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After hanging up, Zhao Fengs eyes flashed.

Director Dong had called him to talk about the auction of the former CBD building.

Did this mean he would get another chance

However, no matter what the reason was, Zhao Feng had to meet him.

After a pause, Zhao Feng stepped on the accelerator and headed for the public security bureau.

Half an hour later, he reached the destination.

“Im looking for Director Dong.”

Zhao Feng spoke to a police officer.

“Arent you Zhao Feng What do you want with the director Director isnt free now.” The middle-aged, male police officer frowned slightly.

They were acquainted with the leaders from the underground forces in New Moon Bay.

In fact, these gangsters were all on their records.

Although they did not know these police officers, most of the officers knew them.

“Its Director Dong who asked me to come here.” Zhao Feng responded calmly.

“Is this true” The police officer was stunned.

After sizing up Zhao Feng, he took out his cell phone and muttered, “Did you commit another crime”

Zhao Feng shook his head with a chuckle, and thought for a moment, then he said, “Ive separated myself from the underground forces.”

“That would be best.” After he finished speaking, he told his superior that Zhao Feng had arrived.

About a minute later, he hung up the phone and said, “Come with me and Ill take you to the directors office.”

“No, thanks.

I know where it is.” Zhao Feng shook his head and walked to the elevator.

Then he knocked at the door and entered Dong Xiangchuans office.

“Come in.”

Dong Xiangchuan was sitting at his desk, looking at a file.

Seeing Zhao Feng coming in, he raised his head and said,

“Please sit down and have a cup of tea.

I have to handle this case first.”

Then he continued to check the file.

After about ten minutes, he signed on the document and put it aside.

He got up, sat beside Zhao Feng, then poured himself a cup of tea and said,

“I heard that you took part in the auction of the former CBD building.

What are you going to do”

“I want to start a company.” Zhao Feng nodded and answered.

At this moment, Dong Xiangchuans expression changed, and he said slowly, “Why wont you consider going back to the army By virtue of your relationship with Instructor Liu, youre likely to have a promising future.”

Dong Xiangchuan got along well with Instructor Liu, and he also knew Instructor Lius uncles identity.

“I wont go back.

I have spoken with Instructor Liu and he understands me.” Zhao Feng answered.

“Its a pity.” Dong Xiangchuan shook his head and sighed softly, then asked, “What kind of company are you starting”

“A security company.” Zhao Feng replied truthfully.

There was no need to hide his intention.

After all, once the site was finalized, everyone would know the companys name.

“Thats pretty good.

Anyway, its right to run a legal business.

However, one more question.

Is this your own security company or someone elses” Dong Xiangchuan asked.

“Its mine, but Im my bosss man.” Zhao Feng replied.

“Well, there are some other alternative sites to start a security company, besides the former CBD building.” Dong Xiangchuan said, after taking a sip of tea.

“I indeed have little choice.” Zhao Feng said, shaking his head, “Its the only site which is suitable for my company, for I intend to start a security company, as well as set up a nightclub.

Therefore, the former CBD building fits my requirements well.”

“Nightclub” Dong Xiangchuan stared at him.

“Its completely legitimate, and I wont run any illegal business.” Zhao Feng knew what he was thinking, so he said, “This nightclub is for my bosss sister, who is a DJ, so…”

“Oh, I see.” Dong Xiangchuan smiled and said, “It is normal for your boss to make such a decision, being such an extraordinary person.

I heard that people like him, like to enjoy their lives.

As long as he doesnt do anything illegal, Ill support him.”

“So do you intend to give a hand, director” Zhao Feng asked, with a smile.

“I can help you, but Im not sure I can solve your problem.

I inquired before and found that Liu Qingfeng was the one who signed the contract.

Meanwhile, the authorities will further their cooperation with him.

It is difficult for me to intervene in this matter, so the only thing I can do is to negotiate with Liu Qingfeng in person.”

“Thank you, director.” Zhao Feng smiled and saluted to Dong Xiangchuan.

“Thats enough.

Im not a man in the martial arts world.” Dong Xiangchuan waved his hand.

“Please do me one more favor, director.

The batch of goods that was bought by Wanqing Group before, had their prices forced down by 11 billion yuan by Chairman Lin.

If you call him, he can transfer the balance to me.” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Aye, boy You are insatiable.” Dong Xiangchuan glared at him.

Then he got up, walked to his desk and said,

“Do you know its filthy lucre In fact, I could ask him to transfer this money, but because of your boss, this matter is now out of my hands.

Moreover, I cant allow you to leave Hong Kong, so I am in favor of your investment.

Only in this way can I directly confiscate your investment if you commit a crime later!”

“Are you waiting for me to commit a crime Director, I wont.” Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled.

“Give me Chairman Lins number.” Dong Xiangchuan picked up the phone and said.

After Zhao Feng told him the number, Dong Xiangchuan directly dialed it,

“Hello, is this Chairman Lin Im Dong Xiangchuan, general director of the Public Security Bureau in the Southern District.

You can pay the balance for Zhao Feng.

That batch of goods is legal…”

What Dong Xiangchuan said, worked.

Zhao Feng got a call from Chairman Lin within two minutes and was told that the rest of money would be transferred into his account in the afternoon.

“Xiaofeng, but for your boss, you would not get this money.” Dong Xiangchuan said, “You shouldnt be arrogant since you have a powerful boss.”

Dong Xiangchuan said that out of appreciation of Zhao Feng.

He sincerely hoped that he could walk on the right track.

“I see.” Zhao Feng responded, “Director, dont worry.

Weve known each other for a few years, and you do know what I am like.”

“I know you, but I dont know your boss.

Im worried about him.” Dong Xiangchuan sighed.

He was aware that the martial arts world was more intimidating than the underground forces.

“You dont need to worry about my boss.” Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile, “He doesnt pay much attention to anyone, except for those that he cares about.

Hes a good father.”

“Good father” Dong Xiangchuans eyes widened.

“What did he mean Why is he calling his boss father”

“You misunderstand me.

In fact, he looks after Mengmeng everyday, so he has no time for anything else.” Zhao Feng was somewhat speechless, when he saw Dong Xiangchuans expression.

“Oh, I see.” Dong Xiangchuan felt a little awkward.

He smiled and said, “In that case, I have to talk with Liu Qingfeng in person, but I am not sure whether I will succeed.

By the way, theres one more thing.

I heard that the management of the National Security Agency will be visiting your boss in a few days.

He is as powerful as, or probably stronger than your boss.

You should make preparations.”


“Well, you can go about your own business now.” Dong Xiangchuan waved to Zhao Feng.

“Thank you, director.” Zhao Feng got up to thank him, then he left.

After he left, Director Dong picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Director Duan, Im Dong Xiangchuan.

Did you sign the contract with Liu Qingfeng just now Well, please help me make an appointment with Liu Qingfeng at noon.

I have something to talk with him….”

After hanging up the phone, it was eleven oclock, and he arrived at the restaurant at 11:30.

At this moment, Zhang Han was preparing lunch.


Seeing Zhang Han preparing food in the kitchen, he went toward him and whispered, “I failed, and it is Liu Qingfeng who won the bid.

Director Dong contacted me just now and said he could give us a hand.”


“He also told me that the management of the National Security Agency will come over soon, and that he was as powerful as, or stronger than you.

I think he may be a Qi Strength Master or a master with much greater strength.” Zhao Feng said truthfully.

“Oh.” Zhang Han was calm and did not even turn his head.

He only responded simply to let Zhao Feng know that he heard what he said.

Zhao Fengs lips trembled slightly.

He was quite casual about the persons visit, and Zhao Feng thought he was so formidable on account of his real disregard of the information.

In other words, he was indeed superior to anyone else.

“Master is so awesome!”

Zhao Feng murmured in his mind.

He could feel that Zhang Han totally ignored the martial arts world.

Zhao Feng was a little excited at the thought of the fact that his master was a cultivator.

“How lucky I am to follow such a powerful master!”

“Have you confirmed the date for us to go to the amusement park” Zhang Han asked, while washing his hands, after preparing all the food.


This Sunday.

The person I found, needed to make some preparations first.” Zhao Feng answered, with a nod.

“Sunday.” After a pause, Zhang Han walked out of the kitchen and motioned Zhao Feng to sit at the round table.

“Arent you free this Sunday” Zhao Feng said, while looking at Zhang Han.


Under Zhao Fengs gaze, Zhang Han smiled and said, “Sunday is Zi Yans birthday.”

“What Masters wifes birthday” Zhao Fengs eyes widened slightly, then he laughed and said, “Is it necessary for us to make preparations in advance”

“Of course.” Zhang Han said, smiling widely, “Ive some ideas and will give you a program in a few days.

Please make sure all the arrangements are done properly.”

It was the first time the master had reminded him to make sure that everything was properly arranged.

Obviously, he cared a lot about the program for that day!

“Yes! Ill fulfil the task!” Zhao Feng almost saluted him, in his eagerness to show his determination.

“Fine.” Zhang Han nodded, patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder and walked back to the sofa to play with Mengmeng.

Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile.

He seldom saw his master smiling from the heart, and this showed that masters wife was really important to master.

“It seems that master and masters wife will be truly together soon.”

Zhao Feng felt very comfortable, but the next moment.

“Zhao Feng Where were you this morning”

Suddenly a voice could be heard from the door.

Zhao Feng looked over, and his mouth quivered slightly.

He saw Zhang Li and Luo Qing coming in.

Both of them carried shopping bags, which contained some cans of beer and drinks.

“Er… I went out to do something.” Zhao Feng said, “When did you come”

“We came here for just half an hour and went out to buy some drinks.

Dont you like drinking beer I bought some.” Zhang Li replied.

Then she went to the refrigerator to put in the things she had bought.

Zhao Feng was startled.

“Does Zhang Li really like me”

As for Dong Xiangchuan, he drove alone to No.8 mansion.

After showing his identity, he was shown in.

At this time, Tian San was standing in front of the mansion.

Seeing Dong Xiangchuan, he did not say anything but lazily motioned Dong Xiangchuan to follow him.

The mansion was very large and sumptuously decorated, which displayed Liu Qingfengs status.

After walking for a while, Dong Xiangchuan arrived at the reception room.

Seeing him, Liu Qingfeng got up, laughed and said,

“Welcome, Director Dong.

Sit down please.

I just made a pot of tea.

Please have a taste.”

“Thank you.” Dong Xiangchuan nodded with a smile.

He picked up the cup, and his eyes brightened after he took a sip, “Its fresh with a pure fragrance.

Nice tea, nice tea.”

“Im glad you enjoyed it.

Xiao Ling, pack one kilo of this tea for Director Dong later.” Liu Qingfeng said happily.

“No, no, no.

I cant accept this.

Chairman Liu, you know that I cant accept gifts.” Dong Xiangchuan quickly refused.

“Er You regard me as an outsider.”

“I really cant accept it.” Dong Xiangchuan refused again.

“Fine.” Liu Qingfeng shook his hand with a smile, then said, “There are few people who observe the rules now.

I admire you very much!”

“Only the person who is strict with himself can manage others, otherwise I wont be at ease as a director.” Dong Xiangchuan shook his head and said, “But this tea tastes really great.

What kind of tea is it”

Dong Xiangchuan liked drinking tea, so he considered buying some for himself.

But Liu Qingfengs answer shut him up.

“Huangshan Maojian Tea.

Director Dong, you can take some if you like.

You dont have to be polite with me.

This is just a courtesy between friends!” Liu Qingfeng said casually.

“Ahem, no, no.” Dong Xiangchuans fingers quivered.

However, he knew that Huangshan Maojian Tea was one of the famous teas in China, costing 1.7 million yuan per kilogram, and it was also difficult to buy.

“I wont push you, Director Dong.

You can come here whenever you want to drink tea.

Why are you here today” Liu Qingfeng asked.

“I want to talk with you about the former CBD building in New Moon Bay.” Dong Xiangchuan said bluntly, “Do you know Zhao Feng The young man who came to see you before.”

“Oh, did he ask you to come here” Liu Qingfengs eyes narrowed slightly.


I asked him for details.” Dong Xiangchuan answered.

“You dont need to bother about this matter, Director Dong.

Ive signed the contract and have prepared well for the investment and plans for the projects.

I cant give in.” Liu Qingfeng said directly.

“Thats not what I meant.

Today, I just want to tell you one thing, Chairman Liu.” Dong Xiangchuan said.

“Go ahead.” Liu Qingfeng picked up his cup and slowly took a sip of the tea.

“Fine, Ill tell you plainly.

Zhao Fengs boss is a Qi Strength Master.”

“Poof… Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

Liu Qingfeng choked on a mouthful of tea, and the tea spurted from his mouth and nose.

He could not help coughing.

Xiao Ling, his secretary beside him, quickly handed some tissue to Liu Qingfeng.

Liu Qingfeng took it, wiped his face, then said in shock, while staring at Dong Xiangchuan, “What are you talking about”

“I said that Zhao Fengs boss is a Qi Strength Master.” Dong Xiangchuan repeated.

Hearing his words, Liu Qingfeng froze.

The room was wrapped in silence, and it was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

Even Tian San, who was standing behind, felt a little dizzy.

He was very clear about the strength of a Qi Strength Master.

There was no doubt that a martial artist would make a qualitative leap from Peak Strength Stage to a Qi Strength Master, and his strength would rise dramatically.

Moreover, every Qi Strength Master needed a lot of martial art resources for improvement and needed to have higher qualifications than ordinary people.

Just like him, he came out for the sake of resources, for martial art cultivation was a waste of money.

In addition, martial artists needed much more resources as they rose to higher levels.

Therefore, every Qi Strength Master was a rare talent.

Liu Qingfeng knew it very well.

He was falling into a financial bottleneck, since he had only 70 billion yuan.

He, therefore, had not risen to the upper-class.

Furthermore, everyone, from aristocratic families and powerful forces, of the upper-class was as powerful as, or stronger than a Qi Strength Master.

At this point, hearing this news, Liu Qingfeng was suddenly shocked.

After about 30 seconds of silence, he recovered and asked, “Director Dong, is this really true”

“There are more frightening things.

Do you want to watch” While speaking, Dong Xiangchuan raised his hand.

He held a small UBS between his middle finger and forefinger.

“Yes!” Liu Qingfeng responded loudly and waved his hand, “Bring a computer!”

“Okay.” Xiao Ling responded.

She walked out in a hurry and brought in a laptop, which was started up within one minute.

Liu Qingfeng took the laptop directly and handed it to Dong Xiangchuan.

After plugging in the USB, Dong Xiangchuan put the laptop on the tea table, opened the folder and played a video.

“This was taken when Mr.

Zhang beat the others.” Dong Xiangchuan explained.

Then they watched the video.

After they finished watching, Liu Qingfeng frowned slightly and said, “He hit others decisively, but are you sure he is a Qi Strength Master Even if Tian San was there, he could have done it.”


I can be faster than him!” Tian San said arrogantly, “This person in the video is at best, a martial artist with Inward Strength.

Director Dong, are you exaggerating, since you are not familiar with the martial arts world Do you know how powerful a Qi Strength Master is”

Originally, Tian San was shocked, but after watching the video, he felt a little unhappy.

“Thats right.

This video does not show anything.” Liu Qingfeng shook his head and said.

“Dont worry.

Watch this.” Dong Xiangchuan chuckled and played the second video.

This video was shot in the rich district in New Moon Bay.

Liu Qingfeng and Tian San watched it carefully.

When they saw the bulky guy, both of them were slightly stunned.

This guys figure was really amazing.

However, as soon as the video was over, their eyes remained wide in amazement.

“Oh, my god.

Invulnerability Hes indeed a fierce man.

Hes so formidable.

I know that many Qi Strength Master are not able to do that.

Whos he” Tian San asked in a quavery voice.

He thought that this person was like a Qi Strength Master.

He could remain invincible by virtue of his invulnerability!

“He was with Zhao Feng! Who is he” Liu Qingfeng took a deep breath and asked.

“No one knows who he is, but he appeared twice.

This is the first time, and the second time he destroyed the forces of Xia Shanhao, Ye Han, Dong Tianpeng, Lao Biao and Meng Wu!” Dong Xiangchuan said slowly, “But what can be confirmed is that he is under the care of the owner of the restaurant.”

“The bosss man” Liu Qingfeng said absent-mindedly.

“By the way, Mr.

Zhang is undoubtedly a Qi Strength Master and he is very powerful, because the officials of the National Security Agency will be visiting his restaurant.” Seeing that they was shocked, Dong Xiangchuan shook his head with a smile, then said flatly,

“Have you heard that flowers and leaves can be used as weapons”


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