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Liu Qingfeng froze on the spot.

He used to be a person who always kept his countenance.

However, his face was twisted with astonishment, for this news was too shocking.

“Zhao Feng, dont refuse first.

You can ask your boss for advice.

I just want to make friends with him and will do what I said.

As for the shares, we can talk it later.

My main goal is to make friends.

Please ask Mr.

Zhang if he agrees with my suggestion first.” Liu Qingfeng said after thinking for a while.

He saw Zhao Fengs eyes brightening at some point when he made an offer just now, which showed that Zhao Feng thought his plan was great.

The reason why Zhao Feng refused was because of Mr.

Zhang, so he requested him to ask Mr.

Zhang for advice.

After pondering for a moment, Zhao Feng agreed with a nod and walked to the second floor.


Zhang obviously doesnt like to cooperate with others if he refused my offer.

If not, how much should I reduce my holding” Liu Qingfeng glanced at the two subordinates and said.

“Erm…” Xiao Ling bit her lower lip and said with a mixture of feelings, “Chairman Liu, as an investor who invested 500 million yuan in a small-scale security company and a bar, having forty-nine percent of stake is too low.”

Forty-nine percent of the stake was of little importance.

What mattered was whether Chairman Liu would get his investment back.

Since she had good tastes in business, she knew that it was impossible for these two small companies to make a profit.

“You dont understand.” Liu Qingfeng waved his hand and looked at Tian San.

“Me neither.” Tian San shook his head repeatedly.

“Alas.” Liu Qingfeng sighed, turned his back and began to meditate.

On the second floor.

“Master, thats exactly what happened.

I thought that his offer was not bad, but I refused him because I deemed that you didnt like to do anything troublesome and that he would contradict himself to intervene in company affairs in the future.

He requested me to ask for your ideas.” Zhao Feng told him what had happened.

After a pause, Zhang Han said without any hesitation, “If you think he has made a fair offer, you can promise him, and you can make decisions on other matters.”

He remembered that his fathers cooperation with Liu Qingfeng brought him great benefit.

Now that he cooperated with his father rather than other members in the Zhang family and any other families, he probably got along well with his father.

In this case, Zhang Han thought Liu Qingfeng could be allowed to invest in his companies.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Then he stood up and walked downstairs.

During this period, he also pondered on the way.

Since he was allowed to cooperate with Liu Qingfeng, he should talk all the details over with him.

It was cooperation that lightened his burden greatly and reduced the time for the development of the companies dramatically.

However, the equity issue still needed to be discussed.

Zhao Feng thought that it was too much for Liu Qingfeng to own forty-nine percent of shares with five hundred million yuan.

Zhao Feng went downstairs and sit back in the chair.

Liu Qingfeng could not help but ask, “Hows it going What did Mr.

Zhang say”

“My master agreed to work with you, but…” Replied Zhao Feng.

Before he finished speaking, Liu Qingfengs eyes lit up.

Then he laughed heartily and said, “Fine! Five hundred million yuan, I gave up nine percent of the stock, holding forty percent of these companies.”

“Er…” Zhao Feng thought for a while and said, “Outsiders calls him boss, but I call him a master in private!”


Hearing what he said, Tian Sans face changed all of a sudden.

Liu Qingfengs eyes also widened.

Master, disciple!

They were definitely from a sect force!

“Younger Brother Zhao, why didnt you tell me before Ill give up another twenty percent of the stock, holding twenty percent of these companies!” Liu Qingfeng said decisively.

“Er…” Zhao Feng pondered, then he said, “The master has two… One named Dahei with Peak Strength, a bulky man who attacked Tang Zhan and his man last time.

The other one, called Little Hei, was at the upper limit of Inward Strength and approached the Peak Strength stage.

In addition, under the training of my master, I will enter the Peak Strength stage and those fifty brothers are bound to enter the Inward Strength stage within a year.”

“Poof!” Tian Sans eyes widened, netted with little purple veins.

He almost spurted out blood and cried, “Do you have a lot of heavenly treasures”

As the root of cultivation, it was heavenly treasures that tempted every martial artist!

“Since were going to cooperate with each other, Id better open up to you.

Chairman Liu, what do you think of this information” Zhao Feng did not pay attention to Tian San but said while staring at Liu Qingfeng.

“I will give up another ten percent of the stock.

Five hundred million yuan! I will hold only ten percent of the shares! This is the lowest proportion.

Younger Brother Zhao, if you have other trump cards, I wont reduce the proportion but increase the investment!” Said Liu Qingfeng.

Xiao Ling, who was standing behind him, twisted her mouth.

From a commercial point of view, these two small companies, Chairman Liu completely gave five hundred million yuan away as he only held ten percent of the stock!

After all, she did not understand the meaning of the martial arts world and why Liu Qingfeng attached great importance to the cooperation this time.

Zhao Feng was quite satisfied with this result.

Originally, he intended to decrease the proportion to 30%, but he had not expected that Liu Qingfeng should give up such a high proportion.

“Hope we can cooperate happily!” Zhao Feng held out his right hand to Liu Qingfeng.

“Ha, ha, ha.

Great!” Liu Qingfeng also stretched his right hand and shook hands with Zhao Feng with excitement, then said at the same time, “The earlier the better.

Younger Brother Zhao, just sign the contract in a moment.

Xiao Ling, negotiate with Younger Brother Zhao and draft a contract.

The items of the contract should be stated clearly and guarantee that there will be no ambiguous words.”

“Well.” Xiao Ling gave a wry smile secretly and responded with a nod.

“Younger Brother Zhao, I can send a group of managers to follow your commands as long as you need them and I absolutely wont ask about your intentions.” Liu Qingfeng said with sincerity.

“Thank you for your kindness, Chairman Liu.” Zhao Feng answered with a smile.

He really needed some managers.

For instance, he needed to hire some etiquette teachers, foreign language teachers and some clerk for his security company.

Moreover, various facilities would be required for a bar.

As long as Liu Qingfeng gave a hand, all these problems could be solved easily.

“It doesnt matter.

We will be friends in the future!” Liu Qingfeng waved his hand, stood up and said, “I want to talk with Mr.


Will I disturb him”

“No.” After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng replied.

“Okay.” Liu Qingfeng left directly.

When he came to the second floor, he saw Mengmeng playing with new toys on the sofa, while Zhang Han unpacking the toy boxes beside her at this time.


Zhang, we are partners from now on.” Liu Qingfeng greeted him and told him that they had nailed down the details.

“Well.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Sit down please.”

After sitting down, Liu Qingfeng looked at Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Little girl, how old are you”

Mengmeng looked over, offered her small hands and said, “Mengmeng is three years old, four years old, well… four years old.”

“Ha, ha, ha.” Liu Qingfeng was attracted by Mengmengs cute appearance.

He laughed a few times and said: “Youre four years old.

Do you still wet the bed”

“What” Mengmeng blew out her small cheeks and said angrily, “I dont wet the bed.

Only the children will wet the bed.

Im four years old and dont wet the bed.”

“You are, ” Liu Qingfeng gave a thumbs up to Mengmeng and said, “Great.”

“Uh-huh, only children wet the bed.

I dont.” Muttered Mengmeng.

Then she continued to play with the toys.


Zhang, you are so happy since you have a lovely daughter.” Liu Qingfeng shook his head and sighed: “My daughter used to be very cute.

Now shes almost twenty years old.

Time goes really fast.”

“Do you only have a daughter” Zhang Han asked casually.

“Yeah, I have just a daughter.” Liu Qingfeng smiled and said, “When my daughter was four years old, her mother died of illness, so I tried my best to spend time with her.

Later when she was in the third grade, I started to be engaged in business.

Now she was a college student.

In fact, it was the happiest time of my life.

I did spend too little time with her.”

“They really need our company.” Zhang Han gently looked at Mengmeng.

Zhang Han planned to accompany Mengmeng all the time.

“I didnt have much spare time when I did business, especially when I developed my career.

Now I am leading a stable life, having a lot of time.

But my daughter has grown up and isnt clingy anymore.

She likes to go out and play with her friends, but feels bored with me.

I cant keep her.” Liu Qingfeng said sourly.

He was free, but his daughter had no time.

“My daughter is also very beautiful, like her mother, now in her freshman year.

Those bastards surround my daughter every day.

I think it is really dangerous, and Im very worried for fear that she will be cheated by someone.

Im really concerned about her!” Sighed Liu Qingfeng.

“Erm…” Zhang Hans face changed and he frowned slightly, “This is really a problem! How do you keep them away”

Now Mengmeng was particularly delicate and lovely and the little boy wanted to kiss her last time.

Zhang Han felt uncomfortable at the thought of this and he would not permit such a thing to happen now or in the future.

“I protected my daughter desperately and specially hired a security group secretly.


Zhang, I have a lot of experience in this field.

Youd better pay attention when your daughter goes to junior high school.

Nowadays, puppy love is very common, but the kids are too young to make out what love truly is!” After thinking for a moment, Liu Qingfeng said.

“When my daughter was in Grade Two of high school, a handsome young guy and my daughter fell in love with each other.

They almost are together! Fortunately, I stopped in time.”

“How did you stop them” Zhang Han asked with curiosity.

“Spend the money!” Liu Qingfeng said bluntly, “I drew two million yuan from my account and threw it to that guy.

Guess what He took the money and left in dismay.

The next day, he transferred to another school.

Later, I prevent several more boys from my daughter through various methods.”

“Do you use this kind of methods Wont your daughter be angry if she knew what happened” Asked Zhang Han.

“I dared not let her know!” Liu Qingfeng wrinkled his face and said, “I did it secretly.”

“Ha, ha.” Zhang Han burst into laughter.


But this isnt a permanent solution.

You can stop them for a while, but never for life.

Our daughters are bound to marry after all.

Fortunately, I took a long-term view and have been educating my daughter for the past two years that she must find an outstanding boyfriend.

This method did work.

Last year, two men of big families saw in my daughter, but she did not agree.” Said Liu Qingfeng.

“Its a little late for you to take steps.

You should imbue the idea into your daughter from her childhood.” Zhang Han said seriously.

They found common ground when they talked about their daughters.

This was also in line with the intention of Liu Qingfeng.

He planned to make friends, so he said with a chuckle after thinking for a moment, “I have no idea when should I stop meddling in her love affairs.

I intervened when she was in high school, should I continue since she is a college student now I hope that she falls in love with others after graduating from university.

However, she should have a romance in college.

Alas, I feel awkward for a long time.

I cant tear myself from my daughter!”

“I dont know your ideas.

Anyway, I will meddle in my daughters love affairs, and wont stop even if she steps into society.” Zhang Han shook his head and said.

“It doesnt work either.

She will become a leftover woman at last!” Liu Qingfeng said, “Im vexed at my daughter.

I will become reluctant to see that she marries someone.

However, if shes still single when she gets old, Ill also worry about her.”

Hearing what he said, Zhang Han shook his head without saying anything.

Realizing that Zhang Han did not want to continue this topic, Liu Qingfeng directly changed the subject.

He had a good chat with Zhang Han about a lot of places which were suitable for Zhang Han to take Mengmeng to play.

Sometimes people, with similar social status, would have a variety of topics in common.

Just like a programmer and a game player, they had few topics in common as they had their own circles.

At this point, since both Zhang Han and Liu Qingfeng were fathers who had a daughter, and Liu Qingfeng liked chatting, they had a good chat though they met each other for the first time.

Unconsciously, an hour passed.

Zhao Feng went upstairs to ask Liu Qingfeng to sign the contract on the first floor.

Liu Qingfeng bade Zhang Han farewell and went to the first floor.

He did not glance over the contract but wrote several signatures directly.

“Chairman Liu, do you want to have lunch here I want to check the floors in the afternoon and make a concrete plan.” Zhao Feng felt relieved because the contract was signed, so he said with a smile.

“I may as well leave.

Why dont we go there now Lets take a look at the building and make a plan.

Then I have to nail down the cooperation with others.” Said Liu Qingfeng.

He had prepared to transform and develop the building simply, and he had asked his men to sign a lot of contracts.

Now, he had to reenact them, but it did not matter.

Above all, he achieved his goal today and the result came out perfect.

He thought he needed to keep calm, for overwhelming enthusiasm probably would not make people happy.

“Fine.” Zhao Feng nodded.

So, they went out.

Liu Qingfeng, Xiao Ling and Tian San got into the phantom, while Zhao Feng drove his Land-Rover and followed them.

About ten minutes later, the two cars arrived at the former CBD building.

At this moment, the sign of the building was removed.

They entered it and went from the first floor to the seventeenth floor.


Zhao, let me introduce the departments which need to be established of a security company.” Xiao Ling said professionally,

“Generally, a security company needs seven departments.

Personnel Department for personnel recruiting and personnel training, Stationed Department for sending bodyguards in line with business, Security Inspection Team, General Logistics Department, Financial Department, Administration Department, Security and Technology Protection Department.

According to normal standards, these departments should occupy seven floors or more.”

“Ah” Zhao Feng stunned, feeling confused.

In his consciousness, running a security company only needed three steps: people, training venues, accommodations.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng shook his head and could not help smiling.

One might be a master in his own special field.

As a layman, he really did not know how to operate a company, so he said, “I dont quite understand specific functions of these departments, but I need training venues, suitable training equipment, and accommodations.”

“It is the Personnel Department that takes responsibility for training venues and training.

One floor should be reserved, then it will be large enough for regular employees to train or to train new staffs.” Xiao Ling replied, “The accommodations should occupy one to two floors, depending on the scale of the company.

If you want to build general staff dormitories, the occupied area will be very small.”

“Of course, I want the best accommodations.

Xiao Ling, please design and furnish them to the highest standard.” Said Liu Qingfeng.

“Okay, it will occupy at least two floors.

One man for one apartment.

They can be renovated into family apartments or hotel-style residences.” Said Xiao Ling.

“Well, please decorate them with high-quality material.” Zhao Feng said with a nod.

“The company will occupy a total of nine floors.

From the first to the ninth floor, or from the eighth to the seventeenth floor.” Said Xiao Ling.

“From the first to the ninth floor.” Said Zhao Feng.

He considered it was a little extravagant.

Although there were few employees in this company, it occupied so many floors.

However, it looked neat and generous.

After all, the building was large enough.

Zhao Feng thought.

In the meanwhile, he intended to consult Xu Yong about the administration.

Although Zhao Feng knew nothing of management, Xu Yong had a good knowledge of it.

Moreover, Zhao Feng was always cautious though Liu Qingfengs attitude was great.


Xiao Ling nodded and wrote all his requirements down.

After a pause, she put forward her own opinion, “I think that the tenth to the seventeenth floor can be designed according to our original plan for one package service.

It will be an important way to make money.”


It doesnt matter whether the company will make a profit.

Just leave the upper floors unused.” Zhao Feng shook his head.

He also had his own ideas.

He thought that his master was likely to open an entertainment company for the masters wife after they are together.

Therefore, he planned to keep these floors first.

If not, he could make plans later.

Hearing his words, Xiao Ling shook her head secretly.

She was sure that Zhao Feng would lose everything he owned if he was in business.

Xiao Ling, therefore, looked at Liu Qingfeng.

“Why do you look at me Defer to him in everything concerning with this company!” Liu Qingfeng said in a rough tone.

“Okay.” Xiao Ling nodded helplessly.

“Younger Brother Zhao, shall we go to take a look at the short building next door” Asked Liu Qingfeng.

“Ive checked it before.” Zhao Feng said directly, “The first floor should be transformed into a nightclub, and transform the large square at the entrance into an open-air DJ square.

Build a restaurant on the second floor.

Besides that, I have no other thoughts.”

“Well, the part that needs to be designed is relatively small.

Xiao Ling, ask related personnel to make plans as soon as possible.

Younger Brother Zhao, you can choose whichever you like.” Liu Qingfeng said heartedly.


Thank you very much, Chairman Liu.”

“Hey Youre welcome.

Were friends.”

After solving the problem related to the former CBD building, Zhao Feng let out a sigh of relief.

It was nearly two oclock when they nailed down the details.

Zhao Feng did not return to the restaurant and went directly to the Feng Ming Nightclub.

He went upstairs to the fifth floor.

At this point, Ah Hu and his companions have enjoyed themselves.

Some of them were playing mahjong, some were playing cards, some were chatting in groups, and others were hooking up with girls they had been acquainted within the club.

“Hey You are completely at ease now!”

Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile.

He stood in the middle of the corridor, then shouted, “Come on, everyone!”


All of these people suddenly ran to Zhao Feng and stood in front of him.

“Do you feel quite rested already Now you have two minutes to clean up.

Then you should go downstairs and return to the beach to train!” Zhao Feng said loudly.

Everyone suddenly ran back to their rooms and changed into a training suit.

When they went downstairs, Ah Hu said with his mouth twisted, “Brother Feng, we arent lazy and practice more than four hours every day.”

“How is it enough for you to train for four hours” Zhao Feng glanced at him and said, “Ive boasted that you will reach the Inward Strength stage within a year.

Dont humiliate me!”

”Wow! Inward Strength! One year Can we” Said Elder Meng.

Zhao Feng only answered in two words,

“Of course!”


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