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“What happened”

Wang Jiawens head was a little overwhelmed.

The car in the middle was Mr.

Zhangs car of the restaurant.

For a long time, Wang Jiawen thought that Zhang Han was the kind of person who had some money but was not particularly rich.

Although he was also very polite and respected, but most of the reason was that the food prepared by Zhang Han was too delicious.

But now.

What reflected in Wang Jiawens pupils were a line of 20 guard motorcades, each of which was a brand-new Mercedes S600.

Were you kidding

“Who the hell was he”

Wang Jiawens expression was a bit stiff.

The scene he suddenly found brought him a lot of shock.

Twenty Mercedes-Benz cars, which were worth at least 50 million yuan.

Not to mention that, Wang Jiawen sighed when he saw those who got off the Mercedes-Benz cars.

Shit, were the bodyguards wearing more expensive clothes than mine

“This···” Su Yus face also became a bit shocked, she whispered.

“it seems that Mr.

Zhang is really not simple.”

In their eyes, the panda car pulled up slowly and parked in the parking space on the right.

Zhao feng told Ah Hu and others to go back to the beach to continue their exercise and the team directly left.

Until the companys address was fixed, the cars were temporarily parked in Fengming nightclub.

Zhao Feng then went to the restaurant after finishing his words, while Zhang Han, who was driving the panda car, got off the car first and came to the back seat to hold Mengmeng in his arms.

On the other side of the door, Zhou Fei and Zi Yan, who was holding flowers, also got off.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng Mengmeng!” After seeing Mengmeng, Wang Yihan quickly screamed and ran over while shouting.

“This little guy is here.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Yihan!” Mengmeng shouted with surprise, the little fellow started to move in her PaPas arms, so Zhang Han put her down before she asked.

Mengmeng ran over and got together with Wang Yihan to horse around.

Zi Yan looked at them and was slightly stunned.

She carefully looked at Wang Yihan, and she knew that this little chubby girl was the new friend that Mengmeng said several times on the phone.



Wang Jiawen also responded, his carried the boutique bag with his left hand and came along, and stretched out his right hand to greet with a smile.

“We have just arrived and was about to leave after seeing that Mr.

Zhang was not here.

Its a coincidence.

Last time we said that we wanted to have a drink with Mr.

Zhang, so we were here and brought the wine with us since we had time today.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han calmly nodded with a smile.

“Ah, what a beautiful rose.” Su Yu glanced at the rose in Zi Yans hand and looked at Zi Yan again, exclaiming, “Are you Mengmengs mother Beautiful flowers, eh Your skin is so fine.”

“Thanks.” Zi Yan answered while gently nodded her head.

“Jiawen, see how romantic Mr.

Zhang is.

He also sent roses to Mrs.

Zhang.” Su Yu rolled her eyes at Wang Jiawen and said.

“Yes, I really have to learn from Mr.

Zhang in this aspect.” Wang Jiawen didnt feel embarrassed and said with a smile.

“Lets go inside.” Zhang Han said, leading the way into the restaurant.

Zi Yan held the flowers, walked to the tea table on the front side of the sofa, and carefully placed it.

The under the arrangement of Zhao Feng, everyone took a seat at the round table of the dining room.

After Zhao Feng came back, he met Xu Yong, who simply talked about the training in the past two days.

Zhao Feng nodded and then got up and left.

A cow and a sheep, relatively speaking, was not enought to make hot pot, he then let the next-door restaurant to make the rest of the ingredients into the finished food, planning to take them back to his brothers on the beach to improve the situation.

After Xu Yong left, Zhao Feng was already preparing for this hot pot feast.

At this time, the hot pot soup with a larger number on the dining table was already being cooked, and dishes were all placed around.

Fat beef, fat mutton, lamb chops, fat beefs upper brain, beef tendon, fresh shrimps, black tripe, white shutter, Chinese cabbage, spinach, mushroom···

Looking at the food on the table, Zi Yans lips compressed and she felt excited in her heart.

Since the idiot finally specially prepared herself a delicious meal that she wanted to eat for a long time.

Hum, smelly idiot.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei now were starving since they didnt have breakfast in the morning until Zhao Feng asked someone to buy something at the KFC when they arrived at the airport in the afternoon, and Zi Yan only ate a chicken wing.

“Ha, the hot pot soup is boiled, what are you still waiting for, just eat! Im starving.” Zhou Fei carelessly said.

At that time, Zhao Feng poured everyone a small glass of prepared red wine, which was the Lafite of 1982 brought by Wang Jiawen.

After pouring the drinks, Zhao Feng stood beside him, looking like a full-time housekeeper.

“Why dont you sit down and eat” Zi Yan saw him with a strange look and said.

Zhao Feng smiled and shook his head.

He said, “I cant.”

The behavior made Wang Jiawen and Su Yu a little curious about what kind of role Zhao Feng played in the restaurant.

“Sit down,” Zhang Han gave him a look and softly smiled, “didnt I tell you, there are not so many rules.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng was slightly stunned.

He was not melodramatic, and directly sat on one side.

A warmness flowed through his heart.

The more contact he had, the more he found out that Zhang Han treated him not as a master in a strict sense, but as a brother treated his younger brother.

The master saved his own life and taught himself to practice.

The only thing he could do was to repay his master was the loyalty and follow him for the rest of his life.

It might feel like that a scholar died for a bosom friend.

After Zhao Feng was seated, Wang Jiawen picked up the glass at a proper time, and said with enthusiasm.

“Thank you, Mr.

Zhang, for your hospitality, uh … Mrs.

Zhang, and this lady, my name is Wang Jiawen, this is my wife Su Yu, and this is my daughter Wang Yihan.”

Wang Jiawen briefly introduced to Zi Yan and Zhou Fei.

At this time, Zi Yan picked up the glass, hesitated slightly, and took off her sunglasses.

Su Yu and Wang Jiawen were amazed after they completely saw the appearance of Zi Yan, he then slightly rolled his eyes, as if thinking of something, but not sure.

In their eyes, Zi Yan smiled slightly.

“Hello, Im Zi Yan.”

“My name is Zhou Fei.” Zhou Fei also responded.

After that, everyone looked at each other and drank a mouthful of wine.

After drinking, Wang Jiawen also adjusted his mood.

He shook his head repeatedly and smiled, “Ive heard a lot about you.

I didnt know that Mr.

Zhangs wife was Zi Yan.”

“Yes, I was thinking about which beautiful woman could give birth to such a beautiful and lovely little girl as Mengmeng.

Now I see that it is Mrs.

Zi, then I understand.” Su Yu said with a smile.

“Mommy, what about me” Wang Yihan asked with her staring eyes.

“You are also pretty and lovely.” Su Yu touched the head of Wang Yihan and said.

Wang Yihans little appearance provoked laughter from several adults.

After drinking a mouthful of wine, Zhao Feng began to serve dishes, he picked up two plates of fat mutton, respectively put them in spicy soup and clear soup, and picked up two plates of lamb chops, black tripe and a little mushroom and put them into the pot.

At this time, people also began to prepare dip.

There were small bowls of dips on the table with all kinds.

It could be said that Xu Yong ordered all the dips from the hotpot restaurant.

However, Zi Yan had very few choices, only some hotpot sesame oil and mashed garlic, with a little salt and monosodium glutamate.

This was the traditional Chongqing dipping sauce.

Garlic paste had the effects of relieving spicy feeling and reducing internal heat.

Sesame oil could reduce the irritation of spicy food to intestines and stomach.

This kind of method could best release the flavor of hot pot itself.

If the collocation was too fancy, the original flavor of Chongqing hot pot would be weakened.

“Do you want to try this dip I often eat it.”

After seeing Zhang Han was going to scoop sesame paste, Zi Yan softly said to him.

It was very natural, what she thought was to let Zhang Han taste what she believed to be delicious.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and looked at her, and he filled the same dip.

Zi Yan felt a bit turned on in her heart when seeing Zhang Han in his eyes, shifted her eyes with a little panic.

“Finally, its all right, lets eat!”

Zhou Feis eyes almost fell into the pot.

The meat was cooked in less than a minute.

Zhou Fei quickly caught a piece of meat and dipped it into her mouth.

A peculiar smell of mutton and a strong smell of meat spreaded in her mouth, making her feel so satisfied.

“Its too delicious!”

Before she could taste it, a piece of mutton went down in her stomach and Zhou Fei quickly picked up a piece of lamb chops.

The lamb chops were in small strips, which were extremely soft and tender when bitten in the mouth.

The pure fragrance of the lamb chops was even more rich and fascinating.

While Zi Yan, clipped a piece of black tripe first and dipped it then put it in her mouth.

The cattle stomach was characterized by its strong chewiness, and it was slightly crispy and crunchy, which sounded like the sound from the bone when chewing it.

The cattle stomach hot pot was a special feature of Chongqing, and the dipping sauce of Zi Yan was also the traditional dipping sauce of Chongqing hot pot.

This kind of eating method, which had been settled down over time, was very delicious, but more importantly, the ingredients on this dining table were too good.

A mouthful of cattle stomach seemed to open Zi Yans pores, the spicy and delicious flavor made her enjoy it immensely.

Whilst Zhang Han who sat next to Mengmeng, handed a lot of food to Mengmengs plate.

He was very considerate.

On the other side, Wang Yihan didnt care about anything.

After seeing this, she asked her father to serve him some food with a little noise.

Wang Jiawen smiled and took some food for her.

Then the hot pot feast began.

Whenever Wang Jiawen had Zhang Hans meal, he would give a thumbs-up and was repeatedly marvelled.

The hot pot meal lasted for an hour and half and ended until five oclock.

“Ouch, Im so full.”

After dinner, Zhou Fei slumped on the sofa, being lazy.

Zi Yan and Su Yu sat next to each other, chatting softly, while Zhang Han and Wang Jiawen and the two little girls were on the piano side.

Mengmeng clamored for PaPa to play a song on the piano, since her PaPa was especially good, and she wanted Wang Yihan to know.

Soon, a melodious cannon variation was played.

When hearing the tune, Su Yu, which was sitting on the sofa, gazed and looked over.


Zhang plays the piano so well Thats great, Zi Yan.

You have found a good husband.” Su Yu said softly.

“Mmm,” At this point, in the face of the word husband, Zi Yan directly nodded, smiled and said, “he knows everything a little.”

Although she said so in front of other people, Zi Yan still felt a little shy.


“This is not a little bit.

You are being too modest.

Your husband is really amazing.” Su Yu said in an envious tone, “he can do anything, unlike my husband, who cooks horrible meals and is still a straight man.

I havent received flowers from him.”

It was conceivable that after seeing Zhang Han, there must be something that she would often talk about after Su Yu returned home.

“Look how Zhang Han treats Zi Yan···”


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