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Zi Yan suddenly realized that she might indicated something by what she just said.

At that time, she started to feel uncomfortable.

Seeing Zhang Han smiling next to her, she pouted her mouth and said as if she was angry.

“Its all because of you!”

“Ah” Zhang Han was stunned.

How could he should be blamed again!

“Hum!” Zi Yan softly snorted, saying.

“I didnt even think about moving here, but today, I decided after I saw the way Mengmeng talked to you today.

I dont want to blame you, but do you know how you looked like Like a resigned father, you cant listen to what Mengmeng says and sometimes you have to refuse.

Otherwise, what will you do if Mengmeng asks you to do something you could not do”

While speaking, Zi Yan looked a bit exasperated on her face.

Although this guy had begun to understand a little recently, he still had some problems in educating children.

“This···” Zhang Han revealed an expression of surprise after hearing it.

He smiled and casually said, “Mengmeng is my own daughter.

As a father, I have to listen to what my baby girl said.

It is impossible to refuse.

Besides, I think I can do whatever Mengmeng asks me to do or what she wants, even if it is picking stars and fishing for the moon.”


Zi Yan stared with her beautiful eyes, looking violent.

What she just said was useless She was just playing the lute to a cow

“You cant do this!”

At that moment, Zi Yan was more affirmative of moving over.

She angrily said, “When I return to Yunyin Garden at night, Ill bring you some books of childen education.

You must read them every day! I tell you, Zhang Han, if you still act like this, I will, I will take Mengmeng away from you.

Although she said so, Zi Yan still felt warm in her heart when seeing that Zhang Han loved Mengmeng so much, she felt very warm, maybe this was the feeling of home.

Home Maybe it would be soon.

For Zi Yan, taking away Mengmeng was a trump card, and it was really effective on Zhang Han.

After hearing it, regardless of he cared or not, he said with a serious expression.

“Ok, well go there tonight, you show me the books.”

“Then you cant deal with me, but you must carefully watch.” Zi Yans beautiful eyes unblinkingly stared at Zhang Han.

She felt that he promised too fast, as if it was fake.

Under the eyes of Zi Yan, Zhang Han put on a wry smile.

When he was about to say something, Wang Jiawen exclaimed from other side.

“Ah! Oh! Ouch!”

Looking over there, Daihei was throwing Wang Jiawen one time after another.

Looking at Daiheis expression, it seemed that it was reluctant to do so.

So··· looking at the rising height of Wang Jiawens body, Zhang Han knew that this was not Wang Jiawen playing a game, but Daihei entertaining itself!

It was also because of the height, Wang Jiawencai repeatedly screamed.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked over after seeing this.

“Oh, no, no, Im going down!” Wang Jiawen shouted.

It was not up to him.

Dahei ignored, and put more strength on his arms.

Su Yu was a little worried when seeing it, and she would not dare to go up to stop Dahei.

“Dahei, its enough.” Zi Yan suddenly said.

“Oh” Dhei turned and looked, with his eyes rolled.

He still needed to listen to what the hostess said.

So Dahei caught Wang Jiawen, did not throw him up again and put him down.


Wang Jiawen stepped on the ground, only feeling weak on his legs, he then butt sitting on the ground.


Dahei clapped with his palms when seeing his terrified expression on his face, then stretched out his right hand, laughing while pointing at Wang Jiawen.


The expression was full of sarcasm!

The little princess and children were not afraid, you were so terrified as an adult.

Su Yu and Zi Yan were stunned when see Daheis expression, then they couldnt help laughing.

“Daddy, Mengmeng and I were not afraid, you··· ” Wang Yihan looked at Wang Jiawen with some doubts.

“Well, daddy is afraid of heights.” Wang Jiawen wryly said and stood up while patted on his butt.

“Hum!” With a snort, Wang Yihan took Mengmengs hand and ran to the other side to play.

Until it was getting dark, and it was almost seven oclock when Zi Yan walked up to Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, its getting dark.

We should go back.

Today well go back to Yunyin Garden.”

“I dont want it.

I havent played enough.

I dont want to go back,” Mengmeng threw herself in Zi Yans arms and said, “Shall we play in the restaurant”

“We will be back tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow MaMa will take the luggage and stay with Mengmeng in the restaurant.” Zi Yan smiled and said.

“Uh” Mengmeng was stunned at first, then her eyes lit up.

She happily said, “Well, then, lets go to the big house.”

“Mengmeng, are you going home” At this moment, Wang Yihan said a little reluctantly.

“Uh-huh, Im going back to the big house.”

“I havent played enough with you.”

“Then why dont you go with me, MaMa, can Yihan come together” Mengmeng asked.

“Of course she can,” Zi Yan slightly smiled, looked at Wang Yihan and softly said, “however, Yihan, you have to ask your PaPa and MaMa first.

You can only go if they agree with that.

If they dont agree, you cant cry.”

“I see.” Wang Yihan smiled, and ran to Wang Jiawen and his wife who were standing beside the pond.

“Daddy, Mommy.” Wang Yihans face quivered while she running.

She came near and said in a pleading tone, “Daddy, Mommy, Mengmeng invited me to her house to play.

I want to go to play.”

“Thi···” Wang Jiawen was slightly stunned with some hesitation.

“Daddy, I want to play.” Wang Yihans eyes were filled with longing.

“Well···just go to play for a while Its still early.” Su Yu thought about it and said.

She felt that her daughter could be a bit more obedient when she played with Mengmeng.

She remembered that a few days ago she didnt want to stay at her grandfathers house, but she was lying on the ground crying and making noises.

Now she was with Mengmeng, and she knew to ask for instructions.

This was the benefit brought by a friend!

At this time, Wang Jiawen hesitated after he heard what Su Yu said, and finally nodded in agreement:


“Yeah! Daddy is the best.” Wang Yihan happily jumped and then ran to Mengmeng to tell her the good news.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu followed behind.

In fact, if it was someone else, Wang Jiawen did not want to disturbe people at night, but in the face of Zhang Han, he couldnt help thinking of approaching.

It might be because of Zhang Hans food, or he was too mysterious.

In a word, it was also the influence of identity.

Birds of a feather flocked together, this sentence was also very reasonable.


Zhang, Mrs.

Zi, I am really sorry for disturbing you.” Wang Jiawen approached wiht a smile and shook his head.

“It doesnt matter.” Zi Yan slightly smiled.

After that, they went down the mountain, and Wang Yihan wanted to sit with Mengmeng.

So··· Su Yu and Wang Yihan got on Zhang Hans panda car, two mothers and daughters were sitting in the back seat, since it was two children plus two slim mothers, it would not be crowded.

However, Wang Jiawen, could only drive a Porsche Cayenne alone and quietly followed him.

When they were back at the restaurant, there were still a dozen of people waiting in front of the door.

Zi Yan phoned Zhou Fei, who then hurried out with her purse and got into the car and headed for the Eastern.

“Did you have fun, Mengmeng Ill go and play with you.

Its boring to be alone in the restaurant.” Zhou Fei sighed at the passengers seat and said.

Xanadu is fun!” Wang Yihan said while laughing.

“Uh-huh, Aunty Feifei, you will be alone soon.” Mengmeng blinked her big shining eyes and said.


“Because, because MaMa is coming to be together with Mengmeng and PaPa, we are together.”


Hearing the news, Zhou Fei was suddenly choked by her own saliva.

She stared her eyes and looked at Zi Yan in the rearview mirror.

Her lips trembled.

She wanted to say something but did not say it because Su Yu was there.

But she had a way.

She said cohabitation to Zi Yan with lip language.

Then she said, “Gee gee gee … ouch, gee …”

Zhou Fei made a funny face and joked about it.

“Feifei, I was thinking of letting you rent a better house near the restaurant.

Now, I think youd better stay in Yunyin Garden.” Zi Yan glared at her and said.

“Oh, no, I wont stay there alone.

Ill see if there is a house near the restaurant now!” Zhou Fei said and took out her mobile phone to check up.

Because there were two little girls, so the car was very lively.

Time quickly passed and they arrived at Yunyin Garden soon.

After seeing Zi Yans house today, Wang Jiawen could not help swallowing his saliva.

Such a big house, it must worth at least 70 million yuan!

In the nannys welcome, they came into the room and went to the living room on the second floor.

The two little girls started to play.

Several adults were sitting on the sofa chatting with each other.

Here, Mengmeng had more toys.

Even though Wang Yihan had played all of them, she was still very happy here.

After about nine oclock, the two little girls profusely sweated because of playing.

“Daddy, Im hot.

I want to eat ice cream.” Wang Yihan said, while wiping a handful of sweat from her forehead with her fleshy hand.

“Uh” Mengmeng suddenly was stunned, she quickly looked at Zhang Han, and said with childish voice, “PaPa, I want to eat ice cream, too.

I want Haagen Dazs.”

“Yes, PaPa will buy it.” Zhang Han nodded and stood up.

“Ill go with you.” Zi Yan also suddenly got up and looked at Zhou Fei, then said, “Feifei, take good care of them.”

Then Zhou Fei and Zhang Han stepped downstairs.

Zi Yan was wearing white short T-shirt and light blue jeans.

Before going out, she took a thin purple coat and a pink cap, and went out with Zhang Han after put it on.

In the elevator.

“Zhang Han! I have already told you, dont promise to what Mengmeng says.

How come I didnt find you so obedient before” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han and said while gently snorted.

“Look at the two little girls, they are all sweaty and cant eat ice cream very soon.

Especially the children, we should pay more attention.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han nodded and was somewhat speechless.

After going downstairs, Zi Yan directly took the lead to go out of the comunity, and said.

“There is a shopping mall on the right side of the community.

Lets walk there.

It will take about five minutes.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han slightly smiled and walked beside Zi Yan.

They were separated by the distance of a fist and didnt say a word for a while when kept walking.

Zi Yan felt a little uncomfortable, which was a feeling mixed of tension and coyness.

She wanted to talk but didnt know what to say.

Originally on the phone a few days ago, both of them were quite happy talking, but walking together, they were silent for a while.

Walking out of the neighborhood, there were more pedestrians on the road.

Zi Yan pressed the brim of her hat down a little and shifted most of her delicate cheek, and moving forward with Zhang Han.

The streetlights on the street radiated soft light.

Although the street was still a little noisy, the night was still relaxing.

Zhang Han, however, was not unwilling to speak, he was thinking about talking to Zi Yan about the issue of Mengmengs registered residence.

Thought about it, Zhang Han still wanted to chat for a while first, so he glanced at Zi Yan and said.

“How was your show in Shang Jing”

“Not bad, quite successful,” Zi Yan smiled and glanced at Zhang Han.

She replied, “Lucky for me, the incident on Jiang Yuan had affected the program in Shang Jing, but I didnt expect Hanyang to help me, which made the following program very smooth.”


Zhang Hans eyes slightly squinted.

Zi Yan was a bit inexplicably stunned after seeing his expression.

She didnt know why, but wanted to explain, so she compressed her red lip, and said.

“Hanyang is a very popular songwriter recently.

I told you on the phone last time.

I dont know him either.

I havent seen him or talked to him.”

Zhang Han laughed after hearing it.

She must know him, since Hanyang was standing in front of her.

He had never talked to her as Hanyang, but he was pretty clear as one of the parties.

“What are you laughing at” Zi Yan said with a little strange.

“Nothing,” Zhang Han slightly shook his head and said, “your program went smoothly and I was very happy.”

“Hum! What does it have to do with you” With a light snort, Zi Yan looked back and continued to walk forward.

“It didnt matter before, but it will matter later.” Zhang Han said without trace.

It made Zi Yan stopped for a moment, and slightly lowered her forehead.

She felt something strange in her heart.

It was happy, relaxed or secretly pleased

In a word, Zi Yan liked this feeling and was very happy.

She smiled and said with a happy tone, “You used to be like a rotten wood.”

“Is it” Zhang Han smiled and asked, “what about now”

“Now···” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han with her watery eyes, and slightly spit out two words.


Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and her face hidden under her hat.

At this point, he had an impulse to hug her in his arms.

When he wanted to do something, Zi Yan turned around and took a few steps forward with light steps.

Looking at the direction of the front square, she whispered.

“Look at how happy they are.

I havent played roller skating for a long time.”

On the left side of the square in front, there were about 20 people playing roller skating, and there were also many pedestrians walking around, who were generally on the right side.

There were some public chairs and some playful facilities, such as electronic cars.

Zhang Han walked to the side of Zi Yan, took one look at the direction of the roller skating side, then grabbed Zi Yan by her left hand, when he only felt softness and tenderness.

He said as he walked forward:

“Then lets go and play first.”

Zi Yan was a little dazed.

Looking at Zhang Han, who was overbearing and did not even give her a chance to refuse, her heart gradually was softened.

‘Was he my Mr.

Right Was this fate

The idea floated through Zi Yans mind.

She didnt want to refuse Zhang Han to hold her hand.

Moreover, Zi Yan used to be very indifferent in front of outsiders, not even to mention have contact with other men.

She was same after she gave birth to Mengmeng, but in fact she was not that cold.

Her heart was very hot.

After recent contact with Zhang Han, her smile increased, her body and mind relaxed, and she was always in a good mood.

At this time, she suddenly found out that she might not only like Zhang Han because he was Mengmengs father, but also she … might like him for who he was.

Thinking about it, Zi Yan felt warm in her heart.

The idea in her heart was very complicated, but if Zi Yans facial expression was seen from an outsiders perspective, they would surely find her very goofy at this time.

People with experience would even say that this lady must be longing for love.

In this way, Zhang Han took Zi Yan to the place where roller skates were sold, which was a small shelf stall.

“I need two pairs of these shoes.” Zhang Han glanced at the shoe rack and pointed to the black-and-white skates on the upper side.

The skates were four wheels in a single row.

The first and last wheels were smaller and the middle two were slightly larger.

These were special shoes for fancy skates.

“1,100 for each pair and 2,200 for two pairs, with protective equipment.” The shopkeeper said, “What size do you want”

“What size do you wear” Zhang Han softly asked Zi Yan.


“Then a pair of forty-three and a pair of thirty-eight.” Zhang Han said to the shopkeeper.

Zhang Han was 1.83 meters tall.

He usually wore shoes of size 43.

Zi Yan was 1.72 meters tall and wore shoes of size 38.

They looked graceful and well-proportioned in height and figure.

“Here,” The shop owner handed over two new pairs of skates and protective gear, “cash, credit card or scan to pay”


When it came to payment, Zhang Han suddenly froze.

His wallet was in the car, his cell phone was charging upstairs, and he really forgot about the money when he walked over.

So Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and said, “Do you have any money”

“Ah I have! ”

Zi Yan came to herself and took out a small wad of cash from her pocket and paid for it.

Women were still more careful then men when they did the same thing.

However, it did make the man of the young couple nearby look disdainful.

At present, this man looked quite manly.

How could he still spend his girlfriends money Disdained, super despised!

He said to his boss while being disdained, “Two best sets of protective equipment, Ill pay for it.”

But if this young man knew that the people in front of him which he thought were boyfriend and girlfriend now had a little girl who was going to be four years old, he would probably choke.

After the payment, Zhang Han took the equipment and sat down on a chair nearby.

He tidied up the shoelaces of Zi Yans shoes and handed them over to her so that she could put them on easily.

Zhang Han put on his shoes and buckled the laces.

He looked at Zi Yan and smiled, “How many laps”

“Wait a minute; we need to put on protective gear.” Zi Yan picked up the protective gear and handed it to Zhang Han.

“Im sure you wont fall if Im here.” Zhang Han said while feeling a little funny.

“No, you have to wear it.” Zi Yan not only wore it herself, but also asked Zhang Han to wear it.

After wearing it, she smiled and said, “I am not very good at it.”

“Ill take you.

What are you afraid Come on.” Zhang Han stood up and took a small sliding step to the front of Zi Yan, holding her arms in both hands.

After she stood up, Zhang Hans right hand grabbed Zi Yans left hand and began to slide forward.

“Hey, slow down, slow down.” Zi Yan repeatedly said.


Zhang Han agreed to what she said, and slowed down a bit.

They slipped around the left side of the square for a few laps, Zi Yan also got used to it.

However, the two seemed to have become a scenery.

Although Zi Yan was wearing a cap, her figure was really eye-catching.

After getting used to it, Zi Yan also relaxed.

She glanced at Zhang Han and said, “You can skate so well, you seem to know everything”

“I think it was when I was 16 years old.

I started playing in my third year of high school and played for more than a year until my freshman year.”

“You went to senior high school when you were 16 Why was it so early” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“I jumped two grades in primary school, two grades in junior high school, and only then did I go to senior high school normally.” Zhang Hans eyes flashed a trace of remembrance.

“Hey It seems that you were a good student.”

“Ha ha, maybe.

At that time, my father had a successful career and I was about to be the master of the house.

He always taught me that I should work hard and do well in both study and other fields.

He was an example to the younger generations of the family.

In addition, my mother was more strict when I was a child, so I have been studying.”

“Oh, thats right.”

“Later, when I was in the third year of senior high school, I became a little rebellious and did not like studying.

However, I did well in my previous studies and was admitted to Shang Jing University.

When I got to the university, I started to play outside and caused a lot of trouble.

However, at that time, my father was the master of the house and held a high position, so he could fix any troubles, and I gradually I became the son of the tycoon.” Zhang Han said while felt a little funny.

“Playboy.” Zi Yan lightly spat.

“What about you I remember when you entered the entertainment industry, it seemed that you were not introduced as Chinese”

“In terms of blood lineage, our family is almost all Chinese, but the older generation immigrated to Singapore and developed there.

Later, when I started my career, my household registration was transfered to Hong Kong.” Zi Yan replied.

“Oh, then why didnt you stay in Singapore to develop” Zhang Han casually asked.

“I didnt want to be near my home at that time…”

In this way, they slipped round and round under the soft light and chatted.

When a pair of men and women started to talk about this topic, it showed that their hearts were somewhat interesting to each other.

They didnt know how many laps they had done, Zi Yan felt a little stuffy in wearing gloves, so they took off their gloves and Zhang Han grasped Zi Yans white and tender palms again.

And Zi Yan, just let Zhang Han take her, she also got relaxed completely while they were talking.

After talking for about 20 minutes, they were silent again.

Zhang Han thought about it and turned around.

He slipped backwards, and Zi Yan slide oppositely.

They looked at each other in the eyes, and sparks of tenderness was aroused.

“I missed you very much these days when you left.”

Suddenly, Zhang Han softly said.

Zi Yan felt a quiver in her heart, and she stared at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan looked at each other for a while and they started to be fascinated with each other.


When Zi Yan was about to speak, her feet tilted in her absence and her eyes gradually widened.


She couldnt keep her balance and when she was about to fall.

She felt that her body floated up, on the next moment, she fell on a chest, which was full of masculinity.

It turned out that she was all held by Zhang Han in his arms, well, like the princess.

Zi Yan slightly raised her forehead and looked at Zhang Hans close cheek.

At that time, she felt suffocated by this masculine breath.


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