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In Caribbean Coast Shopping Center.

“This dress looks nice.

Lili, do you want to try it on” Zi Yan said, holding a beige windbreaker in her hand.

“Yes.” Zhang Li took the clothes with a smile, and tried it on in the fitting room.

When she came out, she looked into the mirror.

“It fits me well and looks great.

Ill take this one.” Zi Yan said, as she waved to the guide.


After Zi Yan paid for the clothes, Zhang Li held her arm, then said, “Sister-in-law, why are you buying so many clothes for me”

“Lily, I didnt spend enough time with you before.

Since Im free today, of course we should go shopping together.” Zi Yan said, with a smile.

“Hey, we are family.

No need to be so polite.” Zhang Li shook her head and smiled.

“Lets do some shopping on the second floor.” Zi Yan led the way to the escalator.

“Sister-in-law, its enough.

You have bought me eight sets of clothes already, these are more than Ill ever wear.” Zhang Li said, waving her hands.

The eight sets of clothes cost about 200,000 yuan.

However, Zhang Li did not care how much she spent but was more concerned over Zi Yans attitude.

Zhang Li was really happy to find Zi Yan behaving more and more like a sister-in-law to her.

“Lili, just follow Elder Sister Yan.

She seldom buys things for others, so you have to let her have her own way this time.” Zhou Feng said.

She was carrying a dozen garment bags, most of it was for Zhang Li, and a few for her and Zi Yan.

Obviously, Zi Yan came here with the purpose of buying gifts for Zhang Li today.

“Ha, well, lets continue to shop.” Zhang Li did not try to stop Zi Yan anymore.

If Zhang Li had been born to an ordinary family, she certainly would not allow Zi Yan to buy so many designer clothes for her.

But she used to be a lady from a distinguished family.

Therefore, hundreds of thousands of million yuan was not of great significance in her eyes, though she did not have a lot of money now.

After they looked around for a moment, there were already lots of bags in Zhang Lis hands.

Zhang Li was open to receiving gifts from Zi Yan at this point in time.

She accepted whatever Zi Yan bought for her since Zi Yan was to be her sister-in-law soon.

“Lili, lets go up to the third floor and I will buy you two sets of cosmetics.” Zi Yan said, while walking to the third floor.

“Cosmetics” “Ok, I want a set of La Prairie and a set of Chanel.

I use these two brands of cosmetics” Zhang Li said, with a smile.

She received the gifts without any hesitation, and Zi Yan also spent her money generously.

She did like Zhang Lis unrestrained character.

“Perhaps… just as a saying goes, love me, love my dog.

After walking around the stores on the third floor, the three of them had more bags in their hands.

What they bought cost around 50,000 to 600,000 yuan, and they spent money like water.

Three gorgeous women, carrying lots of shopping bags, walking out of the mall, instantly attracted the attention of passers-by.

Seeing that the bags in their hands were all printed with famous brand names, people shook their heads and sighed enviously.

“Rich women!”

It was well over one oclock in the afternoon, when they finally returned to the restaurant.

Zhang Han had prepared several outstanding dishes, including stewed chicken with potatoes, roast eggplant with beans, scrambled egg with capsicum and cucumbers with garlic sauce.

When the three of them entered the restaurant, all the guests present, froze.

They had bought a lot of things.

Zi Yan walked upstairs.

She put the things for herself and Zhang Han into the bedroom, the clothes Zhou Fei bought, aside, and the shopping bags for Zhang Li on the right of the sofa.

“You bought lots of stuff.” Luo Qing was obviously aware of the prices of the stuff, and she was somewhat envious because Zi Yan bought so many gifts for Zhang Li.

“My sister-in-law bought this coat and trousers for you.” Zhang Li selected two sets of clothes from the garment bags, then handed them to Luo Qing.

“Oh, Im so embarrassed.” Luo Qing said shyly, her face turning red.

“Just take it.

Zi Yan is not an outsider!” Zhang Li rolled her eyes at her.

Now she did not treat Zi Yan as a stranger at all, and Zhang Han burst into laughter, after seeing what she did.

“Thats right.

Lili would not bring you here if you didnt get along well with each other.

I didnt buy you that many things, just two sets of clothes.

These are a little token of my affection.” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Fine.” Luo Qing took the garment bags and nodded to Zi Yan, repeatedly saying, “Thank you, sister-in-law.”

“Youre welcome.” Zi Yan smiled gracefully, then said, “Lets eat first.

Just make yourself at home.”

Zi Yan acted more and more like a hostess now.

It seemed that she and Zhang Han would be together, sooner or later.

After lunch, Zhang Han and Zhang Li cleaned up, as Zhao Feng went back to the beach, after finishing his meal downstairs.

Then they sat and chatted on the second floor.

A few minutes later, Zhang Li took a phone call from Li Anna, who had something to ask her, so Zhang Li and Luo Qing left.

Zhang Li put plenty of shopping bags into the trunk, while Luo Qing carried two garment bags.

They got into the car and drove the white Maserati away, slowly.

“Shall we go to the mountain”

After they left, Zi Yan asked Zhan Han, as she sat beside him.

“Are we going to Xanadu Great! Go and play with Big Heihei and Little Heihei.” Every time Mengmeng heard that she could go to Mount New Moon, she would feel extremely happy.

Zhang Han, who always did whatever Mengmeng asked, agreed, so they went to Mount New Moon, with Zhou Fei, this time.

People would feel neither hot nor dry on Mount New Moon and the climate there, comforted them.

At this moment, Mengmeng was playing in the pet area, Zhou Fei was sitting on the grass nearby, and Zhang Han and Zi Yan were strolling, while chatting.

Zi Yan was very taken with this type of life, and she completely forgot about the annoyance of work.

On the beach not far from Mount New Moon.

At this time, there was no one around, only some equipment on the beach.

“Where were they”

In the dense forest of a huge mountain next to Mount New Moon, people shuttled back and forth constantly.

Sometimes when they met, they would fight against each other.

They had been training in this jungle for two days.

At the very beginning, twenty-five people were divided into two groups.

Their leaders were Xu Yong and Ah Hu respectively, and their strength was almost equal.

Then they fought in groups of five.

In the end, everyone fought for himself, and the single fight required various knowledge, higher reactivity and flexibility in the battle in the wild jungle.

There were no specific rules for the single fights which had just begun.

Whoever defeated most people, was the winner.

Their endurance was good.

People including Xu Yong, Ah Hu and others, who had the greatest strength, did not take any action immediately, but proceeded carefully.

It was gradually getting dark, and screams from the jungle, could be heard from time to time.

In the meantime, the people who were defeated, walked to the edge of the jungle, in succession.

It was already past seven oclock when the fight was over.

Then they returned to the beach and chatted with each other.

“I didnt expect Leng Yue to win in the end.” Xu Yong said as he shook his head repeatedly.

“There were only eight people surviving and Leng Yue ambushed me.” Ah Hu gave a wry smile.

Leng Yue was the toughest among the six women.

She had short hair, eyes as sharp as an eagle, looked very capable and was very much an elite.

She used to be a secretary and she was also good at taekwondo.

“I was also ambushed by her.” Elder Meng looked at Leng Yue with puzzlement and said, “I passed by a tree, which was thin as you.

It was very strange.

By right, I should have discovered if you were standing there, for your breasts arent small!”

When this remark was made, all the people present, burst out laughing.

“Ha!” Leng Yue sneered and said, “Dont blame your failures on your carelessness.

If you were on the battlefield, you would have lost your lives!”

“Thats right!” Standing in front of them, Zhao Feng agreed, while clapping.

“I think, among you fifty people, only Leng Yue has such an acute awareness.

Dont be supercilious if you have increased your strength! You should be aware that even a lion will exert all its strength when it fights against a rabbit.

No matter when you face with your enemy, you cant afford to be careless.

You can pretend to despise the enemy, but you must respect him in your mind.”

“Yes!” Xu Yong and others became solemn, and answered in deep voices.

“Brother Feng, we were all very serious just now, but Leng Yue was so good at hiding so that we did not notice her.

Shes so awesome.” Ah Hu gave him a wry smile.

“Leng Yue did well.” Zhao Feng gave Leng Yue an admiring look.

Leng Yue did not feel delighted until she received praise from Zhao Feng.

“I have something to say next.” Zhao Feng said, with a serious look on his face.

“You will be divided into three teams.

The first team will be led by Ah Hu.

You can choose 21 people.

The second team will be led by Elder Meng and you can select 22 people.

And the leader of the last team is Leng Yue.

Youll only be responsible for five other women.

Although there are only a few people in your team, you will shoulder the toughest task, so dont let me down.”

“Yes!” Leng Yue answered loudly.

“Thats not correct.

There is one person short in my group! I can choose 21 people, while Elder Meng can select 22 people, totaling 43 people.

But there are 44 people here.” Ah Hu said doubtfully.

“Are you saying that Im not a man” Zhao Fengs eyes widened.

“No, no.

Brother Feng, you shouldnt be included.”

“Im not a man” Zhao Fengs veins bulged, and looked as if he was going to beat him up.

“Oh, I am wrong! I am not a man, ok” Ah Hu said.

His words drew laughter from the people present.

“This remaining one is Xu Yong.

He isnt a man.” Zhao Feng did not intend to teach Ah Hu a lesson.

He smiled and said, “Xu Yong is the most powerful among you.

He remains calm while he is at work.

Therefore, he will be the chief.

If you cant find me in the future, you should follow his instructions!”

“Brother Feng, dont worry.” Xu Yong did not say much, but just nodded his head.

“Were a group.

The only reason for dividing you into teams is to be able to deal with various situations more effectively.” Zhao Feng smiled at the crowd and said “After today, the first stage of training is over, and everyone will have a few days break.

The second stage will start after I confirm the companys location.”

Then Zhao Feng checked the time and said, “Its time to go.

Ah Hu, take your team along and follow me.

Other people should return to Feng Ming Nightclub first.

Xu Yong, prepare a party for everyone to celebrate tonight.

You can get the ingredients from the mountain.

I think you are particular about the food.”

“Ha, ha, ha.

Thats right.” Xu Yong laughed.

Once they were accustomed to the delicacies from the mountain, it felt as if they were eating instant noodles, whenever they tried other food.

“By the way, dont take the sheep-pigs.

Theyre difficult to buy.” Zhao Feng reminded him.

Black cattle, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks and geese were all easily available and could be bought in the local areas.

But the Hungarian sheep-pigs would be difficult to get.

“I see.” Xu Yong responded.

Zhao Feng took Ah Hu and his team members away, while the others packed up the equipment on the beach, and returned home.

“The cars are ready Brother Feng, what are we going to do this time Are we going to fight” Ah Hu asked curiously.

“To settle a small problem, and it is almost impossible to have a fight.” Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled.

Starry Sky Bar was located in Causeway Bay of the North District, which was under Xia Shanhaos control.

Would Xia Shanhao dare to challenge him if he came to settle his affairs

After getting into the car, Zhao Feng asked them to come back to Feng Ming Nightclub first, since they still had plenty of time.

After they showered and changed into clean clothes, they went downstairs and headed for Starry Sky Bar, the destination for today.

Five cars stopped in the parking lot in front of Starry Sky Bar.

Xia Shanhao got out of the first Bentley, followed by a middle-aged man and a white-haired man, who had a bandage on his head.

From the other Audis, a dozen men, dressed in black suits got out, one after another.

“Boss Wu, you can do whatever you want today.

No one will be able to stop you.” Xia Shanhao said in a raspy voice.

“I cant let her go as my son was injured.

A female DJ, who is so bold.

How daring can she be!” Boss Wu snorted.

“That girl is quite hot.

If she agrees to sleep with me tonight, Ill let her go, together with the bartender.” Wu Xiaolei said directly.

He would not pretend to be a well-behaved son, in front of his father.

His father and he were both lady-killers, and he knew that his father had many women outside.

In his view, women were just like toys.

“No problem.” Xia Shanhao responded with a smile and led the way in.

Obviously, the manager of the service desk was acquainted with Xia Shanhao.

On catching sight of him, the manager guided them to the biggest table on the dance floor and served them some good wine instantly.

“Call Xiaolong now.”

After he sat down, Xia Shanhao waved casually.

“Okay.” The manager nodded and walked out.

At this time, there were not so many guests in the bar, and the music and lights were relatively soft.

After all, the bar had just opened.

Xia Shanhao was not anxious.

He chatted with Boss Wu, while sipping wine.

As for Wu Xiaolei, he waved to some of his friends, who had come to watch the action.

They walked over and was a little nervous, because the person in front of them was the legendary Tiger Xia!

The manager walked out of the dance floor to a quiet place and dialed his bosss number.

“Elder brother Long, Boss Xia is here.

He wants to meet you.”

“Who did he bring”

“He seems to be entertaining guests.

Besides that, theres a young man with him, with his head wrapped in a bandage.”

“I see.

Ill be there in a few minutes.”

Elder brother Long hung up as soon as he finished speaking.

At this point, he was in the office upstairs and in front of him stood several people, including Dahe.

After receiving the call, elder brother Long frowned slightly and said, “Young Master Lei is Boss Xias guest and they are here.”

“What should I do Why dont I ask Lili and Xiaoqing to stay away for a few days” Dahes expression changed all of a sudden.

“Its useless for them to hide since Boss Xia is here in person.” After a pause, elder brother Long said, with his eyebrows raised, “Lets go down and have a look.

Youd better listen to what Boss Xia will say first.

After all, I, Long Hao, wont be that easily bullied.”

“Yep, shall I call in more brothers to prevent any accidents from happening” Dahe asked.

“No.” Elder brother Long shook his head and took the lead in walking outside.

He sighed softly as he walked, “Its indeed a menacing situation.”

He used to follow Xia Shanhao, but he started his business because he received a large sum of money from the demolition.

Although he was under Xia Shanhaos control on paper, he was no longer affiliated with him.

However, in the North District, people should take care not to offend Xia Shanhao.

Elder brother Long had a strong desire to protect his men, but he was not confident enough.

He dreaded Xia Shanhao, but still had to give him face.

If it was not a big problem, it could be settled after talking with him.

However, he had not expected that Xia Shanhao would not even give him a chance to negotiate.

When they came to the table and greeted them, Xia Shanhao waved his hand and said in an authoritative tone,

“Bring the two girls who offended Young Master Lei last night and arrange a room for him.

If they serve Young Master Lei well, this matter will be resolved.”


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