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After he finished speaking, Zhao Feng suddenly stepped towards Zhang Long, which scared several people.

What was he going to do

Was he going to make sure Lin Jie and Zhang Long didn\'t get away without punishment too

Everyone gradually widened their eyes while feeling shocked and confused.

Among the crowd, Lin Jie and Zhang Long were the most nervous.

Although they had a lofty position, they were also afraid of being injured!

They were really anxious inwardly, but they struggled to remain composed.

As Zhao Feng got closer and closer, their heats beat more and more rapidly.

However, they still managed to hold their temper.

Would he really dare attack me


The two of them firmly believed that the opponent would not attack them easily, because that would cause the situation to escalate and become a major controversy!


Zhang Yuan had been gravely injured by him!

This reminded them that they should not be too confident! He dared to injure Zhang Yuan, the eldest legitimate son of the Zhang family, which meant they were not safe either!


At this moment, the two of them did not move.

What they were doing was just like gambling.

Finally, under everyone\'s gaze, Zhao Feng arrived in front of Lin Jie.

He looked at Lin Jie coldly and said,

Do you have anything to say about it

Zhao Feng\'s matter-of-fact tone and attitude when questioning him made Lin Jie very angry.

It was as if he was being smacked in the face publicly.

His own haughtiness prevented him from answering Zhao Feng\'s question.

He understood that he would lose if he gave Zhao Feng a response!

However, under Zhao Feng\'s gradually cooling gaze, Lin Jie felt threatened.

He knew that if he did not give an answer, Zhao Feng would attack him!

Lin Jie, therefore, suppressed his anger, even though rage seethed within him, and he said in a calm tone,

I have nothing to say.

Ha. Zhao Feng eyes were filled with disdain as he chuckled.

Compared with his master, this famous young master was so weak.

Lin Jie almost exploded when he saw the undisguised disdain in Zhao Feng\'s eyes.

However, he had to swallow hi anger since he knew well that he was no match for him at the moment.

After that, Zhao Feng looked at Zhang Long without saying anything.

Zhang Long laughed with an easy-going expression on his face and said,

I certainly have nothing to say since you\'re one of Zhang Han\'s men.

Sometimes conflicts arise between family members.

Zhao Feng did not say anything after Zhang Long finished speaking.

Instead, he turned around and went straight to Zi Yan, who was still a little stunned at the moment.

At this point, on the other side, the dozens of spectators all gasped in surprise.

I didn\'t expect that Lin Jie and Zhang Long, the two scions, would admit to being defeated by them!

This is the first time these two powerful scions have failed together.

If word gets out about this affair, the upper-class will probably be angry enough to explode.

That\'s right.

If they leave uninjured, the two scions will lose face.

But the truth is, they\'re no match for them even though the two of them want to stop these people!

She\'s like Helen of Troy.

Only a beauty s like Zi Yan could trigger such a complicated battle between the upper-class.


Everyone began discussing what they had seen.

They had not expected to witness such an unprecedented drama today.

During this period, everyone\'s eyes were fixed on Zhao Feng.

Nobody knew what this incredible person would do next.

Zhao Feng stepped towards Zi Yan and put on an easy-going expression again.

He whispered with a smile,

Boss\'s wife, I forgot to ask you, did any of the people over there bully you If so, I\'ll scrap them.

Even though his words were mild, there was a murderous intent hidden in what he said.

Even Lin Jie and Zhang Long, who were not far away, realized that the vicious man with Inward Strength was asking her what he should do!

They knew that this reckless person was likely to take action if Zi Yan nodded!

Lin Jie felt ill as if he had eaten **.

Zi Yan, who should have been easy to get his hands on in his view, became the person who decided their fates.

This contrast was really shocking.

Fortunately, for them, Zi Yan did not nod.

She shook her head slightly and said,

No, let\'s go back.

Fine. Zhao Feng nodded.

He glanced at Ah Hu and his companions, and then said, Let\'s go.

At that point, they all went to the entrance.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei walked at the front, with Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and Elder Meng walking beside them, followed by more than 20 men dressed in black suits.

Against the backdrop of those people lying on the ground, the image was extremely striking!

When they passed by Zhang Long and his companions, Lin Jie suddenly opened his mouth.

He smiled and said,

Miss Zi, let us walk you out.

However, he did not give Zi Yan the opportunity to reply.

He, Zhang Long, and some of his men went towards the entertainment building with Zi Yan.

Captain Liao, who they had called earlier, was expected to arrive soon.

Lin Jie wanted to win this time!

These people defeated them by virtue of their overwhelming force, but Lin Jie still thought he could obtain a victory!

As long as Zi Yan did not leave Shang Jing, the competition would continue.

Zi Yan did not say anything because she could not be bothered to talk to Lin Jie.

She just walked forward.

Brother, what\'s your name What\'s your relationship with my cousin Zhang Han I haven\'t seen him for a long time and miss him. Zhang Long said with a smile, putting on a sincere look.

This was the kind of person he was.

He could greet others, even his enemy, with a broad smile.

People normally used three words to describe him:

A smiling tiger!

His true feelings could not be determined from his facial expression, much like Lin Jie.

They were the type who hid their true intentions.

However, Zhao Feng just ignored his words.

Although he failed to imitate his master\'s apathetic gaze, indifferent tone, and immortal spirit, the thing he did not need to learn was how to ignore others!

No matter what they did, he pretended as if he didn\'t see anything.

Zhang Long laughed and shook his head.

Since they were so arrogant, the only thing they could do was wait and show their hand after Captain Liao arrived!

In his view, no matter who sent them here, they could not escape!

With Zhang Han supporting them That sore loser

What did he rely on His mother\'s Rong Clan in Lin Hai

Ha, ha, even ten Rong Clans would be of no help, not to mention one!

Zhang Long sneered.

After Zhao Feng said he was sent here by Zhang Han, Zhang Long guessed that these martial artists were from the Rong Clan in Lin Hai City.

Zhang Han\'s mother, the princess of the Rong Clan, had been deeply affected by her family.

Although the two families had negative experiences with each other after she married Zhang You, her family was still very concerned about Zhang Han\'s mother.

Perhaps Zhang Han went to Lin Hai since he could not stay in Shang Jing.

Zhang Long laughed at him secretly.

They continued marching through the entertainment building.

However, something happened just as they walked out of the front door.

Weeoo, weeoo, weeoo...

The sound of sirens blared as a dozen police cars stopped near the platform in front of them.

A group of police officers got out and quickly surrounded them.

Captain Liao, who walked at the front, took the initiative and greeted them solemnly.

Childe Lin, Childe Zhang, is what you said true

Yes. Lin Jie chuckled and said, There are dozens of people lying on the golf course, many of whom are seriously injured.

I think Captain Liao needs to take these people back and interrogate them since they committed such a large-scale crime.

As soon as he finished speaking, a trace of anger and concern flashed across the faces of Ah Hu and Zhou Fei.

After hearing their remark, Captain Liao frowned.

He waved his hand at his men and said, Go assess the situation!

Yes, sir!

Four men rushed inside, after which Captain Liao\'s phone rang within one minute.

After he answered the phone, his face completely fell.

He looked at Zhao Feng and his men, waved his hand, and coldly said,

Take them away!

Take us away Zhao Feng sneered, Everyone, listen to me.

Fight back against anyone who dares to take action!

Zhao Feng\'s words instantly caused the atmosphere in the surrounding area to become tense.

Lin Jie, Zhang Long, and their companions were waiting to see the confrontation.

At this time, they also sighed with emotion because they had not expected them to be so tenacious in the face of such a powerful force.

They were indeed a group of desperate people who were not afraid of death!

They aren\'t so much tenacious as silly!

Lin Jie sneered inwardly.

After hearing what he said, Captain Liao got angry.

He suddenly took out a gun from his waist and aimed the muzzle at Zhao Feng\'s head.

However, the instant he lifted his gun, he noticed that his target had become a black certificate.


In that instant, all eyes focused on the certificate.

Although they could not see the words clearly, their hearts gradually sank when they saw the icon on it.

Open your eyes and take a hard look! I don\'t have time to talk nonsense! I\'ll give you five minutes, and then I\'ll kill whoever tries to stop us after those five minutes! Zhao Feng\'s cold voice filled the area.

The unemotional words chilled everyone who was present.

Captain Liao quivered, then withdrew his pistol and went forward to take a look.

His eyes gradually widened and he gasped when he saw the words in front of him.

Hiss! You, you turned out to be... He cried out while staring at the dead center of the paper.

Wolf Head, First Squad, Yunhun Special Forces, Hong Kong!

In Captain Liao\'s view, it was a legendary special squad.

He had heard a lot about it, but he never imagined that he would meet one of their members today.


Captain Liao gave a wry smile and said, Excuse me, Mr.

Zhao, what happened here

Those people inside tried to prevent us from carrying out our mission.

However, I showed mercy by only injuring them instead of flat out killing them. Zhao Feng gave him a bland response.

Yes, yes, I see. Captain Liao nodded repeatedly.

They had indeed been lenient on them since these people had tried to prevent them from carrying out their mission.

He absolutely could not make a decision since Wolf Head was involved.

He, therefore, glanced at Lin Jie with a wry smile and said, I can\'t decide on this matter personally.

I have to ask my superiors.

After that, he took his cell phone and called his superior\'s number,

Director, I have something to tell you...

Before he finished speaking, Lin Jie took two steps forward and interrupted him.

Let me talk to him!

Captain Liao handed his phone over as Lin Jie stared coldly at Zhao Feng.

Since he had already decided to offend them openly, he held the mobile phone and said,

Director Wang, I\'m Lin Jie.

Something terrible has happened in the Fengtai Club.

I want to know if officials can get away with acting so outrageously...

After telling the director what had happened, Lin Jie hung up the phone.

He looked at Zhao Feng and said,

No matter who is supporting you, you won\'t go back unharmed after attacking my people!

Whatever. Zhao Feng reached out swatted the air while speaking in a dismissive manner.

His disregard stirred Lin Jie\'s anger.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number,

Uncle, I\'m at the Fengtai Club, and something has happened.

The other party if from Wolf Head in Hong Kong...

As soon as he spoke, Captain Liao froze in horror,

General Lin!

His words shocked many people.

Lin Jie spoke briefly about what had happened.

After hanging up the phone, he looked at Zhao Feng with confidence.

His uncle, Lin Wen, was in a position of leadership in the military region of Shang Jing.

He could even be called General Lin!

Although he was a major general, which was the lowest rank among generals, he was only 41 years old.

This really was an outstanding achievement, something the aristocratic families could be proud of!

However, Zhao Feng was still calm.

Zhang Long became completely silent.

However, in his heart he mumbled,

It seems like Lin Jie is so angry that he is even willing to ask General Lin for help.

In his opinion, once General Lin got involved, he would be able to handle everything, regardless of how strong the background of Wolf Head was.

At this moment, Elder Meng, Ah Hu, Zi Yan, and Zhou Fei all changed their expressions.

They had not expected the situation to deteriorate this much.

This incident seemed to have escalated into a confrontation among the older generation.

Could Zhao Feng persist through it all

In the meantime, on a distant island, Instructor Liu was lying lazily on the beach.

Behind him was Wolf Head, which was ready to return.

All of a sudden, his cell phone rang.

He picked it up to have a look and found it was a leader in Shang Jing, so he answered the phone.

After listening to him for thirty seconds, he curled his lip and impatiently said,

Yes, he\'s one of my men.

I tell you clearly that it\'s impossible to stop him! Dream on! Childe Lin, Childe Zhang Bull**!

After that, he hung up the phone and immediately dialed a number which belonged to someone he hadn\'t contacted for a long time.

Hello Uncle, how are you Ha, ha, I\'m also going back to Hong Kong.

I wanted to talk to you about a matter involving one of my men, Zhao Feng, and the owner of a certain restaurant, Mr.


Zhao Feng and his men are currently in Shang Jing...


Back at to the main entrance of the Fengtai Club.

Five minutes after Lin Jie\'s call, Zhao Feng glanced at his watch and said,

Time\'s up, let\'s go.

After he finished speaking, he prepared to leave.

At this point, Lin Jie sneered and said, Go Ha, ha, did I agree Captain Liao!

Captain Liao gave a wry smile, then had his men move to stop Zhao Feng and said,

Sorry, you cannot leave for the time being, not until this matter had been handled properly.

Please be considerate of my work.

No one can stop me if I want to leave!

Zhao Feng said faintly as he continued to step forward.

If you persist in doing so, I will have to take action. Captain Liao took a deep breath, reached for the pistol on his belt.

He did not want to take part in these games the upper class played, but he could not let the people in front of him go since he had not determined what had happened.

Zhao Feng hardened his eyes when he saw Captain Liao reaching for his gun.

When he was about to step forward, Lin Jie\'s cell phone rang.

The sound attracted everyone\'s attention.

They looked over, only to see Lin Jie\'s face gradually become pale while answering the phone.

That\'s impossible! How did this happen...

At this moment, Lin Jie, who had always been calm, changed color.

After finishing the call, Lin Jie had a pale expression as he stood there in a daze.

Then, he glanced at Zhao Feng in horror.

At first, he just stood there, but he suddenly stepped towards Zhao Feng after thinking for more than ten seconds.

As he approached, he looked at Zhao Feng, bowed his head and said in a bitter tone,

I admit defeat today.

You can leave.

After hearing what he said, everyone, except Zhao Feng and his men, all changed their expressions.

Ha, ha.

Zhao Feng responded by laughing at him, then turned to leave.

Lin Jie raised his head and stared at their backs in a trance.

The only thought going through his mind was:

They are unstoppable!


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