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Chapter 233 Dont You Like Roses

At this time, the people who were passing by stopped and looked over, then praised him repeatedly.

“Wow, is he trying to court her”

“I dont know, but that woman looks so beautiful.”

“Look how nice the man is.

He sends her flowers even on normal days.

My boyfriend never sends me roses.


Some of the people in the crowd were sharper.

After glancing at Lin Jie several times, they finally realized who he was, so they could not help gasping.

“Holy Shit, isnt that Childe Lin from the Lin Family”

“Yeah, thats him.

I didnt expect to see Childe Lin today! Its the first time Ive heard of young master Lin sending a woman roses.”

“Who is that beautiful woman If Childe Lin has taken a liking to her, then she will have a very bright future!”


All of the surrounding people were talking about it.

There were many girls who envied Zi Yan very much.

If they could get Childe Lins favor, they would have a chance to marry into the upper class.

Who did not want to become a rich lady

However, Lin Jie could not see Zi Yans eyes because they were hidden behind her sunglasses.

He thought about it and added,

“I dont mean much by it.

I dont know what kinds of flowers you like, so I choose roses to express my feelings.

I only hope to have dinner with you.

Of course, if you dont trust me, Miss Zhou can join us.”

Lin Jie felt that although it was impossible to chase after her directly, she would still agree to go to dinner with him considering his status and her current situation.

But he was wrong.

Even when faced with his smiling eyes, Zi Yan answered straightforwardly,

“Sorry, I dont like roses.

And, I still have some business to deal with after going back to the hotel.

So I wont accompany Childe Lin for dinner.

Childe Jia, please take us back.”


The smile on Lin Jies face faded a little.

Being rejected to his face made him a little unhappy.

After Zi Yan began to speak, Lin Jie glanced at Jia Dong.

At this time, how could Jia Dong dare to go against him He laughed bitterly and said, “Well… the person I arranged does not seem to be here.

How about this Brother Lin, can you help me send Zi Yan back to the hotel”

After hearing those words, there was a hint of satisfaction in Lin Jies eyes.

Just as he was about to say something, Zhou Fei responded by saying,

“Then dont bother Childe Lin.

The hotel is just over there.

Its only a seven or eight minute walk from here.

Ill walk there with Elder Sister Yan.”

“How could that be acceptable” Jia Dong hurried to speak.

“Its no problem, I just go for a short walk,” Zi Yan said softly.

“Childe Lin, Childe Jia, we will leave first.”

When she finished speaking, Zi Yan took the lead and headed outside.

Lin Jie shook his head with a faint smile.

He waved his hand and motioned towards the driver standing in front of the Rolls-Royce drivers seat at the back, then said, “Nantian, take Miss Zi back to the hotel and dont let those reporters disturb them.”


The driver with the crew-cut nodded, then waved and left with eight of his men.

They followed Zi Yan and escorted them back.

Seeing this, Jia Dong shook his head helplessly and stared at Nantians back.

He knew that Nantian, the driver and bodyguard, was a true expert.

In their circle, sometimes the quality of a bodyguard could indirectly indicate someones status.

Some people only hired ordinary bodyguards and some hired people who were true experts, such as people who retired from the special forces and people from security companies.

But a scion like Lin Jie would usually hire people of higher rank.

People from the martial arts world!

Jia Dong had heard of people who practiced martial arts.

He knew that many well-known and wealthy people had such bodyguards.

If someone could hire bodyguards at that level, it indicated that they were part of the upper class.

And He, Jia Dong, was not so good after all.

Lin Jie looked at Zi Yans back and smiled faintly.

He tossed the flowers in front of him and murmured softly,

“Its getting more and more interesting, so Ill play this game with you slowly and see how long you can hold out.


After that, he took his cell phone out of his pocket and called a number in Hong Kong.

“Hey, Cheng Dong, is Zi Yan an actress in your company…”

At the same time, on the beach near Mount New Moon, after more than three days of training, the results had gradually been revealed.

“Hahaha! 520 kilograms, I broke through too!”

Many people stood in front of the dynamometer, testing themselves one by one.

Xu Yong was the first, with a test result of 526 kilograms.

And Elder Meng was the second, with a test result of 512 kilograms.

The laughter just now came from Ah Hu, whose strength was 520 kilograms.

After him, there were 12 men whose strengths exceeded 470 kilograms.

The other mens strengths ranged from 380 to 450 kilograms.

As for the six women, after training, their strengths were just above 300 kilograms.

Of course, this strength did not mean their muscle strength, but the punch strength of their right fist.

The punch strength of an ordinary persons right fist could reach 100 to 150 kilograms.

In the past, there was a famous boxing champion whose highest punch strength with his right fist reached more than 800 kilograms, which was enough to knock a cow over.

That was to say, the impact strength of his punch, but his muscle strength was only a little over 220 kilograms.

The measurements for strengths were only general concepts.

“Now, everybody begin to practice Cangyun gymnastics!” Zhao Feng nodded satisfactorily and said.

“Brother Feng, take the test!” Ah Hu said curiously.

“Yeah, Brother Feng, give it a try!” Xu Yong and others also jeered.

“Then Ill give it a try!” Zhao Feng smiled and went to the dynamometer.


He exerted all of his strength with his right fist and pulled back his arm, then immediately hit the dynamometer ball!


A muffled noise was heard, but it seemed like the whole machine was shaking.

At that moment, everyone looked up at the numbers on it and could not help gasping.

“Hiss! my god! Brother Feng! It says 1,800 kilograms!”

“Oh, my God, its over 1,000 kilograms more than ours.

Its amazing!”

“Brother Feng is so cool!”

Everyone started screaming.

Zhao Feng looked at these uproarious people.

He gradually raised his chin, then waved his hand and lightly said,

“This is the result of my recent training.

You will break through 1000 kilograms in a few days if you try hard and practice Cangyun gymnastics!”

“Then what are we waiting for Lets get started!” Ah Hu said anxiously.

“Stand still and Ill show you how to do it.

You all should focus on doing it formally and holding it as long as you can.

Every extra second represents a huge breakthrough!” Zhao Feng began to command.

Royal Entertainment Company, Meiqis office.

“Who told them to stay in Shang Jing Whats going on How did they get on another show” Li Cheng clapped the table and shouted out angrily after hearing the news.

“I called Zhou Fei at noon.

She said that it was Jia Dong, the son of the TV stations chief operator, who arranged the show.

The recording started today, but the host relapsed during the recording.

So, they had to wait for several days for her to be discharged before they can finish the recording,” Meiqi said with a bitter laugh.

She also did not expect Zi Yan to get such an opportunity when she went to Shang Jing.

And she felt in her heart that she was very lucky.

Li Cheng spent a lot to let the three mentors, Jiang, Yuan, and Tai, do things for him, but it all resulted in the three mentors being fired.

When they arrived in Shang Jing, Li Cheng made some more arrangements, but just got scoffed at.

Now, Zi Yan was going to be on the prime-time show My Voice.

God favored Zi Yan too much, didnt she

“Recording what Immediately call Zhou Fei and have them fly back tonight.

Just say there is work to them.” Li Cheng waved.


When Li Cheng was upset, Meiqi would be extremely obedient.

She would do whatever he said.

Therefore, at this time, after hearing what he said, she directly dialed Zhou Feis phone.

“Zhou Fei, I am not criticizing you.

But did Zi Yan not plan to talk to me about that show she is going to be in You are more popular now, so you can just ignore me Im telling you now, go back to Hong Kong right away, tonight.

You have important work to do tomorrow…”

As she spoke, Meiqis eyes suddenly froze.

She suddenly stood up and lost her voice.

“What What are you talking about Fu Shans coming over to discuss business You cant leave yet Thats… thats it.”

Meiqi hung up the phone directly.

She took a deep breath, looked at Li Cheng and said, “Childe Li, things seem to be getting more complicated.

Zi Yan also wants to come back, but they cant for the moment.

Fu Shan is talking about working with Zi Yan for something in film and television.”

“How could that be possible” Li Cheng couldnt stay calm any longer.

He stood up and looked gloomy.

Fu Shan was the director of the film and television department, who generally spent his time inside the company.

How could he possibly go to Shang Jing in person

“It was Boss Wu himself who gave the order,” Meiqi said somewhat weakly.

“Wu Chengdong” Li Chengs face trembled slightly.

He bit his teeth, then walked towards the door and angrily said, “Ill go ask him about it!”

Wu Chengdong was the CEO of the Royal Entertainment Company and one of the board members who was very close to his father.

In terms of identity, Wu Chengdong was Li Chengs elder.

And, according to status, Wu Chengdong was at the same level as his father.

Now that he had made a move, Li Cheng had a bad feeling in his heart.

After leaving Meiqis office, he rushed all the way to Wu Chengdongs office.

Li Cheng tried to calm down and knocked on the door.

Dong, Dong, Dong.

“Come in!”

Li Cheng opened the door and went in.

“Its Xiaocheng, sit down.” Wu Chengdong nodded towards Li Cheng.

Wu Chengdong was 45 years old.

He had big eyes and thick eyebrows, with some pockmarks on his cheeks.

He wore a suit and had the unique temperament of a CEO.

“Whats the matter” Wu Chengdong asked directly.

“Heres the problem,” Li Cheng pondered and then said the words he prepared on his way here, “Its about Zi Yan.

Isnt she a subordinate of Meiqi In these past few days, Meiqi has arranged for her…”

“You dont need to say any more.” Wu Chengdong directly interrupted him and said, “She will be staying in Shang Jing for a month or two, maybe even longer.”

“But why” Li Cheng somewhat lost his calm and frowned slightly.

“Ha-ha-ha…” Wu Chengdong smiled and shook his head.

He stood up, went to Li Cheng, clapped him on the shoulder, and said meaningfully, “Zi Yan is indeed a beautiful woman.

A gentleman would like to marry a fair lady, so I understand.

But sometimes you have to take the long view.

Dont think about Zi Yan for the time being.”

“Uncle Wu, please just tell me!” Li Cheng said, somewhat unconvinced.

Wu Chengdong gave him a faint smile and slowly said, “I wonder if youve heard of Lin Jie from Shang Jing.”


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