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“Younger Brother Zhao, you dont know much about business.” Wang Zilong sighed and looked at Liu Qingfeng with great admiration, then said, “Although there are a lot of businessmen, true elites are rare.

Apart from the enterprise chain of distinguished families, there are few people who are as successful as Mr.

Liu is.

Besides, he has a good arrangement wherever he goes because he possesses great power.”

“Oh.” Zhao Feng glanced at him and flatly said, “Im here to bid, not to meet people.”

“Younger Brother Zhao, take my advice.” Wang Zilong earnestly said, “Youd better give up bidding on this property.

He is stronger than everyone here, so you dont have the ability to stop him.

It will indeed be a disaster if he is annoyed.

After all, business is war without bullets.”

“All right, you dont need to say any more than that.” After hearing what Wang Zilong said, Zhao Feng frowned and gave a bland response.

“I dont need to care about what others think!”

The word “others” probably referred to people other than the members in his masters family.

Zhao Feng had been surprised at the beginning, but he didnt even change his expression this time.

He had money and was a man of influence, so what?

My master is a cultivator.

In his eyes, everyone here was as insignificant as ants.

“Erm… All right.” Wang Zilong gave a wry smile and did not say any more.

Under everyones gasps of amazement, this auction was about to begin.

The man on the stage, who was sitting in the main position, went up to the microphone and coughed softly.

When everyone looked over, they noticed that the man was looking at Liu Qingfeng with a vague feeling.

“First of all, welcome to everyone who is participating in this auction.

This building was built ten years ago and now…”

This man started by making an opening speech, introducing the origin and current situation of the building, then explaining the reason for this auction.

They were relocating.

After he finished speaking, the man clapped his hands and said,

“Before the auction begins, I have something to announce.

Today, youll conduct a closed bid.

In a moment, the staff will issue an application form and answer all your questions.

The result will be announced in three days.

Well, lets start.”

The man nodded to several people who were next to him, and then they waved and beckoned more than ten staff members to walk to the bidders who were sitting on the lower side with application sheets in their hands.

Upon hearing what he just said, all the bidders went into an uproar.

They had not expected to bid directly today, which caught them by surprise.

“Younger Brother Zhao, look.” Wang Zilong shook his head and sighed softly, “This is the effect brought by Liu Qingfeng, Chairman Liu.

Its impossible for you to bid against him and win.”

“Not really.”

Zhao Feng commented, then chuckled and narrowed his eyes.

Liu Qingfeng was a man of substance and really awesome, so what

No matter what was done, he would never give in.

Even if his opponents were more powerful than Liu Qingfeng, Zhao Feng would still strive for success.

He could lose, but he would not give up.

This was who he was in the truest sense.


Wang Zilong shook his head while laughing and did not say anything.

After all, as a layman, Younger Brother Zhao knew too little about the business.

A few moments later, a staff member walked over to them and handed them an application form, then explained it.

“Hello, Boss Wang, please fill out this form.”

“Okay.” Wang Zilong took a pen and began to fill it out.

After completing the form, Wang Zilong stared at the last line, and then asked while filled with doubt, “Do we need to pay in advance today”

“Yes, you have to pay one-third of your bid in advance today, and the result will be announced in three days.

If you dont win, well refund your money back to you,” the staff member explained with a smile.

“Mmm.” Wang Zilong frowned slightly and glanced at Zhao Feng.

Then he leaned over and whispered, “The advance payment is one-third of the bid, so you have to pay one-third of the price you offer today.”

“Erm…” Zhao Feng froze for a while and felt awkward.

“Younger Brother Zhao, is there a problem” After a pause, Wang Zilong asked.

“I only have a little over 100 million yuan now.” Zhao Feng said in a low voice, “However, several billion yuan will be transferred into my account in two days.”

“Oh.” After thinking for a moment, Wang Zilong smiled and said, “Younger Brother Zhao, how much are you going to bid I can lend you up to 100 million yuan right now.”

He was not afraid that Zhao Feng would renege on the debt.

The reason he promised to lend him the money was because Zhao Feng was likely to fail since Liu Qingfeng was here.

Therefore, the money would come back to his account, perfectly intact.

If Zhao Feng was lucky enough to win, he still wouldnt care about the money since he could take part in the building project if Zhao Feng failed to repay the debt.

It was undeniable that whatever decision he made, he would not lose, so he directly took initiative to lend him money at this point.

“Thank you so much, Boss Wang.

Im in your debt.” Zhao Feng nodded his head.

After discussing for a while, he finally determined the bidding price of 600 million yuan and paid the 200 million yuan.

While he was handing in the money, Liu Qingfeng, who had been in front of him, got up and left.

Several people who were responsible for this auction, who were sitting on the stage, saw him off with a wide smile.

Zhao Fengs heart sank slightly when he saw this scene.

It would be really difficult for him to win this auction.

Mengmeng and Wang Yihan had a great time in Mount New Moon all afternoon.

At about five oclock, they returned to the restaurant.

Because Zhao Feng needed to bid in the afternoon, he arrived late to fetch the sheep-pig.

The diners, therefore, could only enjoy egg fried rice and noodle soup for dinner.

At about seven oclock, he brought several pieces of streaky pork and trotters over.

They waited for another half an hour since a few diners were still eating.

“Boss, bosss wife, theres no one downstairs,” Zhao Feng went upstairs and said.

“Let me start cooking!” Zi Yan smiled, and then she stood up and walked downstairs.

When she was halfway there, she found Zhang Han still sitting on the sofa and coaxing Mengmeng, so she said,

“Er Zhang Han, come here, I cant find the seasonings.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han got up and followed her.

The two of them walked downstairs, followed by Zhao Feng.

Zi Yan looked back and said,

“You can also rest upstairs for a while.

Just leave the dinner to me.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded with a smile and walked back to the room.

At this moment, only Zhang Han and Zi Yan were in the kitchen on the first floor.

“Since the ingredients are all ready, Ill start cooking.

Put the chili sauce, pepper, salt, and white sugar here.” Zi Yan pointed to the side of the chopping board.

After that, she washed her hands in the basin, then dried them and picked up a knife from the knife block.

She elegantly picked up a piece of streaky pork and put it on the chopping board.

Then she pressed against the pork with her left hand and held the knife with her right while moving back and forth, sawing at the steak.

“Let me do it.”

After putting the seasonings in place, Zhang Han walked towards Zi Yan.

“All right, just cut it.” Zi Yan did not turn down his offer.

Instead, she directly made room for him because the piece she had cut was somewhat thick.

“I need thin slices of pork.

It isnt very easy to cut as it hasnt quick-frozen.” Zi Yan, like a newlywed wife, stood by and reminded him with her beautiful unblinkingly eyes fixed on the pork on the chopping board.

Under her clear gaze, Zhang Hans hand, which held the knife, began to move.

Dang, dang, dang…

A consistent and repetitive sound was heard, a unique sound that belonged in the kitchen and was filled with its own kind of charm.

At least, in Zi Yans view, Zhang Han stood tall at this moment.

“Youre so awesome.

Uh No, no, wait.” After watching for a few seconds, Zi Yan suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Once she saw Zhang Han stop cutting, she picked up a piece of pork with chopsticks while distressed and said, “Its too thin.

It will be easy to singe while roasting.”

The pork slices were as thin as snowflakes, to the point where they were even somewhat transparent.

It was no exaggeration to say that they could be cooked in one second in a hot pot.

“How thick do you need them to be” Zhang Han smiled and asked.

“Five times thicker than that.” After thinking for a while, Zi Yan said.


Zhang Hans hand moved again.

The clang of the knife permeated the kitchen once again.

Zi Yans attention gradually switched from the pork to Zhang Hans cheeks.

He was a handsome man with an angular face that was filled with masculinity, so Zi Yan could not help being absent-minded as she looked at him.

“How many slices do you want”

When Zhang Han finished cutting two pieces of streaky pork, he turned to ask.

“Ah! Oh.” Zi Yan suddenly came back to her senses, but she felt a little flustered at this point.

She stared at the pork on the chopping board and said, “How many people are there in all”

“Five adults and two kids,” Zhang Han answered doubtfully.

“So cut another one.” After a pause, Zi Yan said.

“Okay.” Zhang Han took another piece of streaky pork and began to cut it.

“Ill peel the garlic.” Zi Yan pursed her lips, and then she took three cloves of garlic and began peeling them.

Zhang Han was busy cutting the pork while she was peeling the garlic.

They were like an affectionate couple cooking together in the kitchen.

Do we look like a loving couple

Zi Yan felt a little shy, and she could not help secretly glancing at Zhang Han a few times.

But he was indeed an idiot.

He simply immersed himself in cutting the pork.

By the time he finished cutting the pork, Zi Yan had also accomplished her task.

“Half of this garlic should be cut into slices and the remaining garlic needs to be mashed,” Zi Yan said.

After that, she stepped aside, then took out a small basin and put all the pork in it.

She added Korean chili sauce, a little pepper, and white sugar.

After the minced garlic was ready, Zi Yan stirred it well with a pair of chopsticks.

“Okay, we just need to wait a little while and we can roast it,” Zi Yan clapped her hands and said with a smile.

“You look so beautiful when you smile.”

Zhang Han whispered while staring at Zi Yans eyes.

“Really” Zi Yans face turned red and her voice became softer.

“I thought you were a cool beauty before, but youre even better now.

Your smile is especially beautiful.”

“A cool beauty Am I I laugh sometimes when Im on the shows,” Zi Yan said while confused.

“Youre beautiful after all.”

Zhang Han smiled, then began to roast the trotters.

Several minutes later, he put the pork slices on the baking tray, then roasted them for 25 minutes.

After that, dinner was ready.

They went downstairs and sat at the round table.

“You should roll it in this way.

Put a slice of roast meat on a piece of lettuce, add a small piece of spicy cabbage and two slices of garlic, then put another slice of pork on the top and pack them with the lettuce,” Zi Yan said as she demonstrated.

She rolled up one.

When she was about to hand it to Mengmeng, she noticed that Zhang Han had already handed over a small barbecue lettuce roll to Mengmeng.

Then he gently said,

“Mengmeng, have a try.

You should bite it lightly.”

“I see.” Mengmeng accepted it and nibbled at it.

“Yum, its so delicious.”

After seeing what he did, Zi Yan gave Zhang Han an angry stare because he was good at winning Mengmeng over.

She put the barbecue lettuce roll into her mouth and chewed it hard while looking at Zhang Han.

After eating this one, Zi Yan did not move.

She just stared at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes.

Zhang Han picked up a piece of lettuce, quickly rolled up the second small barbecue lettuce roll, and handed it to Mengmeng again.

The third one and the fourth one were both given to Mengmeng as well.

Why does this bastard ignore me

Zi Yan got angry.

She puffed out her cheeks and walked to the kitchen, “Ill get some drinks.”

When Zi Yan went to the kitchen to fetch drinks, she rummaged for a tube of mustard and walked back to the table with a snort.

“Grab a drink, everyone.” Zi Yan put the drinks on the table first, then hastily picked up a piece of lettuce, secretly squeezed some mustard on it, and quickly covered it with a slice of pork.

After she finished rolling it, she grinned at Zhang Han and handed the meat roll to him, then said,

“Honey, I rolled one for you.

Eat it.”


Zhou Fei squirted the cola in her mouth onto the floor.

She looked at Zi Yan with a dumbfounded expression.

My god.

Did Elder Sister Yan call Zhang Han honey How fast did their relationship grow

As for Su Yu, she smiled and said, “Youre so affectionate.”

“Thats right.

The boss and the bosss wife are truly in love.” Zhao Feng did notice Zi Yans hidden movement, so he held back his laughter as he commented.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan and smiled gently.

He did not take it with his hand, but directly move his mouth close to her.

When he ate the meat roll, he inevitably kissed Zi Yans slender fingers.

Zi Yans hand was a little numb, but her eyes were filled with banter because she was looking forward to his next reaction.

She stared at Zhang Han and snorted inwardly,

Since you always ignore me, Im going to punish you, hmph!

Zhang Han, however, was expressionless.

He ate it and smiled at her, then said,

“It tastes great this way.”

“Uh” Zi Yan was stunned and confused.

So, after a minute, she seized the chance to squeeze some mustard again.

This time, the amount was twice as much as the last time.

Then she covered it with a slice of pork, rolled it up, and sent it to Zhang Hans mouth, then said,

“Ill give you another one.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han smiled.

He opened his mouth so wide this time that Zi Yan put two of her fingers into his mouth on accident.

Zi Yan seemed to be electrified all of a sudden.

She drew back her hand at a high speed and stared at Zhang Han with her beautiful unblinking eyes.

Whats the matter Is this mustard fake

Zi Yan was a bit shocked.

Not only did Zhang Han not change his expression, he even enjoyed it.

Therefore, Zi Yan found another opportunity and squeezed some more mustard, then covered it with a slice of pork and rolled it up.

When she was about to hand it to Zhang Han.

“Honey.” Zhang Han chuckled and said while looking at Zi Yan, “You should eat some too.”

“Ah Oh.” Zi Yan felt a little stunned.

After pondering for a moment, she decided to have a try!

If the mustard was fake, she did not need to roll another one for Zhang Han!

So, Zi Yan took the meat roll and put it into her mouth.

She licked her fingers habitually.

Then she froze all of a sudden.

Fingers Zhang Han, he just…

Did they kiss indirectly

Zi Yan blushed suddenly.

However, as she chewed, the strong spicy taste of mustard spread all throughout her mouth.


Zi Yans eyes gradually widened, and she quickly pulled out two tissues, then she lowered her head and spit out the meat roll.

“Oh, oh, oh…”

Zi Yans expression made it obvious that she didnt like the taste.

She stuck her tongue out and quickly picked up a tin of juice, then gulped it down.

“Poof… Ahem, ahem…” Zhao Feng, who witnessed the whole process, almost could not help laughing.

As for Zhang Han, although he was expressionless, his smiling eyes completely showed that he was in a good mood.

“Honey, whats wrong with you” Zhang Han said hastily.

But when Zi Yan raised her head, she saw the grin in his eyes.

She, therefore, reached out her tender hands to pinch Zhang Hans waist.

In the meantime, she smiled and got close to Zhang Hans ear, then she said,

“You are so mean! Ill make sure to get my revenge on you!”


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