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While looking at the sheep-pigs in front of her, Zi Yan suddenly remembered what she had said before and replied,

“Okay then, Zhang Han, Ill show you my cooking skills tonight.”

“Alright, Im looking forward to your performance,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

“Oh Is Miss Zi able to cook” Su Yu asked in surprise.

“A little bit,” said Zi Yan.

Although she felt somewhat guilty, she was still reluctant to admit to her poor cooking skills.

“Youre awesome!” Su Yu gasped in admiration, “Unlike me, I can only make instant noodles.”

“I dont cook much either.

He never allows me to do anything in the kitchen.

He is afraid that Im too delicate and that my skin will be easily irritated by the smoke and soot.” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han while speaking.

“Ha, Mr.

Zhang cares about you so much.

Thats so kind of him, unlike my husband.

He always wants me to learn to cook.” Su Yu could not help laughing.

“I think its good to be able to cook.

Su Yu, you should stay and taste the dishes I cook.” After she finished speaking, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and said, “I need a piece of streaky pork, some lettuce, spicy cabbage, garlic, and a box of Korean spicy sauce for this evening.”


Since you want to cook streaky pork, wed better kill a sheep-pig,” Zhang Hand said after thinking for a while.

“A pig Wont it be too much” Zi Yan asked doubtfully.

“No.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Ill leave the streaky pork for you and roast the trotters.

The two girls like this dish very much.

The remaining pork can be used to make sausage and Ill ask Zhao Feng to take the useless parts back.”

“Oh, okay.” Zi Yan nodded her head.


Zhang, how much does a sheep-pig cost” Su Yu suddenly asked.

She also intended to buy one, not for herself, but for her parents who were living in Shen Zhen.

“I dont know.” Zhang Han shook his head and casually said, “Thirty-six sheep-pigs cost… less than four million yuan.”

“Are they easy to buy” Su Yu asked another question.

“Im not sure.”

After thinking about it again, Su Yu stopped asking questions and sighed with emotion.

A group of curly sheep-pigs cost four million yuan, and there was a herd of Kobe beef cattle mixed in with the other livestock on Mount New Moon.

Therefore, she estimated that the value of this place was over 30 million yuan.

However, she did not know that Mount New Moon could not be measured in money anymore.

On the other side.

At the end of the street, back in the center of New Moon Bay where Zhang Hans restaurant was located, the bidding for the CBD building was about to begin.

The auction was set up so some powerful companies could bid three days later using a closed-bidding method.

That was to say, No one knew how much their opponents bid.

Since the auction price was confidential before the announcement, the companies fought with not only money, but also contacts.

The building looked very average, with glass on the outside and nice facilities inside.

With the addition of the five-story building nearby, the range of possible businesses that could be opened in this building was very broad, including hotel, catering, entertainment, and so on.

Moreover, the square also attracted more traffic.

It was also absolutely attractive to investors as it had a lot of room for operation.


Zhao, please.”

After a total of six cars parked in the parking lot, the door of the limo in the middle opened.

At that point, a bald man in his forties saluted from inside, then spoke to Zhao Feng.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng did not bother pretending to be polite and directly got out of the car.

After the bald man exited, he said, “Boss Wang is being too polite.

Just call me by my name.”

Boss Wangs name was Wang Zilong.

Since he was Gu Chens friend, they called him in to help because only people of high status could join in the auction.

Boss Wang, as the boss of an enterprise, was certainly qualified.

“Ha, ha.

Great.” Wang Zilong laughed, then took the lead and entered the building.

They were followed by Wang Zilongs three men.

As for Zhao Feng, he did not wait for Xu Yong and his companions to get out of the five Mercedes.

“This place is so nice that I am really tempted, but I dont have enough money.” Wang Zilong looked up at the building while walking, and then he shook his head and sighed.

He could only draw on less than 400 million yuan.

Even if the building was within his means, he would not be able to run it well, let alone the fact that he was not qualified to rent it right now.

The starting lease for this auction should be at least five years.

His men had calculated that it would take about 90 million yuan a year to rent this building at the normal price, which added up to 450 million yuan for five years.

If he wanted to rent the five-storey building and the square as well, he had to pay more than 500 million yuan.

500 million yuan was only the rent.

If he intended to run the business, including restaurants, entertainment, catering and so on, the investment alone should be at least 700 or 800 million yuan.

Moreover, the closed-bidding meant the winner would have to pay more than 500 million yuan.

“The place is indeed good.” Zhao Feng glanced around and nodded his head.

Zhao Feng was determined to win this spot.


His master said that he did not need to care about money.

Just inform him when it was running out.

His words did increase Zhao Fengs confidence.

Although Zhao Feng was not like those bosses who had more money than they could spend, he could take advantage of more than a billion yuan at will.

If it was just a competition with money, then it came down to who was willing to spend more money.

On this point, Zhao Feng only felt confident!

“But this is a closed bid, and there will be a variety of other factors.

Therefore, it isnt necessarily true that you will win by having the highest bid.

Younger Brother Zhao, youd better be prepared for failure.” Looking at Zhao Fengs expression, Wang Zilong could not help but remind him.

The bigger the expectation, the bigger the disappointment.

There was no need to compete intensely against other bidders for this building since you could invest in whatever you wanted if you had enough money.


Zhao Feng responded and then took the lead as they entered.

The place for placing bids was in the conference room on the ninth floor.

At the entrance on the first floor, in front of the elevator, stood several security guards.

Once they saw someone, they would greet them immediately.

They entered the conference room and saw about four or five hundred seats.

There were some tables and a few people in suits, definitely official staff, sitting on chairs on the stage.

At this point, about a dozen people were sitting on the chairs, while more were standing at the entrance and chatting in small groups.

“Boss Wang There you are!”

Upon spotting Wang Zilong, a small portion of them greeted him with a smile.

Wang Zilong also nodded and smiled, then replied,

“Boss Liu, youre here, so is Boss Ma.

Boss Li, long time no see.

Didnt you just go abroad recently, Boss Luo Why are you back so soon Boss Qiang…”

Whether they were enemies or friends, businessmen would generally chat with each other for a few minutes with enthusiasm.

However, upon seeing Zhao Feng, who was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Wang Zilong, one of these people, Boss Liu, curiously said,

“This gentleman looks unfamiliar.”

“He is one of my friends,” Wang Zilong answered with a smile.

“Oh” It seems that Boss Wang is interested in this property.” Boss Liu shook his head and laughed.

The implication was that Wang Zilong found an ally to help him compete for this property since he could not win the bid on his own.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Wang Zilong smiled without saying anything.

After greeting them, he went to his seat and sat down.

Zhao Feng did not speak to anyone either as he did not like these formalities.

After sitting down, Wang Zilong glanced around.

He got close to Zhao Feng and whispered,

“Have you seen the rightmost person in the third row”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded calmly.

“Hes Boss Hu, whose available capital reaches at least one billion yuan.

Hes a strong opponent.” After he finished saying that, Wang Zilong pointed to the other side and said,

“Boss Leng, who is as rich as Boss Wu, is definitely a threat.

Besides him, theres Boss Luo, the man with gray hair who just passed by, is also a person with high standing.

I heard that he was well-connected, so you should not underestimate him.”

“Mmm.” Upon hearing what he said, Zhao Feng shook his head gently and said, “If only it were an open auction.”

The closed-bidding method had a lot of variables, so he was not sure that he would win.

Moreover, this location was so suitable that even master said it was great.

Because of that, he did not want to miss this opportunity.

What a nuisance!

Zhao Feng sighed inwardly because this type of business was really boring to him!

“Closed-bidding also has its advantages.

Isnt it still three days before the auction You can prepare the money and pull some strings.

As long as you find someone who is well-connected, you will spend much less,” Wang Zilong said in a low voice.

Sometimes, money was not everything.

Just like the two words: power and wealth.

That was, power came before wealth.

While they were speaking, a loud commotion suddenly came from the side entrance, drawing everyones attention.

When Wang Zilong figured out who was coming in, his face changed and he gave a wry smile.

“My god! Why is he here”

“Who” Zhao Feng eyes narrowed.

There were only three people entering the room, of whom the leader was a 45-year-old man with cropped hair.

He was dressed in a Tang suit, with an oval face, and a hairy beard.

His eyebrows were very dark in color, and his temperament revealed that he was naturally a rich person.

Beside him sat a tall beautiful woman in black silk with decorative glasses.

She held a document in her hand and acted like a secretary.

When people saw her outfit, a thought flashed through their minds: The secretary would help the boss deal with affairs, and then the boss would ** the secretary once he was free.

However, the one who attracted Zhao Fengs attention was the man in his thirties on the right, who looked suspicious.

His expression revealed that he looked down upon on all the people present and was somewhat arrogant.

Judging by his pace, however, Zhao Feng realized that…

He was a martial artist!

His footsteps were very light and the distance between his strides was moderate, which was suitable for him in case he had to take action.

More importantly, Zhao Feng sensed danger from him.

What did this mean

It meant that this person was a martial artist who was likely to be stronger than Zhao Feng!

There was no denying that this person must be very powerful since he was accompanied by someone like this when he was out.

At this point, before Wang Zilong answered, many bosses in front of the door began flattering him.

“Chairman Liu, you actually came in person!”

“Hello, Chairman Liu, we are now nervous and uncertain since you came here!”

“It is not uncertain, so much as hopeless.

Chairman Liu came in person.

Ah, forget it.

I dont have any hope for this spot now.”


They chatted enthusiastically, but the middle-aged man surnamed Liu did not say anything.

He smiled lightly and nodded in response, then walked directly to the seat in the middle of the first row and sat down.

He was not reserved, but these people did not arouse his interest in talking with them.

“His name is Liu Qingfeng.”

At this moment, Wang Zilong sighed and said,

“As long as he bids, no one else will have a chance.”

“Isnt it a closed bid” Zhao Feng asked.

“No matter what kind of bid it is, this property belonged to him the second he arrived here in person,” Wang Zilong said while giving him a wry smile.

“He has more than 20 billion yuan in available capital and is worth more than 60 billion yuan.

Hes a business tycoon in south island, whose assets are spread all over the country.

He has vigorous industries in Shanghai and Lin Hai, involving real estate, entertainment, science and technology, transportation, and so on.

Besides that, he is involved in many other enterprises.

More importantly, his contacts… are utterly terrifying.”

“Furthermore, as long as he pulls some strings, this auction wont exist and the land will definitely be given to him.

He came here in person because he feels like such a small matter is not worth pulling strings.”

“Really” Zhao Feng froze, and then shook his head helplessly.

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