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Zhao Feng and his men reveled until one oclock in the morning, then they went back to the fifth floor of Feng Ming Nightclub.

Zhao Feng booked two of the best rooms for Zhang Li and Luo Qing.

Zhao Feng considered Zhang Li as one of his friends.

However, since she was his masters sister, he inevitably accorded her a certain degree of respect.

This meant that Zhao Feng would do whatever Zhang Li asked him to do, and do it as well as possible.

They, however, could not have fun with each other, like ordinary friends.

In addition, Zhao Feng had no idea whether Zhang Li really liked him.

If so, he could only give a wry smile.

Additionally, he liked Liang Mengqi.

He felt stressed, since she was his masters sister.

However, if they loved each other, he would get closer to his master.

After all, nobody could predict what would happen in the future.

Over the next few days.

After breakfast, Zi Yan went to work.

Now she was on a regular schedule, just like an office worker.

As for Zhang Han, he took care of Mengmeng in the restaurant.

In general, men went out to work while women looked after the kids at home.

Ordinary people worked to support the family, but Zhang Han and Zi Yan were totally different.

One opened a restaurant for Mengmeng, and the other worked hard for her dream.

What was interesting was that Zhang Li came to the restaurant more often in the morning.

She did not look for Zhang Han but chatted with Zhao Feng after playing with Mengmeng for a while.

Judging from her actions, Zhao Feng was able to get some vague hints.

“Does Lili like me”

Zhao Feng, who had very little experience in love, felt very confused.

However, he was not certain about his thoughts.

Perhaps Zhang Li just admired his good looks.


“Ahem, ahem.

It could just be a fantasy on his part.”

Three days passed quickly.

At 9:30 in the morning, in Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng were sitting on the sofa on the first floor, watching cartoons, while Zhao Feng was sitting by the window.

After checking the time, he stepped towards the sofa.

“Master, the bidding results of the former CBD building will be announced at 10 oclock.” Zhao Feng whispered.

“Well, you go ahead.

Ill just stay here.” Zhang Han replied.

“Its very difficult to win the bid this time.

I have inspected several buildings recently and found that they were not suitable in terms of location.

In addition, few office buildings in New Moon Bay have been put up for sale recently, but Im not satisfied with them.

The locations of some leased floors arent too bad.

Why dont I take you to see them one day” Zhao Feng asked.

“If there are only a few floors, forget it.” Zhang Han gave him a strange look and said, “Dont we have enough money to rent that building”

“No.” Zhao Feng gave a wry smile and said, “Theres a obstacle.

A rich person named Liu Qingfeng took part in the auction.

I inquired about him and found that he is financially sound and has a lot of connections.

Since he joined the auction personally, there is no hope for anyone else to win the bid.”

“Liu Qingfeng” Zhang Han was slightly stunned, then he said, “Ive seen him before.”

He remembered his father had received Liu Qingfeng several years ago, for they had done business together.

It was a known fact that Liu Qingfeng was involved in individual enterprises, and some enterprises in big cities, all over the country, and had abundant financial resources.

However, Zhang Han knew a lot more about him.

Although Liu Qingfeng was financially sound and had lots of connections, he was not among the realms of the upper-class society.

He had been striving for further improvement since a few years ago, and had intended to cooperate with some powerful forces.

But they were fierce competitors, as they did not belong to the same family, and Liu Qingfeng was still alone.

Gradually, it seemed that he no longer desired to rise to the upper-class.

Moreover, his only daughter was growing up and he had slowed down in the past two years.

Liu Qingfeng was always surrounded by women, but he had only one wife, or rather, one ex-wife.

His wife had died of illness early in their marriage, and he felt very miserable since he was deeply in love with her.

Moreover, because of his daughter, he did not marry again.

At that point, his story seemed like a sad eulogy.

Zhang Han overheard his father talking about these private affairs.

But several years had passed and Zhang Han did not know anything about him now.

In fact, Zhang Han was not interested in him at all.

After hearing his words, Zhao Fengs face changed, and he said, “Master, do you know Liu Qingfeng”

“No, but I have heard of him.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, looked at the TV again and said, “You can do this on your own.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded and said, “I should go now, master.”


Zhao Feng got into a brand-new Land-Rover Evoque.

When it came to cars, Zhao Feng preferred SUVs.

Besides, he was not the same person as he used to be, so he sold the Toyota Landkuloze, which he bought two years ago and replaced it with this top-end black Land-Rover Evoque.

After getting into the car, Zhao Feng called Wang Zilong and arranged to meet in front of the CBD building.

Then Zhao Feng drove off.

It took him ten minutes to reach the destination.

After waiting for another five minutes, he saw Wang Zilongs car coming into the parking lot.

“Younger Brother Zhao.” Wang Zilong greeted him enthusiastically.

“Boss Wang.” Zhao Feng nodded his head.

“Lets go in first, and I hope we get good news.” Wang Zilong said with a smile and walked into the building.

The announcement of the result would be held in the conference room on the ninth floor.

This time, there were many media reporters present, besides the dozens of bidders.

It seemed that after the result was announced, there would be a press conference.

Zhao Feng and Wang Zilong went into the room.

Because media reporters were also invited, nobody stood by the door to chat, but sat down in groups and whispered among themselves.

The two of them sat down.

They had just talked for a few minutes, when all of a sudden, the clicking of cameras could be heard.

“Click, click, click…”

They turned their heads and saw Liu Qingfeng, coming in.

Beside him were his secretary and a bodyguard.

The corner of Zhao Fengs mouth quivered slightly.

When he and Wang Zilong came in, none of the reporters took any pictures of them.

However, the instant Liu Qingfeng showed up, everyone rushed to get his picture.

This showed clearly the level he was at.

“Ah, I wont have any regrets if I could reach even one tenth of Chairman Lius fame.” Wang Zilong sighed.

Hearing what he said, Zhao Feng shook his head.

“As a boss with hundreds of million yuan and plenty of admirers, you should be satisfied.

If not, you would not lead a happy life.”

The saying “Contentment was better than riches” did make sense.

People should be ambitious, but should not go too far.

Only when people were satisfied, then would they feel happy.

However, Zhao Feng could not say that to Wang Zilong face to face.

Everyone had their own goals and ideas.

He could not control others, so he just sighed in his mind.

The situation this time, was similar to that of last time.

As soon as Liu Qingfeng came into the room, the director of the office sitting on the stage said,

“First of all, welcome, entrepreneurs and reporters.

CBD Building was established in…”

After five minutes, he got right to the point.

“A total of 27 people participated in this auction, each of whom has his own advantages.

But after careful consideration and selection, we finally selected the person who won the bid.

Next, I will announce that the successful bidder for this CBD building is…”

At that point, the director looked at Liu Qingfeng with a smile, held out his hand to him and said loudly, “Liu Qingfeng, Chairman Liu! Congratulations to Chairman Liu for winning the bid at the price of 500 million yuan! Now lets welcome Chairman Liu to make a speech on the stage.”


As soon as the director finished speaking, there was an uproar as everyone reacted differently to the result.

Most of them shook their heads repeatedly and sighed that Liu Qingfeng was equipped with a wide range of contacts; some people felt helpless, while others, like Zhao Feng, frowned slightly.

His bid of 600 million yuan did not help.

To auctioneers, 100 million yuan was not more important than Liu Qingfengs status.

However, Zhao Feng was much more worried about the problem than the price.

In fact, aside from this building, Zhao Feng was not satisfied with all the other buildings.

Under everyones gazes, Liu Qingfeng walked onto the stage, with a smile.

He took the microphone and waved to everyone.

“Hello, everyone.

Im Liu Qingfeng.”

His voice sounded gruff.

“Thanks to the Hong Kong government for this opportunity.

Based on this acquirement, Ill build a high-end business chain which combines entertainment and hotels with catering, and I will work hand in hand with the government, to contribute to the business development of the Southern District.”

Liu Qingfeng said a few more polite remarks, then he handed the microphone back to the director and signed the contract on the spot.

The process lasted for about a dozen minutes, during which many bosses left in succession, but some people still looked on.

“Younger Brother Zhao, lets go back.

Its almost noon, let me treat you to lunch” Wang Zilong said, with a smile.

“No, I have something else to do.

You can leave first, Boss Wang.

Thank you very much this time.

I owe you a favor.” Zhao Feng nodded and said.

In any case, he did appreciate Wang Zilongs help in borrowing a hundred million yuan to help him.

He was somewhat similar to Zhang Han on this point.

He looked up to everyone who respected him.

However, Zhao Feng was still unable to abide with Zhang Hans second criterion.

That was, he would take revenge on anyone who had offended him.

In fact, he would seek revenge for the smallest grievance.

However, Zhang Han seldom felt offended by others.

An easygoing person would not be easily angered, if so, it would be very hard to settle the matter.

“Well.” Wang Zilong waved his hands indifferently, then said, “Dont mention it.

Were friends.

If you need help in the future, you can contact me.”

After he spoke, Wang Zilong left.

He was indeed not aware how valuable it was to be owed a favor by Zhao Feng.

A few minutes later, Liu Qingfeng left with his secretary and bodyguard.

Zhao Feng got up and followed him.

After the director announced the result just now, Zhao Feng had planned to make one last attempt to ask Liu Qingfeng if he could sell the land to him.

If so, Zhao Feng would not mind spending more money.

He went downstairs.

When he was about to approach him, a Rolls-Royce phantom passed by.

He saw Liu Qingfeng and his secretary sitting at the back seats, while the thievish-looking bodyguard, who was also a martial artist, sat in the passenger seat.

Therefore, Zhao Feng gave up trying to block the car, without any hesitation.

He ran back to his own Land-Rover and followed them.

The car drove to a mid-level mansion on the New Moon street, a street with little traffic.

At this moment, there were only a Rolls-Royce and a Land-Rover driving along the street, so everyone could figure out that the Land-Rover was following them.

“Ha, ha.” The thievish-looking bodyguard hissed and said, “Chairman Liu, a Land-Rover is following us.”

“Oh.” Liu Qingfeng replied, without even taking a look at the car.

For security issues, Liu Qingfeng had full trust in the bodyguard sitting in front.

The bodyguard, named Tian San, was a genuine Peak Strength Warrior.

Liu Qingfeng was very clear about his requirement of a martial artist with Peak Strength, so he hired the master at a great cost.

Since Tian San became his bodyguard, Liu Qingfeng had never worried about his safety.

They returned to Liu Qingfengs residence, No.8 mansion, on New Moon street!

In fact, Liu Qingfeng had no fixed abode, because he had mansions all over the country.

However, they were nothing but temporary places to live in, for him.

In his view, home was where his daughter was.

His daughter was now 19 years old, and currently a freshman in Lin Hai Business University, so he planned to stay for just a week in Hong Kong.

After arranging everything, he would return to Lin Hai City.

On arriving at No.8 mansion, the doorkeeper quickly opened the gate.

But unexpectedly, the Land-Rover followed the Rolls-Royce closely.

Tian San waved to the driver to stop the car, then he got out, and looked coldly at the Land-Rover.


Zhao Feng got out of the car and walked straight to Tian San.

He said while walking, “Im sorry I was tailing you.

Id like to talk with Mr.


“Do you think you can make the grade” Tian San raised his eyebrows, sized up Zhao Feng and said impatiently, “Get out before I take action.

You have ten seconds.”

After he finished talking, he looked at his watch to start the count down.


Zhao Feng was suddenly stunned.

“This guy is really offensive!”

He frowned and looked at Tian San for a while, sizing up his extraordinary temperament.

He confirmed the person was a martial artist.

Were all the martial artists that bad-tempered

“Excuse me, I want to talk business with Mr.


Just a few minutes.”

After thinking for a while, he stopped five meters away from Tian San and said this calmly, as he took the liberty of following them.

However, Tian San did not pay any attention to him.

His indifferent and proud expression seemed to express that he was the most powerful person in the world.

He was so arrogant.

At this point, Zhao Fengs face darkened.

Was he about to beat him up If so, he could have a try.

Sure enough..

With Zhao Feng looking on, Tian San suddenly raised his head, as expected, after ten seconds.

He moved three meters forward, his eyes emitting a cold light, taking only one step.

As he took the second step, Tian San gathered momentum as he prepared to punch Zhao Feng with his right hand.

Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed, and took half a step back quickly, to position himself in a “horse stance”.

In the meantime, he leaned to the right, gathered all his strength in his right arm, clenched it tightly, then ran toward Tian San directly!

“Courting death!”

Tian San roared.

Judging by Zhao Fengs posture and speed, Tian San made out that he was an athlete.

However, it did not occur to him that he was also a martial artist with great strength.

Was he really going to fight against him directly He was absolutely courting death.

Their fists collided with each other and a dull thud could be heard.

Zhao Feng took seven steps back.

As for Tian San, he only took half a step back.

After that blow, it was clear who was the stronger man.

Although the winner was confirmed, Tian San was still shocked.

He looked at Zhao Feng and said in a deep voice,

“A martial artist Inward Strength”

He had not expected that the person who followed them, was a martial artist with Inward Strength.

At this time, although Zhao Feng was expressionless, his right arm was totally numb, a reminder that the thievish-looking man in front of him, was a Peak Strength Warrior!

No wonder he felt somewhat threatened.

He turned out to be a Peak Strength Warrior.

“Youre a martial artist.

Great!” At this moment, Tian Sans attention was back.

He licked his lower lip, stared at Zhao Feng with ferocious eyes, and said with a sneer, “I havent had an enjoyable fight for a long time.

I hope you can hold on a little longer.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tian San quickly rushed forward, and started raining blows, which fell like raindrops, at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng retreated while blocking his attack.

Tian Sans assault made Zhao Feng feel stressed.

In other words, he did not make any counterattack.

“If I continue to fight against him, Ill definitely lose!”

There was no denying that he would pay a heavy price if he lost this bout, as the man in front of him was on a rampage.

Zhao Fengs heart sank gradually.

He knew that he had to keep calm at this time.

“I have to fight back!”

“If I want to compete with him, I must strike back!”

Zhao Feng retreated, while figuring out how to fight back.

Tian San, like a fierce storm, constantly attacked Zhao Feng, while Zhao Feng retreated step by step, and quickly moved in front of the Land-Rover.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to touch the car, his eyes suddenly lit up,

“Big Dark Devil Shadow!”

At this moment, Tian San was about to hit Zhao Feng on the head, with his fist!

Admittedly, Zhao Feng would be knocked down immediately if he was hit.

Perhaps he would fall into a coma, or even die.

“Cloud-lifting Style.”

Zhao Feng suddenly bent his legs and made himself bend even lower than the “horse stance”, to avoid Tian Sans blow.

But Tian San, after all, was a Peak Strength Warrior, who was well versed in using his powers.

After this blow, he lifted his right leg to kick out at Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Tian Sans eyes were already imbued with the joy of victory.

Because of his angle of attack, Zhao Feng could not avoid it unless he crouched really low, but it was impossible for him to do that in less than one second.

If he chose to feint sideways, he would also take the brunt of the blow.

Therefore, he was already the victor.

“Inward Strength Warrior is only an Inward Strength Warrior, after all.”

Tian San looked down upon him, for his opponent could not hold on, even though he was using only about 70% of his strength.

However, he had not expected that Zhao Feng would suddenly buckle down and sweep one leg out.


Tian San was slightly startled.

When he looked down, his pupils shrank.

He saw Zhao Feng seemingly lying on the ground, but his left leg was bent, like an upside-down V.

His calves and thighs were almost parallel, and he supported his whole body with his toes.

Tian San found his posture very strange, but what shocked him was that Zhao Feng suddenly stood up, after turning around.

The next moment, he was going to kick him with his right leg.

Zhao Feng ended this action within one second!

Tian San did not have time to figure out what was happening.

When he came to his senses, Zhao Fengs leg had approached, so he lifted his leg hurriedly to resist.


With a dull thud, Tian San took five steps back.

Zhao Feng, relying on the simplified version of Big Dark Devil Shadow, countered the Peak Strength Warrior with his Inward Strength for the first time!

“Whats your move” Tian San kept staring at Zhao Feng.

He was very surprised at Zhao Fengs actions and could not figure out how he could use his power in such a short time.

After all, even he could not do that so quickly.

Moreover, his opponent, was just a Inward Strength Warrior!

Hearing Tian Sans question, Zhao Feng raised his chin slightly and said calmly, “The move you cant understand!”


His words annoyed Tian San.

He rushed at Zhang Feng and started to hit him again.

However, in this round of offensive, he failed to defeat Zhao Feng, though he had the upper hand.

Zhao Feng avoided his blows with various strange postures, and then fought back.

Tian San had initially only used 70% of his strength, but now he had exhausted all his strength!

Tian San became increasingly alarmed as he continued hitting Zhao Feng.

If the opponent was stronger, he must be inferior to him!

“Hows that possible Hes an Inward Strength Warrior!”

At this point, just like in a training match, Zhao Feng gradually grasped the moves of Big Dark Devil Shadow.

But since he had not fully mastered it, he was attacked by Tian San several times and felt the pain.

In fact, the more he was hit, the happier he was, because he gradually understood the mysteries of Big Dark Devil Shadow.

Although it was only the simplified version, he, an Inward Strength Warrior, could rival a Peak Strength Warrior.

If he mastered the genuine version, he could hopefully fight against anyone who was much more powerful than him.

Zhao Feng felt a little excited.

After they fought with each other for more than one minute, Liu Qingfeng, who was sitting in the car, was a little surprised.

He opened the door to get out, then directly said,


As soon as he spoke, Tian San stopped his moves.

He gave Zhao Feng an angry stare and stepped back toward Liu Qingfeng.


Zhao Feng also let out a sigh of relief.

He felt more tired after this bout, which lasted a total of less than two minutes, than after a day of intensive training.

“Who are you” Liu Qingfeng looked at Zhao Feng and asked him, with some excitement in his voice.

“Im Zhao Feng.”

“Will you interested in working for me” Liu Qingfeng thought he was a talent.

The number of martial artists under him sometimes indirectly determined his social status.

“No.” Zhao Feng was stunned at first, then he shook his head and answered.

“What can I do for you” Liu Qingfeng became less interested in him.

“I came for the CBD building, Mr.


Can you transfer it to me I can pay you 700 million yuan.” After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng gave his quotation.

“The CBD building” Liu Qingfeng chucked.

He glanced at Zhao Feng and asked in a raspy voice, “Which force do you belong to”

“Theres no forces backing me.

My boss runs a restaurant.” Zhao Feng replied.

He was adamant in not telling him about the details of his background.

According to what Zhao Feng said, he did not belong to any force, for they actually were a force.

After all, his boss was a Qi Strength Master, though he just ran a restaurant.

“Ha.” Hearing Zhao Fengs words, Liu Qingfeng completely lost interest and turned directly into the mansion.

“I can offer 900 million yuan!”

Zhao Feng gritted his teeth, as he added another 200 million yuan.

Liu Qingfeng stopped walking.

He turned his head to look at Zhao Feng, then he shook his finger and said, “Young man, money is not everything.

Do you think I am a man short of money”

After saying that, Liu Qingfeng left.

As for Tian San, he followed Liu Qingfeng in, after staring at Zhao Feng for a while.

At this moment, Zhao Feng gave a wry smile, shook his head, then drove away in his Land-Rover.

After driving for several hundred meters, Zhao Feng pulled over, took out a cigarette and took a few puffs.

“Hiss… Hoo…”

After he smoked his cigarette, Zhao Feng sighed and took out his mobile phone to dial Zhang Hans number.

He planned to inform him of the failure of the bid.

However, as soon as he took out the phone, it rang.

“An official”

Looking at the number, Zhao Feng felt a little confused.

He answered the call.


“Xiaofeng, Im Dong Xiangchuan.

Please come to the station.”

“Whats up, Director Dong” Zhao Feng asked.

“Youll know when you come.”

“Director, I still have something to deal with now.

Can I go over later”

“What! Are you putting me off”

“No, I really have something to do.” Zhao Feng smiled helplessly.

Now that he failed to win the bid, he had to show the master the information for several other places.

However, Dong Xiangchuans next words surprised Zhao Feng.

“I heard that you took part in the bidding of the former CBD building in New Moon Bay.

Are you interested in coming now”

“Okay, Ill come over right away.”


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