direction of Crescent Mountain, Zi Yan wanted to ask again, but her lips wriggled two times and in the end, she did not ask.

She knew that even if she asked, it was also no different from not asking, this rigid brain would definitely not say anything.

When they reached the bottom of Crescent Mountain, the car came to a stop.

“We have reached the place, lets get off the car.” Zhang Han clapped his hands and said.

“You are not serious, right After all this, you brought us to this desolate place” Zi Yan opened her eyes wide.

“You will know when you get off.”

Zhang Han smiled mysteriously and got off the car first.

Zi Yan carried Meng Meng and curiously got off the car.

After walking forward for two minutes, they reached the borderline area of Crescent Mountain.

The sky had already become dark, the moonlight of the bright moon sprinkled on the ground, even if there was no radiance, the scenery of the surrounding area could be seen clearly, but the forest in front was however a piece of total darkness.

The trees were in great number and crowded together, thus blocking out the moonlight.

A piece of pitch black made Zi Yan felt somewhat terrified in her heart.

“Where are we going” Zi Yan asked with a slight trace of nervousness.

“Up the mountain!” Zhang Han answered shortly and simply.

“Up the mountain!” Meng Meng shouted out excitedly.

However, she was also somewhat afraid of the dark.

Looking at the forest in front of her, she said in her small and cute voice, “Daddy, it is too dark in front, Meng Meng is scared scared.”

“Come, daddy carry you and you will not be afraid anymore.” Zhang Han took over Meng Meng who was stretching out her little arms from within Zi Yans embrace.

After carrying Meng Meng for a few minutes, Zi Yan was also indeed somewhat tired, thus she straightforwardly placed Meng Meng into Zhang Hans embrace.

“Daddy call out a playmate for you alright” Zhang Han carried the little princess and asked.

“Alright! What playmate” Meng Meng said with an adorable expression.

Currently, even Zi Yan was also somewhat curious, not knowing just what Zhang Han was trying to do.

It could be seen, Zhang Han took two steps forward then shouted, “Xiao Hei!”

“Woof, woof……”

The sounds of the barking of a dog came from the top of Crescent Mountain.

“Dog” Zi Yan slightly went into a daze.

Within less than two minutes, a bunch of rustling sound could be heard from the underbrush in front of them.

Suddenly, a black figure jumped out from the underbrush in high speed!

Xiao Heis body size was that of a fully grown Tibetan mastiff.

In a moment, Zi Yan did not see clearly what the black figure was and opened her eyes wide as she let out a cry in fear, “Ah!”

“Wah!” Upon hearing her mommys shouting sound, Meng Meng also shouted out from being nervous.


The two shouting sound scared Xiao Hei and caused him to quiver.

His quick speed immediately came to a stop as he lied his body down on the floor and crawled forward.

On his face, a bit of small grievance could even be seen.

If he was able to open his mouth to speak, he would definitely say,

“What are you all doing I came to welcome you all with good intentions and you all actually let out such a frightening sound!”

“What, what kind of dog is this” Zi Yan grabbed onto Zhang Hans sleeve with both of her hands and asked.

“Chinese rural emperor dog.” Zhang Han lightly replied.

“Emperor dog” Zi Yan went into a daze.

“Wow! What, what a beautiful dog.” Meng Meng said with her eyes full of hearts, “Daddy, can I touch him”

“Sure, go on and touch.” Zhang Han lowered his body, allowing the little princess to be able to reach Xiao Hei.

Upon seeing that, Xiao Hei happily shook his tail, got up on his legs, and slightly lowered his head as he moved closer to Meng Meng.

“Meng Meng, you cannot touch it!” Zi Yan said, “We still dont know whether if it bites or not.

Moreover, there are a lot of germs on the body of doggies, so you cannot touch them.”

Although Zi Yan also was very fond of hairy dogs, it was still a fact that there were a lot of germs on dogs, therefore children cannot be intimate with dogs.

“Its okay.” Zhang Han lightly smiled and said, “His name is Xiao Hei.

He had also drunk the water that you all drank just now.

Right now, there are no germs on his body, and he would also not drop hair normally.

Theres no odor on his body, and even his mouth is not smelly too.

So, you all can play with him at ease.

Zi Yan, you can also try touching him.”

While speaking, Meng Meng who was within Zhang Hans embrace had already touched Xiao Heis head a few times.

“You are lying to people again, where is there this kind of dog in this world” Zi Yan lightly snorted and said.

In her tone, there was somewhat of a trace of a womans charm which even she herself did not notice.

“I lie to you for what” Zhang Han said somewhat speechlessly.

“I will believe you for once then.” Zi Yan smiled towards Zhang Han, which happens very rarely.

Stretching out her hand and touching Xiao Heis head a few times, she felt that Xiao Heis hair was extremely soft and smooth, making it feel very comfortable to touch.

“Alright, let us go up the mountain.

Xiao Hei, lead the way.” Zhang Han opened his mouth and said.

Upon hearing his masters order, Xiao Hei straightened his chest and raised his head as he shook his tail and butt and walked forward proudly.

Xiao Hei slowly walked forward, leading the way for the family of three behind.

Zhang Han carried Meng Meng, while Zi Yan grabbed onto Zhang Hans sleeve as they entered into the pitch-black forest.

It felt dark outside, but when inside, it could be discovered that it wasnt that dark at all.

The trees around could be seen clearly with the help of dim moonlight.

After walking for five minutes, the view in front suddenly became wide.

Zi Yan and Meng Meng also became the first batch of visitors to visit Crescent Mountain.

“Wow, what a beautiful place.” Zi Yan said somewhat pleasantly surprised.

From here, the scenery of the front of the mountain could be seen.

Pieces of green and verdant grass and the clear air made Zi Yan actually felt somewhat longing for this kind of countryside lifestyle in her heart.

However, the sky was after all somewhat dark, and she was also not able to clearly see the bunch of flowers at the other side.

If she was able to clearly see it, Zi Yans mood would most likely be a few times more excited.

After all, women all extremely loves beautiful things like fresh flowers.

“Wow, wow, wow, what, what a beautiful place!” Meng Meng imitated Zi Yans tone and said exaggeratedly.

Suddenly, the little princess line of sight saw the extremely cool and dazzling Thunder-Yang Tree which was at the mountain peak.

“Daddy, daddy, you look at there, what a big big tree!” Meng Meng stretched out her little arm and pointed towards the direction of Thunder-Yang Tree.

“Eh” Zi Yans gaze moved to the direction Meng Meng was pointing and immediately let out a bewildered sound, then said, “What is this tree This is so strange.”


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