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Zhao Han called Zhang Feng, and half an hour later he sent over five ducks.

Since the members knew that Zhang Han was going to roast ducks, they did not hurry and took their time.

Some of them chatted among themselves, while others were engrossed with their mobile phones.

However, most of the ordinary diners felt ecstatic!

They heard that roast duck would be served in this restaurant at night, and were worried when they saw Pearson, sitting at a corner of the restaurant.

As the fragrance of roast duck permeated the air, Pearson made a lot of comments.

The ordinary diners could not enjoy their dinner at all.

Fortunately, the ducks were not disposed of in advance, so the normal eaters all got through the torment.

The roast duck was ready only at 8 oclock.

Zhao Feng was on the first floor, so Zhang Han carried the dishes and went upstairs for dinner.

“You are back early today.” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan had changed into casual clothes.

The white loose T-shirt hid her charms but added a youthful flair to her.

Zi Yan wore light blue denim shorts, and her slender, white legs were very attractive to look at.

Even Zhang Han stared at them for a long time.

Seeing that Zhang Hans eyes were blazing with desire, Zi Yan crossed her left leg over the right one.

But unknowingly, this posture made her look more attractive.

How beautiful her legs were!

“I have some free time now and I will come back early in the future.

Tomorrow is Sunday, I can take a break.” Zi Yan answered, while looking at Zhang Han.

“Thats great.” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and smiled.

“Youre wrong.

Brother-in-law, we…” Zhou Fei pursed her mouth, and said in an angry tone.

But before she could finish speaking, Zi Yan said, “Feifei Didnt I tell you that we shouldnt talk about work at home”

“Ah, all right.” Zhou Fei shook her head helplessly.

Then she did not say anything more, but fixed her eyes on the roast duck.

Judging from their words, Zhang Han speculated that what happened in Shang Jing, must have affected Zi Yans work.

However, it was good that Zi Yan had more free time.

“Uh-huh, PaPa, enjoy the meat rolls.” Sitting between Zhang Han and Zi Yan, Mengmeng waved her small arms and said.


They started their dinner.

Meanwhile, in the Starry Sky Bar.

It was open from seven oclock in the evening, but there were not so many people from seven to eight oclock.

In general, a large number of customers would come in from nine to ten oclock.

The peak time was between nine and twelve oclock.

As for Zhang Li, she was one of the two DJs on duty, during this period of time.

There was also another male DJ, apart from her.

During this three-hour golden period, each of them had to work for about an hour, and there would be some performances as well.

Zhang Li was walking along the staff passage way, at the side of the bar.

She wore a tight sports-style outfit that bared her midriff, a pair of leather pants and black sneakers.

Her golden hair was tied up in a ponytail.

She did not have too much makeup on, except for her eyeliner, which made her look gorgeous.

“My goddess Li, when will you promise to be with me Im fantastic in bed.”

After Zhang Li stepped into the night scene, a man with cropped hair and big eyes, standing among four men, in front of the door, teased her with a smile.

“Dahe, youre courting death now! Get out!” Zhang Li rolled her eyes at him.

The man standing in front of her, was in charge of the night show, and people called him Dahe.

He was a very amiable person and would not get angry when others played jokes on him.

“Ha, ha.

Goddess Li, Im being absolutely sincere.

Please think over what Ive said!” Dahe patted his chest as he said this.

“Im really tired of you!” Zhang Han pushed him gently, then with a smile, cursed, “Get out.

Dont bother me.

Ill have a drink with Luo Qing.”

“Goddess, youd better drink less since you cant control yourself when you are drunk.

You have to work later.” Dahe warned.

“You are the one who cant behave yourself, after getting drunk.” Zhang Li glared at him, then walked to the drinks counter.

However, just after taking a couple of steps, she could hear Luo Qing screaming.

“What are you doing Ah, dont pull me.

Let me go, or Ill shout!”

As she looked ahead, she saw a man with white spiky hair.

He wore a jacket, an expensive watch and was in jeans.

The drunk man was holding Luo Qings hand tightly.

On the table about five meters behind him, stood four young men and two young women, who were looking at them, and smiling at the same time.

Going by their branded clothes and coltish expressions and temperament, they were childes who were here to pursue pleasure.

The white-haired man became more arrogant.

He was a bit tipsy and said,

“Belle, it is your blessing if I pay you any attention.

Why are you resisting Its useless for you to shout.

Even if the manager comes, he has to respectfully address me as elder brother Lei.

As long as you have a drink with me, Ill give you a good tip.”

As the man spoke, he took out a thin stack of bank notes from his pocket, and tried to stuff the notes into Luo Qings bra.

“Oh, what are you doing Let me go now.

You are hurting me!” Luo Qing struggled to free herself, but her wrist hurt as she was not as strong as the man in front of her.

At this moment, Zhang Li raised her eyebrows and walked over with vigorous strides.

She picked up a glass of wine from the table of a guest, then splashed it at the mans face.


The chilled wine splattered all over the white-haired mans face.

The man, whose wine had been taken away, was shocked and remained speechless.

“Let her go!” Zhang Li glared at the man and said coldly, “Then get out!”

“What!!.” The white-haired man shook his head and released Luo Qi.

Then he wiped his face with his hand, and said, while sizing up Zhang Li, “Youre so charming, girl.”

“Didnt you hear what I said Get out now!” Zhang Li frowned.

Her temper was much worse than Zhou Feis.

Although she was not as mean as Zhou Fei, she was fearless and quite a wild child.


At this time, the white-haired mans companions gathered together.

One of them hissed and said, “Where are you from Youre so hot.

How dare you speak to elder brother Lei so rudely”

“Ha, ha.

She splashed me with wine.


What should I do” The white-haired wiped his face again, while looking at his companions.

“She will have to drink and sleep with elder brother Lei, as she splashed him!” echoed the man.

As soon as this remark was made, they all burst out laughing.

Judging by their tones and attitudes, they were out to get Zhang Li.

Zhang Li became angry when she saw their behavior, while Luo Qing felt scared.

However, she stood firmly beside Zhang Li.

“Ha, ha, ha, thats right.” The white-haired man grinned and said, while stretching out his hand, “Bitch, you dared to splash me.

Ill show you how powerful I am in bed tonight.”


The sound of a bottle breaking could be heard.

In front of everyone, a bottle filled with imported wine, crashed onto elder brother Leis head.

The liquor, mixed with blood, flowed down his head.

“How powerful are you” Zhang Li pointed at them and gestured, with the neck of the bottle, in her hand.

“Ah!” The white-haired man was in so much pain that he could not help clutching his head.

Then he shouted angrily, “Beat her up!”

The instant he finished speaking, the other four mens eyes widened and they prepared to subdue Zhang Li, to be at the mercy of elder brother Lei.

“Hey! What are you doing What are you doing”

At this moment, Dahe quickly ran over, followed by several of his men.

His face turned pale when he saw Zhang Li hitting the white-haired man with a bottle!

“Stop fighting.

Calm down.” Dahe said hastily, and asked his men to stop them.

Then he approached the white-haired man and said cautiously, “Young Master Lei, how about you Oh, youre bleeding.

Ill send someone to bandage your head.”

“Get out!” The white-haired man kicked out at Dahe.

Dahe froze and did not dare to say anything.

Instead, he smiled and whispered, “Young Master Lei, shes the new DJ, who is very ignorant.

Shes also a friend of mine.

Please dont get angry and let us dress your wound, or it will be infected.”

“A new DJ” The white-haired man gave him a ferocious smile.

He endured the pain, pointed at Zhang Li, gnashed his teeth and said, “Youd better watch out.”

Then he gave Dahe an angry stare and hurried away with his companions.

Dahe, like an attendant, whispered as he followed them to the door.

Seeing what had happened, Luo Qing tried to hide her face and whispered, “Thank you, Lili.

But we seemed to have caused trouble.”

“What are you afraid of Elder brother Long will support us.” Zhang Li snorted and said, “If you should meet this kind of people in future, you should hit them with the bottle.

Who the hell is he He actually dared to talk dirty, after drinking some wine!”

“I see.” Luo Qing nodded her head quietly.

As they were speaking, Dahe returned.

He looked at Zhang Li with a wry smile and sighed softly, “Ah, Goddess Li, you are too impulsive.

You cant go round beating up elder brother Lei!”

“Whats the matter” Zhang Li curled her lips and said, “This kind of people have to be punished.

Theyre all shallow people.”

“He is not.” Dahe shook his head repeatedly and said, “His name is Jia Lei, he is the son of a rich man in the Jiansha District, and has a strong standing.

Goddess Li, Xiaoqing, youd better take a few days off to hide.

He will be back by then.”

“Why should we hide Elder brother Long will support me.” Zhang Li answered, with a slight frown.

Then she took Luo Qing to the bar counter.

“Elder brother Long probably cant settle the matter.” Dahe gave her a wry smile.

He did not know the background of Jia Lei was, but he had seen Jia Lei and his father being hosted by Xia Shanhao, who was elder brother Longs boss, in person.

He, therefore, thought that it would not be easy to settle the problem.

However, he had no choice but to wait for elder brother Long to come back, and talk with him later.

At half past eleven in the evening, in Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

Mengmeng had fallen asleep, although Zi Yan was not feeling sleepy yet.

She sat at the table near the window of the living room on the second floor, drinking red wine with Zhang Han.

“Time really flies, and it seems that it was only yesterday that I was an actress, but now I have a four-year-old child.

I dont know when I will become old.” Zi Yan took a sip of red wine, then looked out of the window and said this with some emotion.

Sometimes, people would get emotional when they feel that time is passing away so quickly.

But Zhang Han had something to say.

He gazed at Zi Yans delicate cheeks, and then with a chuckle, whispered,

“Maybe others will become old, but you wont.”

“Youre talking nonsense.” Zi Yan turned to roll her eyes at Zhang Han.

Then she compressed her mouth and said, “I feel my complexion now, isnt as good as it was a few years ago.”

“Its really great.” Zhang Han shook his head repeatedly and said, “Youre as beautiful as you used to be.

But now you have become more mature and sexier.”

While speaking, Zhang Han looked at Zi Yans breasts in a casual way.

“Come on.” Zi Yan curled her thin red lips slightly and said, “There are still some stretch marks on the left side of my tummy, which could not be removed.”

“Where are they Let me see.” Zhang Han said.

“Here.” Zi Yans lifted her white T-shirt slightly upward with her left hand, to reveal her tummy, and pointed to the lower left side of her stomach, with her right hand at the same time.

“Theyre very faint.

I cant see it clearly if I dont look carefully.” After glancing at her waist several times, Zhang Han was unable to concentrate.

“Youre so beautiful.

Your waist is so slim and white, and youre still in good shape…”

“Youre talking nonsense!” Zi Yans face turned red.

She pulled down the T-shirt hurriedly and rebuked him.

“Im telling the truth.” Zhang Han smiled, looked down and said, “Your legs are the most beautiful I have ever seen.

They are thin, long and straight.

If you wear black silk stockings, you will look very sexy and charming.”

As he spoke, Zhang Han imagined Zi Yan wearing silk stockings and felt hot and agitated, at this point.

When he looked up, his eyes were filled with desire.

“Black silk stockings” Zi Yan was slightly shocked.


Why arent you wearing silk stockings” Zhang Han asked casually.

“I dont like wearing silk stockings.”

“Why” Zhang Han said in doubt.

“Because, because… they may tempt others.

Anyway, I dont like wearing them when I am out.” Zi Yan answered, compressing her mouth.

“You dont like wearing them outside So…” Zhang Han gazed at Zi Yan significantly.

She found herself blushing and felt coy.

“Im going to bed.”

Zi Yan felt a little shy.

Although her face did not change, she walked much faster than before.

Looking at Zi Yans back, Zhang Han chuckled and shook his head.

Life was so wonderful.

After returning to the bedroom, Zi Yan changed into pajamas and laid on the bed, pouting.

At this moment, she was somewhat adorable and charming.

Her eyes flashed and she hummed,

“Does he like black silk stockings”

“Idiot, youre finally showing your true colors.”

“Are my legs really beautiful”

Zi Yan stretched her legs and curled them up.

She knew that she would be extremely attractive if she wore black silk stockings.

“Wear them for him No way!”

Zi Yan drew back her long legs and snorted.

She could not stand the picture that she was imagining, herself wearing silk stockings in front of Zhang Han!

“Am I nervous Am I shy Or do I have other ideas”

She could not figure it out.

But she felt a little numb at this moment.

It felt like she had goosebumps.


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