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“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Im here.”

Upon reaching Mount New Moon, Mengmeng ran with excitement and shouted in a childish tone while running.

As usual, Little Hei quickly ran to Mengmengs side, but Dahei was much slower.

“Mengmeng, play with them for a bit first.

PaPa needs to prepare something here,” Zhang Han said while standing beside the flowers.

“Okay, I understand.”

After answering, Mengmeng turned around and went to the pet area on the back hill with the two Heihei powers.

“What kinds of flowers should I choose Maybe I should pick matching flowers.”

Zhang Han stared at the colorful flowers for a while before finally focusing on the rose area.

He still remembered that Zi Yan liked roses the most, as did Zhang Li and Li Anna when they came here.

Wang Yihans mother, Su Yu, also reminded him that every girl would be enchanted if they were to receive a bouquet of these roses.

It seemed that roses possessed a high level of romantic appeal in the eyes of women.

However, he had no idea how to arrange these roses since there were so many different colors.

“Red roses with white edges”

Zhang Han remembered a picture he had seen, in which the roses were heart-shaped with a circle of white roses surrounding them.

White roses and red roses went well together and looked extremely beautiful.

As he thought about, another idea suddenly crossed Zhang Hans mind.


Yeah, he had promised to prepare hot pot for her.

Since they would get off the flight at about 2 oclock, it would be too late for Zhang Han to prepare it himself.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han stood up, and then prepared to run in the direction of the dense forest on the back hill.

However, he didnt have enough time now, so it would be better to ask someone else for help.

Zhang Han only spent one minute to finish traveling a distance that would normally take five-minutes.

On the beach not far from the mountain, Xu Yong was busy instructing everyone to practice various movements.

“The Boss is coming!”

A few people suddenly noticed Zhang Han running over, and they could tell he was in a hurry.

“The Boss runs so fast!”

Several women in the crowd looked over at him and realized that he was already standing in front of them by the time they had finished speaking.


The moment Xu Yong turned his head and saw Zhang Han standing in front of him, he quickly greeted him.

However, he felt a little reserved, and even somewhat nervous without Zhao Feng there.

In fact, he had not had this kind of feeling for many years.

“Mmm.” Zhang Han glanced around at the people who were present.

He eventually looked at Xu Yong and said, “Are you Xu Yong”

“Yes.” Xu Yong nodded repeatedly.

The boss remembered his name! At this time, he felt as if he had been praised.

“Theres something I need to trouble you with.”


Please let me know if theres anything I can do for you, Boss,” Xu Yong said while hastily waving his hand.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Prepare some ingredients for hotpot at 3 oclock in the afternoon.

You can probably find everything on the mountain.

If not, you can decide which ingredients you still need to buy and bring them to the restaurant.

Heres the key to the restaurant.”

While speaking, Zhang Han handed over the key to the restaurant.

“Okay, okay.” After taking the key, Xu Yong hesitantly said, “Boss, Ive never been to the restaurant or the mountain.”

“Then come with me and take a look.” Zhang Han spoke casually, then turned around and led the way back up to the mountain.

“You can take a rest.” After thinking for a moment, Xu Yong decided to let everyone take a break.

After saying that, he picked up the coat and leather bag on the parcel to his right, and then quickly followed.

Everyone on the beach looked at each other.

Take a rest

Forget it.

Everyone immediately had the same idea.

“I wont rest.

Id rather continue practicing.”

“Me too!”


Everyones training was still in full swing because they wanted the strength to survive.

With such good conditions, they would be uncomfortable if they were defeated by others!

Therefore, the only thing they could do was to keep training to keep up with them.

Xu Yong ran the whole way while Zhang Han just walked as usual.

Xu Yong failed to understand why he could not keep up with Zhang Han, even though he ran as hard as he could.

This truly horrified Xu Yong.

After arriving at Mount New Moon and sizing up the surroundings, Xu Yong was in a daze for a long time.

When he caught sight of the livestock area and the planting area on the rear side, he realized that the wonderful food they normally ate was produced here.

“Boss, Im going to get to work now.” Xu Yong had a fairly good idea of what to do after looking around, so he looked at Zhang Han and commented.

“Go ahead.

Oh, by the way, there is cash inside the drawer of the counter with the laptop on it.

You can use it if you need to.

If any guests come, you should tell them that the restaurant is closing at noon,” said Zhang Han.


Xu Yong nodded, then turned around and went down the mountain.

He planned to make an appointment with the butchers first and meet them in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, he could find out which ingredients the restaurant lacked.

It was almost 12 oclock now, which meant there were only three hours left for him to get things ready, so he had to budget his time.

After he left, Zhang Han stood still in front of the rose bushes without doing anything.

Instead, he took out his mobile phone and searched for several ways to arrange flowers on the Internet.

He found that, in general, there were only one or two colors in a bouquet.

Normally, there was not being too many different colors because it required a florist with superb skills.

If the flowers were arranged exactly, even one flower could cause the colors of the bouquet to look messy.


Zhang Han chuckled and got started.

He wanted to bring her a special gift, so it would be better to create a bouquet with roses of all colors.

Therefore, Zhang Han began following the steps.

He picked up the scissors and cut nine red roses with relatively long main stems first.

After removing the thorns from the roses with the clippers, he picked up the first rose and transmitted his spiritual force to his right hand in order to hold it in place.

The roses stem immediately plunged into the ground.

With that, the main flower was positioned and inserted horizontally.

It was the central point of the bouquet.

After that, Zhang Han inserted three roses around the first one and five roses on the next ring.

The nine bright red roses caught peoples eyes, forming a small circle.

However, this was just the beginning.

At this point, Zhang Han inserted pink roses on the fourth ring, champagne roses on the fifth, blue roses on the sixth, purple roses on the seventh, white roses on the eighth and black roses on the ninth!

The flowers were well-arranged and compact, allowing each of them to keep their shape.

After the first step, Zhang Han took out the ribbons and tied the rose branches tightly, then he wrapped the bouquet with colored paper to cover the branches so that only the colorful flowers could be seen.

After wrapping then up, he used ribbons to fasten the colored paper.

Finally, Zhang Han took out a short knife and cut off all the stems at the same time.

This large bouquet of flowers was eventually completed.

Zhang Han did not know how many flowers he used, probably around eighty to one hundred.

When he held it in his hands, to be precise, his arms, he realized it weighted more than ten jin.

After putting the roses under the thunder yang tree, Zhang Han went to the pet area to play with Mengmeng.

As for Xu Yong, he was also busy at this moment.

He went to the restaurant, but was unable to find the utensils for making a hot pot, even after walking around the kitchen, so he went to the shopping mall to buy an induction cooker with dual pots.

The dual pot was also known as a two burner pot, with red soup and white soup on either burner.

It general, one would be spicy and the other would be clear, which was a common hot pot in daily life.

After he took them back to the restaurant, the butchers arrived, so Xu Yong took them to Mount New Moon.

He took one cow and one sheep.

It went without saying that mutton was necessary when cooking a hot pot.

As the main ingredients for many dishes, beef was common on the menu, among which boutique beef was the most attractive.

The marbled beef was sliced, and people could rinse it off before enjoying it along with the dipping sauces, which led to a myriad of aftertastes.

Beef omasum was certainly the most important ingredient, which was divided into black omasum and white omasum, and was a really popular dish.

When these butchers returned to the slaughterhouse and saw the Ujimqin Sheep, they were still calm.

However, when they caught sight of the wagyu beef, all of their eyes narrowed at the same time.

“My god, this cow looks really good.”

However, they were even more shocked when the meat was finished being processed.

“The meat quality is actually the same as Kobe beef! Oh my god!”

An old butcher in his forties was totally dumbfounded.

He learned a lot about beef and had had the honor to taste a piece of Kobe beef back in his younger years.

Generally, Kobe beef, which had a sky-high price, tasted much more delicious than other forms of beef, and it could only be obtained through auction.

The piece he had tasted was from a piece of Kobe beef, which won a prize in a competition and was bought by a local boss for around 500,000 yuan.

At this point, he had nothing to say when after understanding the meat quality of this cow.

“Please hurry up.

I have some urgent matters to handle.”

While glancing at his watch, Xu Yong urged to hurry.

Only then, did they return to their senses and continue processing the cow and sheep.

Normally, only about 6 kilograms of 5A beef could be extracted from an ordinary cow bred for Kobe beef, but Xu Yong asked them to process all the beef into beef rolls.

After disposing of the cow and the sheep, Xu Yong went back to the restaurant.

He was startled by the dozens of people lining up in front of the restaurant.

“Why are there so many people” Xu Yong curled his lips slightly.

After thinking for a while, he went up and said, “The restaurant closes at noon today, so you should head back.”

Upon hearing his words, the people, who had waited for a long time, all left dejectedly, include some members of the restaurant.

After they all left, Xu Yong took the ingredients into the restaurant and put them into the refrigerator.

He glanced at his watch, only to realize that it was already 1:30 in the afternoon, so he called some fishermen and guided them to go up Mount New Moon.

Although they caught a large quantity of fish after casting their nets in the pond a few times, Xu Yong only took some shrimps to make slippery shrimp, and also took a lot of vegetables before leaving.

As time passed by, Xu Yong realized that it was also a challenge to prepare all the ingredients in a few hours!

It wasnt long before the time reached 2:30.

The flight from Shang Jing to Hong Kong arrived.

“Bosss wife, please.” Zhao Feng followed Zi Yan like a good housekeeper while getting off the plane.

After they got off the plane, Ah Hu and some others escorted Zi Yan, at a quick pace, all the way to the gate of the airport where there were parked cars stationed that Elder Meng had arranged.

However, when they walked out of the airport, dozens of onlookers were standing by the parking lot.

It was even possible to hear some girls screaming,

“Oh, my god.

How beautiful! Its so colorful!”

“These roses are so beautiful.

Ah, which beauty will receive that bouquet from this handsome boy”

“If someone sent me such a beautiful bouquet of roses, I would…”


When Zi Yan and her companions arrived, Zhou Fei heard the buzz.

The corners of her lips twitched and she said,

“Hum, so what Elder Sister Yan was offered flowers every day before and she was not willing to accept them.”

“Really Who sent her flowers” Zhao Feng glanced at Zhou Fei and asked.

“Lin Jie,” Zhou Fei answered with a snort.


“Flowers are beautiful, but they are of no importance.

What counts is…” Zi Yan said while walking forward.

After taking several steps forward, she saw someone in front of her with the flowers in his hand.

At this moment, Zi Yan suddenly stopped speaking!

She not only stopped talking, but also stopped walking forward because the person who was waiting for her with flowers was… Zhang Han!


Zhao Feng took a closer look, then his eyes suddenly filled with happiness.

Ah Hu and his companions all grinned, then quickly took two steps forward to for a path while silently waiting for Zi Yan.

“Wow! Wow! Wow!” Zhou Fei said loudly as her eyes widened.

“Oh my god! Wow! Oh my god! What am I seeing Ouch! Brother-in-law finally got a clue! Ha, ha.”

Zhou Fei screamed and gently pushed Zi Yan, urging her to hurry forward.

“Elder Sister Yan, Elder Sister Yan, go quickly!”


Zi Yans glazed eyes did not brighten until Zhou Fei called out to her.

She stared at Zhang Han and froze, only feeling a warm current surrounding her body.

What was this She was moved, warm, and somewhat happy, with a mixture of indescribable feelings.

“Go quickly, Elder Sister Yan!” Zhou Fei urged her again.

“I, I…”

Zi Yan didnt even know what to say at this time.

Under the constant urging of Zhou Fei, she slowly walked over.

At this moment, she only had eyes for Zhang Han.

As for Zhang Han, he also had been staring at her.

At this point, Zhang Hans heart beat faster as he watched Zi Yan slowly move towards him.

Under everyones gaze, the gap between gradually continued to decrease.

As she approached, Zhang Han caught sight of Zi Yans charming eyes, which were hidden behind sunglasses and more beautiful than flowers.

“Welcome back.”

Zhang Han chuckled, then handed her the roses and whispered, “I personally tied this bunch of flowers for you.”


Looking at Zhang Hans smile, the rose bouquet in his hand, and his eyes, Zi Yan only felt a sense of suffocation and happiness that made her dizzy at this moment.

She did not know what to say and even forgot to accept the flowers.

Her mind was completely blank.

She vaguely felt that this steady man in front of her became increasingly like the Prince Charming in her dreams.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

Zhang Han held the flowers and Zi Yan continued to look at him blankly.

This also made everyone in the area feel nervous.

Would this beautiful lady accept this bunch of extraordinarily beautiful roses

“Ahem, Elder Sister Yan, doesnt like roses.

You have sent them to the wrong person.

Give them to me.

Elder Sister Yan doesnt want them.”

Zhou Feis voice suddenly sounded out.

She went forward, stretched out her arms, and was about to accept the bouquet without hesitation.

Upon seeing her behavior, Zi Yan gradually widened her eyes as her heart skipped a beat.

Then she said,

“Ill accept them! They are mine! They are mine! Who said I dont want them”

Zi Yan quickly grabbed the flowers while speaking.

However, in the next moment, Zi Yan felt like something wasnt right.

After she turned to look at Zhou Fei, who was standing there with a cheeky grin, her face suddenly turned red.


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