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Zi Yan tossed and turned about in bed, her head filled with fantasies.

People who were falling in love with someone, or those who were about to be sweet on somebody, would certainly behave in this way.

In fact, she was aware of this, but had been waiting for the appropriate occasion.

She would not accept his love confession unless the idiot courted her both romantically and with a lot of passion.

This was the only expectation of Zi Yan.

Although Zi Yan was mature in mind, she had never been in love with anyone and had never experienced love before.

She, therefore, had the same expectation, like any young girl.

After lying in bed for more than ten minutes, Zi Yan puffed out her cheeks, took the phone angrily to find Zhang Hans WeChat and typed,

“Idiot, are you asleep”


“Bastard, how can you reply when you are asleep” Zi Yan replied, adding a grinning emoji.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

“What do you mean”

“He is asleep.”


Zi Yan felt a little scared so she hid under the quilt, only revealing her big eyes, to stare at the door.

The whole room was quiet, except for Mengmengs faint breathing.

It was very dark as the curtains were drawn across the windows.


Zi Yan grunted in anger, then reached out her hand to turn on the bedside lamp.

“Im angry!” Zi Yan responded.

“All right.

Just kidding.”

Zi Yan looked at the screen and did not reply.

Thirty seconds later, Zhang Han sent another message.

“Are you truly angry”

“Are you afraid of the dark Why dont I come over and keep you company”

“Nice try!” Zi Yan replied eventually, “I cant sleep.”

“Lets go to the living room and chat for a while.”

“No, I dont want to move.”

“What shall we do”

“I want to listen to your story.”

“Ill go to your room right now.” Zhang Han typed.


Just sends voice messages through WeChat and Ill listen to them through my earphones.” After she finishing typing, Zi Yan took her earphones and put them on.

“What kind of story do you want to listen to”

“The story you told Mengmeng last time, about being stopped at the dark jungle.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han replied with an “OK” emoji.

After more than 20 seconds, Zhang Han sent a voice message,

“The dwarf king thought it was an ordinary jungle, but he didnt know it was a cursed dark jungle, filled with many mutated, fierce beasts.


Zhang Hans gentle voice soothed Zi Yan, and she became a bit drowsy as she listened.

Zi Yan was half-awake, and she did not know how long it was before the story in the earphones suddenly stopped.

Then Zhang Han asked in a low voice,

“Are you still listening to me I forgot to tell that youd better take off your earphones when you sleep, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable, after wearing them for a long time.”

“Are you asleep”

After hearing his words, Zi Yan felt so confused that she did not move but kept the earphones on.

Besides, she even did not bother to turn off the bedside lamp.

Less than a minute later, the door opened and Zhang Han came in.

“Zhang Han”

Zi Yan, who had been half-asleep, gradually became more conscious.

“What is he doing here”

Zi Yan felt a little nervous.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan, who was lying in bed, and smiled.

Zi Yan seemed a different person at night than in the day.

She was much more charming, lively, lovely and eccentric.

Conversely, Zi Yan was very rational and somewhat cold.

She seldom smiled at others and was a graceful beauty in the daytime.

Of course, in Zhang Hans view, her coldness was attributed to the fact that she had to come into contact with outsiders during the day.

At night, she was relaxed since their family was together.

“You havent taken off your earphones.”

Zhang Han murmured and crept up to her bedside.

Then he gently took off her earphones and placed her mobile phone on the bedside table.

Looking at Zi Yans delicate face, Zhang Hans expression softened.

He held out his finger and touched her tender cheek gently.

As soon as his finger touched Zi Yans skin, Zi Yan quivered inexplicably.

Her reaction surprised Zhang Han, and he felt somewhat amused.

“Is she pretending to be asleep”

After a short pause, Zhang Han bent over and put his lips close to Zi Yan.


Zi Yan felt breathless all of a sudden, and her muscles began to tighten.

She could felt Zhang Han approaching, and his masculinity took her breath away.

“He, he, he wants to kiss me! What should I do I, I…”

Zi Yans mind went blank and she did not know what she could do, at this point in time.

She was stiff and could not move.

Finally, Zhang Han kissed her.

However, he kissed her on her forehead.

He kissed her quickly and lightly, then stood up straighten Zi Yans quilt and tuck in Mengmengs quilt.

After turning off the bedside lamp, Zhang Han went out and closed the door softly.


Zi Yan took a deep breath and opened her eyes, which were filled with satisfaction and warmth.

At this moment, she felt warm because she was being taken care of.

Moreover, she felt the love of his kiss on her forehead.

“Hum! Its not enough for you to be considerate.

Idiot, I wont accept you until you woo me in a romantic way!”

“No, no.

I wont accept it so quickly when he pays court to me the first time!”

“Anyway, I cant accept his love so easily.”


Zi Yan, therefore, was inspired again and tossed and turned for a long time, before she fell asleep.

However, she did not communicate with Zhang Han through Wechat.

Instead, she was thinking of romantic plots in her mind.

Sometimes she smiled, sometimes her face was suffused with happiness, sometimes she frowned and sometimes she puffed out her cheeks.

It was her vivid expressions that revealed her active inner life, as she was about to fall in love.

It took a long time before Zi Yan fell asleep.

She slept soundly that night.

When she was still in her sleep, she vaguely heard Mengmengs childish voice,

“Hey, MaMa, the sun is shining on your little bottom.

Why arent you up yet”

“PaPa, PaPa, MaMa is still in bed.”

“Mengmeng, stop messing about and let MaMa sleep.” Zi Yan mumbled.

Then Zhang Hans voice could be heard.

“Mengmeng, come with me and let your MaMa sleep for a while.”

Then Zi Yan heard Mengmengs childish voice gradually fading away.

After they went out and closed the door, the room became quiet and Zi Yan fell asleep again.

After waking up, Zi Yan opened her eyes and glanced over the room.

Then she sat up, picked up her phone to check the time.

“Ah! Its almost ten oclock.”

“Its time to get up.

I did have a sound sleep.”

Zi Yan stretched, wore her slippers and went out of the bedroom to wash up.

“Elder Sister Yan, did you just get up What time did you sleep last night Gee.”

“Uh-huh, MaMa, you slept late.”


“Good morning, sister-in-law.”

Zi Yan turned her head, only to find Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Luo Qing, Zhang Han and Mengmeng, sitting on the sofa and looking at her.

“Oh, my god!”

Zi Yan was shocked.

She tried to calm herself down, then she smiled at them and hurried into the bathroom.

“Sister-in-law is really beautiful, even without makeup.” Luo Qing complimented her, repeatedly.

Ladies who look beautiful even without makeup, were like rare animals.

Generally, beauties would become more beautiful after putting on makeup.

As for thick makeup, it should be included in the four magic arts.

Anybody who was ugly or dark, could be beautified by thick makeup.

Luo Qing had never seen people who looked so good without any makeup, like Zi Yan.

“Hum! Shes my sister-in-law! Of course, she is beautiful!” Zhang Li curled her lips.

“Hum! Shes Elder Sister Yan! Of course, she is beautiful!” Zhou Fei chimed in.

Hearing what they said, Zhang Han smiled, in his mind.

He deemed that it would be very appropriate to say “Hum.

Shes my wife.

Of course, she is beautiful”.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han did not say this, for it was too soon to call her his wife.

However, Mengmeng, who was in his arms, said, “Uh-huh, shes my MaMa.

My super beautiful MaMa.”

They burst into laughter when they heard what Mengmeng said.

Just then, Zi Yans crisp sweet voice came from the bathroom.

“Zhang Han, come here.”


Zhang Han responded.

After putting the little princess on the sofa, he stepped over.

As soon as he walked into the bathroom, Zi Yan closed the door, and her mouth was compressed.

She stretched out her hand to reach Zhang Hans waist, pinched him, then said in a tone of blame, “Why didnt you wake me up since we have visitors”

“Er… I didnt call you because you were sleeping so soundly.

Besides, it doesnt matter if you sleep late.” Zhang Han smiled and said.

“Thats not good!” Zi Yan gave him an angry stare.

“Itll be fine.” Gazing at Zi Yan, Zhang Han smiled softly, “You look like a sleeping beauty when you are asleep.”

Hearing his words, Zi Yan widened her eyes and immediately drew back her palm.

Although she was shy, she looked at Zhang Han and said affectedly, “Eh I found my cell phone on the bedside table, when I got up in the morning.”

“I placed it there.”


Last night, when I just fell asleep, I vaguely felt…”

“Yes, I kissed you.” Zhang Han said with a smile, as he found Zi Yan was extremely cute at this time.

“You! Hum! You took advantage of my precarious position.

Dont enter my bedroom without my permission in the future! Get out! Im going to wash.” Zi Yans face turned red, and she pushed Zhang Han out.

After Zhang Han went out, Zi Yan patted her chest, finding that her heart was beating fast.

She felt a little puzzled as she did not know why she had asked him such a question just now.

Zi Yan took a few deep breaths and began to wash.

Then she returned to her bedroom, made up simply and changed into the casual outfit she had worn last night.

When walking out of the bedroom, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Li with a smile, then said, “Lili, Im off today.

Shall we go shopping”

Zi Yan planned to give Zhang Li some gifts, while she was washing up, just now.

Although she had not paid much attention to Zhang Lis views when she had met her the first time, she generally regarded herself as Zhang Lis sister-in-law, now.

“Go shopping Great!” Zhang Li agreed instantly, without any hesitation.

“Lets go.” Zi Yan picked up her handbag from the side.

“Dont you want to eat first” Zhang Han asked.

“No, we can eat together at noon.”

After a short deliberation, Zi Yan went shopping with Zhou Fei and Zhang Li.

Mengmeng had wanted to go with them, but when she found that Zhang Han was staying in the restaurant, she pouted and chose to keep him company.

She knew that they would buy lesser stuff if PaPa did not go with them!

As for Luo Qing, she decided to stay in the restaurant, after thinking for a moment.

When they walked to the first floor, Zhao Feng was sitting on one side, playing with his mobile phone and chatting with Liang Mengqi, at the same time.

Liang Mengqi seldom spoke to him before, but now they were chatting easily with each other.

“Zhao Feng, please accompany them on their shopping spree.” Zhang Han said, after thinking for a while.

He knew that women would go crazy when they shopped.

Since he had to prepare lunch in the restaurant, Zhao Feng could help them carry all the bags.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng stood up.

“No, we will go shopping by ourselves.” Zi Yan waved her hands, and left.

Zhou Fei took the Mercedes and drove Zi Yan and Zhang Li away.

After they left, Mengmeng ran to the sofa to play with her toys.

Luo Qing stood by.

After a pause, she said, while looking at Zhang Han, “Brother Zhang, I dont know if I should tell you something.”

“What is it” Zhang Han looked at her strangely.


Luo Qing hesitated because Zhang Li did not tell him, and she was not sure if Zhang Han could solve the problem.

If not, she would just increase his anxiety.

So she shook her head and said, “Id better not say anything first.

You can ask Lili when she comes back.”

“A matter concerning Zhang Li” Zhang Han raised his eyebrows.

At this point, Zhao Feng came over.

He looked at Luo Qing with a smile and said, “Just tell us directly if something happened.

Dont worry about it.”

“Well, well.” Luo Qing failed to make up her mind.

However, catching sight of Zhao Fengs confident smile, she decided to tell them, “Lili and I got into trouble.”

“What sort of trouble” Zhang Han asked.

“Last night, when I was working, a man was drinking at the bar.

People addressed him as elder brother Lei.

He molested me and grabbed my hand.

On seeing what he did, Lili splashed a glass of wine on his face.

He was so angry and cursed us, together with his friends, so Lili hit his head with a bottle and he bled.” Luo Qing recited the incident.

“Is that all” Zhang Han shook his head and burst out laughing.

Even Zhao Feng could not help laughing, then he said, “Isnt this a trivial matter”

“No.” Luo Qing became anxious, and she said hastily, “The man called elder brother Lei seemed to be of high status.

Our supervisor, Dahe, didnt dare to say anything.

He was even kicked by elder brother Lei, as he tried to stop him.

Before elder brother Lei left, he said that he would not let us go.

After that, Dahe asked us to keep away for a few days, but Lili is ignoring him and intends to go back to work as usual.”

“Will elder brother Lei be there today” Zhao Feng asked.


He has been here every day, these days.” Luo Qing replied, “Brother Zhang, please persuade Lili to stay away for a few days.”

“Why should she hide”

Zhang Han did not answer, while Zhao Feng smiled indifferently and said, “Dont worry.

Ill come over tonight.

What time do you go to work”

Luo Qing replied, “The bar opens at seven oclock.

Im starting work at 8:30, while Lili starts at nine oclock.”

“Which venue are you working at” Zhao Feng asked again.

“Starry Sky Bar.” Hearing Zhao Fengs words, Luo Qing was a little shocked.

In general, people who came from underground forces would usually call the bar avenue.

Was this handsome man also from the underground forces


Ill be there at eight oclock in the evening.” Zhao Feng said and did not ask any more questions.

He planned to take his men over at night, to figure out who elder brother Lei was.


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