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“What are you looking at I have finished washing the sheets.

Arent you going to dry them” Upon realizing that Zhang Han was in a daze, Zi Yan grumbled.

“Ah, oh”

Zhang Han froze for a moment and then walked to the second floor.

Zhang Han thought Zi Yans words were interesting because nobody had dared to order him around for many years.

While watching Zhang Hans back, Zi Yan smiled and stepped forward to follow him.

After taking off her hat and sunglasses on the second floor, she casually put them aside.

Zi Yan sat on the sofa and watched as Mengmeng played with her toys.

Having dried the sheets, Zhang Han walked over and sat beside Zi Yan.

After pondering for a while, he said,

“You dont need to pay attention to unimportant people.”

Zhang Han was really happy that Zi Yan decided to move in with him, so he did not want to argue with those people.

“Why do you think it is unnecessary” Zi Yan raised her eyebrows and said, “Whats wrong with you”

“What is the problem” Zhang Han asked strangely.

“They came to your restaurant to bully you, so why did you still ignore them Judging by their faces, its obvious that they deliberately slandered you.

Besides, the dishes you cook are so delicious, so why are those nobodies provoking you Hmph!” Zi Yan said with a snort.

Zhang Han could not help laughing as he stared at Zi Yan and smiled.

At this point, Zi Yan, who was in a bad mood, was fierce, strong, and emotional, which caused Zhang Han to grow fonder of her.

Everyone had their own temper, and Zi Yan was not an icy beauty at all.

As she got closer to Zhang Han, she revealed her true self.

Zhang Han liked Zi Yans character very much because she was cold in the face of outsiders while being shy in front of him, and he did not want to share this experience with others.

“What are you looking at”

When she realized that Zhang Han was staring at her, Zi Yan suddenly blushed.

Then she turned her head to avoid his gaze.

“Ha ha ha.” Upon seeing her charming expression, Zhang Han laughed.


Mengmeng was slightly surprised.

She looked at Zhang Han in doubt and asked in a childish tone, “Why are you laughing, PaPa”

“I laughed on account of your MaMas loveliness,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Uh-huh, MaMa is the cutest and most beautiful person in the world,” Mengmeng said proudly before continuing to play with the toys.

As for Zi Yan, she was really delighted and content at this moment.

She gently rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and smiled while saying,

“Anyway, since you are going to Aslin Restaurant next weekend, Mengmeng and I will go there to cheer for you.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded his head and casually said, “Then Ill show them the best ingredients in the world.”

In fact, Zhang Han was not good-natured.

He had his own bottom line, which was his family.

They were his reverse scale.

There was a saying that you would die if you touched a dragons reverse scale.

But compared to a dragon, Zhang Han was more dreadful.

Scorpion and Tang Zhan had already found that out.

Simply put, Zhang Han was like an anteater.

He did not care about the gazes of insignificant people.

In the face of their provocation, he could easily kill them.

He had planned to ignore them since he was in a good mood, but the hostess, who just moved here today, did not agree with him.

Therefore, the famous chef, Lv Chao, was doomed to fail miserably.

However, at this time, when Zi Yan heard Zhang Hans faint words and glanced at him, she suddenly realized that Zhang Han had an aggressive side that was similar to people with a high profile.

“You…” Zi Yan was about to say something.

Suddenly, another loud voice was heard from downstairs.

“Ouch! Im exhausted! I finally finished tidying up the apartment.

Elder Sister Yan, brother-in-law, Im hungry!”

Twenty seconds later, Zhou Fei scurried upstairs.

“You already ate one and a half portions of egg fried rice for breakfast.

Its only 9:30 now, and youre saying you are hungry.

Are you serious” Zi Yan stared at Zhou Fei.

“Ah! Ha ha.

Im greedy, brother-in-law, didnt you say you would reward me with delicious food Can I place an order for lunch” Zhou Fei started thinking about lunch at this point.

“Yes.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “I can cook whatever you want.”

“Anything I want”


“I want to eat meat, I want to eat… steak with black pepper.

I can eat five.” Zhou Fei held out one of her hands as she spoke.

“Why dont you eat the whole cow” Zi Yan gave her an angry stare.

“The dishes cooked by brother-in-law are so delicious that I can eat much more,” Zhou Fei said with a smile.

“Okay then, well have steak for lunch.” After he finished speaking, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhao Fengs number, then said, “Zhao Feng, dispose of a cow and send it over.”

After that, he hung up the phone.

Zhou Fei made a victory sign with both hands and teased Zi Yan,

“Elder Sister Yan, youre so awesome.

How did you find such a formidable brother-in-law Hum.”

“Feifei, I think you need a good spanking, dont you” Zi Yan glared at Zhou Fei, but everyone could see the happiness in her eyes.

Moreover, the corners of her mouth lifted slightly.

Just as Zi Yan made a gesture to Zhou Fei, her cell phone rang.

She pulled it out to take a look and found out that it was Meiqi.

After thinking for a moment, Zi Yan sat down and picked up the phone.

“Hello, Zi Yan, didnt you arrive in Hong Kong yesterday Why didnt you come to work today” Meiqi asked doubtfully.

At this time, her tone was completely different from before.

Her voice was soft and filled with care rather than stiff like before.

But, in truth, Meiqi was doing this under the orders of Li Cheng.

She was completely under Li Chengs control.

She would do whatever Li Cheng asked her to do.

“Im free now, but I want to rest for a few days,” Zi Yan said calmly.

“Zi Yan, I know you normally need to rest for a few days after you come back from a business trip, but…” Meiqi hesitated, then said in a helpless tone, “It seems you created a disturbance when you came back, and Boss Wu called just now to ask you to meet him.

Im afraid that he wants to inquire about what happened with Director Fu and why he was beaten.

Judging by his tone, he didnt seem to be in a good mood!”

After hearing what she said, Zi Yan became silent.

Although she was happy right now, she was going to be confronted with a series of things.

To put it lightly, she had disobeyed the companys orders.

However, if you put it bluntly, they had caused some serious problems.

Furthermore, regardless of this point, it would be much more difficult for her to develop in the film and television industry because Director Fu, who was a petty-minded person, had been injured.

After noticing Zi Yans silence, Meiqi added,

“But you dont have to worry.

Although Fu Shan was involved in this matter, Childe Li still appreciates you very much.

So, you can have a normal holiday today and come back to work tomorrow.

Ill arrange a dinner for you and Childe Li, and you can chat with each other.

With Childe Lis help, Boss Wu cant do anything to you.”

Normally, the vast majority of people would agree to have dinner with Childe Li when they got into trouble.

If they “chatted amiably”, they would have an influential supporter and develop smoothly in the future.

However, Zi Yan had never sought a patron, so she replied directly.

“No thanks.

Please represent me and say sorry to Childe Li.

Im going to rest today, so I dont want to go out.

I Ill go to the company and meet Boss Wu tomorrow morning.”

“Erm… all right.

Zi Yan, have a good rest today.” Meiqi sighed lightly and hung up the phone.

She glanced at Li Cheng, who was sitting on the sofa drinking tea in front of her, then smiled and said,

“She is too stubborn and did not agree.”

“Ha ha.” Li Cheng burst out laughing while shaking his head, then said, “It seems that she still doesnt have a clear understanding of reality, so we dont need to worry about her.

I believe she will come to me in a few days.”

Is that possible

Meiqi was somewhat skeptical.

On one hand, she thought that Zi Yan could not solve this problem and would eventually ask Li Cheng for help.

On the other hand, she believed that Zi Yan would not give in no matter how difficult it was because of her character.

However, there was one thing that caused her to doubt.

That thing was, she could not figure out the identity of the vicious people who had caused trouble in Shang Jing and forced Lin Jie to admit defeat.

In the restaurant.

After hanging up the phone, Zi Yan put it back on the tea table.

After speaking about work, Zi Yans smile faded.

“Whos Childe Li”

Zhang Han suddenly asked.

Zi Yan looked over and glanced at him.

However, before she started to speak, Zhou Fei bluntly said,

“Childe Li is Li Cheng.

He is a cancer in the Royal Entertainment Company! Hes a typical playboy and his father is a member of the board of directors.

There is a lot of gossip in the company concerning that guy.

Besides that, he has been bothering Elder Sister Yan recently.


“Oh.” Zhang Hans gaze became colder.

He chuckled while staring at Zi Yan and said, “You can agree next time.”

“Agree” Zi Yan widened her eyes.

What does this bastard mean Is he telling me to accompany that playboy to eat

She was about to get angry, but what Zhang Han said next surprised and dumbfounded Zi Yan.

He spoke a few more words.

“Yes, Ill come with you.”

“You…” Zi Yan was speechless.

She pursed her red lips without saying anything.

However, she felt happy to see this idiot trying to get rid of a “love rival” But that man was nothing to her.

“Ha ha ha.”

It was Zhou Fei who couldnt resist laughing at this moment.

She looked at Zhang Han and said, “Brother-in-law, your intent is good enough.

It would be better if you did not there.

Even if its just to socialize, I promise that Zi Yan will be safe.

Besides, if you show up there, the paparazzi might find out about you and Mengmeng.

If that happened, you and Mengmeng would not be able to live a peaceful life.

“Thats right.” Zi Yan nodded slightly.

She glanced at Zhang Han, then said in an inquiring tone, “I havent decided what to do yet, but as for the idea of Mengmeng living under the bigscreen…”

“No way.” Before Zi Yan finished speaking, Zhang Han directly refused, “Mengmeng is going to have a happy childhood.

Being an entertainer under the big screen… Uh… Mengmeng would be too tired, so forget it.”

Zhang Hans words made Zi Yan freeze.

She widened her eyes in anger and said, “What did you just say”

This bastard really looked down on celebrities!

“Ahem, ahem.

Nothing.” Zhang Han put on an embarrassed look.

He did not mean it that way.

He just wanted Mengmeng to have a happy childhood.

“Uhm, uh With PaPa and MaMa, Mengmeng is the happiest.”

Mengmeng could not understand what they were saying, but she still spoke in a childish tone while blinking with her big clear eyes.

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