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“Why didnt you attack me Have a good fight with me!”

Instructor Liu shouted as he managed to attack Zhao Feng.

“Do you really want me to fight back” Zhao Feng leaned to one side and avoided a kick from Instructor Liu, then said with a smile.

“Dont talk nonsense! Just fight!”

Liu instructor kicked again!

“Ill strike back.”

Zhao Feng put on a playful smile.

This time, he did not escape anymore, but stood still, waiting for Instructor Lius kick.

“You dont hide this time Fall down!” Although Instructor Liu shouted venomously, his took back half of his strength at this point.

“Swoosh! Bang!”

Instructor Lius eyes gradually widened.

In the face of his powerful kick, Zhao Feng only stretched out his right hand directly to avoid and held his ankle in his hand with no efforts.

At this moment, Instructor Liu felt that Zhao Fengs palm was like a hawkbill, which controlled his leg firmly!

Whats happening

Instructor Liu was somewhat stunned.

But the next moment, Instructor Liu felt an irresistible force lifted him.

One circle, two circles, three circles!

After turning around three times, Instructor Liu was raised in the air since Zhao Feng let go.

He rose to a height of six or seven meters, and then he looked at the ground which was getting closer confusedly as his eyes widened.


Instructor Liu fell on the beach with her face down and ate a mouthful of sand.

However, he did not move, for he felt a little ashamed.

As an instructor, it was indeed a shame for me to be beaten by my subordinate!

What the fu*k.

Zhao Feng is definitely a bastard.

Why didnt he show respect for me


Something is wrong!

How did he defeat me I was obviously better than him in strength last time, is it…


Instructor Liu was completely shocked and had a terrible idea!

He stood up in a hurry,

“Bah, bah, bah!”

He spat out the sand in his mouth first, then he shook his right hand and pointed at Zhao Feng as his eyes widened.

He almost lost his voice, “You, have you promoted”

“Yes! What do you think Do you think Im powerful enough Instructor, I did not get even with you on purpose.

It was you who asked me to hit back!” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Fu*k! How did you promote within a few days” Instructor Liu asked with his eyes open.

“Instructor, have you forgotten who my boss is”

“Puff…” Instructor Liu choked on his saliva, then said, “What a formidable person.

Damn it, Xiaofeng, I also want to be his subordinate and follow him!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Seeing Instructor Lius appearance, Ah Hu and some others burst out laughing.

“Instructor, you are too straightforward and lack masters demeanor!” Elder Meng played a joke on him.

”Thats right, instructor, your eyes almost pop out of your head.” Ah Hu laughed and said.

“Stop laughing! Although I am no match for Zhao Feng, I still can defeat you easily.

Do you want to be beaten” Instructor Liu glared at them.

“Instructor Liu, why dont you have a try Since you are in a bad mood, you can select someone to vent your anger.” Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes and said.

I wanted to show Instructor Liu the current strength of these people! He was looking forward to instructors look of shock.

“I wont be polite!” Instructor Liu lifted his eyebrows and clapped his hands.

He glanced over the crowd and started pondering.

Ah Hu and Elder Meng talked most.

He should be cautious as they seemed to be powerful.

“You! Come to fight with me!”

Instructor Liu, therefore, pointed at Xu Yong, who was slightly thinner!

“I” Xu Yong pointed at himself and felt funny.

Instructor Liu does have good taste.

Im the most powerful man among the people present except Brother Feng.

The chance to choose me is only 2%.

Hes so lucky.

“Dont talk nonsense, hurry up!” Instructor Liu waved his hand to him.

“Ha, ha, ha.”

“Brother Yong, go up quickly and let instructor abuse you.”

“Brother Yong, if you are no match for him, you can ask him for mercy!”


Everyone shouted and the atmosphere was heated up.

“Okay! Im coming!”

Xu Yong stood up and strode to Instructor Liu.

Then he saluted to Instructor Liu and said, “Instructor, Ill…”

“Stop talking nonsense! Take this!” Instructor Liu directly moved and rushed up.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

They began fighting and tangled together.

Instructor Liu exerted all his strength and was full of confidence at the beginning.

But after nearly a dozen seconds, he found that the opponent moved faster and faster and his strength was getting stronger.

After just twenty seconds, he was unable to defend and could not help stepping back.


Eventually, he took five steps back.

Instructor Lius shoulder was kicked by Xu Yong, so he had to roll over to dissipate this power.

But his ankle was caught again.

At this point, another irresistible force appeared.

His body rotated two times and was thrown in the air, rising by three meters.

What happened

Instructor Lius facial muscles could not help shaking.

Looking at the ground which was getting closer, he mourned in his mind,

M*therf*cker, why was I trampled again


After eating another mouthful of sand, Instructor Liu squatted on the beach and remained still for a long time.

How shameful I am.

What should I do since I have totally lost face


Instructor Liu suddenly froze.

He quickly stood up and spat out the sand in his mouth first, then he said as he looked at Xu Yong, “My god, you are also a martial artist!”

“I didnt deny that!” Xu Yong said with a smile.


Stop grinning.

Get out.” Instructor Liu waved his hand.

This time, before Zhao Feng started speaking, Instructor Liu said, “Ill fight with another one! I dont believe what happened! You, you kicked up a fuss energetically.

Come to compete with me!”

Instructor Liu pointed at Ah Hu and said loudly.

“Im coming!” Ah Hu stood up and ran over without any hesitation.

“Erm, instructor, just forget it.

The sheep is cooked.” Zhao Feng could not help but persuade him.

“No! I have to vent my anger today.

Dont look down upon me.” Instructor Liu refused.

“Fine.” Zhao Feng tried not to laugh and nodded.

“Take this!” Instructor Liu took action first.


One minutes later.


Instructor Liu rose by three meters.

He looked at the ground and fell down.


“Bah, bah, bah!”

Instructor Liu stood up and spat out a few mouthfuls of sand.

He stared at Ah Hu with red eyes and said, “Are you also a fu*king martial artist Sh*t! Ill choose another one to fight with!”

Instructor Liu gasped and glanced over the crowd constantly at the same time.

Finally, his eyes were fixed on a woman.

“Come on, its you! Dont look away.

The girl with short hair, come up quickly.” Instructor Liu said as he pointed at Leng Yue.

“Oh.” Leng Yue stood up and walked to him directly.

When Zhao Feng saw what was happening, his mouth trembled slightly.

Instructor, you are doomed to be trampled today.

Leng Yue is the only powerful one of these six women.

You can defeat other five girls, but you chose Leng Yue.

Alas, it is fated!

“Instructor, you should beat her lightly.”

“Be kind to her!”


Everyone started yelling in succession.

Instructor Liu waved his hand and said, “Dont worry.

Ill use half of my strength this time.”

“No.” Replied Leng Yue.

Then she rushed up.

Bang, bang, dong, dong…

Two minutes later.

Instructor Liu, at the height of three meters, looked at the ground and then fell down again.



“How do I get up this time”

Instructor Liu was completely at a loss at this time.

“Er, instructor, instructor” After more than twenty seconds, Zhao Feng walked close and called him twice.

“Dont call me!”

Instructor Liu stood up all of a sudden and burst into tears.

He turned to the sea and jumped into the water.

Xu Yong and other people present all froze.

They looked at each other, feeling a little confused.

“Brother Feng, is the instructor upset because he was defeated” Asked Xu Yong.

“No!” Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile and said, “He just doubts whether he is dreaming, so he has to clear his mind.”

Sure enough.

After one minute, Instructor Liu showed his head in the shallow waters.

He shook his head hard.

When he looked at the dozens of people on the beach, his eyes widened,

“It isnt a dream!”

“Damn it! Im not dreaming!”

Instructor Liu rushed out of the water and ran to Zhao Feng.

He pointed at the crowd and asked with a shiver in his voice, “Are they all martial artists”

“Yes!” Zhao Feng nodded.

“Really” Instructor Liu asked again.


“I, I, what happened Is it… Mr.

Zhang” Instructor Lius hands shook.


After finished asking, Instructor Liu lowered his head without saying anything.

Zhao Feng froze, then he patted Instructor Liu on the arm.

However, as soon as he moved his hand, Instructor Liu suddenly raised his head and said loudly,

“Its amazing!”

His roar violently scared Zhao Feng.

Then Instructor Liu seized Zhao Fengs hand and pulled him to the road.

He said, “Lets go.

Hurry up.

I want to visit him! Its so amazing! Mr.

Zhang is really awesome!”

In just a few days, Zhao Feng entered the Inward Strength stage.

Besides, everyone else on the beach was a martial artist with Obvious Strength.

What did this mean

It meant that Mr.

Zhang owned the ability to cultivate the martial artist in batches! It was so horrible!

This was incredible.

In Instructor Lius view, Mr.

Zhang was so formidable.

If his ability could be used in the army, 100,000 Obvious Strength Warriors could be cultivated.

At that time, they could destroy anything that got in their way.

Even if about 10,000 warriors go out to perform the task, the success rate would be much higher.

“Hey Instructor, dont pull me.

Now boss and his family are enjoying their private time.

It is not good to visit him now.

Moreover, my master may not promise you.” Said Zhao Feng, dumbfounded.

“Thats right.

Its too hasty.” Seeing that he got wet through, Instructor Liu loosened Zhao Fengs arm and said, “I have to make a plan before I visit him.

I really need to make preparations.”

“Well, instructor, the sheep is cooked.

Lets have a drink first.” Zhao Feng took Instructor Liu back.

“Lets go to have a drink.”

Before returning to the beach, Zhao Feng asked Ah Hu to take Instructor Liu to change his clothes.

After he coming out, everyone had sat down at the table around the roast sheep.

After Instructor Liu came over, Zhao Feng smiled and said, “Instructor, let me introduce them to you.

The one who fought with you at the beginning is Xu Yong.

He is the most powerful of these 50 people.”

“The second one is Ah Hu, whose strength ranks the top three.

As for Leng Yue, she won the first prize twice of the single fights in the jungle and her skills are weird.

She is also a very strong one.

Instructor, you are so lucky that the people you chose all have great strength.

In fact, many of them cant beat you.”

“Oh, it seems that I have good taste.

They are really powerful… Wait! What have you just said Single fights in the jungle” Instructor Liu suddenly screamed,


“Whats wrong, instructor” Asked Zhao Feng.

“Have you trained them” Instructor Liu asked loudly.

“Yes, I have taught them a lot.”

“Hiss! Great! Xiaofeng, the team fight with Dragon Eagle will start in the jungle of Hidden Dragon Island tomorrow! I almost want to give up, now we are bound to trample them!” Instructor Liu said with excitement.

“Tomorrow Can it end in a day” Asked Zhao Feng.


“So…” Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed.

He looked at the crowd and said, “Tomorrow, we and Instructor Liu will go to the Hidden Dragon Island to abuse the opponents.”


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