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“Great, I also have a membership card! Ha ha ha, Uncle Wang, I have a membership card, Aunt Wu, I have a membership card, Dahu, I have a membership card…” Pearson was so happy, like a child who just got a new toy.

He sat beside Wang Qiang and danced with glee.

His behavior did give rise to laughter from some of the members.

In their view, it was indeed fortunate for him to get a membership card from this restaurant.

The several normal eaters, however, stared at him with wide eyes.

They looked at each other and cried in a low voice,

“Is this possible It costs ten million yuan! How could the boss give it out so freely”

“My god, its horrible.”

“It isnt terrible.

Hes fortunate.

Some people have good luck.”

“Ah, this foreigner owns a membership card from this restaurant.

Its conceivable that he will easily be able to attract many beautiful ladies.

After all, this membership card is so valuable!”


People shook their heads repeatedly in wonder, for they had not expected to see such a scene today.

It costs ten million yuan!

While thinking about this, they felt distressed for Zhang Han.

However, they did not know that Zhang Han only regarded money as a string of numbers.

“How lucky I am!”

Pearson took out his wallet again to take a look.

Only after finding that the membership card was still inside did he finally believe that it was not a dream and put it back.

He was aware of the meaning of the membership card that the boss gave him, and also knew the reason the boss made this decision.

This was all because he took the initiative to tell him about his Italian friends truffles.

The boss gave him a membership card in return for his effort to bring back rare delicacies.

There was no doubt that he had to report to the boss and ask him whether he wanted it when he came across any gourmet food.

Pearson also considered Zhang Han as his second boss at this point.

All he needed to do was buy delicacies for him after work, which was relaxing and enjoyable.

It wasnt long until lunch was ready.

Zhou Fei came down and took the food upstairs with Zhang Han.

With so many people in the restaurant, it was inconvenient for Zi Yan to have lunch on the first floor, so she ate on the second floor.


They began to eat.

Looking at the two steaks on the plate, Mengmeng froze.

She glanced around with her big clear eyes flickering as she discontentedly said,

“Why dont I have…”

“What” Zi Yan asked doubtfully.

“I dont have…” Mengmeng reached her small hand out and pointed at her plate, then said in a childish tone, “I, I dont have a knife and fork, but Yihan has both of them.”

“Erm… Let MaMa help you cut it.” Zi Yan intended to reach out to Mengmengs plate as she was speaking.

“I want to cut it myself,” Mengmeng said while pouting.

She saw Wang Yihan cutting it herself.

Although she could not cut it well, she also wanted to try since her friend was doing it.

“PaPa will bring them to you.” Zhang Han smiled and went downstairs to get a knife and fork.

Mengmeng picked up the knife and fork with a serious look, but she was unable to cut a single piece, even though she sawed on the steak for a long time.

“Hmph!” Mengmeng snorted unhappily.

“MaMa will cut it for you.” Zi Yan burst into laughter.

Mengmeng did not refuse this time.

After Zi Yan cut the steak into pieces, Mengmeng stuck her fork into the steak to eat it.

On the first floor, Liang Mengqi and the other diners also started enjoying the food.

They lined up at the counter in the kitchen for the steak and other dishes that were prepared for members.

“Are the degrees of doneness different in these three small pots” Liang Mengqi, who was at the head of the line, said while staring at the steaks.

The steaks were placed in three small pots, each of which contained nearly ten.

“The first on the left contains rare steaks, the middle contains medium-rare ones, while the pot on the right contains well-done steaks.” Pearson, who was happily lining up behind them, explained.

As soon as the steaks came out of the pan, he could tell their degrees of doneness depending on the tenderness of the steaks.

“Oh, okay, then Ill have a medium-rare one first.” Liang Mengqi took a steak, a bowl of tomato beef brisket soup, and a little egg fried rice.

“I want a well-done steak.” Since Yu Qingqing liked to eat chewy food, she chose the well-done one.

“I want a well-done one too,” Zhao Dahu flattered.

Wang Qiang and his wife also ate the well-done steaks, for they were used to eating well-cooked meat.

Pearson directly chose the rare steak.

This blood-streaked steak was his favorite.

“It would be even better with a bottle of red wine.”

Pearson was sitting still at the table, with only a plate of steak placed in front of him.

The knife and fork on both sides were very neat.

He spoke with some emotion, then picked up the knife and fork with a serious look.

Pearson was fascinated by the elasticity of the beef when the serrated knife cut into the steak.

“This is the highest class of ingredients! Every time I cut it, I can feel the quality of these ingredients.

Its great, really great.”

With Pearson here, It was the return of the normal eaters nightmare.

“The beef is delicious and the quality of the meat is perfect! Even the raw beef is of the best quality.”

After he finished inspecting it, Pearson put the beef on the fork into his mouth.

He chewed it slowly and gradually closed his eyes.

At this moment, while listening to his evaluation, the normal eaters all tried to put their hands over their ears.

There was no denying that he would give out a speech after eating this piece.

Damn it!

How evil the caste system was!

At this point, they all thought of the European aristocratic culture.

In the restaurant, the current members were like aristocrats.

They got to enjoy the best food while everyone else was eating egg fried rice.

Although it was delicious, they could not try the dishes they were even more eager to eat.

It felt like ants were crawling all over their hearts and causing them to itch.

Sure enough!

As soon as he bit down, he was completely intoxicated.

“Ho! This steak! It is soft, tender, and fragrant.

After taking a bite, I realized it was succulent with a strong aroma!”


Oh, my god.

It tastes better than the 5A Kobe beef I ate before!”

“Oh, my god! Oh, my god! This is definitely the best steak I have ever had!”


A burst of exclamation poured out of Pearsons mouth, resulting in a huge impact.


One of the normal eaters cried and ran out of the door with a plate full of egg fried rice, which he continued eating outside.

After seeing what this person did, several others looked at each other and went out with their plates as well.

They felt that squatting down to eat outside the restaurant was better than listening to the praises of the food agent inside!

In truth, they would not have been so overwhelmed if it wasnt for his evaluation.

More importantly, the smell of meat floating in the air was like poison that kept grinding against their nerves!

They could not stand it.

It was impossible for them to bear that in their lifetime.

This scene did cause the people who were queuing up to laugh.

“Its our turn!”

Six people got up.

Just as they walked into the restaurant, they understood what the people had done before.

After listening to Pearsons words and smelling the strong aroma of the beef, they put on a rigid face.

“Ill take mine to go, how about you” The man who was at the front of the line asked his friends behind him.

“Ill take mine to go as well.”

“Lets go, pack it up.

I cant eat here.”

As a result, the time spent on queuing up was suddenly decreased.

But there were also some people with good mental ability who stayed.

They liked such atmosphere.

Sitting at the white dining table, eating egg fried rice and staring at the steak while imagining it.

Im eating steak!

There was no doubt that what Pearson said was really influential.

His evaluation motivated Liang Mengqi and the other members to try the rare steak!

This meal was another source of great enjoyment for the members.

But for nonmembers, the tough times were here again because Xiaopi was very eloquent.

After lunch, the two children were anxious to go to Mount New Moon.

So they went out and headed for Mount New Moon.

After they arrived at the back hill, the two little guys went to play with Dahei and Little Hei.

As for Su Yu, she stared at the livestock area with curiosity and said,

“Are those sheep Why dont they look like sheep Theyre really strange.”

“Judging by their heads, they may be pigs.” Zi Yan glanced over a few times, but she could not see them clearly since she was standing so far away from them.

“Pigs with such long hair” Xu Yu was slightly shocked.

“Hungarian sheep-pig,” Zhang Han said flatly.


Su Yu suddenly remembered the information on sheep-pigs and knew these pigs were top quality.

Therefore, she felt a little astonished and murmured, “Theyre Hungarian sheep-pigs! Mr.

Zhang, youre so awesome to raise so many of this breed of pigs.”

“Where did you get them” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Pearson sent them over.

He said the meat of the sheep-pigs was of good quality and the sausage made by their meat would be delicious, so I bought some to make sausages for Mengmeng to eat.” Zhang Han glanced at Mengmeng, who was running in front of them and smiled gently.

“I envy Mengmeng for having such a formidable father.” Su Yu shook her head with emotion.

She made a decision while speaking.

After Wang Jiawen struggled for several years and their assets became stable, they would find a Xanadu to lead a peaceful life.

Although Zi Yan waited for a while, Zhang Han said no more.

This guy only cares about Mengmeng!

Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han while feeling somewhat jealous of her daughter.

He took good care of Mengmeng, but what about her Nothing but a bunch of flowers No other gifts Hmph! Bastard!

So Zi Yan spoke in a louder voice, “Oh!”

She only said one word.

After hearing what she said, Zhang Han glanced at her and thought for a moment, then said,

“These cows, are all for Kobe beef.

The beef from their stomachs are the best for hot pot, and these sheep are Ujimqin Sheep, which are very suitable for hot pot.

I have carefully selected them for you.”

Zhan Han commented without missing a beat.

In fact, he had never thought of Zi Yan when he bought these at the beginning! But now, he had to say that he had thought of her! All of this was because he liked her.

“Really” Zi Yan glared at him secretly, but a smile rose on her face.

“Heh, how affectionate you are.” Su Yu shook her head and smiled.

She would never expect that the two of them had not really been together.

“Not really.” Zi Yan responded with a smile as she stepped towards the livestock area.

As she walked, she said, “Lets go see the sheep-pigs.

They look strange, and its the first time Ive ever seen them.”

So, the three of them went to the livestock area.

As they approached, they noticed something interesting.

These sheep-pigs stood beside the Tai Lake Black Swines.

The two herds of pigs glanced at each other occasionally, as if they were sizing each other up.

Furthermore, two adult pigs looked at each other directly, as if they were talking.

“Brother, why are you so hairy Havent you finished evolving”

“Its just how I am.

The long hair is inherent.

Brother, why are you so black Did you get a tan”

“The color is also inborn.

Black pigs quality is high! Where do you come from”


How about you”

“Taihu Lake!”

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