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Chapter 235 Unleash The Tiger!


Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan felt warmth inside.

Her eyes softened and her voice became lower as she said, “Its not that serious.

The superiors of the company wont let us go, so we cant leave until I sign the contract in a couple.”

“What contract is it” Zhang Han asked.

“Its a contract for a movie and television show.

The director is Wei Chao and Lin Jie is one of the investors.

They called Director Fu, one of the top executive, and brought him over to negotiate with us since they want to cooperate with me.

However, Director Fu wont let us leave.

But dont worry, well go back the day after tomorrow,” Zi Yan said while pouting.

“Brother-in-law! Theyre bullying us!” Zhou Fei shouted from the side.

She was shouting so loudly that Zhang Han could hear.

He knew that this affair was not as simple as Zi Yan said.

“Is someone trying to humiliate you” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Then Im going to book a flight tonight.”


Zi Yan was really looking forward to the moment when Zhang Han came to pick her up, but she had to take all the factors into consideration.

Therefore, Zi Yan said,

“Even if you come here by plane, Mengmeng would be tired after such a long fight.

Besides, Ive attracted the medias full attention at the moment.

If theyre aware of Mengmeng, she wont be able to go wherever she wants to.

I still havent decided to let tell everyone about Mengmeng, and theres no reason for you to come here.”

Zi Yan suddenly blurted out, “I have nothing to do with you, so it will cause a lot of confusion if you come.”

After saying that, Zi Yan suddenly froze.

What are you saying Zi Yan…

As for Zhang Han, he slowly said, “Youre Mengmengs mother, and Im Mengmengs father.”

What did he mean

Did he just acknowledge me as his wife

Zi Yan began to fill her mind with nonsense again.

There is no translation for this line, so I winged it.

However, it wont let me add it.

Ill leave what I have for now here in case I need it later.

Hey, Elder Sister Yan, what youre saying isnt right; let me talk to my brother-in-law.” When Zhou Fei noticed that Zi Yan was somewhat speechless, she grabbed the phone and scornfully said, “Brother-in-law, I and Elder Sister Yan are being bullied.

There are people outside our room that wont let us leave.

The director is trying to force us, but there isnt anything you can do right now, so you have to get revenge for us later… ah Thats okay.

Um, thats good.”

Zhou Fei was slightly stunned, so she hung up after responding.

“What did he say” Zi Yan asked with curiosity.

“Brother-in-law said…” Zhou Fei smiled and slowly said, “Hell send someone to pick us up, so we can go back tomorrow.

Moreover, brother-in-law said that his men will bully the people who bullied us!”

“Hes so arbitrary, hum.” Zi Yan snorted, then remembered the time Zhang Han said that if a dog bit him he would directly stew it.

As she thought back to that, a faint smile appeared in Zi Yans beautiful eyes.

She felt how wonderful it was to have someone to fall back on.

On the other side, Zhang Han was sitting in front of the window.

After he hung up the phone, his face fell as indifference filled his eyes.

Did someone bully Mengmengs mother

Although he had not yet been with Zi Yan, she was slowly stepping her way into Zhang Hans heart.

He admitted that he cared about Zi Yan, which was why Zhao Fengs proposal to have some bodyguards for Zi Yan had aroused his interest.

Zhang Han had been impatient over the fact that Zi Yan had not come back for nearly a week.


“Zhao Feng!”

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed as he dialed Zhao Fengs number.

After which, he only said a few words.

“Right now, come to the restaurant immediately!”

After he finished saying that, Zhang Han hung up the phone.

On the other side on the beach, there were twenty people constantly practicing Cangyun gymnastics.

The other 30 people, all of whom had broken through to the Obvious Strength Stage, had continued training in fighting techniques for the past two days and completely mastered this power.

Zhao Feng broke through to the Inward Strength Stage two days ago.

When Zhao Feng broke through to the Inward Strength Stage, he was so glad that he instantly ran back to Mount New Moon and fought with Dahei.

However, in the end…

Zhao Feng was beaten and felt really depressed.

However, he cheered up when he realized that he was only knocked back three to four meters when he was pushed by Dahei.

It was still great progress since he only fell back three to four meters now.

After all, he had previously stepped back seven to eight meters!

At this moment, he was busy practicing various movements, but the phone in his backpack behind him rang out all of a sudden.

Zhao Feng walked over and found out it was his master, so he put on a solemn look and quickly picked up the phone.

After Zhao Feng heard what Zhang Han said, his face fell.

It was the first time he had heard such a serious voice from Zhang Han!

Something must have happened!

Zhao Fengs heart almost jumped out of his chest.

He turned slowly and said,

“Xu Yong, take over the training here.

I have to leave now.”

After he finished speaking, Zhao Feng did not give them a chance to ask questions.

He directly picked up his coat and hurried out without changing his clothes.

After reaching the road and getting into the car, he drove at a high speed, arriving at the restaurant in ten minutes.

“Master! Here I am!”

Zhao Feng rushed into the restaurant and sat down opposite Zhang Han.

“Good.” Zhang Han directly said, “Go to Shang Jing and bring Zi Yan back.”


When should I go, master” Zhao Feng asked.

“You can decide on your own.

However,… the quicker the better.

And, bring her back by tomorrow night,” Zhang Han replied.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded, vaguely understanding some of what was going on.

At this point, he asked in an uncertain tone, “Master, did your wife get in trouble”

“There are some flies buzzing around her, and they are keeping her from coming back to Hong Kong.

Your purpose in going there is to take her back and…” At this moment, Zhang Han hardened his eyes and said coldly,

“Swat those flies!”

Upon hearing his words, Zhao Feng was completely shocked!

Did master want to kill them

Swat those flies! That was to say, his trip to Shang Jing this time was to take masters wife back, and he was to fight against anyone or anything that stood in the way.

Fuck! The master asked him to sweep through their territory in Shang Jing!

After understanding Zhang Hans true intentions, Zhao Feng put on a stiff look.

Shang Jing was a place with complicated forces, so how would he be able to fulfill the task by himself

However, he would never refuse his masters order.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng slowly said,

“Master, shall I go there alone or with the others Ah Hu and the other trainees have also broken through to the Obvious Strength Stage…”

“Its up to you.” Zhang Han gave a bland response.

He was not worried about Zhao Fengs disposition since he had worked for Tang Zhan for several years.

Zhang Han believed that he could handle this task properly.

Even if he really were confronted with a major force, he would just call him as he had done last time.

“Okay, master.

I understand.

Ill make the arrangements now!” Zhao Feng got up and left.

After getting into the car, Zhao Feng did not drive away.

Instead, he called Gu Chen.

The entire Southern District had stabilized after a week.

Meanwhile, Lao Biao and his men had all been expelled.

Because of that, Gu Chen had already become the underground leader of the Southern District.

He, however, had to consolidate his power now.

Perhaps the Southern District would develop steadily again in about a month.

But all this had nothing to do with Zhao Feng.

After the call was put through, Zhao Feng immediately said, “Gu Chen, have you prepared all the things I asked for before”


“Please ask someone to send them to the Feng Ming Nightclub.

Ill go there later,” Zhao Feng said.

“Okay, Ill go there myself later.

Lets have a drink tonight,” Gu Chen said with a smile.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng said, “You can ask someone to send them.

Ill be going out.

By the way, if its convenient, please help me book some tickets for a flight around 3, 00 a.m.

to 5, 00 a.m.

to Shang Jing.”

Everything happened so abruptly that Zhao Feng had no time to make arrangements.

Gu Chen was more well-connected, so he needed his help.

“How many tickets do you want” Gu Chen asked.


Ill send you all the information on the people going later,” Zhao Feng said slowly as his eyes narrowed.


“That will be all for now.” After he finished speaking, Zhao Feng hung up.

He started the car and drove back to the beach.

“Everybody take a break for a few minutes.” Zhao Feng clapped his hands and called them closer.

“What is it, Brother Feng”

“All those who were promoted to the Obvious Strength Stage, except for Xu Yong, follow me!” Zhao Feng thought for a moment and said, “Xu Yong, you should stay here and continue with the training here.”

“Brother Feng, what are we going to do” Ah Hus eyes lit up.

Under everyones curious gaze, Zhao Feng firmly spat out a few words.

“Were going to Shang Jing to teach someone a lesson!”

“Ha, ha, ha.

Were going to take action! Lets go!” After a pause, Elder Meng burst out laughing.

“Erm… Brother Feng, why arent you taking me since youre going to abuse someone” Xu Yong said while giving him a wry smile.

“Youre the best of the current trainees, so you should stay here,” Zhao Feng said with a chuckle.

“Fuck! Okay.” Xu Yong shook his head helplessly.

Ah Hu and other twenty-eight people followed Zhao Feng and left, filled with excitement.

They wanted to show off their dramatically growing strength.

Just thinking about it seemed exciting.

However, those who were not going to Shang Jing felt wronged.

On account of their insufficient strength, they could not go with them this time.

But they would make sure they were not left behind next time.

Zhao Feng took the lead and drove to the Feng Ming Nightclub.

At this point, they were regarded as guests, which made them emotional.

They were taken to the guest room, and the uniforms Zhao Feng had reserved before were waiting inside.

Zhao Feng asked one of his men to send the information for everyone who was going to Gu Chen, and Gu Chen booked the tickets for the flight at 3 oclock in the morning.

“Find the clothes marked with your names and change into them.”

Zhao Feng waved his hand as he shouted.

The designs on the clothes were tailor-made, and everyone had three suits.

Zhao Feng spent a lot on the uniforms because he believed they represented Mengmeng Security and Zhang Han when they were out.

Therefore, Zhao Feng spent nearly 16 million yuan in order to make the uniforms stand out.

The suits were tailored by Brioni, and each of them cost a little over 100,000 yuan.

Moreover, the shirts, ties, and leather shoes were all made by Dior, which cost nearly 50,000 yuan in total.

There was no denying that only successful people deserved to were such uniforms.

Everyone quickly changed their clothes and came out.

When they learned how expensive a single uniform was, they were all excited.

They had never worn such high-quality uniforms even after being in associations for several years.

“Brother Feng, when should we head out What are we going to do in Shang Jing” Ah Hu asked excitedly.

“We will set off at 3,00 in the morning, and we are going there to pick up masters wife.

Some people dont want to let her come back, so whoever blocks us this time, well just beat them!” Zhao Feng replied in a deep voice.

Ah Hu and his companions all became impatient because of these words, so they wanted to arrive in Shang Jing as early as possible and change the current situation there!

As for Zhao Feng, he became silent.

Shang Jing was actually an extremely dangerous place.

Zhao Feng was a person who liked to look before he leaped, so he would not be affected by his growing strength and become arrogant.

After they noticed that Zhao Feng was busy thinking, everyone gradually quieted down.

“Ah Hu, contact a team which will serve us all day tomorrow in Shang Jing,” Zhao Feng said all of a sudden.

“Okay.” Ah Hu took out his mobile phone and began to make some calls without hesitation.

“Elder Meng, book thirty-two tickets for a flight at about eleven oclock in the morning from Shang Jing to Hong Kong.

Ill send you the other two ID numbers,” Zhao Feng said.

“Okay.” Elder Meng nodded.

“Im going to make a call.” After a pause, Zhao Feng walked into a bedroom, stood by the window and dialed a number,

“Instructor Liu, theres something I need to trouble you with…”

At Seven oclock the next morning.

Knock, knock, knock!

Fu Shan rudely knocked on the door of Zi Yan and Zhou Feis room.

“Whats wrong with you” After opening the door, Zhou Fei asked grumpily.

“Tidy up.

Were going out in half an hour to talk over the contract at the Fengtai Club,” Fu Shan said coldly.

“I see.” Zhou Fei responded and closed the door.

At this moment, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei had just woken up.

After getting dressed, they were taken away by Fu Shan without even having breakfast.

The Fengtai Club was a private entertainment club, which adopted a membership system and was not accessible to the public.

The concept of a private entertainment club came from the rich in Europe.

It was created for the rich, and its annual membership fee was tens of millions of dollars per person.

The membership to a private club was a symbol of wealth and status.

The Fengtai Club was a well-known private club in Shang Jing, which was supported by the Zhangs, a wealthy family in Shang Jing!

The owner of the club was Zhang Long, who was the son of the master of the Zhang family.

The Zhang family had suffered a decline during the year after Zhang Hans father, Zhang You, had disappeared.

But, under the leadership of Zhang Nan, it gradually developed smoothly.

Despite not being as powerful as before, it was still a big family.

As for Zhang Long, the most outstanding son of the Zhang family in recent years, he was expected to rise to the core of the Zhang family in a few years.

While riding in a JMC limo, Fu Shan entered through the main entrance of the club with Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and two other men.

The club was a leisure and entertainment building, with many villa-style buildings, hot springs, small bridges, flowing streams, and rock gardens inside.

It was a good place for relaxation.

Following a waiter, they stepped inside, walked through the leisure building, and got into a car for sightseeing.

They drove all the way to the right, to a wide lawn which was used as the clubs golf course.

Since the sun was not too warm at 8 oclock in the morning, people would not feel hot when they played golf this early in Shang Jing.

After walking onto the golf course, they saw about a dozen people, including Lin Jie, standing on one side of the tee, while Wei Chao and some others were standing behind them.

It was almost as if they didnt exist.

“Childe Lin, here we are,” Fu Shan approached Lin Jie, bowed, and said with a smile.

“Mmm.” Lin Jie nodded flatly, then looked at Zi Yan, smiled slightly, and said, “I see.

Zi Yan, do you want to have a try”

“I dont know how to play.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

Meanwhile, she felt a little unhappy and helpless.

Fu Shan said they were here to talk about the contract, but it seemed like he forced her here to accompany them and play golf.

“Thats odd.

I seem to remember that Miss Zi plays golf quite well.” The tall man beside Lin Jie said with a chuckle all of a sudden.

“Hmm” Zi Yan looked over at him.

“Let me introduce you, this is Zhang Long, Childe Zhang, who is an outstanding person in the younger generation of the Zhang family!” Lin Jie said with a smile.

“Oh.” Zi Yan was expressionless.

She nodded her head gently and said, “Childe Zhang.”

“Zi Yan, do you remember me” At this point, the man with cropped hair at Zhang Longs left curled his lip and spoke up.

He sized up Zi Yan with a playful gaze.

“Excuse me, who are you” Zi Yan asked in doubt.

“My name is Zhang Yuan.

Do you remember that time you passed out while drinking” Zhang Yuan said lazily.

“I dont remember.”

Zi Yan gave a bland response, but she thought of what had happened at the beginning.

She had not drank much, but she had been drugged, which caused the accident that happened between her and Zhang Han.

“Beauties have short memories! Ha, ha.” Zhang Yuan hissed with a hint of a taunt.

Seeing that Zhang Yuan was somewhat arrogant, Zhang Long secretly shook his head.

How could the person who used his familys strong background to do unscrupulous things ever be successful

Zhang Long, however, was delighted.

Only when the others were weak could he stand out and become the next head of the Zhang family!

“Zi Yan, do you want to play a round” Lin Jie asked again.


In the face of Zi Yans refusal, Lin Jie said no more.

He looked at Zhang Long, smiled, and said, “Brother Long, how about playing another round”

“Great! Ill be serious this time,” Zhang Long smiled and said.

“Im waiting to see.”

The two men started a new round of golf, which ended with Zhang Longs narrow success.

“Brother Long, what do you think of the thing I mentioned to you the other day” After the game, Lin Jie suddenly asked him a question.

The main purpose of his trip this time was to talk about cooperating with Zhang Long.

As for Zi Yan, she was only brought by Fu Shan as his companion to show his kindness to Zhang Long.

However, it seemed that she did not understand her position.

“Lets go to my office and talk about it.

I just got a batch of antiques that Childe Lin might appreciate,” Zhang Long smiled and said.

“Okay.” Lin Jie nodded.

The two men took the lead and walked forward, followed by Zhang Yuan and the other four people, while everyone else remained where they were.

It was obvious that they were not qualified to join them.

After taking two steps, Fu Shan looked towards Zi Yan, gave her a glance, and said, “Zi Yan, dont just stand there, follow us.”

Zi Yan felt angry upon seeing the look in his eyes.

She did not move but said coldly, “Director Fu, Director Wei is over there.

Can we talk about the contract first I have something to do.”

As soon as Zi Yan opened her mouth, Zhang Long, Lin Jie, and the others stopped, then looked at her.

Fu Shans face was as hard as stone.

He glared at Zi Yan and said with a greasy smile, “Zi Yan, well talk about the contract later!”

“Director Fu, you can go first, and we can talk with Director Wei ourselves,” Zhou Fei said as she casually walked towards Zi Yan.

She showed no fear because she had just been told that the men brother-in-law sent were coming!

“Zi Yan, did you already forget what I told you yesterday” Fu Shan was so irate, but he had to hold back his anger in such a situation and speak in a low voice.

“What Do you disdain us” Zhang Yuan frowned, then looked at Zi Yan and said, “You dont even understand the rules.”

As soon as he spoke, the atmosphere on the court cooled down a little.

“Ahem!” At this moment, Lin Jie smiled and said, “Zi Yan hasnt been feeling well these past few days.

So let her have a rest.

We can go over to discuss things.”

“Okay.” Zhang Long shook his head with a smile and then stepped forward.

They left, while Fu Shan stayed with a livid face.

He stared at Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, wanting to say something but withholding himself from speaking.

If no one was here, he was likely to swear.

“Oh, Director Fu, your eyes are a little red, did you stay up late Can we talk about that contract Why dont we talk over it another day” Zhou Fei put on a concerned look.

“We can talk now.” Fu Shan secretly gritted his teeth as he took the lead and walked towards the rest area.

After greeting Wei Chao and his companions, Zhou Fei and Zi Yan sat down and started talking over the contract with them.

Under the repeated urging of Zhou Fei, Wei Chao took out a contract.

Zhou Fei looked through it for about ten minutes.

After she finished reading, her face fell.

“Both the role and the part of Zi Yan are uncertain, so why do you ask us to identify the role Are you kidding” Zhou Fei sneered, throwing the contract back.

At this point, Zi Yan also frowned.

She looked at Fu Shan and Wei Chao with indifference, then said, “I dont care what you have.

In short, I will leave today.

If you really want to cooperate with me, please contact Director Meiqi, Mr.


“Thats enough!” Fu Shan could not contain his anger as he harshly said, “Dont you remember what I said last night Who do you think you are Huh Dont you have…”

However, before he had finished speaking, he saw from the corner of his eye that everyone around him was dumbfounded and that they were looking at the gate.

He stopped talking and his eyes widened when he looked over.

A group of 30 people dressed in black suits were running over.

Their vigorous pace and amazing speed scared many of the people here!

It was like a scene from a movie where the tycoon of an underground force brought his men to sweep everything away!

Back to five minutes ago.

In front of the entrance of the Fengtai Club stood a total of eight security personnel, several of whom were chatting.

“Xiaoliang, I brought those people in just now, and I saw Zi Yan.

Shes beautiful, shes so beautiful.”

“No matter how beautiful she is, only people like Zhang Long and Lin Jie such a stunner.”

“Hey A group of people is coming this way!”

All of a sudden, a person behind them reminded them, and when they looked over, they saw twelve cars coming towards the club at a high speed.

There was a line of BMW 730s with a white Bentley very conspicuously placed in the middle.

Bang, bang, bang!

The sound of a sequence of opening and closing doors was heard as dozens of people exited the cars.

They were led by a very handsome man as they walked over with vigorous strides.

“Whos this tycoon He doesnt look familiar.” One of them, a man in his thirties, greeted him and asked with a smile, “Hello, please show me your membership card.”

Zhao Feng glanced at him and said faintly, “I dont have a membership card.”

“You dont have a membership card” The man was stunned and said, “Im sorry, this place is not open to non-members.

If you are looking for someone, please contact the people inside.”

“Im here to pick someone up,” Zhao Feng replied, then stepped straight into the club.

“Er, er, er What are you doing If you want to pick somebody up, please call them.”


“If you walk any further, well take you out!”

Although there were 30 people opposite them, these eight guards were not afraid.

Not just anyone could make trouble here since they were in Shang Jing and this was Zhang Longs territory.

While speaking, their hands reached for the electric batons at their lower back, and the middle-aged man asked in a colder tone,

“Stop at once! Dont you know who this place belongs to Have you already lived long enough Do you dare to make trouble here”

“Hmm” Zhao Feng stopped.

Before he started to speak, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and several other people behind rushed forward.

Bang! Bang!

With a few cuffs and kicks, the eight men all lay on the ground with their hands covering their arms or bellies.

“Do you think I care who this place belongs to” Zhao Feng glanced at the middle-aged man flatly and led the way into the building.

After seeing what happened, the middle-aged man and the other seven people all gasped in surprise! The man took out the intercom and said in horror,

“Something terrible has happened.

Some people have come to cause trouble and they have already broken in!”

Zhao Feng and other 29 people marched through the building.

In the lobby on the first floor, the looks on the faces of everyone all changed because they felt these people released a menacing aura.

However, the staff did not dare to come forward and question them.

Several security guards also heard the words from their intercoms, but they had to wait for the main force since they were not strong enough to compete with them.

After exiting the entertainment building, Zhao Feng took out his mobile phone to take a look, then looked at the golf course on the right, not far from him, and said,

“Get over there quickly!”

The instant Zhao Feng finished speaking, he started running, followed by Ah Hu and the others.

Although they did not use all their strength, they moved as if they were competing in a 100-meter race.

After witnessing what just happened, everyone in the hall was dumbfounded.

“Is something terrible about to happen”

“Lets go and have a look!”

“Oh, my god.

This is the first time a situation like this has occurred in the Fengtai Club.”

Everyone followed them and rushed towards the golf course out of curiosity.

However, the security personnel here were even faster than they were.

In just one minute, they gathered nearly 50 people, all of whom were husky looking and dressed in black waistcoats.

These people quickly followed Zhao Feng and his companions.

At this point, Fu Shan was about to lose his temper.

Before he finished speaking, he saw Zhao Feng and his companions running over.

More than a dozen people present were all shocked as they stood up in puzzlement.

Who were they What were they doing here

Zi Yan, however, calmed down after catching sight of Zhao Feng.

She did not know why he had come here.

However, Zhou Fei knew their purpose, and she was a little excited!

Ha, what a large number of people.

Brother-in-law is so awesome!

She ran towards them, but Zhao Feng and the others did not even take a breath.

They stood in front of Zi Yan while being unsure how to address her.

“Masters… uh…”

He did not say “masters wife” out loud.

“Boss… Ahem…

It was a little incorrect to call her the bosss wife.

So how should he address her Zhao Fengs mouth slightly quivered.

He thought that his hesitation had somewhat influenced their momentum!

“Sister Zi Yan, the boss asked us to pick you up.” After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng smiled and said this.

At this moment, not only his smile, but also what he said, made Zi Yan feel warm.

He sent his men to pick me up.

Its good to be taken care of.

“Okay.” Zi Yan smiled and nodded her head gently.

Upon seeing Zi Yans smile, Zhao Feng grinned as well.

At this point, a discordant voice rang out.

“You want to go Ha, ha, where are you going to go”

After Fu Shan returned to his senses, he scoffed.

This nobody dared to come to Zhang Longs club to take Zi Yan away They must be tired of living! With a voice dripping with sarcasm, he said,

“Zi Yan, if you leave here, Ill not only sue you, but also request the company to suppress you.

Do you want to see your future career…”

Before he finished speaking, Zhao Feng suddenly stopped smiling.

He looked at Fu Shan coldly and said, “Who are you”

“Hes Fu Shan, Director Fu of our Royal Entertainment Company!” The staff beside Fu Shan sneered and said, “You shouldnt rely on the number of your men.

Zi Yan is an entertainer of our company and has to obey the management!”

“Oh.” Zhao Feng acted as if he took a tumble.

He reached out his right hand and waved it, then spat out two words, “Ah Hu!”


Ah Hu moved and rushed to Fu Shan at a high speed.

Under his horrified gaze, Ah Hu raised his hand.



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